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    I'll be updating this post to let you know as I add where to start all of the quest in the game to the Wiki (under spoilers, for people that do NOT want spoilers of course). For now, I am only listing the NPC's that start a quest. You can then press the j key and read your journal for how to proceed with a specific quest.

    Currently added:
    The Tanglemire page now has the 4 quests that are available there. See the Quests Section for spoilers, if you wish.

    I also added complete instructions on how to start the quest that will reward you the Recipe: Burial Coffin on the Recipe: Burial Coffin page, under a spoiler).

    I'll be slowly but surely checking and verifying these quests then will update them on the wiki.

    If you see anything wacky or have any feedback, comments or suggestions, please ask away!

    Tanglemire quests added as of patch 1354.
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