Soltown - The Complete Quest Guide

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    This guide will detail the exact steps in order to fully complete all the quests within Soltown.

    If you are wanting a more "story" like progression of quests in the game, you will be sent here to deliver a letter, and will have this task to do so if you have finished all the quests in the Solace Bridge Outskirts. This guide will continue from my previous guide: Solace Bridge Outskirts - The Complete Quest Guide.

    This guide will continue on as a new player.

    This guide will be in several parts, and will be organized in the most (in my opinion) efficient way. This walk through will also assume you wish to be a virtuous Avatar.

    The quests in here (and other areas) can be done in any order and other ways. I am just going through these in one specific example. Feel free to experiment and try other ways if you wish!

    Part One - Soltown
    If you happen to be new to Shroud of the Avatar, you need to know that many (not all) of the NPC's in the game follow a day/night schedule. What this means is, some NPC's will go to bed at night, and then will return and be available to talk to in the morning. And then some NPC's only appear at night, and then go to sleep in the morning. This will be your first time seeing this when you visit this town for the first time.

    Speaking to NPC's that are sleeping, is considered non-virtuous. If you are wanting to play a virtuous Avatar, you will need to wait until NPC's are awake, when speaking to them.

    For the purposes of this walkthrough, I will enter the town of Soltown at Late Night (see the bottom of your compass at the top of your screen to see the different times).

    One thing you can do... there is a near by pond very close to the entrance of Soltown. You could spend some time fishing. And there you can just fish until it is Late Night. You will need to have the Fishing skill learned (you can learn this skill from Crafting Trainers, like SLT-3445 the Crafting Trainer, in Soltown). And you will need some bait, like Red Worms. You can purchase some from the Child Salesman near by...

    Enter Soltown when the time is Late Night and follow the road South. You will see a Soltown Guard Captain. Speak to him. He will immediately ask you for your name. Your name is a keyword at the bottom left, or type in whatever name you wish (lie) to him. If you have the Solace Bridge Outskirts Report from Kinsey, click the Kinsey keyword. Give him the Solace Bridge Outskirts Report. Click Goodbye.

    To your West, you will see a group of tents and several Refugee NPC's there. Go and speak to each of them.

    Speak to him and click on the name keyword. He will give his name Raymond. Click the rumor keyword. Click the fire keyword. Receive Ask People about the fire task. Click the coward then man keyword. Receive Ask People About Red Cloth task. Click Goodbye. You will need to speak to him before Midday as he goes to bed at Midday.

    Speak to her. If you escorted Charolette to safety in the Battle of Solace Bridge, click the daughter keyword then Charlotte's with Edvard keyword. Click Goodbye

    Be sure to speak to her (she is dressed in white and blue clothing). Ask her her name and feel free to give them your name if you wish. Click Goodbye. We will return to speak to her later.

    He will immediately ask you for your name. Click iron blade keyword. Receive Iron Blade for Geof task. Click the dance keyword if you want to learn an emote. Click Goodbye.

    If you have the Quincy's Broken Sword quest item, she will immediately ask for it. Give the Quincy's Broken Sword item to her for a reward. Click the name keyword to see her name is Emily. Give her your name if you wish and click Goodbye. Note, this is one of the optional items you can find in the tutorial scene Battle of Solace Bridge or Solace Bridge. If you do not have this item, you can speak to her, but she does not offer any rewards or a quest.

    Speak to her and click the name keyword. She will give her name Nyssa. Give her your name if you wish. Click the Markus keyword. If you have the From Hobart to Zorabeth letter, click the [Give Letter] Take this keyword and receive a reward. Note, this is one of the optional items you can find in the tutorial scene Battle of Solace Bridge or Solace Bridge. If you do not have this item, you can speak to her, but she does not offer any rewards or a quest.

    Now go back to the road, and follow the road South to the center of town. You can hover your mouse over the various signs along the road to the center of town for more information.

    Near the Soltown Inn, you will see a Villager NPC (Ashton). Speak to him (He is dressed in green). He will give his name, Ashton. Give them your name if you wish. Click help keyword. Click take the fight to the dead keyword and receive Find Ashton's keepsake task.

    Look for Arabella outside, or go inside the Inn to find her and speak to her. She will either have the Highvale or Blood River keywords, if you have not finished those 2 scenes. Click on the one she gives you (Highvale or Blood River). Receive a task to now go to one of these locations.

    Find the Tailor building and go inside and speak to the Tanner. He will give his name as Edwin. Given them your name if you wish. Click the red cloth keyword. And we learn some more information.... Click Goodbye.

    Speak to Edwin again and Click the help keyword then the I'll be your apprentice keyword. Receive the Gather 12 pieces of cotton task. This is the optional Crafting Tutorial. Of note while you have this quest, he will not speak to you, but his store inventory will open up, in case you have any crafting failures and need to buy more wax or curing salt.

    At this point, you probably can go figure out the fire and red cloth quests on your own (you can do it several ways). I'll continue on a more story centric way. Feel free to proceed with that as you wish.

    Leave the Inn and go to the building marked Equipment and go inside. Make sure the time about now is Morning. If it's earlier than that, just wait here for a few minutes until the time is Morning. At Morning you will see a Merchant. Speak to them.

    Click on name and he will give his name as Martin. Give them your name if you wish. Click the red cloth keyword. Receive Ask Harry About Red Cloth task. Click on Discount keyword. Click on the refugees keyword. Discover this person really isn't too pleasant..... Click goodbye. Leave the Building.

    Outside around town look for the Soltown Guards, there's two of them. They walk around the roads so you will just need to check the road within town. You will see that one of them, quite clearly, meets the description of who probably set this fire...

    Approach the Soltown Guard and speak to them. Click name. Give them your name if you wish. They will give their name Harry. Click the red cloth keyword. Click Confess! You started the fire! Receive Tell Raymond or Stanley About the Fire task.

    Head toward the South end of the center of town. Follow the road South and then take the road to the West (near by are some signs, one of them points you to the Cemetary).

    Part 2 - Soltown Catacombs
    Look for a crypt and when you hover your mouse over the door it will say Entrance to Soltown Catacombs. Enter the catacombs.

    After you enter, head North and then West. Then go through the broken wall to the South. And follow the path. Make sure you are NOT in combat mode (Press z if you are). Also make sure you have no AOE effects on you, like Immolate. There is a neutral NPC that is not hostile to you (but will be if you attack them). You can tell when a NPC is a neutral NPC by moving your mouse over them. You will note, the mouse does NOT turn blue, when you place the mouse over this NPC. Speak to the Skull Orator.

    They will immediately ask you your name. Click on any of the other keywords, if you wish to know more about him. Click Goodbye.

    If you wish assist the Skull Orator, manually type in the word help and press enter (you MUST type in the word help manually). Receive the Get Blue Gem Container and Crystal Phylactery task. Click Goodbye. Then press the J key and read your journal, and follow all the instructions there to finish that task for the Orator. There is a reason to assist the Skull Orator... I will however proceed to follow the more virtuous path for this quest and not receive this quest....

    Go through the North passage. And then go West. You will then find a passage leading North. Follow that to the end. Keep killing the various bandits in the rooms around here until you obtain a Soltown Catacombs Key. If you get into a room with a Bandit Leader, head out of there (we will deal with them later) and go back to the other rooms. Once you have obtained the Soltown Catacombs Key, head back to the Skull Orator. I am just using his location as a reference to return to. While here, feel free to relax or rest up if you need.

    Make sure you are out of combat mode, and do not have AOE spells like Immolation on. Head North and then follow the passage West. You will may see a Cursed Skeleton (or not) and also a locked Door. If you click on just the door, you will get a message that unfortunately is not quite clearly accurate (This door is locked! You will need to find a key to open it. Use the key on the nearby lock to unlock this door). What you actually need to do is click on the Key Hole on the door that is labeled Key Hole. Since we have the Soltown Catacombs Key, we can now double click on the Key Hole. You will need to wait a few seconds for the key turning in the key hole animation to complete. Then click on the door (not the Key Hole) and then the door will open. Go into the room.

    Of note, all the Skeletons here are neutral NPC's. Stay out of combat mode and do not have the Immolation spell on. Go to the room South and turn West. You will see a torch on the wall. Double click the torch, and a door will open. Go through the door and go West, then then South and then East. Follow this path until you enter a large room.

    Find a large skeleton named Skeleton Prince. Speak to him. Click the name keyword. Give them your name if you wish. Click Job then Skeleton Prince keyword. Click help and Yes, I will help. Receive Retrieve the Blue Gem Container task. Click Goodbye.

    Head back to the entrance of this area where you unlocked the door and go outside the room.

    Keep going West and take the first passage to the North. A number of Bandit's are in here, along with a Bandit Leader. Kill all of them. From the Bandit Leader you will find the Blue Gem Container and another Soltown Catacombs Key.

    Go back to the Skeleton Prince. Of note the door you unlocked earlier will eventually close and be locked again. If it is locked, just use your Soltown Catacombs Key and unlock the Key Hole again.

    Speak to the Skeleton Prince. Click the help keyword. A window will open asking for the Blue Gem Container. Give that to them and you have now helped the poor cursed skeletons!

    Look at your compass and see what time it is and if it happens to NOT be Dusk, feel free to run around and kill more of the bandits in the catacombs until it is Dusk. Doing so you will get various items you can sell for gold and get gold from them as well! And get more Adventure XP to help you level up your adventure skills.

    Once it is Dusk, head back to the entrance of the Soltown Catacombs and exit. Just use the map to find your way back. Be sure to click on the Orator. He won't speak to you (if you are following this guide), but will have something to say.....

    Part 3 - I Love The Nightlife!
    After you exit the Soltown Catacombs, you will be back at the graveyard. You may notice a note Seeking Missing Necklace, and that a person name Jeanne is looking for a necklace. At Dusk, you will see a NPC walking around named Suspicious Character. This is a Neutral NPC. You can speak to them if you wish, but due to a bug, they will not turn hostile to you. Target this NPC and kill them. They will drop a Silver Necklace. Take all the loot. Receive Return the Necklace task and journal entry. We will have to wait for the morning for this NPC to wake up so we will speak to them later.

    Head back to the Soltown Inn.

    Speak to Arabella. She will either have the Highvale or Blood River keywords, if you have not fished those areas yet. Click on the one she gives you (Highvale or Blood River). Receive a task to now go to one of these locations. You should now have Travel to Highvale and Travel to Blood River tasks.

    Go inside the Inn.

    Speak to the NPC named Villager, He runs in and out of of the Inn so wait till he returns. Speak to him and he will give his name Japeth. Click Love, Emma and poem keywords. Receive the Deliver Japeth's Poem task.

    Speak to the NPC named Refugee (he is in tattered rags) He will immediately ask your name. Click farm and then I'll get your key. Receive Find Bentley's Key task. Click Goodbye.

    Speak to the Bard. Click name and he will give his name Stan Clarke the Bard. Give them your name if you wish. Click help and receive his Stinking Bandits task.

    Speak to the NPC named Barmaid. She will give her name as Emma. Give her your name if you wish. Click the sweep keyword for an emote. Click the japeth keyword. Give her Japeth's Poem. Receive Tell Japeth the Bad News task. Click goodbye.

    Return to Japeth and speak to him. You now can reply with 2 different options. Choose either one you feel is the right response....

    Now head back to the Entrance to Soltown Catacombs and go kill the Bandit Leader again. Now you know where he is... he will then drop the Family Ring and a new task Give Ring to Stan Clarke will be received.

    Head out of the Soltown Catacombs.

    Head back to the Inn and speak to Stan Clarke the Bard. Click the family ring keyword and turn in the family ring to him. If you do not see Stan Clarke the Bard at the Inn, he has gone to sleep. So just return here when it is Dusk and you can find him here again.

    Part 4 - Finishing the last quests
    Head back to the Refugee camp. Once it is Late night, Jeanne will be awake. Speak to her. Manually type the word necklace and select [Give Necklace]Yes, this is for you. Return the Necklace task and journal entry completes. Click goodbye.

    Speak to Stanley. Click the fire keyword. Click the Martin set the fire keyword. Click goodbye.

    We have 4 more quest to complete and then we are finished with all the quests in Soltown! I will list these 4 here:

    Gather 12 Pieces of Raw Cotton
    Press the J key and read the journal entry for this. This will give you a lead to one place that you can go and find Raw Cotton. Also while you are gathering the cotton for this, you WILL need 10 Animal Hides for the next part of this quest. So keep that in mind as well. Finish this quest however you wish. I will finish this quest while finishing the Find Bentley's Key quest below....

    Find Iron Blade for Geof
    We will find this item by finishing the quest below...

    Find Bentley's Key
    Enter East Perennial Trail. When you enter the scene, you will see several blue magnifying glass icons in your compass at the top. These are hints to where you *might* be able to find Bentley's key. After you enter this scene, turn North and follow the blue magnifying glass marker. You will see a house there.

    Be VERY careful of the green mounds that spray poison:
    these will poison you if you get too close to them.

    Also keep away from the mushrooms that have a glow around them:
    They will cast a Hallucinogenic Gas debuff on you. You CAN however clear this debuff by learning the Purify Skill and using that to remove the Hallucinogenic Gas.

    I would recommend you only go into the East Perennial Trail scene during the daytime and COMPLETELY avoid the green poison spewing mounds and mushrooms. Just keep them far away from you!

    Head inside the house and you will see A Curious Ledger note and a key on top of it. Feel free to read and grab the letter. Click and drag the East Perennial Trail House Key onto your avatar. Receive a new quest Return Key to Bentley.

    Now go around and explore this scene. Find undead and kill them. You are looking for them to drop an item named "Iron Blade". Of note, these are NOT quest items. These are regular weapons that skeletons in this area do drop sometimes. Just keep looking for them to drop a weapon named "Iron Blade". And continue to find the 12 Cotton and 10 Animal Hides.

    Of note, killing the skeletons will continue to give you gold and Adventure XP. And gathering Raw Cotton and skinning animals for animal hides will continue to give you Crafting XP. You can read more about that here: Player Basics - Understanding Adventure XP and Crafting XP and Maintaining Skills

    Once finished, we will go to the last quest below.

    Find Ashton's Keepsake
    Enter Solace Bridge. You will now be in a scene that looks a bit like the first time you visited here, but is now different. You won't find Charlotte here, for example.

    Run around the area killing the various Awakened Undead in here, until you find Grandma Kellen's Recipes quest item.

    Speak to Edvard the Wanderer near the gate of the bridge and click the charlotte keyword. This response will be different for each person depending on if they did or didn't rescue Charlotte...

    Return to Soltown and head to the Refugee Camp.

    Speak to Geof. Click the blade keyword. Give him a Iron Blade. Click Goodbye.

    Head back to the center of town near the Inn and speak to Ashton. He will immediate ask for Grandma Kellen's Recipes. Give that to him and click Goodbye.

    Enter the Inn when Bentley is there and speak to him. He will immediately ask for the East Perennial Trail House Key and give that to him. For a little flavor text, click the suspicious and then ledger keyword. Click Goodbye.

    And finally head back to Edwin the Tanner and just follow his instructions (if you took his optional quest, Gather 12 Pieces of Raw Cotton). DO NOTE: when you are making the spools of cotton thread, the Spool of Cotton Thread recipe makes TWO spools of cotton thread. So you only need to use this recipe 3 times (unless you get a crafting failure). If you are a new player still leveling up your crafting skills from level 1, you will not have enough wax and curing salt while following this quest, because of crafting failures (due to your low crafting skill levels). You will need to purchase a few wax and curing salt before you will be able to finish this.

    And that's it! You have completed all the quest available here in Soltown!

    However we are now going to do one very important last thing:
    Head back to Stanley, the Soltown Guard Captain.

    Click the help and courier keyword. Receive the Deliver Letter to Cudgel task and journal entry. You will also receive the Letter from Stanley to Guard Captain Cugel, Ardoris quest item. Click Goodbye.

    The quest and task Deliver Letter to Cudgel is the starting part for the Love Path of the Chapter 1 main quest. The Chapter 1 main quest has 3 virtue specific quest paths (Courage, Love and Truth). But that is something we will discuss at another time...

    You are now all done here in Soltown, and are free to go on and do whatever it is you want to do!

    Suggested things to do:
    Finish the other 2 Outskirts area, or head off to Ardoris, Resolute or Aerie for more sidequest!

    If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to post!
    Bugs (these bugs are all still present as of Release 84):
    *The Suspicious Character NPC will not turn hostile when you click the Stop what you're doing! keyword, if other players are in the scene.
    *Original Post posted as of Release 81, build 1295. The exact sequence posted above was done.
    *Update the changed Jeanne necklace quest, as of Release 88, build 1376.
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    Nicely done! Thanks for effort.
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