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    In r9 you had a hot-tub, how does the placement of that one work? Could you place it indoors?
    The description said you need a village lot.
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    The Hot Tub is placed like any other item on the lot, and the Tub can be rotated. I don't know if it can be placed indoors; that could be a good test to see what happens. We have seen the hot tub used on a village and town lot so far.
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    I had one placed on the second floor of my house in PaxLair, just need the right sized room. Even stripped down and took a soak.
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    Sweet, thank you.
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    Helsinki. Finland

    Will be interesting to see how this will work. Any idea will you use G+ Hangouts tomorrow or just Irc and TS3? If you end up using G+ Hangout, feel free to add me to it :)
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    San Antonio, Texas
    I think just IRC (#PaxLair channel) and TS3 for Saturday, Sept 13. -- 0900-1300 Central US Time. I invite anyone to join us for this work session. You don't need to be a PaxLair citizen... this is an open door work session and will occur each Saturday.

    For IRC, I recommend a client such as mIRC. Our channel is at: port 6667 channel #PaxLair

    My work goals for this Saturday, Sept 13 are ambitious, but I want to chip away at these sooner than later:
    • Talk with more people regarding interest in PaxLair.
    • Examine where we are in our designs, testing in the Releases, and plans. Make a list of main PaxLair test objectives for the coming Releases.
    • Get a PaxLair plan going for R10 events, buildings, and tests we wish to conduct (community and mechanics). Our goal is to try new and different things with buildings, gatherings, and events.
      • we ran a play in R8 and improv in R9 -- we may not run a new play unless someone wants to give it a go with actors and script.
      • there will likely be some PVP tournaments -- shall we have a PaxLair tournament team?
      • come up with a land-rush house allocation plan for R10 in Valemark.
      • more...
    • Work on the PaxLair Wiki pages which outline much of our design for groups, buildings, and concepts.
    • Seek more ideas and tour guides for the Explore Novia! events for R10.
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    Helsinki. Finland

    Great, see you all tomorrow then!
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    San Antonio, Texas
    PaxLair Working Hours
    Saturday, September 13, 2014
    2 PM to 6 PM GMT (UTC)
    ( 8 AM to 2 PM Central US Time - chat log times )

    I have started the idea for regular "working hours" for PaxLair so we can have some periods of time where PaxLair citizens and friends can work together in "real-time". We invite other towns and guilds and people to certainly join us during these periods of time!

    Since PaxLair as a town is actually a "real-world worldwide" group of people in many different time zones, we will likely add MORE "PaxLair Working Hours" hosted at different days/times.


    Below is our chat session in #PaxLair channel during this Working Hours period.

    [08:59] <&Winfield> Welcome to the first PaxLair Working Hours session. We will do this on Saturdays starting at this time and ending in 4 hours approximately.
    [08:59] <&Winfield> So who is here for the working hours today?
    [09:00] <&Winfield> Doesn't mean you have to work, just means you are here, listening, want to learn more, etc.
    [09:00] <Gaelis> me :)
    [09:00] <Soleidad> Me!
    [09:00] <Net-afk> I am here to watch (and I ma not here at this moment, sorry). Btw hello Winfield.
    [09:00] <&Winfield> Ah hello Net
    [09:01] <&Winfield> Very good.
    [09:01] <Jack_Knyfe> jay_rab and myself are here as ambassadors of Port Phoenix (and to some extent, the Phoenix Republic)
    [09:01] <&Winfield> Excellent!
    [09:02] <Jack_Knyfe> as for myself, I'll be heading out in roughly 90 minutes for IRL events
    [09:02] <&Winfield> What I have planned for today is some orientation first on where our PaxLair plans are located.
    [09:03] <&Winfield> And then brainstorm a little on a few topics like what we can do in R10, and some group/housing ideas for long term too.
    [09:03] <&Winfield> And with Port Phoenix here, some brainstorming on what our towns can do together short and long term too.
    [09:04] <Gaelis> sounds good
    [09:04] <&Winfield> That may last 45-90 minutes, and then also I will be updating wiki pages with our ideas too.
    [09:04] <Jack_Knyfe> spiffy
    [09:04] <&Winfield> So first of all, the main place for our ideas and progress is on our wiki page and subpages.
    [09:05] <&Winfield>
    [09:05] <&Winfield> The wiki page serves three purposes... describes PaxLair, documents our history and progress, and has ideas for our plans.
    [09:06] <&Winfield> When PaxLair is actually built during Episode 1, the wiki page will be more reference than plans, as our plans will be more done in game than on the web
    [09:07] <&Winfield> My goal in E1 is we would even have this session in game, not on IRC.
    [09:07] <&Winfield> So when you look at that wiki page, you see lots of stuff... and it has a lot for a show our ideas are broad -- not a guild, but a town we need to build.
    [09:08] <&Winfield> And that town will become realistic, maybe down to the small chapel on the hill or the wanderer's kitchen serving reduced cost meals to people passing through.
    [09:09] <&Winfield> And realistic with a court system of justice too. So PaxLair is definitely Role-Played as well as doing all the usual things with adventuring, questing, and fighting.
    [09:11] <&Winfield> I have to step away for about 15 minutes (workman coming to my house in a moment) so sorry for delay... but see our housing plan, I am adding more today, and our societies, positions, etc. and offer ideas here. We want to work with towns too with official relations and things.
    [09:13] * Jack_Knyfe nudges jay_rab
    [09:15] <Gaelis> what about your plans for port phoenix R10?:)
    [09:15] * Quetzalcoatl (**) has joined #PaxLair
    [09:15] <Jack_Knyfe> welcome Quetzalcoatl
    [09:15] <Quetzalcoatl> sup Jack_Knyfe
    [09:15] <&Winfield> Morning Q. You here for our PaxLair session?
    [09:16] <Gaelis> hello:)
    [09:16] <Quetzalcoatl> sup
    [09:16] <Quetzalcoatl> I was on TS you didn't answer so I left
    [09:16] <Quetzalcoatl> doh!
    [09:16] <Jack_Knyfe> Gaelis: For R10, Port Phoenix is planning on having another storytelling event, after the huge success of the one we had in R9
    [09:16] <Quetzalcoatl> PaxLair session?
    [09:16] <Gaelis> wow, that's great, I missed the last
    [09:17] <&Winfield> I can re-paste what I said... a little bit...
    ... snipped out of the log file for brevity ...
    [09:17] <Jack_Knyfe> We will also be playing host for Amber Raine's birthday bash, as well as having periodic tours of the town (in Holtrot) throughout the weekend.
    [09:19] <Jack_Knyfe> Our R10 focus is to make the space we occupy look more like a town and less like a collection of houses.
    [09:19] <Jack_Knyfe> This includes decorating open lots for various purposes and decorating houses as store-fronts
    [09:20] <Jack_Knyfe> well, store-fronts / occupational spaces
    [09:20] <Gaelis> Are the times for Events on your website? And if you need some help you can tell me
    [09:20] <Jack_Knyfe> We have not yet sat down to schedule the events, but I will try to have that knocked out in the next week.
    [09:21] <Gaelis> OK, maybe some European times like that?:)
    [09:21] <Jack_Knyfe> I will partner with Kazyn to make sure that all events are scheduled and mirrored on Avatar's Circle.
    [09:21] <Gaelis> perfect
    [09:22] <Jack_Knyfe> For R10 weekend I will be largely out of pocket that Saturday afternoon/evening, but I should be present for the rest of the time, wife permitting.
    [09:28] <Jack_Knyfe> In EP1 news, Port Phoenix is definitely hitting Village status prior to launch, with our planning ceiling target size for launch to be Crossroads. Any future monies acquired prior to EP1 once we've hit Crossroads will be used for upgrading both Sawtooth Hollow and Phoenix Fields.
    [09:29] <Jack_Knyfe> after EP1 launch, we'll upgrade organically as player interest drives.
    [09:30] <&Winfield> I am back!
    [09:32] <Gaelis> welcome back
    [09:33] <&Winfield> PaxLair will run 24 hours for the Release of course... and events will be on
    [09:33] <&Winfield> Avatars Circle (AC) has two calendars now... Central US TIme and GMT
    [09:33] <&Winfield> So the link I gave is GMT
    [09:33] <&Winfield> So easier to calculate your own time zone.
    [09:34] <&Winfield> Like right now, I am GMT-5.
    [09:34] <&Winfield> I would like to see more events for European or Australian people in PaxLair in R10, but I can't run them all.
    [09:35] <&Winfield> Congrats on progress on Port Phoenix development. Nice.
    [09:36] <&Winfield> PaxLair may add one or two small scenes before E1 or after E1 starts... a PVP area and an area to grow crops.
    [09:36] <&Winfield> I understand player town scenes might be linked together, not just via the overland map
    [09:37] <&Winfield> We hope to have a cave in PaxLair metropolis, so a cave could go to the other part of PaxLair (PVP as example)/.
    [09:37] <Gaelis> oh:)
    [09:38] <Soleidad> PaxLair will be huge!
    [09:38] <Soleidad> wow, grats!
    [09:38] <&Winfield> It's as big as people want to make it... and I don't expect all lots to fill up on Day 1... Maybe have 30-50% filled on day 1.
    [09:39] <&Winfield> The scene will be figure out and static on where lots are available in PaxLair with a longer term vision of "discovery" in PaxLair.
    [09:39] <&Winfield> meaning... some meadow in PaxLair may not be "discovered" in our scene right away... we will "explore" in role-playing terms.
    [09:40] <&Winfield> We will gain more citizens in E1 over several months, not all before E1 starts. Because we want to meet people in game to join us.
    [09:40] <&Winfield> Just like we are doing in the Releases now... we meet people, like them, they like PaxLair, demonstrate ideas, and we bring them in early as citizens. We are starting that process in R10.
    [09:40] <Jack_Knyfe> This is the same process we're going with for Port Phoenix et al.
    [09:40] <&Winfield> Excellent.
    [09:41] <Gaelis> I like this Idea
    [09:41] <&Winfield> Our experience in UO PaxLair is it was not built in the first month with quality people coming in ... it took one year to become a viable town that became persistent.
    [09:41] * WrathPhoenix (**) has joined #PaxLair
    [09:41] <Jack_Knyfe> Ah, there's our illustrious leader
    [09:42] <Gaelis> hihi
    [09:42] <WrathPhoenix> What is left of me, yes :)
    [09:42] <&Winfield> Some other UO towns built quickly out of their guilds.... and they died in 9 months or less.
    [09:42] <&Winfield> PaxLair built from a core guild, but was open to all guilds to join ... and has lasted 16 years
    [09:43] <&Winfield> So that is how we will do it in SotA too, but have the advantage of ours and others' experiences.
    [09:43] <Gaelis> glad to be part of it
    [09:43] <Jack_Knyfe> For those curious, Port Phoenix is not a guild, we're going from the ground up as a town, and making ourselves open to guilds and other groups, however the first priority is town planning and management.
    [09:44] <&Winfield> Welcome Kazyn (Wrath Phoenix)
    [09:44] <&Winfield> Exactly Jack. Same as PaxLair is doing.
    [09:44] <WrathPhoenix> Thank you as always, Governor. :)
    [09:45] <WrathPhoenix> Yes, I was actually quite pleased when I first heard Winfield speak of that too - as our towns both independently birthed a membership philosophy which was effectively identical.
    [09:45] <&Winfield> So even the formal relations between Port Phoenix and PaxLair may not be established until after Public Release... probably won't except for testing some treaties, etc. in the pre-alpha.
    [09:46] <&Winfield> So in our PaxLair planning, we have to plan a scene that we will be happy with for several years.
    [09:47] <&Winfield> That is a challenge too... how many big lots, how many little lots, some connected, some on waterfront, etc. How about a Duke lot for the eventual Duke that may join PaxLair, etc. So not easy to plan something that will grow/change in people in 6-18 months.
    [09:47] <WrathPhoenix> tell me about it..
    [09:47] <&Winfield> And if there is a way to purchase another "design team session" in one year, that would be great.
    [09:48] <&Winfield> Maybe they could take a scene off-line for a day... move things around without destroying houses... and then poof, PaxLair has been 'changed'.
    [09:49] <&Winfield> That would be really neat so we could plan our "PaxLair Settler phase" and then the "Village phase" then the "Town phase" etc.
    [09:49] <Jack_Knyfe> I think that's one of the reasons behind their "magic move" concept. When a town changes layouts or sizes, the scene can't be shifted, but they're working so that the houses can be moved with their decorations intact.
    [09:50] <&Winfield> and have scene features change with that... like dirt roads in Settler, stone roads and bridges in Town phase.
    [09:50] <&Winfield> Great.
    [09:51] <&Winfield> Between episodes, we might move PaxLair, maybe not... and maybe change the scene a bit as PaxLair grows then too.
    [09:51] <&Winfield> So still lots of unknowns, but if we just had a static design, there's 3X more things to work on like our guilds, communities, events, plays, adventure groups, etc.
    [09:53] <&Winfield> So for those who came in ... PaxLair design ideas (not the metropolis layout yet) are on our wiki page and sub-pages. I plan to update those today with ideas we have here.
    [09:53] <&Winfield>
    [09:53] <&Winfield> And we will be proposing what we want to do in R10 for events schedule too, and what houses we want to build.
    [09:54] <&Winfield> So a 5 minute break, then will start down those ideas at top of the hour.
    [09:55] <&Winfield> But I don't want to be the only one talking of course *smiles* or I would have wrote a paper and made if faster for you folks to read. I like the interaction of ideas.
    [09:56] <&Winfield> Like thinking on the Travelling Carnival idea between player towns to unlock lots for 30 days for a visiting group's house ... I still need to propose that on SotA Forums.
    [10:00] <&Winfield> I may want to publicly release some of this chat session... does anyone object to that?
    [10:00] <Jack_Knyfe> For Port Phoenix, we're dedicating a Town lot (presently) for public events. It is currently unknown if Portalarium is going to allow player owned towns to have lots that can be set aside for such purposes without a deed, but I'd certainly like to see if we could get their opinion on the matter.
    [10:00] <Jack_Knyfe> no qualms here
    [10:02] <&Winfield> We plan on the same... a lot we can lock and unlock. My idea is we just let an incoming group use it with their deed... for several weeks. then when they leave, re-lock the lot. But for Public Use... not sure how that would work without someone owning a lot deed.
    [10:03] <&Winfield> I will have a secondary lot and deed that I can Kindred lots of people to, thus it is sort of public.
    [10:03] <Jack_Knyfe> if a lot could be keyed to the town owner, and then permissions could be set for the lot similar to how houses can be set (Owner/Trustee/Kindred/etc)
    [10:04] <Jack_Knyfe> then travelling troupes could be given access to the lot to set and build as they need, with the owner keeping absolute authority
    [10:04] <&Winfield> Indeed. Yet, why not just own another lot deed as the scene owner, and then do that.
    [10:04] <&Winfield> Oh...
    [10:04] <&Winfield> scene owner still has absolute authority... as can lock a lot any time to kick a house lot owner out of the scene.
    [10:05] <&Winfield> So a travelling group comes with THIER lot deed, scene owner unlocks a lot for them to use, then at end, the group leaves or is kicked out.
    [10:05] <Jack_Knyfe> I guess that's what's going to make the most sense
    [10:06] <Jack_Knyfe> and the town can pay the lot rent for the troupe to come and put on their show
    [10:06] <&Winfield> So two ways... the scene owner has an extra lot to let people use by setting permissions... or unlock a lot to a group, let them use their lot deed, and scene owner can only kick them out, not control anything on the lot itself when it is their lot deed in use.
    [10:06] <Ashlynn> it's busy in here today
    [10:07] <Jack_Knyfe> it's SotA day in here! XD
    [10:07] <&Winfield> Good distinction of two methods Jack... these are ideas worthy of writing onto the Community Wiki. I may do that to support the thread I want to start with SotA Forums on travelling groups.
    [10:07] <&Winfield> Hail Ashlynn!
    [10:07] <Ashlynn> 'lo!
    [10:08] <&Winfield> Everyone know Ashlynn? Our mushroom expert and cartographer.
    [10:08] <WrathPhoenix> We've already prepared a design to include the fairgrounds for travelling player events and troupes
    [10:08] <&Winfield> She did the Holtrot and Valemark maps.
    [10:09] <&Winfield> Our PaxLair design also has the fairgrounds idea too... so to explore that in R10, would be great to use the Sunset Rock 3 lots for a travelling group idea.
    [10:09] <&Winfield> But not sure what travelling groups exist yet.
    [10:09] <&Winfield> to put on shows, merchants, etc.
    [10:10] <Jack_Knyfe> I would say it's a touch too soon to explore that...probably something best left for when the servers are up 24/7
    [10:10] <&Winfield> the Sunset rock 3 lots are numbers ... 21, 28, 29 on the map...
    [10:10] <&Winfield>
    [10:11] <&Winfield> Do you think travelling groups are already forming though?
    [10:12] <&Winfield> I think Riya and Net are one group... for travelling mazes... they can do now in testing. On a PVP island, could be Blaquerogue with his tournament ideas perhaps.
    [10:13] <Jack_Knyfe> True, but most of these 'groups' are not necessarily planning for the purpose of going from town to town yet.
    [10:13] <&Winfield> I don't know if BR (Blaquerogue is too hard to spell out) is testing any ideas in the Releases though.
    [10:14] <Gaelis> we could ask him about a training-camp for fighter?
    [10:14] <Jack_Knyfe> once we hit 24/7 uptime, groups like these and others will have plenty of time to consider going from place to place, and other groups will undoubtedly form
    [10:14] <&Winfield> When in TS3 a bit ago [post-edit clarification: 1-2 weeks ago], the Maze team is planning to have go from town to town. BR said he was thinking on that idea. Would be 2-4 weeks per group in a town.
    [10:15] <&Winfield> When we have persistence, a LOT more will happen with groups... I agree.
    [10:15] <&Winfield> then people will be willing to invest more time.
    [10:17] <&Winfield> Right now the monthly wipes are good for testing new ideas... as we re-use our Sunset Lots repeatedly in 3 different ways so far (Mazes, Pub, and open pub/theater/market) in the last 3 releases.
    [10:17] <Ashlynn> I think persistence will make a big difference, everything is a bit ephemeral right now
    [10:18] <&Winfield> I guess if we had persistence, monthly we would manually wipe those lots to try new ideas in testing.
    [10:18] <&Winfield> Agreed Ashlynn.
    [10:19] <&Winfield> If we have persistence, will there be a final wipe before Public Launch though?
    [10:19] <&Winfield> A full reset?
    [10:19] <Jack_Knyfe> I'm hoping so, personally
    [10:19] <Gaelis> think so
    [10:19] <Jack_Knyfe> everything except lot/housing
    [10:19] <&Winfield> me too... I'd have to start E1 as the EVIL Winfield. [post-edit clarification: I "find" a lot of decorations *smile*; I would never kill a soul *whistles a tune*]
    [10:19] <Jack_Knyfe> O_O
    [10:19] * Jack_Knyfe sidesteps a bit away
    [10:19] <&Winfield> Oh, so for persistence to start, we need our Player Owned Towns installed.
    [10:25] <&Winfield> I have not followed the forums on the stages the Dev team will go through... wipes, persistence in beta, reset before public release, when player towns will be designed, etc.
    [10:25] <&Winfield> Is there any sequence listed somewhere they have announced, not necessarily dates?
    [10:26] <WrathPhoenix> there will be a wipe before launch
    [10:26] <Ashlynn> most games generally wipe everything before the official launch
    [10:27] <&Winfield> So if we put on the WIKI a Phases of Development page... could we post what steps will be going through and reference their thread replies and such?
    [10:27] <Gaelis> there will be the lot-rush before E1 for all backer
    [10:27] <&Winfield> Indeed. So those "sequences" would be good to put on the SotAWiki as they are announced.
    [10:29] <&Winfield> Maybe the usual authors can research those things (Browncoat Jayson, and others who maintain the main wiki pages for SotA knowledge).
    [10:29] <&Winfield> I will ask them.
    [10:29] <WrathPhoenix> They've already announced their development path
    [10:29] <&Winfield> Oh, where is it?
    [10:30] <WrathPhoenix> It's not in any one place, it's something you have to gather from a few different places such as some of the recent video hangouts with the Devs, and the original release steps postings
    [10:31] <&Winfield> Ah, indeed. So a Wiki page called Development Path would be good... and as we discover those things in hangouts, etc. we can update the wiki page with references.
    [10:31] <WrathPhoenix> yeah I'm agreeing with you, I'm just saying the info is out there right now we can aggregate to determine the path :)
    [10:32] <&Winfield> I am looking at Wiki now for search on "development" and don't see a page yet describing that... I will start one.
    [10:33] <Jack_Knyfe> I must depart for festive RL activities. Well met everyone, and I will return in the afternoon for the community hangout.
    [10:33] <Gaelis> have fun:)
    [10:34] * Jack_Knyfe (**) Quit (Quit: )
    [10:35] <Gaelis> will be nice to have all infos at one place:)
    [10:45] <Gaelis> are there more Ideas for R10 so far?
    [10:45] <WrathPhoenix> I will be glad when launch finally is upon us so that, if nothing else, well no longer be in the midst of the misinformation and conjecture
    [10:46] <&Winfield> I created the page....
    [10:46] <&Winfield> It does not have referenced activities yet... except that we are currently wiped monthly.
    [10:49] <&Winfield> Break for me for 10 minutes... will be working on ideas for R10 then.
    [11:07] * Star_Lord (**) has joined #PaxLair
    [11:17] <&Winfield> Hail there Star Lord!
    [11:20] <Star_Lord> Hi Winfield, still on vacation, have only some time to show up.
    [11:20] <Star_Lord> At least I figured out how to join the channel :)
    [11:20] <Star_Lord> Anything ongoing?
    [11:22] <&Winfield> Indeed. Had a lot of discussion already.
    [11:23] <Star_Lord> Any plans for R10?
    [11:26] <Star_Lord> thanks a lot!
    [11:26] <WrathPhoenix> Heya star lord
    [11:26] <Gaelis> hi:)
    [11:26] <Star_Lord> Hi Wrath
    [11:26] <Star_Lord> And hi Gaelis
    [11:27] <Star_Lord> On vacation in Berlin, just joining for a short break
    [11:27] <Winfield> Just sent you SOTA conversation PM StarLord with the chat log since 9 AM this morning here.
    [11:28] <WrathPhoenix> we have some plans were going to get up on the forums and the circle as soon as we can. Today I'm relaxing a bit, work and all, and playing some eve on-line... though may switch to another game later
    [11:28] <Winfield> So read through that and you will be caught up with what we talked about so far.
    [11:45] <Speranza> Morning!
    [11:45] <Star_Lord> Evening!
    [11:46] <Speranza> well back to AFK land, just dropped in to say hello! I'm off to lunch!
    [11:46] <Speranza> er lunch rather
    [11:54] <WrathPhoenix> I too need lunch
    [11:54] * WrathPhoenix steals some of Winfield's fish
    [11:54] <Gaelis> hihi
    [12:17] <&Winfield> About 45 minutes left in our PaxLair SotA Working hours. I have been in chat with a few people, so not talking much in here. I am getting lots of ideas so fruitful. StarLord, you have ideas after reading the log from this morning?
    [12:17] <Star_Lord> just finished reading (have to prepare for dinner...)
    [12:18] <Star_Lord> travelling groups sound great
    [12:18] * Net-afk is now known as Net
    [12:18] <Star_Lord> no real new ideas though at the moment, will reply to you if I get an idea
    [12:19] <Star_Lord> the lot handling should be clear, unless Portalarium will change something
    [12:19] <Star_Lord> We will have a land rush for the open lots, but not for player towns.
    [12:20] <Star_Lord> I think you should prepare a map of PaxLair a couple of months before the real release
    [12:20] <Star_Lord> And a wish-list.
    [12:21] <Star_Lord> To let people prepare their lots/locations in PaxLair
    [12:22] <Star_Lord> You already have something for professions/tasks. But better also for homes/public buildings/scenes
    [12:28] <&Winfield> Indeed. We already have a lot map prepared internally... and we expect only about 30-50% of lots used on Day 1 of E1.
    [12:29] <&Winfield> By E2, we think perhaps about 75% of our PaxLair lots will be in use.
    [12:29] <Star_Lord> Do you know who owns a lot deed?
    [12:29] <Star_Lord> As they cost real money not everybody will have one
    [12:29] <WrathPhoenix> they don't cost real money, They'll be obtainable with in-game money. Lot deeds that is.
    [12:30] <&Winfield> Any backer of high level will have tax free ones. Others need to buy them on the add on store. Some will not have lot deeds, yes.
    [12:30] <WrathPhoenix> the real money purchases of lots get you into the early lot selection
    [12:30] <&Winfield> We of PaxLair do not require anyone to have a lot deed to be part of PaxLair.
    [12:30] <Star_Lord> You need a lot deed even in a player owned town
    [12:30] <&Winfield> We are forming teams of people, establishments, that operate 24/7 so people can "live" as part of a team.
    [12:31] <&Winfield> Yes, you need a lot deed to place a house in a Player Owned Town. I can only lock and unlock an available lot location.
    [12:31] <Star_Lord> That will work for public buildings (taverns, libraries, etc.)
    [12:31] <Star_Lord> But people also will have private houses
    [12:32] <&Winfield> We have some places for private homes... not too much though (mainly row houses and some village houses).
    [12:32] <&Winfield> It is unlikely any town lots will be personal houses.
    [12:32] <&Winfield> will be houses people own, but run establishments for the town.
    [12:32] <Star_Lord> Do you have an estimate of how many public buildings PaxLair will have?
    [12:33] <&Winfield> let me look...
    [12:33] <Star_Lord> just a rough number...
    [12:34] <Star_Lord> So public builds usually will be shared by a team?
    [12:34] <&Winfield> Our lot calculator right now is... 1 castle, 4 city lots, 7 town lots, 78 village lots, 60 row house lots. 150 lots in total.
    [12:35] <&Winfield> we have allocated 33 of 150 to pre-existing PaxLair Citizens.
    [12:35] <Star_Lord> How many of them are public/shared?
    [12:36] <&Winfield> We will likely reduce Row house and village lots in favor for more City public lots and town lots.
    [12:36] <&Winfield> One sec, let me look at draft map for that.
    [12:36] <&Winfield> I don't think I am needing a Duke lot, but that is TBD too.
    [12:36] <Star_Lord> Lots of public buildings might need a town lot
    [12:37] <Star_Lord> But even on a village lot you can place a small tavern...
    [12:38] <Star_Lord> Row houses are quite limited (private homes most likely only)
    [12:39] <Star_Lord> Duke or Castle lot could be great for travelling teams
    [12:39] <&Winfield> At glance, about 30 houses will have public establishments and purposes, all town lots, the castle, and some village and RH lots.
    [12:39] <Star_Lord> carnivals, festivals, tournaments
    [12:40] <&Winfield> And we get 15 NPC buildings too.
    [12:40] <&Winfield> So for private homes, those might be about 30% of the sq meters of the metropolis.
    [12:40] <Star_Lord> the NPCs are great as they are available 24/7
    [12:41] <&Winfield> Well, we don't know enough about doing things with those NPCs and NPC houses. If just eye candy, probably don't need them in down-town areas... will put them out at the outskirts.
    [12:42] <Star_Lord> At least they are always on line....
    [12:42] <Star_Lord> Any ideas for different time zones?
    [12:42] <&Winfield> Our plans are worldwide.
    [12:42] <&Winfield> Our time will be based on GMT starting R10.
    [12:43] <Star_Lord> I meant to have a team of different time zones for specific tasks
    [12:43] <&Winfield> So will have probably 2 or 3 weekly meetings. Will have a mayor and a few deputy mayors.
    [12:43] <&Winfield> Indeed, so tavern crew for different time periods of course, but one tavern.
    [12:43] <Star_Lord> E.g. for the guard/library/tavern
    [12:43] <Star_Lord> OK
    [12:43] <&Winfield> One library, different crews.
    [12:44] <&Winfield> big teams.
    [12:44] <&Winfield> This is why I de-emphasize house ownership and over-emphasize teamwork.
    [12:44] <Star_Lord> Did you already have that in UO?
    [12:44] <&Winfield> Since this is a 24/7 town idea.
    [12:44] <&Winfield> We did for the peak years... 1998-2000.
    [12:45] <&Winfield> The Band guild that made PaxLair in UO was partially from Germany
    [12:45] <Star_Lord> I have seen quite many German players
    [12:45] <&Winfield> We had 300 people involved with about 12 house in 1998 in PaxLair in UO. Many large guilds as citizens/allies defended us, 24/7 shops with teams.
    [12:46] <&Winfield> So with SotA, we can build the town better at the start now... not rely on land rush, missing people/owners, PKs in middle of town, etc.
    [12:47] <Star_Lord> I would prefer to not have PvP in the town itself
    [12:47] <&Winfield> PaxLair in SotA will not be a PVP scene.
    [12:47] <Star_Lord> (Maybe in a basement/cave/...
    [12:47] <&Winfield> We might purchase a PVP scene to connect to it though.
    [12:48] <&Winfield> We have a cave in our draft map, not sure if Dev Team can make it, but that could go to the PVP scene, like PaxLair Outskirts or something.
    [12:49] <Star_Lord> I am not that good at PvP (and on the PvP island my screen always went black, so my computer seems to not like PvP...)
    [12:49] <Star_Lord> It could be nice to have tournaments e.g.
    [12:49] <&Winfield> I do want PaxLair to be able to handle PVP ideas... town attacks, help allies, etc. But not for the main metropolis.
    [12:50] <&Winfield> We plan to have tournaments, yes. There again, we need to find a leader and team to run them. Castle can have big arena and city lots too.
    [12:50] <Star_Lord> City lots have a smaller arena than castle
    [12:51] <&Winfield> So we can have people lead our teams in PaxLair and never even own a house in PaxLair. And they can be PaxLair citizens too.
    [12:51] <&Winfield> Yes, I think so.
    [12:51] <Star_Lord> I like your ideas about citizens
    [12:51] <Star_Lord> and teams
    [12:52] <Net> Glad you mentioned this. I was wondering if I can be citizen without running a house in PaxLair:)
    [12:52] <&Winfield> Thanks. I hope to make more of this public idea too... as this chat session may be published publicly too. Do you mind?
    [12:52] <&Winfield> Yes Net you can indeed.
    [12:52] <Star_Lord> @Net: I thought you live in a maze?
    [12:52] <Gaelis> :D
    [12:53] <Net> Yes, I do. That is why I can not have house in PaxLair.
    [12:53] <&Winfield> I think 80% of PaxLair citizens at end of E1 will not have housing, nor need housing. They will share houses or work in establishments.
    [12:53] <Net> That does not mean , I do not want to visit it and maybe help a bit when I am there:)
    [12:54] <Star_Lord> @Winfield: I have a village lot which I can offer to use
    [12:54] <&Winfield> Of course, PaxLair Citizen will have some meaning to it... and citizenship may be different from workers and staff. Citizens have to follow PaxLair Laws more strictly. We will have justice / court system, etc.
    [12:56] <&Winfield> Thanks StarLord will have to figure out how your village lot would be used of course... what team would use it, for what purpose, etc. There will be some people who have house lots as owners to allow PaxLair to use, then there will be team leaders of ideas and establishments who don't have a house lot of their own. The idea for city management is to connect the two groups -- house owners and establishment leaders -- as they may not always be the same person.
    [12:56] <Star_Lord> agree
    [12:56] <Star_Lord> but at the moment we do not know how much the in-game costs will be
    [12:57] <&Winfield> That is a bit of the PaxLair model. and a challenge for our city management to sort out. Sean Silverfoot is my city manager. He is around more in the colder months.
    [12:57] <Star_Lord> OK
    [12:57] <&Winfield> As a large community, in-game costs will probably not be too hard to satisfy.
    [12:58] <&Winfield> Especially is we all work together.
    [12:58] <Star_Lord> Could be.
    [12:58] <Star_Lord> If the lots are used by a team it should not be too hard to pay the rent
    [12:58] <&Winfield> Already, our Enjin portal costs are donations from our community members as example.
    [12:59] <&Winfield> Right, that is why I encourage more team houses, than personal houses.
    [12:59] <Star_Lord> Moment, AFK for 5 mins
    [13:00] <&Winfield> I will wrap up my time here in about 10 minutes, then get working on some wiki pages. I will be around most of the day, but may be idle for hours at a time. I will wrap up our session here in 10 minutes with some summaries.
    [13:02] <Gaelis> thank you for explaining your plans with PaxLair:)
    [13:03] <Net> This was really insightful, thank you.
    [13:03] <&Winfield> Thank you for coming... I plan to post most of this on SotA Forums PaxLair Thread publicly, from 0900 to now (last 4 hours) is that OK with everyone?
    [13:04] <&Winfield> I may edit a little typos, but not meaning.
    [13:05] <Net> It is OK with me, actually I am really in favour of that.
    [13:05] <Net> It takes time to find things in IRC history:D
    [13:06] <Gaelis> OK:)
    [13:08] <Star_Lord> OK
    [13:08] <Star_Lord> Have to leave for dinner
    [13:09] <Gaelis> I will leave now too, see you:)
    [13:09] <&Winfield> thanks I will post the log to the public soon. thanks!
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    San Antonio, Texas
    We are planning another PaxLair Working Hours session on Saturday, September 20. Besides preparing for Release 10, here is a major topic we will be working on.

    Please see:

    It has a list of houses several people have been trying out in the SotA Pre-Alpha Releases. We've been testing what size and type of lot and building to define on our Metropolis Scene. These houses are destined to be public buildings owned and operated by players and player-groups.

    The concept is much like PaxLair City in Felucca (UO) where we have the towers, arena, tavern, cafe, healer house, carpenter's house, etc. that were used daily when there was more population. Except, we need to actually design lot size and placement ahead of time ... and thus we need an idea on the type of building, type of establishment, etc.

    Once lot size and placement are defined and designed on our Metropolis, it can't be changed like we do in UO. We would need a developer to move lots around the scene. So the better we define our establishments before the Call for Designs from Portalarium, the better off we are. We don't know when this Call may come. We suspect it will be in 30-90 days (?).

    We don't need to have players owning all the lot deeds for these lots (and establishments) yet ... we just need to define what size lots would go where on our scene ... then once someone has a lot deed to use, they could start the establishment (which could be with new people joining PaxLair after the public release too).

    In Release 10 and beyond, we will be working to recruit groups of people (from our UO veterans and new people in SotA) to design, own, and operate these types of buildings and establishments in PaxLair. We want to see who is interested before decisions have to be made for the Call for Designs of our scene.

    There will be a good number of personal housing lots for citizens too, particularly village and row house lots. Every citizen does not need to run an establishment of course. And every citizen does not need a house.

    This will be a main topic at our Saturday 9 AM to 1 PM Central US Time PaxLair Work Hours that is posted on . Everyone is invited to join us in the Work Hours to discuss and/or reply here or reach me privately.

  10. Winfield

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    San Antonio, Texas
    PaxLair Working Hours
    Saturday, September 20, 2014
    2 PM to 6 PM GMT (UTC)
    ( 9 AM to 1 PM Central US Time - chat log times )

    We continue the idea for regular "working hours" for PaxLair so we can have some periods of time where PaxLair citizens and friends can work together in "real-time". We invite other towns and guilds and people to certainly join us during these periods of time!

    Since PaxLair as a town is actually a "real-world worldwide" group of people in many different time zones, we will likely add MORE "PaxLair Working Hours" hosted at different days/times.


    Below is our chat session in #PaxLair channel during this Working Hours period.

    [09:00] <&Winfield> Well it is 2 PM UTC, we can get started!
    [09:00] <&Winfield> Welcome to the PaxLair Work Session for Saturday, September 20, 2014.
    [09:00] <&Winfield> How is everyone today? Who here today?
    [09:00] <&Winfield> Who is here today?
    [09:01] <Ashlynn> I am paying attention
    [09:01] <&Winfield> Great!
    [09:01] <&Winfield> Anyone else here?
    [09:02] <&Winfield> I'm sure those here, but not here, can catch up on my introduction.
    [09:02] <&Winfield> Ready for my Intro Ashlynn?
    [09:02] <&Winfield> It starts with fishing....
    [09:02] <Ashlynn> sure!
    [09:02] <&Winfield> As every meeting should start with the fish song or something.
    [09:02] <&Winfield> Don't you agree?
    [09:03] <Ashlynn> you should sing it on youtube and just link it to people =P
    [09:03] <Ashlynn> saves you a bit of typing!
    [09:03] <&Winfield> Oh, modern technology! I like it. Maybe when we get in game, it can be a music that is approved through the Poets Circle too.
    [09:04] <&Winfield> Play it in our pub.
    [09:04] <&Winfield> Here is my intro for today.
    [09:04] <&Winfield> Welcome to the PaxLair SotA Work Session for Saturday, September 20, 2014.
    [09:04] <&Winfield> I have a few opening remarks to explain about this Work Session.
    [09:04] <&Winfield> (I will probably put these remarks on a Wiki page to save us time next week.)
    [09:05] <&Winfield> Our Work Session runs at least from 9 AM Central US time to 1 PM which is the same as 1400-1800 UTC.
    [09:05] <&Winfield> Everyone does not need to be here that entire time, and people can come and go of course.
    [09:05] <&Winfield> The Work Session combines chat discussions and TS3 voice discussions to help get to know PaxLair and each other. It also helps us build PaxLair.
    [09:05] <&Winfield> This weekly time is where we can regularly gather together and new people can find us. Since we are world-wide, we could do this 2 times per week if there is enough interest from around the globe.
    [09:05] <&Winfield> During the Work Session, we can talk about ideas and do Q&A. There may be side discussions at times. There may be silence at times while we work on web pages, forums, calendars, wiki pages, spreadsheets, and more.
    [09:05] <&Winfield> When there is a SotA Release, we will also be in game.
    [09:06] <&Winfield> PLEASE NOTE: this chat log will be copied, probably cleaned up for typos, and posted to the PaxLair SotA Thread here:
    [09:06] <&Winfield>
    [09:06] <&Winfield> Any questions about the design of the Work Session itself before I introduce ideas for today?
    [09:06] <&Winfield> *listens*
    [09:06] <Ashlynn> not really!
    [09:06] <&Winfield> Wonderful!
    [09:06] <Ashlynn> the one benefit of IRC though is everyone can easily scroll up
    [09:07] <&Winfield> Indeed. Glad they are here already and usually here too.
    [09:07] <&Winfield> offer a couple of links you may review as desired:
    [09:07] <&Winfield> - Announcement for this Work Session:
    [09:07] <&Winfield> - Chat Log from last week:
    [09:08] <&Winfield> Today there are three things on my mind for discussion and work. You may have some topics too. Mine are:
    [09:08] <&Winfield> 1) Short Q&A
    [09:08] <&Winfield> 2) Organizing PaxLair establishments, groups, and housing.
    [09:08] <&Winfield> 3) Preparing PaxLair for Release 10.
    [09:08] <&Winfield> Please mingle (chat) for a few minutes, or take a look at those links, and I will be back in 5 minutes to get the session started.
    [09:08] <&Winfield> If you have ideas for topics and some questions, we can start with those first in 5 minutes. Thanks!
    [09:08] <&Winfield> *meeting paused...time for study, informal chat, self-reflection*
    [09:09] <&Winfield> *grins*
    [09:17] <&Winfield> I am back, ...
    [09:17] <Ashlynn> welcome back!
    [09:17] <&Winfield> see if this link works for the Introduction information....
    [09:17] <&Winfield>
    [09:18] <Ashlynn> I trust that you are now a little further along on the path to enlightenment
    [09:18] <Gaelis> wb
    [09:18] <&Winfield> I am on many paths.
    [09:18] <&Winfield> Welcome Gaelis!
    [09:19] <Gaelis> thanks Winfield
    [09:19] <&Winfield> Have you caught up on the conversation so far Gaelis?
    [09:19] <Gaelis> yes:)
    [09:20] <&Winfield> Great!
    [09:20] <&Winfield> Those are all my prepared remarks, so first of all is there any Q&A or more topics to add to discuss today, publicly or privately?
    [09:21] <&Winfield> Ashlynn, I have ideas for the map, we can talk privately sometime in this session?
    [09:21] <Ashlynn> sure
    [09:21] <Gaelis> no, I'm fine with you points
    [09:21] <Ashlynn> I am going to be here all afternoon - I'm sketching on the one monitor and have irc open on the other
    [09:21] * Eternal_Knight () has joined #PaxLair
    [09:21] <Ashlynn> so I can follow everything
    [09:21] <&Winfield> OK Great Ashlynn.
    [09:22] <&Winfield> Welcome EK
    [09:22] <Eternal_Knight> Hello everyone
    [09:22] <Ashlynn> 'lo EK
    [09:22] <Gaelis> hello:)
    [09:22] <&Winfield> EK, here is the intro information if you can read it. We are just starting some Q&A and work ideas for today.
    [09:22] <&Winfield>
    [09:23] <Eternal_Knight> Thanks. I will be away sometimes today but I will read everything
    [09:23] <&Winfield> Preparing for R10 will be a good discussion today... I put out a link to housing ideas for R10 too.
    [09:24] <&Winfield>
    [09:24] <Ashlynn> I read the post on the portal
    [09:25] <Gaelis> I have a question:) why you changed the LB house? I'm fine with LM-house, just asking
    [09:25] <&Winfield> We may as well discuss the R10 prep first... as not many people here probably to talk about building guilds and groups.
    [09:25] <&Winfield> So I outlined 11 houses.
    [09:26] <&Winfield> So it also shows a list of who to Trustee to the houses so we can test ideas and decorate together.
    [09:27] <&Winfield> I will get that link out in PM to people too.
    [09:28] <&Winfield> I am not planning specifically on a Stage this time. I hope to spend more time in the Town Hall meeting with people.
    [09:28] <&Winfield> and at the cafe and tavern.
    [09:28] <&Winfield> Also, I want to start ideas for the row house embassies ...
    [09:29] <&Winfield> maybe in R11, we can use the Owl's Head concentration of row houses to try embassy ideas more / better.
    [09:29] <Ashlynn> well there is always ardoris
    [09:29] <Ashlynn> it is full of them
    [09:29] <&Winfield> that is, each town has an embassy row house (notional) and we can actually do things in Owl's Head as if those embassies were in PaxLair.
    [09:29] <Ashlynn> and many were unclaimed during R9
    [09:29] <&Winfield> True. Some people have avoided going to Ardoris before E1.
    [09:30] <&Winfield> I see.
    [09:30] <Ashlynn> they need to optimize that area bit more though
    [09:30] <&Winfield> Then we can use Ardoris in R11? Use Valemark in R10 to try embassy ideas perhaps.
    [09:31] <Eternal_Knight> With the embassies, do you want to start assigning them to certain guilds or groups associated with PaxLair or that have a working relationship?
    [09:31] <&Winfield> Experiencing the layout in Ardoris may help us design our PaxLair scene better.
    [09:32] <&Winfield> Indeed EK... and those relationships / guilds/group assignment may be numerous for Pre-alpha testing... may be fewer in E1 depending on the roleplayed relations with groups and number of houses available.
    [09:32] <&Winfield> But if we can have an Embassy Village in PaxLair or some scene someone else owns, that would be a good effort.
    [09:32] <Eternal_Knight> That would be a good idea
    [09:32] <&Winfield> I think I remember talking to someone with a Player Owned Town idea to have embassies for all the towns.
    [09:33] <&Winfield> I will have to look that up again and see how that person is doing on the idea.
    [09:33] <Eternal_Knight> I like the idea of an Embassy Village even if it is just part of the Pax
    [09:33] <&Winfield> So for lots 31-34, we can try 2-4 row houses as our final houses to place together at the dead end road.
    [09:34] <&Winfield> Right... we are planning an Embassy Row near our government buildings in PaxLair scene.
    [09:34] <&Winfield> Probably in one row across from some NPC buildings or the town hall. So all the diplomats are close by.
    [09:34] <Eternal_Knight> Perfect. Great placement
    [09:35] <&Winfield> For the other houses in R10, we will have the Church of Dark Star again along with Virtue Tower.
    [09:35] <&Winfield> The latter is for LB of course... and we can try a bigger house this time, the LM Great Hall.
    [09:36] <&Winfield> So larger to decorate.
    [09:36] <&Winfield> I hope Gaelis can help decorate that again, can you?
    [09:36] <Gaelis> sure, Soleidad and I will do so
    [09:36] <&Winfield> Thanks!
    [09:37] <Gaelis> why have you changed the building?
    [09:37] <&Winfield> To give a different one a try, is that ok?
    [09:37] <Ashlynn> I might do an ankh garden again as I didn't get to finish the last one until the second weekend of the release so few people saw it
    [09:37] <Gaelis> yes, just asked to know why:)
    [09:37] <&Winfield> Ah, then Ankh Garden instead of cemetery.
    [09:37] <&Winfield> I will change that for lot 24
    [09:38] <Ashlynn> the last one looked like this
    [09:38] <Ashlynn>
    [09:38] <Ashlynn>
    [09:38] <Ashlynn> I wish we had more planters
    [09:38] <Ashlynn> maybe some long rectangular ones
    [09:38] <Ashlynn> for variety
    [09:40] <Ashlynn> although it is possible we might
    [09:40] <Ashlynn> they usually add new things every release
    [09:40] <Ashlynn> and don't explicitly mention specific items
    [09:40] <Ashlynn> like a new yam or bowl of bananas or whatever
    [09:41] <&Winfield> Great... I will add those pictures to the Ankh Garden wiki page when I create it too. Nice.
    [09:42] <Eternal_Knight> For Lot #30 - Town Hall. Is this a place that meetings will take place inside? Long tables, ect. Or something that can be done outside?
    [09:43] <&Winfield> Click on that Town Hall link and you can see what it looks like. It is a village great hall building. So meetings inside.
    [09:44] <&Winfield>
    [09:44] <&Winfield> It is also the city manager office to allocate lots and help people get settled, when we go Live.
    [09:44] <Eternal_Knight> That will work.
    [09:46] <&Winfield>
    [09:46] <&Winfield> I updated the lot plan...
    [09:46] <&Winfield> Added Ankh Garden
    [09:47] <&Winfield> Gaelis and Soleidad plan to create the cafe and tavern on the Sunset Rocks lots, right?
    [09:47] <Eternal_Knight> Reason I asked, was Lots 35-36. There could be other gov't buildings there as well because its close to the Embassies. I just don't know what might work well there.
    [09:48] <&Winfield> That is a good point EK
    [09:48] <&Winfield> Maybe I can place the barracks there.
    [09:48] <&Winfield> on 35
    [09:49] <&Winfield> Then someone can use 21 for something better, as 21 is more downtown
    [09:50] <&Winfield> I can set up a crafter vendor area again in 21... took a long time to set up though.
    [09:50] <Eternal_Knight> If there were ever large scale debates, do you think we could fit many people in the town hall? Would a large outdoor meeting/sitting area work well there?
    [09:50] <Eternal_Knight> 35/36 I mean
    [09:51] <&Winfield> Well, in real PaxLair there will always be the outdoor stage for large gatherings.
    [09:52] <&Winfield> During the release... we may not have that big, or can go to the pub or meadow.
    [09:53] <Eternal_Knight> That would work.
    [09:53] <&Winfield> As we try new buildings here, I am attempting not to repeat too many old buildings we have designed and functionally tested unless we have specific activities for a release, like a play planned.
    [09:53] <&Winfield> so this is why I take images, and notes for the buildings we test.
    [09:53] <&Winfield>
    [09:54] <&Winfield> That is our complete list of buildings so far and test notes I've made.
    [09:55] <&Winfield> In fact, I added Travelling Faire Lots in the overall list now... as our PaxLair scene will have probably 3 lots reserved for that to rotate with outside/inside faire events.
    [09:56] <&Winfield> Gaelis, do you want to do anything with all three lots at Sunset rock this time? 21, 28, and 29? We can place houses or empty lots for you if you as a team and kindred everyone up there.
    [09:56] * Sean_Silverfoot__PAX_ () has joined #PaxLair
    [09:56] <&Winfield> Hail there Sean!
    [09:56] <&Winfield> Our City manager has arrived!
    [09:56] <Gaelis> hello Sean:)
    [09:56] <Sean_Silverfoot__PAX_> Hiya, Manage to get in, will be back n forth though
    [09:57] <Ashlynn> 'lo Se'an
    [09:57] <&Winfield> I can send you the chat session so far Sean. On SotA PM, is that ok?
    [09:57] <Sean_Silverfoot__PAX_> Hiya Gaeis Ashlynn
    [09:57] <Sean_Silverfoot__PAX_> Yep
    [09:57] <Eternal_Knight> Hi Sean
    [09:58] <Sean_Silverfoot__PAX_> Hiya ET, lol
    [09:58] <Gaelis> Sloe and I need one lot
    [09:58] <Sean_Silverfoot__PAX_> I thought it was village and town for you guys?
    [09:58] <Sean_Silverfoot__PAX_> Town being the boat
    [09:58] <Sean_Silverfoot__PAX_> for Cafe
    [09:59] <Eternal_Knight> Winfield - Mind if I take the 35/36 as an action item to think of ideas and get back to you?
    [09:59] <Gaelis> that is plan so far for E1
    [09:59] <&Winfield> I sent you the log so far Sean on SotA forum PM
    [10:00] <Gaelis> for R10 we try a cafe in a pavilion
    [10:00] <&Winfield> Sure EK! When will you have a plan do you think?
    [10:00] <Sean_Silverfoot__PAX_> OK, I have you down for both and we'll have time for placement discussion when we see our actual layout
    [10:00] <Gaelis> ok:)
    [10:01] <Eternal_Knight> End of the day today or tomorrow? Ill think about buildings that could work there
    [10:01] <&Winfield> End of tomorrow is good. I need to put out the PM with final plan Monday morning.
    [10:01] <&Winfield> YOu can PM me on Sota forums with info.
    [10:01] <&Winfield> or catch me in IRC.
    [10:02] <Eternal_Knight> Will do.
    [10:02] <&Winfield> I'll keep the guard barracks on 21 for now. So Gaelis and Soleidad have 28 and 29 to work on.
    [10:02] <Gaelis> LB house and cafe?
    [10:03] <&Winfield> And again...we will place what houses we can according the plan, then trustee all the right people up so we don't have to trade house ownership around.
    [10:03] <&Winfield> Oh, I see Gaelis....
    [10:04] <&Winfield> I have three houses for you... 28 cafe, 29 tavern, 27 virtue tower.
    [10:04] <&Winfield> I was thinking you may want to combine tavern and cafe ideas together on two lots.
    [10:04] <&Winfield> But maybe that is too much to decorate quickly?
    [10:05] <Gaelis> promises to cafe and LB-house:)
    [10:05] <Gaelis> Net needs help too so I don't know right now about tavern
    [10:07] <&Winfield> OK, just two houses. that;'s fine. Do you want the town lot for cafe? Lot 29?
    [10:07] <&Winfield> I can put the Town Hall then on 28 village lot, as I have done that before and like that lot.
    [10:08] <Gaelis> yes, if there is no need for you on this lot. We can place some decoration outside of the pavilion
    [10:09] <Gaelis> we can use a village lot too for cafe, because the pavilion needs only village
    [10:10] <Gaelis> so we are fine with both, village or town
    [10:11] <&Winfield> I updated the plan...
    [10:12] <&Winfield> So now shows EK's 2 buildings, the town pavilion cafe, the barracks and town hall at sunset rock too. Gaelis and Soleidad with two houses to work on.
    [10:12] <&Winfield> How does this look?
    [10:13] <&Winfield> So the idea is we hit the most important lots first to get them placed with the right houses.... so that means the upper meadow aera. The embassy row area can suffer if we lose some of those lots.
    [10:15] <&Winfield> 10 minute break for me... then will see if we are OK on lot placements for R10, then can talk about events for R10.
    [10:24] <&Winfield> I am back.
    [10:24] <Gaelis> wb
    [10:24] <&Winfield> So the Lot plan for R10 looks ok?
    [10:24] <Gaelis> for me..yes
    [10:24] <&Winfield> Great.
    [10:24] <Eternal_Knight> I have two main ideas for 35/36 if you want them now
    [10:25] <&Winfield> Sure!
    [10:25] <Eternal_Knight> Foreign Ministry (Foreign Affairs) & Court House
    [10:25] <&Winfield> I like those...
    [10:26] <&Winfield> I have a Courthouse on our list of buildings.
    [10:26] <Sean_Silverfoot__PAX_> Sorry like I said I'll be back n forth
    [10:26] <&Winfield> How would Foreign Affairs be renamed in terms of Novia? Not sure there are Foreigners in Novia.
    [10:26] <&Winfield> And what is the function of the Foreign Affairs department?
    [10:27] <Sean_Silverfoot__PAX_> Also wanted to make it official, PaxLair has added a Holdfast to our Metro, so I'll be looking for ideas on it's best use. We can discuss this on the forums
    [10:27] <Eternal_Knight> only typing with one hand so it might take awhile. can we come back to that when i am freed up
    [10:28] <&Winfield> Sure! I am just updating the ideas on the spreadsheet now (which I send to the Wiki site).
    [10:29] <&Winfield> Ah, great Sean!
    [10:29] <&Winfield> Do you want it discuss on the SotA forums or PaxLair Enjin forums?
    [10:29] <Gaelis> wow, congratulations:)
    [10:29] <&Winfield> Can I add Holdfast to the PaxLair wiki page description too?
    [10:31] <Eternal_Knight> Foreign Minister helps with foreign policy. being so close to the embassys would be help have meetings and discuss issues with other reps, i agree "foreign" might not be the best word. ill think about it.
    [10:32] <Sean_Silverfoot__PAX_> Yes add it Winfield, I'm thinking keeping it in our own forum for now.
    [10:32] <&Winfield> Great. I agree.
    [10:32] <Eternal_Knight> Ministry of External Relations?
    [10:33] <jay_rab> we just call it a town embassy :p
    [10:33] <Gaelis> hihi
    [10:33] <&Winfield>
    [10:34] <&Winfield> I think I have that on the page already... under Diplomacy.
    [10:34] <&Winfield> I have it marked as Town Hall right now.
    [10:34] <jay_rab> seems like your chat is a bit busy today Winfield ^_^
    [10:34] <&Winfield> Indeed Jay!
    [10:34] <jay_rab> always a good thing to see :D
    [10:34] <&Winfield> So I think the Town Hall will be the center for Embassy work and Town work.
    [10:35] <&Winfield> And we always have the Castle for really big functions too.
    [10:35] <Eternal_Knight> K. back to the drawing board, does the court house work?
    [10:36] <&Winfield> I love the courthouse idea... and putting that on lot ...
    [10:36] <&Winfield> Lot 30 I think for courthouse.
    [10:36] <Sean_Silverfoot__PAX_> IAye and in the metro plan, that building is located in Embassy Row for E1, s/b nice
    [10:37] <&Winfield> Town Hall, right Sean?
    [10:37] <&Winfield> That is an NPC building right now or a player building for E1?
    [10:38] <Sean_Silverfoot__PAX_> Yes, NPC building depending on how can use the NPC buildings, if not it will be a Pax owned townlot
    [10:38] <&Winfield> *nods*
    [10:38] <&Winfield> I agree, we don't know enough about how we can us NPC buildings yet.
    [10:38] <Sean_Silverfoot__PAX_> Yeah, that's really a big issue with our planning
    [10:38] <&Winfield> For a town hall, we need a drop box / mail box, chests, plaques on walls, etc.
    [10:39] <&Winfield> Add items for our town hall bookshelves reading area and such.
    [10:39] <Sean_Silverfoot__PAX_> I don't want to divert you folks from R10 planning
    [10:39] <&Winfield> No this is good... R10 planning is almost done, so other topics are needed now... before we focus on Events for R10.
    [10:40] <&Winfield> Sean, I added ideas for Travelling Faires -- three lots for Town, Village, Village - grouped together, to rotate to travelling groups each month or every two weeks.
    [10:40] <Eternal_Knight> Any thought of a bank or secured storage building.
    [10:41] <&Winfield> Best idea right now for that is Armoury.
    [10:41] <&Winfield> As armouries are pretty secure normally.
    [10:41] <Eternal_Knight> K. last idea right now
    [10:42] <Eternal_Knight> A visitors center but i see you have that down already waiting for books.
    [10:42] <&Winfield> *nods*
    [10:42] <Eternal_Knight> Ill keep thinking
    [10:43] <&Winfield> *smiles*
    [10:43] <&Winfield> EK, you can decorate the Courthouse in this release too?
    [10:44] <Eternal_Knight> I will do do my best. I should have time
    [10:45] <&Winfield> Great... what kind of building do you want placed there?
    [10:45] <&Winfield> And if we get the courthouse deco'd do we want to run a trial?
    [10:46] <&Winfield> That could even fit into the Welcome Quest on Saturday as a quest event at the Courthouse.
    [10:46] <Eternal_Knight> I think a 1 story that is long and open would work.
    [10:46] <&Winfield> Like a pavilion?
    [10:47] <&Winfield> Or an empty lot?
    [10:47] <&Winfield> We could start with functional ideas with an empty lot, not be restricted by walls and building.
    [10:48] <&Winfield> and run a court trial.
    [10:48] <Eternal_Knight> yeah lets do that
    [10:48] <&Winfield> ok
    [10:48] <&Winfield> I like open lots.... in future, bigger buildings will be available for these kinds of large floors.
    [10:49] <Eternal_Knight> We can run a trial.
    [10:49] <Eternal_Knight> that is a good idea
    [10:49] <&Winfield> Can it be decorated by Saturday morning, our welcome quest will be Saturday around noon central time.
    [10:49] <Eternal_Knight> it will take planning. as much as a play if not more
    [10:49] <&Winfield> We can run improv trial for the Welcome quest.
    [10:50] <Gaelis> whats about a court proceeding for welcome quest?
    [10:50] <&Winfield> A Sunday trial, as the First Trial in New Britannia would take some preparation.
    [10:50] <Eternal_Knight> sounds good to me
    [10:50] <&Winfield> OK, so plan A is deco it for Saturday's welcome quest on Lot 30
    [10:51] <Eternal_Knight> aye. i am on it
    [10:51] <&Winfield> Then if time.. plan B to run a Trial on Sunday, but would need to be planned out this week (not Saturday night).
    [10:52] <&Winfield> We would need the judge, lawyers, defendants, witnesses for a RP'd trial on Sunday. Yes, like putting on a Play.
    [11:00] * Sean_Silverfoot__PAX_ () Quit (Quit: Page closed)
    [11:00] <jay_rab> oh if I don't have anything going on with port during that time I would be willing to jump in and be a part of the trial
    [11:01] * Sean_Silverfoot__PAX_ () has joined #PaxLair
    [11:01] <jay_rab> welcome back Sean
    [11:01] <Sean_Silverfoot__PAX_> LOL, pressed the wrong button
    [11:01] <Gaelis> wb:D
    [11:01] <jay_rab> I have a couple of those buttons as well in my client I have to be careful about as well :p
    [11:19] <&Winfield> I updated the Lot List for R10... was working on ideas with Eternal Knight in voice chat.
    [11:20] <&Winfield>
    [11:20] <&Winfield> That is the result so far. Next, I am going to be working on Events for R10. and update the Calendar:
    [11:20] <&Winfield>
    [11:21] <Ashlynn> I won't be around Sunday from 1pm EST until about 7, just so you know
    [11:22] <Ashlynn> so I won't be able to help with events then
    [11:22] <Sean_Silverfoot__PAX_> Couple of ideas that flew thru my brain for the holdfast use. 1)PVP area accessed thru the cave, 2) Agricultural area all lots above ground mandated for farming, 3) Use as an actual Port for shipping/boats, moving PaxLair off the coast, but still having river access. 4) Fair area, totally move the fair area out the main city, 5) Use for the military arm of Pax, set it up as a "fort" with housing parade grounds.
    [11:22] <&Winfield> OK, so you may be able to make it for the 8 PM PaxLair meeting on Sunday?
    [11:22] <&Winfield> eastern time
    [11:22] <Ashlynn> yes, I'll be home by then
    [11:23] <&Winfield> Great. The main thing we may run during the day on Sunday is a Court Trial (like a Play).
    [11:24] <&Winfield> Oh I have two PaxLair meetings Sunday.... one in morning and one in evening, so can cover more of the globe.
    [11:24] <&Winfield> I'm almost inclined to lean to a PVP area.
    [11:25] <&Winfield> there can be farms too, or forts there to defend/attack.
    [11:25] <&Winfield> A bit of open area like some other PVP towns are planning.
    [11:25] <&Winfield> What do you think Sean?
    [11:26] <&Winfield> We can have some farmland on the main scene too, I think we have plenty of village lot space if we reduce the area on the cliff a bit.
    [11:32] <&Winfield> Jay, what is a good time for you to be part of the Trial? We could to it Sunday. We would need to be in Voice to probably run it, and we would have to also plan it out with positions, the situation, and the judge, etc.
    [11:33] <&Winfield> I have been in Trials before in UO, and some take 3+ hours to complete and are really hard to follow if things are made up on the fly. Ideally, a court trial is not scripted, and I have done those before too when I was judge. A strong judge needs to keep the people on track with their evidence and what they present.
    [11:33] <&Winfield> So Trials are not easy to put on, but if we keep it small scale, like 4 people (judge, defendant, prosecution, defense) it could be done in one hour and then have the judge make a ruling.
    [11:35] <&Winfield> I don't think I will be leading it though or doing the first draft of the situation/script ... I won't have the time before R10. I hope we can find someone. Last time we did the play preparation, we used Google Docs for the script/scenes, and then got together in game the day before, in voice, and worked on the details for a few hours.
    [11:46] * Amber_Raine () has joined #PaxLair
    [11:47] <Gaelis> hello Amber:)
    [11:47] <Amber_Raine> Good morning Friends
    [11:48] <Amber_Raine> my sincerest apologies in missing the Working Hours - This time zone thing just proved to get the better of me this morning.
    [11:49] <Gaelis> good to have you here:)
    [11:51] <Gaelis> last thing all talked about was a trial on Sunday
    [11:54] <Gaelis> and the housing plan for R10
    [11:56] <Amber_Raine> I was hoping to pop in to sit in and discuss what I had heard rumour about. Sadly, I missed it. I will read the transcript and view that page. the words I had were as mentioned just rumour and I have not seen anything to back it.
    [11:57] <Sean_Silverfoot__PAX_> Well met Amber
    [12:01] <Amber_Raine> Merry Met Sean
    [12:05] <Gaelis> you all talk in voice-chat?
    [12:06] <Ashlynn> no, I'm mostly just lurking
    [12:06] <Gaelis> ah
    [12:07] <&Winfield> I am in a voice chat, yes.
    [12:07] <&Winfield> sorry.
    [12:08] <Gaelis> don't worry,just asking because it is so quiet here:)
    [12:11] <Gaelis> afk
    [12:18] <&Winfield> R10 plan is here ...
    [12:34] <&Winfield> I jsut scheduled an All Player Towns Gathering at the PaxLair Cafe on Sunday ... at 9 PM GMT. --
    [12:35] <&Winfield> I have not scheduled a Court Trial for Sunday as that is TBD - we don't have a team yet to do it, but I know Jay and Eternal Knight are interested.
    [12:37] <&Winfield> Saturday events are pretty filled up.
    [12:38] <&Winfield> 20 more minutes in our working session... I know we did not get to discuss Groups and such for establishments. I personally spent all my time planning things for R10.
    [12:38] <&Winfield> And still have to complete the new R10 thread.
    [12:38] <&Winfield> thread
    [12:39] <Amber_Raine> with Sunday so open. The teachings could be held on the Sunday - is morning or afternoon best for gatherings?
    [12:40] <&Winfield> Afternoon
    [12:40] <&Winfield> early afternoon.
    [12:40] <&Winfield> Would like to include Europe to attend.
    [12:41] <&Winfield> I just moved All Player town gatherings to 2 PM Central US time
    [12:41] <&Winfield> was too late for Europe.
    [12:41] <&Winfield> Maybe do yours at 1 PM Central US?
    [12:42] <&Winfield> So can get more people to both events back to back?
    [12:42] <Amber_Raine> aye i was just thinking thus. 1pm Central is 7/8 Europe
    [12:42] <&Winfield> Nice
    [12:42] * Amber_Raine locks in 1pm Central Sunday for teachings of chaos :D
    [12:48] <Eternal_Knight> For Sunday. I am pretty much booked from 12:30 - 7PM EST
    [12:49] <Eternal_Knight> Court can go on without me if you want to have it before Pax meeting at 8 and PvP at 9
    [12:49] <&Winfield> Oh...
    [12:51] <&Winfield> How about Sunday morning US time?
    [12:51] <&Winfield> That will be best for Europe anyway
    [12:51] <Eternal_Knight> 10:30-12:30?
    [12:51] <Eternal_Knight> Est
    [12:51] <Gaelis> re
    [12:52] <Amber_Raine> 10:30am EST? ~blinks~ 7:30 on my clock
    [12:52] <Eternal_Knight> 11 :)
    [12:52] <Eternal_Knight> Its perfectly ok to do the event without me. I understand timing issues
    [12:53] <Amber_Raine> this is where the time zones are evil :) 8am would work 10am CST
    [12:53] <&Winfield> I added for 2 hours starting at 1030 AM EDT
    [12:53] <&Winfield> so at 730 PDT
    [12:54] <&Winfield> Will be good as have a PaxLair meeting 90 minutes before that.
    [12:54] <Eternal_Knight> I need to step out again. Whatever time works best for Pax.
    [12:54] <&Winfield> We have two PaxLair meetings on Sunday
    [12:55] <&Winfield> OK, I put on calendar. Now will just need to plan it this week. thanks!
    [13:08] * Jack_Knyfe () has joined #PaxLair
    [13:12] <&Winfield> Published our PaxLair in Release 10 article ---
    [13:12] <&Winfield>
    [13:12] <&Winfield> Welcome Jack!
    [13:12] <Ashlynn> I need to do some new banners I think
    [13:13] <Jack_Knyfe> howdy
    [13:15] <Gaelis> hi
    [13:22] <&Winfield> Well, all is posted for R10 events and lot placement plans.
    [13:23] <&Winfield> I'm about to close our Work Session, but we can always work here 24/7 on things.
    [13:23] <&Winfield> any last questions or ideas for me?
    [13:23] <&Winfield> I will post this chat log to the PaxLair thread on SotA.
  11. Winfield

    Winfield Legend of the Hearth

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    San Antonio, Texas
    I will unfortunately not be at the PaxLair Working Hours today (Saturday, October 4, 2014). Yet here are some of my thoughts.

    In each Pre-Alpha release, we (citizens, visitors, friends) try new ideas. We also carry forward a few old ideas that we improve or try again. The things I list below are not all just from PaxLair; they include some other towns' ideas that have touched on PaxLair. I list these here so we can see where we have been, and where we can go during the Pre-Alpha releases:

    • Welcome Quest participation (with several towns) - ongoing each Release and growing - very popular
    • Discover Novia! - started in R9 - not sure if this will catch on.
    • PaxLair Gatherings - had a lot in earlier releases to help people get to know PaxLair. Now they are less frequent.
    • PaxLair Meetings - formal meeting each Release - sometimes good, sometimes boring - need better agenda?
    • All Towns Gathering - started in R10 - will continue each release, possibly into E1 - will rotate among the towns.
    • Sermons - conducted in R10 by Amber Raine, High Priestess of the Church of the Dark Star - may continue each release.
    • Court Cases / Trials - conducted in R10 and seemed to work well, except impov ones can take a long time - good testing.
    • Theatrical Plays - conducted in R8 "Where there is a Will..." and improv in R9 with a Grand Stage - seeking a Play Group. (problems with emotes while seated)
    • Crafting Assembly Line - conducted in R6 - helped get items built quickly - not organized since R6.
    • Maze Competitions - by the aMazing maze folks in and outside PaxLair - always a big hit.
    • Arena Fights - conducted by other towns - PaxLair has not hosted any yet - may want to when Basements are in game.
    • Book Readings - conducted by other towns - PaxLair will want to participate more and host own book readings too.

    Housing experimentation and testing:
    • Mazes - different designs each release - nice.
    • Theatrical Stage - tested big and small designs - outdoors.
    • Courthouse - tested outdoor design.
    • Guard Camp - deco only
    • Guard Barracks - deco and re-supply house
    • Merchants Market - deco only
    • Town Hall - conducted meet and greets, PaxLair meetings.
    • Church of the Dark Star - good design, becoming a standard in PaxLair.
    • Virtue Tower - tested two town-sized houses, both well done
    • Cafe - tested deco - problems with pillows
    • Outdoor dining - tested and ran event
    • Hospital - deco only
    • Library - deco only
    • Cemeteries - deco only
    We've done a LOT together each month in the Releases. I am very happy with all the energy and efforts many people put into these Releases for the community and PaxLair. Thanks.

    In each release, we continue to get more organized and work together faster. When our avatars and buildings become more persistent between the Releases or we get longer play-time, then we will be able to spend less time building and more time doing. That will be a lot of fun and let us test even broader concepts.

    As for PaxLair designs for E1, we have the metropolis and a holdfast to integrate together in some manner. We are working on concepts and there is still time to firm up any plans. I do not know when Portalarium may call us for a player-owned-town design session.

    We still have a lot to learn and experience in the Pre-Alpha Releases that affect our design ideas. The way buildings were laid out in Ardoris give new ideas for a large town center type layout (what would it be like to live and hold events in a town like that?). Owl's Head and Kingsport show ideas for more intermediate town environment; Owl's Head has a nice layout for Row Houses that we cannot test in Valemark. Braemar and open town areas like Valemark give ideas for more rustic towns, but are limited in the feel of a larger environment. The Islands offer more water lots to test including galleons and lighthouses.

    So I think we are starting to outgrow testing our ideas in Valemark and we will need to try ideas in other scenes/towns too. Before each release, we now make a housing plan to get us organized faster. For R11 we will still build in Valemark, but may also build in a few other places to test other buildings and environments.

    Sorry I can not make it to the PaxLair Working Hours session today. I hope everyone still works together on ideas and plans in IRC #PaxLair. I will be back this evening and check in. Thanks!
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  12. Naysayer Argent Red

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    My old stomping ground! I haven't read through the whole thread yet, but I'm so glad to see PaxLair will be returning. I was even planning on reviving my old UO character (Trudie the bard), so I might just have to come home!
  13. Mata

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    Ruhrpott - Deutschland
    Welcome Galatea!
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  14. Winfield

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    San Antonio, Texas
    Great to see you Galatea! Come see us in the Releases. We do quite a bit and have a lot of fun.
  15. Winfield

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    San Antonio, Texas
    PaxLair Working Hours
    Saturday, October 11, 2014

    2 PM to 6 PM GMT (UTC)
    ( 9 AM to 1 PM Central US Time )

    My friends, unfortunately, I will not be able to make it again this Saturday. I have to cut down and remove a big tree in my yard which will take most of the day. I will then have enough wood to craft many benches and tables in R11 !!​
    I encourage everyone to continue the PaxLair planning and interaction. We are preparing for great things in R11. I will be getting a proposed R11 housing plan out next week.​
  16. Gaelis

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    Maybe you can give us some points we should talk about? :)
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  17. Ashlynn [Pax]

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    There are quite a few of us always present in the IRC channel now so some planning and other ideas discussion can take place whenever. We do discuss other random topics too!
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  18. Whitestag

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    Very well thought out, looks great and I am sure alot of nice people I will paying the town a vist next round...
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  19. Winfield

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    There was a wonderful Community Hangout - Towns/Housing - run by Duke Violation on Saturday, October 11, 2014 at 6 PM Central US Time (2300 GMT). It is recorded and you can view it on YouTube. I was fortunate enough to grab a seat at the G+ Hangout and participate. It lasted 2 hours and great people had a great discussion.

    We talked about a lot of topics and I found it exhilarating and productive to converse directly with other people passionate about player towns. In fact, some of us stuck around for another 90 minutes after the two hour public recording to discuss more.

    My experience with this was very favorable as a participant and would like to participate more and see more participation from others too.

    I hope you view the Hangout Video and get some ideas and share them.

    Perhaps we can even have a PaxLair Hangout sometime either public or non-public. We can have up to 10 people in a Google+ Hangout. I was on slow a DSL (750 Kbps up / 2.5 Mbps down) link so a little grainy and choppy at times... but still worked well!

    Perhaps we can do a G+ PaxLair Hangout for an hour or more/less as part of our Saturday PaxLair Working Hours each week.

    Oh regarding that... I successfully chopped down a tree in my real yard yesterday (Saturday, October 11, 2014), which is why I missed the PaxLair Working Hours. I am trying to figure out how to transfer my chopped wood to SotA R11 to help make benches. I don't think that will happen though. But, next weekend I am again doing yard work on Saturday as the local county drop-off is only open on Saturday. Ugh. So, I will miss next week's PaxLair Working Hours.

    We could have two or even three PaxLair Working Hours on the weekends....

    • 0300-0700 Central US Time (0800-1200 GMT)
    • 0900-1300 Central US Time (1400-1800 GMT)
    • 1800-2300 Central US Time (2300-0400 GMT)

    And we try not to encroach on Sundays. the above schedule could carry over to a Core set of 4-hour periods each week in Episode 1 for PaxLair too; this can give us at least a weekly world-wide set of times when we can meet that does not interfere with weekday activities. We will of course have many events throughout the week.... with "general town" time on Saturdays.

    I can probably do a poll somehow to see who wants to join together during those three Core hours regularly. We could even have one of our leaders (Governor, Mayor, Deputy Mayor, etc.) during each of those Core hours too -- this can help us make decisions and enable us to see each other. Saturdays could become great days to interact with PaxLair and perhaps with other towns too!

    Your thoughts?
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    PaxLair Working Hours
    Saturday, October 18, 2014

    2 PM to 6 PM GMT (UTC)
    ( 9 AM to 1 PM Central US Time )

    ONCE AGAIN! Oh My... I will not be able to make it again this Saturday. I have more yard work and trimmings to send to the refuse place (only open Saturdays). And then, I am also called in to work the rest of Saturday.

    R11 will be great fun though! We can be more spontaneous during R11 in Valemark, since people know where to find us, and what we are about. We will be trying out basements, new events, and reacting to situations as they arise in PaxLair. So if you are adventuring during R11, stay in touch with us via Whisper to see what is going on, and come see us.

    We will have a full in-game working session next Saturday during R11 and I WILL be there!

    I encourage everyone to continue the PaxLair planning and interaction. Thanks!
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