The enjoyment of the storyline could do better with a few changes ...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Paladin Michael, Apr 12, 2018.

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    I did my quest reset and started new on the path of love in PRIVATE MODE to enjoy. The story polish made over the last months was really good. Most Quests are in a very good state and all are playable.
    So about what I am concerned? I was told, I would be a minority(!) because I am here for the storyline ;) Well, new threads of new players and new threads of old (and elder) players telling me obviously and fortunately I am not.

    Anyway, I just summarized all disturbing/distracting things, I recognized over the last years/months of intensive game testing, and also ideas to take that stuff away and bringing players more in flow with the story:

    Please consider:
    - deleting the input line. We don't need it. It is doing a lot of confusion:
    it implys we could enter (more) words ...
    Use the line for text, so the "further" button for some text passages isn't needed because of 1 missing line ...

    - not showing misc. information "Player ... is off/online" in dialogue box. It is really(!) so distracting :(

    - not closing the dialogue window automatically! We have to reopen it and because the last text isn't inside anymore, to open the chatbox and reading the last text there :(

    - toggle underlined keywords in text in standard to off - it's more distracting than helpful - without underlined words is definitely a better reading and getting better in touch with the story.
    The keywords on bottom are enough (Ultima VII played very well with keywords only!).

    - Words should definitely not highlighted any longer after they were used and gave all information. Unfortunately, this isn't given in all cases now. A lot of keywords (for example: merchants) are highlighted again after starting dialogue again. Because of this, players use keywords again and are frustrated, NPC is telling the same again and again :(

    - Former asked words should only be highligted again, if something changed and asking again provides new information.

    - Former asked words, "jumping" back to the left side of the dialogue box, when clicked again, are confusing. Only new possibilities/new keywords should appear left. So the last asked thing can be found left.

    - may be a good idea to shift keywords we asked before in a tab "asked before". In this tab the former dialogue could be shown to re-read (or a link to the Journal for whole dialogue. For Episode 2: would also be nice, if shown with a small face of the npc ;))

    - Quest Journal is in work, as Darkstarr told in Q2 information - thank you again for this information! :)
    That's a very important part to solve a lot of (new) player problems with story and questline and to provide the storyline in a better way.

    Well, the story flow is ok. In a few locations very good. Changing the mentioned things above would improve the presentation of the story, even they are just small changes.

    If you read story/questparts (I mean: not just clicking keywords! ;)) you will recognize (behind the wall of that mentioned stuff) great story and questparts made with so much love (little things can be found in many scenes!). It's a pity, that the story is not provided how it deserves to be ...

    If the storypart is secondary or not important for you, well, it's okay to play it with all those disturbing and distracting things a lot of players mentioned, but if you really want to follow and enjoy and dive into the story, it's just not enough :(

    Just imagine this:
    You are sitting on your couch, having your favorite drink and you are excited to start reading "Sword of Midras!" as told by @Lord British. You want to enjoy it in your rare free time (may be to better understand the game or receiving more information about this realm).

    From now:
    In each line a few words are underlined.
    Furthermore every few minutes the door opens, someone looks inside,
    telling "I am here now!" or "I am leaving now!" and the door closes again.
    And every few minutes your book shuts by itself - and you have to open it again, finding the words again you just tried to read ...

    How long would you enjoy your favorite drink and how is the chance this book (you never read before!) will be your new favorite book?

    You always will have the feeling and remember that stuff (______ door coming/leaving) and sounds in your head, when you look at the book again later ... if you look again ...

    My personal truth: There is a great story with huge effort given to quests and scene design! Honestly, with each "Player xxx is on/off" and each -without reason- closed dialogue window while talking/reading I want to log off :( Not because of the story or the quests ...

    Do you remember the time, as doors didn't open / close while clicking?
    How disturbing was this "small" bug! (Because we need to open/close doors so often!)

    Some threads about story detracting:
    Stop showing information in dialogue window
    Misc information in dialogue window
    My last thread before launch

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