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    I would have liked to have a big event to inaugurate “my district”, but I am afraid that the language would have been a big problem, so I will present it here.

    This is "Ayin District". It is situated on Lightbringer Isle, a beautiful and welcoming island north of Brittany, with absolutely incredible governors. Thanks to Hemnu and Koimiko for all they have had to put up with me.
    My district does not have its own teleporter, but it can be reached directly from the Lightbringer Fields, Private Docks 2 or Secondary Docks 2 teleporters.

    Ayin District is made up of a handicraft area, a mansion with a cemetery and a hedge maze, a small farm, a market and a fisherman's house with a fish market. Each of the areas has its little mysteries.

    Like every self-respecting mansion, Ayin Mansion also has a ghost: Grandpa Ayin. And this ghost has a story to tell, related to Grandma Ayin (who is walking in the garden), and to Lilith and Isabel. Both the grandfather and the grandmother are bilingual (unlike me) so they will tell you their story in English and Spanish.
    Do not miss the details of the decoration, they are part of the family's history.
    The towers also have their charm ...
    In the mansion there is also the entrance to the main basement and the Search and Destiny dungeon.
    In the basement you can find a tavern and distillery, a large food hall with separate areas for the nobility, the common people (with references to a well-known movie with elves, dwarves and rings) and the knights. There are also two libraries (one for "light" and one for "shadow") and a court a little ... dark. You can find the details about the dungeon here https://www.shroudoftheavatar.com/forum/index.php?threads/search-and-destiny.170950/

    The farm has a corner dedicated to butcher. Or ... carnage? Grandma has the key to this.

    In front of the mansion are the market and the fisherman's house.
    The market claims to be more than that. It has six sellers dedicated to different types of commerce but its value is not only in the purchases (which also), but in the decorative details and the illusion that I have put when building it. I've had a great time setting up the games, the pottery exhibition or the cartoonist's corner.
    Watch out for petty thieves who stick their hands out of the hedges!

    The fishermen's corner facing the sea is my favorite place. Trees, squirrels, a cozy bonfire, some fishing rods and the sea breeze. It's a great place to share conversation while casting the bait.
    And next to this corner there is a delicious barbecue with all kinds of meats ready to eat. Freshly fried fish smells good!
    On the ground floor of the house is the fish market (maybe in the future it will put a fish seller) and the fishermen's tavern, and on the upper floor are my private rooms, with a comfortable bedroom and a beautiful living room.
    In the front area of the house is the entrance to the Blackstone Prison dungeon. You can find the details about the dungeon here https://www.shroudoftheavatar.com/forum/index.php?threads/blackstone-prison.171017/

    If you have read all this, I hope you come to my neighborhood sometime and enjoy your visit. And if you are as much a fan of decoration as I am, you will find many details that you will love.
    Ah, if you enter the dungeons, read the text of the signs!

    Welcome to Ayin District!



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