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[Fixed] Fleet flute buff not working

Discussion in 'Items & Inventory' started by Barugon, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. Arkah EMPstrike

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  2. Jagmas

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    I agree with this to stop the stacking along with putting it back to the prelease of R53 version. I didn't purchase the fleet flute to affect others in group nor did the initial details on it say anything regarding group so keep it the same and come up with another artifact with similar effects for the mythical bard that some here are interested in.
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  3. runicpaine

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    Chicago, IL
    Here's a few ideas: @Chris

    Make it so each second played adds a 5-10 second cumulative duration buff, maxing out out at 60 seconds and not stacking with other bard buffs... UNLESS multiple players 'syncplay' together. In which you get an enhanced unique combo buff instead based on which instruments are used and stacking up to 2 minutes of cumulative duration of the buff.

    Alternatively or additionally, playing longer or using syncplay could cumulatively add to the intensity of the effect maxing out at 2x or 3x intensity or something, making it a more difficult and balanced choice about if a player or players should stay out of combat to provide bardic buffs. If you stop playing, the buff would reduce in intensity back to 1x immediately and gradually degrade in intensity until it's duration ends.

    This would mean you have to play more to get more and if you want to stack or use powerful combo buffs it requires team coordination via (play 'song' sync) mechanic.
  4. Ooga Booga

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    Macro's have always been a problem for developers and theirs no reason these same macro perimeters can't be applied to any skill tree or combo of skills like combat magic and tactics. Who'ever is likely using these macros will just setup a new macro and continue to exploit programs for there gains. I appreciate your attempt to hinder there advantage but we're all going to suffer in the end. It's a never ending struggle when it comes to combating exploits and macros. I don't like complaining about bugs and nerfs as I've had lots of fun but sometimes these bugs and nerfs just undo all the good and replace it with frustration.
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2018
  5. Lesni

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    @Chris @DarkStarr

    At the risk of sounding negative I suggest the changes to instruments, buffs, nerfs, etc be stopped and let things settle. Most avatars are like me and the latest patch has totally messed things up again.

    In an attempt to 'balance' things something went terribly wrong and has caused lots of frustrated players.
    Many players are not playing or considering playing something else.

    As a low level avatar, it is very discouraging to get a few minutes to play and find things have changed and enemies I could master a few days ago now kill me.
    It seems as if there is no stability in the game.

    Every few days something is 'balanced' which means avatars spend the few hours they have 'adjusting' their build instead of playing and enjoying the game.

    It is hard enough to level up and improve without every day or so something changing that has to be relearned.

    Why not STOP all balancing and work on fixing the bugs and promised features that are long over due?

    Things changing every few days is more difficult to deal with than any of the monsters in the game.
    It makes me feel as if I am flagged PVP and the developers are sneaking up on me and attacking me before I have a chance to learn how to defend myself. As soon as I learn how to master a monster, I know the next day it will kill me because my abilities have been nerfed again and again and again. Just Stop!!!