Umuri's SOTA HUD - Combat Stats, Log parsing, /stats, DPS meter, and more. Now with Quests+

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    Hello and welcome to the Sixth public release of Umuri's SOTA HUD.


    • A clean viewable interface for the /stats command, no more looking at a wall of text that's hard to read!
    • NEW: Quests+ system, add in-depth quest enhancements for more fun!
    • DPS Meter, highly configurable over a given timeperiod, min/max range, and more.
    • Export Sales mail to CSV! Simply by clicking the mail, and ctrl+C!
    • More configurations per window/widget, such as hiding the background for a clear vision
    • Localization options for that 3% that had weird time/date options. Hopefully we have full coverage of workability across all regions now
    • Decay statistics in the new Overview tab of statistics.
    • Individual breakout windows, position and adjust each widget to your liking
    • Clock! Now you know how much time your wasting. Includes settable timers and countdown to events
    • Popup notifications when your friends logon/logoff
    • Redone map window
    • DecoGrid! Make it easier to align things across distances or ensure sharp 90 degree corners. (not on linux yet)
    • Clickthrough, now you can still play the game even if you put the hud in front of it, as clicks pass right through when this option is turned on. Configurable on a per-widget basis. (not on linux yet)
    • Ability to adjust location of your appdata/chatlog folder, for QA testing or if you moved it.
    • EXP TRACKER - find your real exp/hour without having to micromanage skills(some assembly reuqired)
    • Linux support
    • Combat statistics, see how much you hurt something for, what the average damage is, and how high your crits are!
    • Crafting statistics, see your salvage rates!
    • Skillgains and logon/logoff timestamps. Did that person really log off an hour ago or was it just 10 minutes ago when you weren't looking?
    • Chat tab that lasts more than 5 minutes of history!
    • Ability to view previous days logs, to pull historical stats
    • Opacity and on-top mode! Now you can have that second chat window you always dreamed about
    • Exporting of parsed stats/chatlogs to CSV format
    • Audio + popup alert when your vendor sells or buys things!
    • Audio alert when you get a whisper!
    • Maps and map building related accessories.
    • So easy an oracle could do it! You can't even typo your character wrong, just download it, unzip it, and run it, click on the top box to select your character, and zoom! Config settings are point and click, no ugly editing files!
    • Much much more!


    6.0 DPS Meter:
    5.0 breakouts:
    Right now the instructions are pretty simple:

    1. Unzip to a folder, any folder, you'll find the exe, a settings.cfg file, a css style sheet to make it look pretty, and these instructions.

    2. Read the instructions, you're already here, so lets assume you have these two steps done.


    chmod +x
    chmod +x SOTAHUD

    3-B (windows users)
    Open sotahud.exe

    4. Open the HUD, it should pop up a configuration window
    -- Fill your character name into the character name box
    -- Adjust other settings

    5. Have fun!
    -- If there were problems opening any files, it will say CONFIG/LOG FILE NOT FOUND in the title bar
    Usage Instructions:
    The stats tab won't populate until you type /stats in-game.
    Typing /stats again will overwrite the old tab.

    Going into View -> frameless will put it into frameless mode will take away most buttons/worthless interfaces.
    To get out of frameless mode, right click and select turn off frameless.
    When in frameless mode, click-dragging on the edges or empty background of the tab area will let you move the window.

    EXP Tab:

    In combat, new entries will automatically populate, but won't save to your library unless you hit the Save Library button
    To update the EXP value of an entry, double click the EXP value box and put in the correct value (Don't forget to save library afterwards)

    Combat tab:
    The default tab tracks everything in the log for that day.
    Individual locations track based on your entering/leaving messages.
    Using the plus tab will start a new tab immediately and track for your current location. Useful for seperating out fights.
    Closing and re-opening will lose these splits, and it will just re-parse the log.
    The skill "A Killing Blow" represents deaths.
    Map Instructions
    Map how-to:
    The good news is you don't need to mess with files if you don't want to, you can start making your own maps starting now!
    To make your own map, just go someplace without a map, which will show up as grey/white lines.
    To trace an outline of the map, click the edit checkbox, then turn on trace player, and walk around the outside of the map to produce an outline, then click save background.
    This will create a background for your map to base off of.
    You can also use this feature to trace buildings/anything else

    To add points:
    Merely stand where you want to add a point and click add point.
    You'll be given lots of options:
    Point name - what to call it.
    Image - if it is going to use an icon
    image scale - makes the image larger/smaller. Most images do good at around 50% scaling or lower.
    Text show - if you want the point name to show below the image (if you picked one).
    Font size - adjusts the size of the text

    Once you add points, make sure to click the map save button.

    For ready-made maps:
    You'll download these from others.
    Map files go into the folder /maps/ and are .csv files
    Images and backgrounds go into the /icons folder.
    map backgrounds are named the same as their map, with a -background.png after it.
    Map file specifications
    For those who want to edit it on their own, the map format is as follows:
    The file is named after the basic/friendly name. The unity name is the unfriendly name/long string.
    First line of the map file, is a header:
    Area name(string),UnityLocationName(string),orientation(int), x-scale(float), y-scale(float), x-offset(signed int),y-offset(signed int)
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7
    Every other line is:
    //item name(String), xPos(float), yPos(float),zPos(float),ShowText(True/False-OPTIONAL),IconFileName(string-OPTIONAL),IconScaleFactor(float-OPTIONAL),FontSize(int-OPTIONAL)

    Notice this has some optional fields. If they're left out, the map will still function, and will try to populate them itself if you then load a map without them and re-save it.
    So if you load in other formats that are similar, most will work out of the box.
    The image will default to the text.
    Download Link

    If you find any features you'd like, don't hesitate to request them below. No promises but I'll do what I can to get to them.

    Future feature requests/plans:
    List of last 20 people talked to (npc or whisper?)
    Extended chatlog diving, click a person to see the entire whisper conversations
    SotaSTATS - Large scale territory capture/control - Agriculture timer
    persistent timers that will open on next open process and update
    --SotaHUD idea - Quest integration
    -- -- Decision based events.
    -- -- Kill based events.
    -- -- Location based events.
    Better export options for new broke-out pane window
    Export maps from SotaSTATS to have default map options


    -- SIXTH public release
    -- -- Mostly just cleanup work and testing, main changes recorded below.

    -- Reworked how the system localizes dates and times
    -- -- Added two new configuration overrides
    -- -- -- FILEDATEFORMAT that overrides the format SotaHUD uses to parse the date in the chatlog filenames
    -- -- -- LOGDATETIMEFORMAT that overrides the format SotaHUD uses to parse the datetime within the chatlogs
    -- -- -- -- If you change these, note that capitalization matters M is not the same as m. MM is not the same as M

    -- New sales recordkeeping feature - Export Mail to CSV
    -- -- This feature is activated automatically whenever you copy a mail in-game to clipboard while SotaHUD is running that is a vendor message (buy/sell order fill)
    -- -- It will place an entry into the /Sales subfolder with the relevant detail, seperated per month
    -- -- It will also popup a notification, that way you are sure the copy worked. If the notification doesn't pop up, copy it again.
    -- -- To easily copy an in-game mail, click the text of the mail once and it will auto-highlight, then hit CTRL+C on your keyboard.
    -- -- Then just open this CSV in your favorite spreadsheet program, delimiters are , and string encapsulation is " "

    -- New global(all subwindows) gear option, Toggle on/off background
    -- -- Will work way better on some windows than others. Most noticable on clock/dps meter.
    -- Updated style.css
    -- -- Fixed background on labels and buttons
    -- -- Made selections more visible

    -- DPS Meter
    -- -- There's now a DPS meter available, that can show you rough dps numbers split by source (who caused it)
    -- -- Eventual goals may show sub-meters for different skills while we're at it.
    -- -- This is highly configurable display wise, and is the first window to really utilize the settings cog.
    -- -- -- Min dps: Sets where the 0 point on the bar is. If set to 10, the bar will be at its smallest for any values between 0 and 10 dps.
    -- -- -- Max dps: Sets where the endpoint on the bar is. If set to 35, any values of 35 dps or over will show as a max-length bar.
    -- -- -- -- Combined these two let you isolate visually very small differences in dps if you're working on checking out how different builds affect things.
    -- -- -- Bar thickness: make them big bars or tiny ones.
    -- -- -- Label width: do you want names to wordwrap a ton, or waste a lot of space on them, you decide!
    -- -- -- Time Scale: Do you want to view DPS averages for the last 5 seconds, 15 seconds, 300 seconds? Whatever you feel like!
    -- Worked on expanding the per-window settings config to allow more modularity for each individual windows settings, so windows (like dps) can save their unique settings within the framework

    -- Fix past day loading
    -- -- on in 5.1 causes errors on nonexistent file - Fix file not loading fail gracefully - Thanks to VanZhan for working with me to locate this one

    -- Fixes for 0.5.0:
    -- -- Initial file load should no longer spam sound or notifications
    -- -- -- Fixed the code that somehow broke back in 0.3 and i never noticed, that wasn't disabling sounds/notifications during bulk loading at the start. Loading existing logs should be faster and no longer ear-shattering.
    -- -- Added config options:
    -- -- -- Logons/Logoffs, Sales, Whispers: Popup on/off, Sound on/off, and Popup time showing settings have been added.
    -- -- -- Popup and sound are independent options, so you could have sound without a popup, popup without sound, or poup with sound, or neither!.
    -- -- Redid the configuration option layout, works a little better now.
    -- -- Altered the default style.css to more cleanly show a few items.

    -- Fifth public release!
    -- Rewrote the notifications system, to allow new modules to all use the same instance, and to have them layer better, so now multiple notifications will properly tile up.
    -- Popup notifications for player Logon/logoff with a tiny sound
    -- New config option for people to manually specify their appdata folder (for QA and such). Leave it blank to keep it autodetecting.
    -- Linux users, i'm sorry but due to bugs in window managers, the deco grid and all clickthrough features are offline for you guys. I'm working on it.

    -- Rewrote the deco grid rendering and added a red line every 5 green lines to allow easier to track long distances of alignment.
    -- Config Update
    -- -- Show events in next X hours setting, will control how far in the future events are shown, default 48 hours.
    -- Clock Updates
    -- -- Event import system!
    -- -- -- Events are in an XML file (example included) and can be put in the events folder.
    -- -- -- You can have multiple of these. So for example, your guild can distribute one for people to put in, your raid group can put in one, portalarium can put in one, and all you have to do is put them all into the folder.
    -- -- Event timezone system
    -- -- -- To make things easier, events can now include a timezone offset to prevent having to math to/from local time, let the hud do the work for you.
    -- -- Added button to remove events that have passed.
    -- -- Added timers with audible alarm
    -- -- -- To add a new timer, click the settings cog on the clock window to find the add timer dropdown

    -- Broke out windows:
    -- -- Combat/Location data, this one took longer than the others due to it being one of the original systems and therefore not near as modular/well made. I cleaned it up a bit but it may be a candidate for a rewrite at some point.

    -- Help button text added for:
    -- -- Exp window

    -- Adjusted the configuration settings dialog so it resizes a little more gracefully
    -- Added clock tab - This will be expanded to include new features such as alarms, timers, and upcoming events, right now it just tells time
    -- Moved Zoom buttons on map to floaters on right side, to make it shrinkable even more and less cluttery
    -- -- Another one of those "simple task to do, once i spent an hour learning how to do it in the QT library"
    -- Added help/pin(toggle frameless)/settings/close button options the broke out window base class
    -- -- Time spent getting icons properly setup for these buttons as well
    -- Spent wayyyy too long (hour+) tracking down a way to make the tabbar in the stats window not run all over my extra window buttons
    -- -- However the lessons learned here should make future sub-widget adjustments easier
    -- Added a deco grid button (will probably move to the tools tab later) to the main window.
    -- -- This will overlay a (currently not customizable but will be in the future) grid of green lines that are 25px by 25px to assist alignment.

    -- Fixed Salvage tab cutting off the last letter of salvaged items
    -- Broke out the stats tab into its own window
    -- -- This went quick enough, but it's still work refactoring and reworking the information flow from all one window to proper exterior classes.
    -- -- New feature: Overview on stats tab, shows the info most people care about, will be adding to this when requested
    -- -- New feature: Exp to level, exp total, and decay estimates on overview tab
    -- New Feature: Exp tab now shows % to exp earned towards next level, if you've used /stats in the same log file
    -- -- This neccessitated some improvements to the stats window so i could pull data out of it easily, which makes more features using this data likely in the future
    -- Made a generalized library for sota calculations, for now it just contains exp/decay calcs, but will be including others as they come up
    -- Reworked some heirarchy type systems.

    -- Ripped out the current ugly map edit buttons, and replaced them with easy to use sliders
    -- -- Now aligning your map is as simple as click-drag!
    -- Reworked the x/y scaling of the background to facilitate adding an auto-align function
    -- Broke out the EXP tab into it's own window to test the system, this one went fairly quickly
    -- Window settings(size, position, visibility, opacity, clickthrough) now save on close and load on open

    -- Fixed notifications showing up in taskbar as their own window
    -- Begin code refactor for seperated windows, positioning, and functioning
    -- -- Broke out the map window while building this system, but real test will be seeing how well i made the general case to make breaking out others easier
    -- Click-through! This long-fought for feature I've finally gotten working i've been fighting with for ages.
    -- -- This feature allows you to specify areas of the HUD that you want clicks to pass through, hitting whatever is underneath them.
    -- -- This means if you have for example, the map up over the game, you can still target a spell where the map is if click through is enabled.
    -- Updated CSS to show depressed buttons slightly different

    -- Fourth public release! We rock!
    -- New Feature: Right clicking on the HUD now has a "View Tab" option that lets you quickly switch tabs

    -- Fixed a bug where resetting current view while things were selected would cause a crash
    -- Added a time counter to the CURRENT mode of the exp tracker, that shows time since last current reset
    -- New options for EXP Tab. 3 modes, Library, ALL, and Current.
    -- -- -- (ALL) mode tracks all kills in the current log, including kills loaded from before it was opened
    -- -- -- (Current) tracks all kills since the last time the [Reset Current Kills] button was pressed in the HUD or when the HUD was started.
    -- -- -- (Library) shows you every entry in the current library list, which stores how much exp each npc is worth.

    -- New Feature: Exp tab - Long awaited feature request!
    -- -- This tab will track the EXP you have earned
    -- -- This feature is self increasing. Everytime you kill an NPC that isn't in your library, it will add it, with a 0 exp per kill amount.
    -- -- You can then click on that EXP per kill, and put in the amount that it actually gave you
    -- -- -- To find this, make sure ALL your skills are set to maintain or off, make sure you're not in a party, record your EXP before and after the kill, and subtract before from after.
    -- -- Once you have put in the amount, or even if you don't want to but want to save the new additions to the library, click Save Library.
    -- -- -- NOTE: It will not do this automatically
    -- -- -- All kills show up, both NPC and Player.
    -- -- -- It only shows exp values for full value kills, and does not include party calculations
    -- -- -- Whatever zone you first are in when a log starts will be the area "Homebase", I recommend not updating library entries here, and to exit/re-enter in this situation.
    -- -- -- In some limited situations, two tiers of npcs have the same name within one area. There's nothing i can do about this. Sorry. Bug report it and make portalarium fix it.

    -- Bug fixed: Included some more datetime options for parsing out the log date for some systems on 24 hour time.
    -- Reconstructed the repro, to allow for easier deployment of linux builds
    -- Checkbox option on map tab to turn off autocenter on map tracking player

    -- Bug fixed: Whispers now record accurately in the chatlog again, fix from bug introduced in 0.2.4
    -- Bug fixed: Map background adjustments (scale and offset buttons) now save properly when save map is hit
    -- Rewrote how files are located on system, in prep for linux build
    -- LINUX!!! First linux build that went to testers and worked
    -- -- Also a thank you to Wintermute of COF and Alley Oop who did the bulk of the initial bug reports back on the linux deploy.
    -- Lots of library diving, finally isolated where that weird library bit people kept finding was, turns out QT5Networking is included as part of QT5core. What bs.
    -- -- The program still does not invoke any of that library, although i have gotten multiple requests for auto-update.
    -- Rewrote how /stats parsed due to an annoying bug between windows (which puts \r after each one) and linux (which doesn't)

    0.3.0 ************************
    -- New Feature: In-app Map editing
    -- -- You can now adjust the contents of a map somewhat easily from within the interface, specifying a background, adjust background offset/scale, adding new points
    -- New Feature: In-app map drawing and background saving.
    -- -- Trace path will draw directly on your map (won't currently save).
    -- -- However you can then use the save-map button to save the current map as a png image, with the default name (currentmap-background.png).
    -- -- Combined this lets you make rough backgrounds for maps you've never seen before just by turning on trace and running around the outside of the map, or otherwise to trace out buildings/landmarks/etc.

    -- New Feature: Tracking player on map
    -- -- This was made possible due to burningToad moving the location data to its proper place
    -- -- New config option: Always track player on startup
    -- Several map quality of life improvements, orientation starting to get worked on

    -- Fixed revision number load issue
    -- Somehow broke stay on top yet again... seriously this feature annoys me.

    -- Worked more on the map feature
    -- -- Added image loading, background image, scaling and zoom

    -- New feature, popup notifications
    -- -- Config option to show popup notifications on Sales
    -- -- Currently at 10 seconds or manual dismissal, does not stack multiples. Upgrades will be done in the future
    -- New feature, whisper sonud
    -- -- You can now hear the gentle cluck of a chicken whenever you get a whisper

    -- Removed manual character name entry to prevent misentries, typos, and cases of amnesia
    -- -- Character selection is now a drop-down that gives all current options in the chatlog folder

    -- Blocked out the starting code for a map feature.
    -- -- This will aim to be mostly compatible with existing mapping programs, to allow ease of resource reuse
    -- -- Currently it includes one hardcoded map (the main map) while i block out features.
    -- -- Eventually it will follow the player as well but for now it will function as a nice Atlas.

    -- Switched to a different sound implementation because the old one insulted my cheesecake choices.
    -- Added a volume slider to the config options pane, because not having it was killing my ears.
    -- Split the warning for control point waves into a 30 second and a 15 second warning till next wave.
    -- Added 0 padding to the seconds on the control point timer so it doesn't look weird at 5:2

    0.2.0 **********************
    -- Second public release!
    -- Audio! Added 3 new alerts:
    -- -- Sale whenever a new line goes into the sales tab (Configuarble in the config menu)
    -- -- A two-part warning that starts 15 seconds before the control point's next wave (Configuarble on tools tab)
    -- -- A sound when the next wave starts (Configuarble on tools tab)
    -- Added a read-only config option, VERSION.
    -- -- If you ever load the HUD with a settings file with a missing or outdated VERSION, it will open the config window when loaded to confirm new options

    -- Reworked the main layout
    -- All settings checkboxes are now moved to the VIEW menu at the top, to reduce clutter and allow the window to be resized smaller
    -- New tab - Tools
    -- -- This has functionality that provides feedback in some way/shape/form
    -- -- Currently implements a control point timer, that you start when the banner turns blue and it will keep track of wave/countdown to next

    -- Build managed to break always on top functionality, again.
    -- -- Fixed functionality by adding a nonexistent splash screen that no one should ever see, but somehow is required for windows manager to pickup on-top functionality.
    -- -- If you ever see this splash screen, you're welcome.

    -- Added rollover option so that those who play across midnight can keep playing without closing/re-opening the hud.
    -- Added config option to control whether "Always on top" is on or off at startup

    -- Added Sales tab that records player owned vendors buy/sell

    -- Added in combat log for out of range attacks
    -- Renamed Location tab to Combat

    -- Refactored the config code, now we have a nice configuration window under Options on the menubar.
    -- -- If you load without a config file, it will prompt you go specify your options

    0.1.0 ***********************************************
    -- Initial public release!
    -- Did some cleanup on visibility, added some new config checkboxes for those who want more control over frameless behavior
    -- Added an about tab, because every program really should have one

    -- Added the ability to export data!
    -- New config option: DEFAULTSAVEPATH - Sets where you want to save.
    -- Initial fix put in for sort crash bug, lets see if it holds.

    -- Proceeded to break everything.
    -- Currently in the process of fixing everything.
    -- Reworked how import works, to make big imports more graceful
    -- Reworked how combat stats are stored, to allow proper sorting
    -- Removed limitation on chat/debug/log windows for parsepastday, due to new history limiting settings: MAXDISPLAYLINES and LINESTOCLEARWHENFULL

    -- Added the version number to the title, because at some point someone will bugreport and not realize they're on an old version
    -- Added new config option: SEPERATECRITICALHITS
    -- -- When set to 1, this option will show critical hits as a seperate tracked stat, by adding + after the skill name.
    -- -- Example: Bow+ would be bow critical hits.
    -- Added new config option: PARSECURRENTDAY
    -- Added new config option: PARSEPASTDAY
    -- -- These two should be self explanatory, current says whether to include the current one.
    -- -- Past day allows you to parse a date range of past days. Note this currently disables the log/debug/chat tabs for performance to allow large date ranges.

    -- Combat tab now processes dodges
    -- Added a chat tab
    -- Added crafting tabs - salvage/crafting/fishing
    -- Added new config option: SHOWKILLINGBLOWSKILL
    -- -- This option will control whether or not killing blows seperate out by the skill used for the kill.
    -- Modified Killing Blows so that they now appear as "A Killing Blow", and therefore are at the top/bottom5 of the sort list for skills when sorted.
    -- Fixed bug where killing blow source/target were swapped

    -- Added Changelog!
    -- Added CSS stylesheet for controllable aesthetics.
    -- Locations should now properly merge if you enter/leave an area multiple times
    -- Added a toggle for auto-scrolling the main log
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    this rocks every one should use this
  3. Valen2

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    New Zealand
    Great for us 1/2 blind people thx Umuri keep up the good work
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    Looking forward to following the progression of this. Umuri you talented avatar. Drink with me some time to celebrate the beginning of something great!
  5. StarLord

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    looks great, thanks for your effort
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    Looks cool! I'll try this next time I log in.
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  7. Katrina Bekers

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    Kópavogur, Iceland
    Wonderful initiative. Even if I can't use it right now, I applaud you and your effort! Bravo!
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    This is CRAZY good. Great work... and technically, I think, the first thing we have to a UI mod for SotA.
  9. Oba Evesor

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    Love this man! Was really cool to see this in action at Violations event. Kuddos!
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    I cant seem to make it stay on top of shroud. I love the progam otherwise.
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    That is without a doubt the most finicky part of this stupid thing. I'm still looking into why some people can't, or can but not on tuesdays when its cloudy.
    What version of windows are you running, and what theme/skin are you using?
  12. Lord-Galiwyn

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    windows 10. I got it to work as shown by unclicking the Full Screen option.
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    Ahh.. yeah i forgot to mention that. Borderless mode is what I run under.
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    Nice work, data collection "add on" stuff like this for games to provide useful information to the player always makes me happy to see. Keep it up.
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    This looks awesome.

    I do have a question about security on features like this since this is the first time I have seen them in this game and some of us have a lot put into this game.

    How secure is something like this? Could it sent our log in info or any other info our (maybe run a wireshark?).

    Can we get a dev to comment on the security of such things in SOTA.
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    It reads your log file, but you need to be wary of any unknown application you run on your machine. It is too easy to embed keyloggers and malicious code. That said, I haven't seen any flags come up on this program yet.
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    Would be nice if someone running it ran wire shark while it was running to make sue its not calling home anywhere.
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    Wow Umuri! This is fantastic and has the potential to be a staple "add-on" UI for any serious SOTA player.

    Now all we need is a manual on what all the /stats actually mean to us and we'd be good to go! Most of the stats we have leave me wondering what they heck they actually do... and now that I see the actual values listed I really want to know more, LOL. :D

    Question / Request: When viewing the combat log under "Location Stats"... you are able to sort the data (ascending or descending) by clicking on the column headers. This is a really cool feature, but I couldn't find any way to reset these tables back to chronological order once you choose a sort header. Is there a way to do this? If not, can you add that feature?

    PS, you might want to mention in the basic how-to's of the instructions that sorting is a feature. If I didn't read the changelog I wouldn't have even known it was possible. ;)

    Keep up the great work. Looking forward to using this and watching it grow.
  19. Daxxe2

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    Another question(s):
    What should we do if we have multiple accounts running at the same time? Should we unzip the package into separate folders and edit the config files in each to correspond to the different avatars logged in? Or can we only use it for one account at a time?

    OK, I just copy/pasted the unzipped folder and renamed each folder with " - AvatarName" at the end (AvatarName would be replaced by the name of each character I wanted to use this for). I then edited the .cfg file in each folder to put the correct name in the [ ] and was then able to open this UI parser multiple times at once... one for each character. The title bar for each lets you know which is which! :)

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    An excellent point! While this application has no net IO of any kind, not even update checks, for that reason, it is good to be wary.
    In the future, if you are every wary of an application, go into your firewall and explicitly disallow that application any network connectivity before ever opening it.
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