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WTS Guild Names - UO Shard Names

Discussion in 'WTSell (I Have - Except House/Lot/Commodities)' started by Brickbat, May 26, 2018.

  1. Brickbat

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    WTS Guild Names - I have secured a variety of UO Shard Names as guild names working by hard back in Early Access and now looking to sell them to interested parties. Show your shard pride and gather old friends to your banner as you make your way in the wicked lands of New Britannia! Obviously, Oceania and Drachenfels were already established and they are great organizations catering to old friends from UO.

    Siege Perilous
    Lake Superior
    Great Lakes

    Interested? Start a conversation thread with me. Gold, COTOs, Paypal, maybe items in trade, I am relatively flexible. Note: the higher up on the list the more value I think the name probably has.

    We agree to a price, execute a deal. I will then add and promote your character to Guild Leader of our fraternal in-game organization, and then I will leave the direction and future of the the guild in your hands.

    V/R Brickbat
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    kind of squater move you are pulling.