Anpu's Guides to Getting Started - The Outskirts and beyond

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    There are already numerous threads all over the forum on many subjects, and I encourage you to read them, like the excellent Rinaldi's List Of Useful Links (that has TONS of useful information).

    You can always read the Player Instruction guide that is updated and found in game, by clicking on the Help icon, that is at the top of your screen in game. This contains a vast amount of information to help you play the game.

    What I am going to provide here, is a list of all the guides I have (and will be adding) and provide one source for you to find them all. Of note, all of my guides will always be up to date. I confirm and verify the information contained in my guides. And I routinely check these each release (or so, depending on my time). If something does change, I will update the section of my guide that has changed. I'll just update this original post as I add more.

    My guides try to convey information to any new player, that has just joined the game and is starting to play now. I try to approach each guide with that in mind. Our game can be a bit intimidating at first, when you are a completely new player (people always forget that). ;)

    I will try my best to keep these up to date. I will however note at the bottom of each of these guides when I did last check and verity the information contained with it.

    When in doubt if something seems off always PLEASE do let me know and I'll try to get it updated. But also always refer to your character’s task list and read all journal entries for your primary quest goals and what to do next.

    Current list of guides by Anpu:

    Player Basics Series
    Player Basics - Logging into the Online Game and the User Interface
    Player Basics - A Basic Combat Deck
    Player Basics - Getting Gold
    Player Basics - Speaking to the Oracle Daily
    Player Basics - Understanding Adventure XP and Crafting XP
    Player Basics - Basic Skills that will be helpful to every New Player
    Player Basics - Recipes
    How to post a Bug Report

    Getting Started - Outskirts Guides
    Solace Bridge Outskirts - The Complete Quest Guide
    Blood River Outskirts - The Complete Quest Guide
    Highvale Outskirts - The Complete Quest Guide

    Further adventures
    Crooked Shank - Complete Quest Guide

    Daily Quests
    The List of Daily Quests

    Understanding the stuck blue markers in your compass (and how to fix them)
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    Added to :) Many thanks, I just peeked at the individual outskirts guides -- SUPERB!
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    earth... mostly
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    Thank you Shawn. I WILL eventually get to the point I do guides for every quest in the game. But that's gonna take a while.... :)
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