Player Basics - Getting Gold

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    Player Basics - Getting Gold

    This is a series of quick, fast , short and easy to understand tutorials to cover the basics and to get you going.

    There are various ways to get gold while in game. I'm just going to go over some easy and basic things you can do, to perhaps at least, get you started. You might be new to the game, or perhaps you are new and received your free POT Row Lot Deed, but have not claimed your own lot yet, because you are probably thinking "How in the HELL can I pay 250 gold a day for that Row Lot property tax!" (just like I did when I first started). Let's go over some basic stuff.

    Speaking to the Oracle Daily

    Every 24 Earth hours, you can speak to any Oracle, in a conservatory, and take her test. If you answer her question correctly, you will receive 500 gold and 1000 Experience. Of note, the tax rate for a Row Lot is 250 gold a day. As you can see, you get 2 days worth of taxes from her, every 24 Earth hours.

    If you need help in answering the Oracle's daily test question, just read this guide: Player Basics - Speaking to the Oracle Daily

    Regional Mail Deliveries

    Many Town's on the World Map, have Town Criers that are looking for people to deliver mail. You can do these deliveries as much as you want, and will receive 200 gold per delivery (this is for Regional Mail Deliveries. Don't do Local ones). This is a perfect way for you to learn and navigate the World Map and to learn where various Towns are located, and get some gold!

    To start this. Speak to any Town Crier in Major Town, like Aerie, Etceter, Central Brittany, Ardoris, Desolis, Harvest, Resolute... etc. This is only for Towns. (Player Owned Town, Town Criers do not offer this).

    Click or type the word mail. Click or type the word regional. You will then be given a Mail Package. It will be specifically named for the town you need to deliver it to. Such as "Mail Package for Resolute". The town the Town Crier will send you to is completely random. So it will be random every time. The item you receive will be a yellow, quest item, and will show in your inventory under quest items.

    In this example, I went to the Town of Xenos and was given a Mail Package for Jaanaford.

    Head to the nearest exit out of Town, and head off to the World Map!

    Once you are on the World Map, you will need to find the Town you are looking to deliver the package too. You can either look in the in game World Map (Press M key, if the map is not currently shown). You can also use the map. This has all the Towns and other locations on it.

    Head into the Town you need to deliver it to. Find the Town Crier and speak to them. A quest window will immediately pop up, requesting the specific Mail Package for that town. Give them the package, and then receive your 200 gold.

    In this example, I went to the Town of Jaanaford and delivered this package.

    And that is it! You can repeat this over and over. It is important to note, while you are making gold, you are not getting any adventure or crafting experience. But you are getting some gold.

    Adventure Areas with Humanoids

    And here is where we start one of the fundamental basics of the game. All Humanoid creatures in the game drop gold. And they also drop other various items as well. I encourage you to explore the various Adventure Scenes in the game, and go explore. If you find a scene with a lot of Humanoids in them, kill them and take all the loot they drop. As your pack starts to fill up, you can then leave the area, then head off to a Town, and sell all the loot you have collected to Vendors in Towns. Of note, certain Vendors buy things at better prices than others. Check the wiki's page to see the people who will more than likely buy stuff at a better price. DO NOTE: Sometimes things change, and this list is only updated by players. Portalarium change things from time to time.

    The basics of this are the higher Tier the Humanoid, the better the gold and items Humanoids drop. This is not always the case however, so you will have do do some exploring to see what works best for you. Of note, as you kill the various Humanoids, you are getting Adventure Experience with every kill.

    Harvesting Resources to sell to Player Vendors

    Many of the various Adventure Areas have resources within each of the Areas. When walking around the World Map you can go near an area and hover your mouse over the area's name and actually see the resources within.

    In this example, this is a Tier 2 area that show 2 resources in WHITE. This means they will be mostly found within. The GREY resources can be found but they are few.

    Higher Tier areas will often have better resources (and secondary resources) than lower Tier areas, in general. Secondary resources are resources like Beetle Carapaces, Tin, Nickel, Pine Resin, and Maple Tree Bark to name a few. You get these when harvesting basic resource nodes. Like when harvesting a Copper Ore node, you might find a secondary resources like Tin. Of note, harvesting resources gives you Crafting Experience each time to are harvesting a resource.

    It is recommended you gather and save these resources, and once you have some sufficient quantities of them, sell them to the various Player Vendors that buy them. You will also need to gather quantities of these resources in quantities of around 100 or 50 (in general). Some items are very much wanted and will be bought for much less than quantities of 100 or 50 (like Beetle Carapaces).

    Once you have some significant quantities in a resource, head to many of the Player Owned Towns, and check for various Player vendors that are buying resources. Speak to the Player Vendor, then select the BUY tab to see the quantities and price they are buying them for. Be sure to visit many vendors (and take notes) and seek out the Player Vendors that buy Resources for the best price.

    Since we have a Player run economy, supply and demand for specific resources goes up and down. This changes all the time. Currently (as of the date from writing this) Beetle Carapaces, Pine or Maple Wood, Tin and Nickle is in high demand, and many people offer to buy it at a very good price. Again, seek the best Player Vendor that has the best price to sell them to.


    This covers just the basics to get you started, as a new player, in getting gold. There are many more ways to also get gold, but I just wanted to cover some simple basics. Following the above advice will get you on the path to getting more gold!

    My other guides:
    Player Basics - Speaking to the Oracle Daily - Player Basics - Recipes
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