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    Greetings Avatars,

    In order to better serve our customers in Russia and the Baltic territories we are migrating all of them to Black Sun’s service starting with Release 51. This will allow them to have access to native Russian speakers for customer service and forums and it will also give them access to a fully localized store. This change should result in a much better customer experience for our players in those territories.

    Please note that this does NOT affect anything to do with gameplay or your current rewards, add-ons, etc. These players will still remain on the same servers as all the other players worldwide. This only affects store, customer service, and forum interactions.
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    Hi Avatars,

    There have been some recent questions to this announcement. Please see the following FAQ for answers, which we will update as needed:

    Q: "Why am I being redirected to a Russian site? I'm not in a Russian territory..."

    A: Possible reasons include where you are currently logged in from, and in which territory are you normally a resident. We are redirecting if you are residing in any of these 15 territories: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan

    Q: "Was my account data moved to Black Sun?"

    A: All account data is still stored by Portalarium's system. We licensed Black Sun in the Russian Federation, Baltic States, CIS, and neighboring regions, to provide Customer Service, forums, and a web store that have been localized for your region. We share only the account data with Black Sun that is necessary for them to be able to service your needs.

    Q: "Were EU data privacy laws accommodated during the transition of user accounts to Black Sun?"

    A: Portalarium, and its licensed partners, strive to support all laws within the regions they service, and will make every effort to correct any non-compliances that may occur.

    Q: "Will I be playing on a different server?"

    A: All Shroud of the Avatar players will remain together on the same server.

    Q: "Can I still contact Portalarium customer support?"

    A: Of course! We are happy to help all players! Please contact us at

    Q: "Can I use a VPN to access the sites I need to view? Is this legal?"

    A: Please see our EULA about what is allowed and what is not for game access.

    Q: "What if I have a bug to report, where does that go?"

    A: For all bug reports and customer support needs, please contact:
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