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Why not talk about your resource on Echoes From the Caverns?

Discussion in 'Player Created Resources' started by Sir Stile Teckel, Jul 29, 2018.

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    For those that do not know what Echoes from the Caverns is, brief history:
    -Started.. Years ago, 3? 4? by myself and Lord Baldrith
    -Asclepius joined the team
    -Projects with other people led to and the additional group being created called "New Britannia Theatre troupe" (Serpate topic if you don't know what they do!).
    -Lord Baldrith and Asclepius have both been awarded ONBE's awards for their work!

    -Records audio files - News, Fan Fiction, Poetry, more
    -Distributes said audio files to - Blog, Itunes, Google Play, Avatars Radio, RSS, Subscription, more

    Every Week on Friday at 10pm EST, 9pm CST (Shroud Time!), Echoes From the Caverns News podcast is recorded.

    In the past, this was a recap and discussion of the news published that Friday just prior to the discussion/recap taking place. Think of it as a podcasted audio version of the news, so you dont have to read it.

    Lord Baldrith had to leave us a bit ago, and I am keeping his seat warm for now.

    We have added that is is now a live google hangout, also published then to Youtube afterward. Additional spotlights and cool little things are being added after the news and before the news.

    We would love to have guests join us on the live Google hangout each week! What we are doing is all the audio things we did before, still take place. they just include the hangout now, and the ability for us to have other people come on.

    Now - in general, as long as it doesn't become an issue, i am posting the link to join or watch on youtube, in the Shroud of the Avatar Facebook group as well as the UDIC Facebook group.

    However if you have a community project you do, that you would like to talk about on live hangout, which would also then have the recorded audio go out on Podcast and to Avatar's radio, let me know! drop me a note, please!

    Well keep it brief, but mainly well talk about where in the show you will talk about your project, and well discuss it with you, ask questions, etc. You could come on during just your segment, or join us for the whole show and talk about the news with us also.

    Don't have a community project but would like to join us for the show? You can, just join the shroud of the avatar facebook group and watch for that link any Friday, and join us.

    Be courteous and respectful please. Positive and constructive criticism is welcome! Bashing, Hating, Etc, will just result in you being kicked out.