Virtue Isle - Sat @ 4:00 PM NBT - The Virtue League Season 8 "When Death knocks will you fight?"

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When Death Knocks Will You Fight?

Poll closed Saturday at 8:43 PM.
  1. Definately - I live to fight!

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  2. Run Away - Virtue is useless to the dead!

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  3. No, but I can't look away! You'll see me in the stands!

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    Registration is at 4:00 PM NBT with fights beginning at 4:30 PM NBT!

    Every Virtue is Lasting <EVL> cordially invites you to The Virtue League Tournament every Saturday afternoon at 4:30 PM NBT (Central-Server-Time)!
    Look for giant Virtue Statues! Visit the NEW Virtue Coliseum Complex on Virtue Isle!

    Looking to break into the PVP scene but don’t want to be matched verses established players? We have you covered with two divisions, one for the newer less experienced player and one for the cream of the crop who have something to prove! Unseat the champion and blaze your own path to glory and virtue!

    Season 8 "When Death Knocks Will You Fight?" will feature our custom ELO system to account for fewer fights and you should see bigger swings throughout the Season.
    Players will be seeded into a Tier based on past performance and stats.
    The only approved artifacts and potions are in the rule book. Pets, summons, and cast buffs are allowed after fight begins. Refer rules questions to @Jade in game!

    Tier A - Top Fighters - Old favorites and the young guns looking to soak the battlefield with their foes lofty blood!
    Prize Pool for Tier A will be $75 split ($35 1st, $25 2nd, and $15 3rd).

    Tier B - The better fighters willing to mix it up and raise their game!

    Prize Pool for Tier B will be $45 split ($25 1st, $15 2nd, and $5 3rd).

    Tier C - The look I just like fighting, not sure I am good, but hey I know I can break that pretty cape guy's face!

    Prize Pool for Tier C will be 25 COTOs split (12 COTOs 1st, 8 COTOs 2nd, and 5 COTOs 3rd).

    With NO ENTRY FEE and weekly prizes there really isn’t a better time to jump into action.

    Each week the winner in each Tier will receive 1 COTO along with a quantity of teleportation or recall scrolls!


    The Virtue League Tournament is using our own custom ELO rating system to determine the division split with tournament competitors added automatically to The Virtue League providing a long term challenge.

    The Champion(s) of Virtue will be crowned for Season 8 and will reign supreme until the next champion is crowned three months later. Champions will each receive a STORE CREDIT or COTOs prize for their efforts.

    Season 8 begins November 18th and concludes with fights on Feb 10th. The Season 8 Awards Ceremony will be on Feb 17th.

    So don’t delay, sharpen your swords or bring the popcorn and journey to Virtue Isle on the Hidden Vale.

    Teleportation avatars are Jade or Caree Death.

    The Virtue League Season 8 is sponsored by:

    ( Arcadia. Born in peace, ready for war, explore it all with friends!
    "The dark turns the day into time for more play,
    Under star twinkling gems from deep space.
    Or perhaps they'll be mist and the touch of a kiss,
    Of a time yet to come . . and a place."
    Exert from Ashes of Arcadia, Mar 2015, by Diane Lefebvre )

    Moongate Travelers
    ( Visit Rift's End, home of Evil Eye Tavern and the Blackgate Dojo! You never have to walk these lands alone! )

    ( ...sponsored by Havoc, The Community of Awesome! )

    Coillmor Wands
    ( Coillmor Wands, Sparrowfall, Elysium - See Arieus Coillmor for extraordinary customized wands. Visit his vendor and be treated to an amazing display of products. )

    Jade Empire
    ( Jade Empire, featuring the town of Jade Valley, just outside Elysium mines, with 16 grouped vendors for convenient shopping experience. )

    Organized Chaos
    ( Tune in to The Sara and Andar Show every Thursday on Radio Free Britannia from 1am to 3am NBT/CST for our Kill Us challenge event and visit Organized Chaos and our vendors in Verat Chaos and New Britannia Market )

    House Serenite of Grunvald
    ( Rising from the sands of the Grunvald desert comes the Serenite Marketplace! Visit the last modern bazaar for all your shopping desires! - )

    Virtue Oasis Vendors
    ( For all your shopping needs, these vendors are nestled on the corner of Hidden Vale and feature easy access to all of the Devotionals and the Virtue Coliseum Complex in Virtue Oasis! Sponsor of the Weekly COTO prizes for each Tier's weekly winner! )

    Shameless @Berek @Chris @Lord British @DarkStarr tags.

    V/R Brickbat, Every Virtue is Lasting (EVL)
    @Sher Shadowleaf @Andartianna @Audacity @Silis @Duke William of Serenite @Vox Aquila @Mal Hari @froji @Ambrosius Aurelianus @Arieus @Cyin @Datendrache
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    Week 1 fights kick off in a couple hours. Warface [PVP] contest ends soon...get your entries in and join the fights in Virtue Isles on Hidden Vale.

    V/R Brickbat, Every Virtue is Lasting
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    This is my favorite event, thanks for putting it on season after season.

    It's great to see new faces and old faces working through the tiers. A lot of great fights tonite!

    Congrats to the winners and all the entrants!