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Penmawr Island Impressions (spoilers)

Discussion in 'Release 53 Feedback Forum' started by Vladamir Begemot, May 15, 2018.

  1. Vladamir Begemot

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    Still love this place. Love running on the rooftops. Love the mystery. Love the sudden onslaught of skeletons.

    We spent a lot of time trying to solve the mystery. Figured out the chests that have the maps pointing at them, and correctly deduced the beach chest.

    BUT the hit box on the thing is tiny, and once there there is no indication that would tip you off, so it literally is "combing the desert" for small location in a fairly large swath of possibilities.

    I love the puzzle quests, but when the location is small enough that people who have correctly solved it give up because they have searched all over in the correct area but can't find it, then it may be not quite finished. Some sort of indication, not seen as such without knowledge that the chest is there, but obvious when you know it, might be in order. Or a larger hit box.

    I'm hoping you guys have a bit more planned for the ghost ship.

    It was mentioned that the pirates have short detection radius because they are party animals. Why not let them have more emotes? Some drinking, puking, singing on the roof. Smashing bottles?

    Oh, and a pirate was standing right on a bear trap fighting me. How great will be the emergent gameplay when I can blow them onto a trap and it springs on them? (Perhaps that's a bug and it should be working, if so let me know and I'll make a report.)
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  2. MasterWan

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    Need help with this.
    Before i realized there were three parts to the skele I used the head and then had to quit. Of course the head is now out of my possession, and now I cant find the key for the chest that contains the head. Its not where I originally found it. Can some one confirm where the key is in a spoiler so I know if I need to make a bug report or not?

    Update: never mind. I quit and reloaded and the key pipes in the place it was supposed to!
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