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Tank is better at preventing spell cast interrupt than a mage?

Discussion in 'Release 69 Feedback Forum' started by Chiasma, Sep 14, 2019.

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    I got a frequent spell cast interrupt issue as reported here:

    And there is an old thread explaining how spell cast interrupt calculate:

    The "Tranquility" skill has very little effect for cloth user on fighting high tier mob. For example, you have 1,000 health and level 100 Tranquility, you will have 10% spell interrupt when you receive 60 damage:
    (60 damage - 10 casting interrupt tolerance) * 2 / 1,000 * 100% = 10%

    If you got level 120 Tranquility, it just allow you taking 2 more damage to have the same spell interrupt chance.

    Most high tier mob hitting cloth user for damage around 100 to 1000+. That's why spell cast are always being interrupted. It looks like the current design favor high health player / heavy armor user / player with high defence to cast spell without being interrupted.
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