A last feedback about Houses (esp. as Vault and Heritage Items)

Discussion in 'Feedback Archive' started by Paladin Michael, Apr 2, 2020.

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    Dear Avatars,

    referring to this thread about former houses, I would like to ask @Chris
    (last time, I promise):

    1. if we could have all former (bundle) houses available again in Crown Shop.
    2. if prices could be calculated similar and fair.

    about 1:
    To be clear: I am NOT talking about early pledge items!
    I am talking about houses which were sold as part of bundles (Viking, Elven, Shogun, Obsidian, Kobold).

    All Viking Row Houses came back to shop as Heritage items. Why can't this happen with all other houses?
    There is no work to do with those, they are designed and available...

    about 2:
    Example (also watch my detailed thread here, please):
    TOWN sized Shogun House currently in Vault (--> also Heritage item!) for 16,000 Crowns.
    TOWN sized Obsidian Tower is sold for 15,000 Crowns --> NOT a heritage item.

    What reason is given to handle it that different?

    Is there a good reason for - or is it just a kind of chaos magic around? ;)

    ... lets have some more nice things in game ;)
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    I think that possibly removing some of the "Frills" on some of the former limited edition houses for the permanently available ones might be nice. For instance, removing some of the fancy trim, such as the ornate trim.

    Additionally, a determination may need to be made if any of the particularly popular houses should be made heritage to reduce market disruption.

    Finally, they should all be tagged vault edition (except the heritage edition ones.)
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