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    Did you go to your account page here? I hope this helps you. but if not @Berek

    Do I have to purchase the game again on Steam if I want to play using Steam?

    Absolutely not! When you purchase game access through our Bundle or Add-on Store, you will be able to use that game access to register on Steam for free. Once you have game access, the link to claim your Steam access key can be found on your SotA Account Page.

    How do I redeem my Steam Key?
    1. Log into SotA and go to your Account Page.
    2. Click the rightmost tab labeled “Game Client / Steam”
    3. You will see a box on the right side labeled “Play SotA through Steam”. Click on the link that reads “…click here to redeem an access key by signing in through Steam!“
    4. You’ll be instructed to Sign in through Steam NOTE: Make sure you are signing into the correct Steam account! Steam does not support unlinking if you make a mistake here!
    5. Click the “Allow” button to redeem and activate the SotA key on your Steam account
    6. You’ll see a SotA “Congratulations” message confirming successful Steam activation. Click the “account page” link to return you to your SotA Account Page.
    7. Return to the “Game Client / Steam” tab to confirm that the “Play SotA through Steam” box now states that your Steam access key has been redeemed and displays the Steam Account it is associated with.
    8. You will need to launch your Steam desktop client to see Shroud of the Avatar in your Steam Library
    9. Select Shroud of the Avatar in your Steam Library and click on “INSTALL”
    10. Follow the Steam installation instructions and once the download is complete you will be able to launch SotA from Steam.
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