[RP-Event] Chapter 2: The First Assault

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    Ordinis Mortis
    The note from @Gaelis arrives. I grab a clean sheet of paper and quickly reply,

    My Dearest Friend,
    Your kindness and faithfulness are appreciated. You can always be counted as my sister. It seems the threat has passed, but the knowledge that your loyalty still stands warms my heart.

    Always yours,
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    Docking at your port soon
    Two days later the "Dragon" docks in Port Phoenix, one of his frequent stops in Boris' "trade" routes. The tall pirate steps out of the shadows thanking @Stella Moon and Lord Kazyn for their support and hospitality. He also stopped at his recent hideout in Diamond Fields and received medical treatment from the medical personnel of @Lace. It was good to have friends in key places and spies everywhere. If they only knew how many spies were in Boris' payroll they would faint. He walked towards the ship and saw the entire crew from the dock. They chanted one phrase which would become their new war chant. "One Ship, One Path, One Truth". Razulah was the first to meet him and both men clasped hands.

    "Welcome back Captain, glad to see you are in one piece, would you be so kind as to warn me next time you plan to take on the entire Novian Alliance. The rest of the pirates will follow you to hell and back and you know it but we have one common enemy and that is the Obsidian Lord and his army."

    "Razulah, we have accomplished much with our message to Rinzai. Believe me when I tell you I had plans to torch part of Rinzai. Only Scoffer's ship of course". We have the firepower between the "Dragon" and the other pirate ships to stop their trade routes and set the continent on fire but that is what the Obsidian Lord would want. To have us destroy each other and hand over Novia to him without his army and naval forces would be the ultimate victory. Instead we have the large majority of Novia united against any threat. Our job is done Razulah, we will pay a price as very few towns will let the "Dragon" dock at its port for fear of what the powerful dukes and duchesses or whatever they call themselves think. I have sent notice to my close friends and they will keep me abreast of the news. Send notice to all the pirate captains that we must form a strong coalition. We have one true enemy in the Obsidian Lord and the Novian multi-guild alliance I do not trust, I hear they have one leader named @Minerva yet they have no clue of what is about to be unleashed on them from our true enemy. They will come to us one day for help or to try to annihilate us in their private quest for power. We take care of our own, Serenite and Dragomir."

    Boris was given the message from Catherine and read it slowly. He quickly took out his quill and dipped it in the inkwell.

    "Catherine; I am safe and must meet you soon to go over the latest news and the message I received from Zaleena. Her safety is in jeopardy and the obsidians will try to kill her before she informs the Novian Alliance about Aeddon, a powerful mage who uses the moon phases to unleash his power of destruction. I will meet you in the "Misti Sea" in two days offshore Dragomir."

    Boris stood there on the prow of his majestic pirate galleon thinking Novia finally had come together with one common goal and smiled at the success of his plan. The continent would be uplifted to glory soon.

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    Dragomir Mori just North of Aerie
    Snow, fly on wind with this message to Boris.

    I will be on The Misti Sea back just off shore in Dragomir by the time the Sun disappears one time.

    Duchess CatherineRose
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    ... MEANWHILE ...

    'Etceter!', Jude said with a kind of ironic undertone. 'It's a long time back I entered this town.'
    'I remember, Jude, I remember ...', Fiona said smiling.
    'You know, where to find the Chaos Master these days?', Jude asked.
    'Of course, I know. He is near the harbor, watching the chaotic travelleres on their holy path to Xenos as he did all the years ...'
    'Yes, I am afraid this will never change. However. I am happy, we found a way to make this happen! And - I am really happy you are at my side.'
    'I always was by your side, Jude ... as you said, some things will never change.'
    He smiled and nodded. 'Well, with some things I can live ..."

    'I never will accustom to that Satyrs ...', Jude said while a guard crossed their way.
    At the Devotional of Honesty Jude took a few seconds to pray.

    Arriving at the harbor Molly welcomed them.
    Jude handed her a mail pack he took from Ardoris. 'Thank you! Here is your gold.'
    '200g more to carry. Remember me I will share it with the town beggar, before we're leaving!'

    Around the corner of the magic shop they met Eris, the Master of chaos magic.
    'Jude? That's a looooooooooooooong time old ... friend.'
    Jude smiled. 'A pleasure to meet you again ... friend.', slightly bowing.
    'What are you here for? Their must be - a big reason, if you come here.'
    'The Ale was stolen from Ardoris, haven't heard about?'
    'Wasn't that Braemar?', Eris answered with a kind of smile.
    'Well, may be, Eris. I am getting old. The real reason I am coming to you is, I need you to pay out what you promised...'
    'I knew, you would be here therefor. Speak it out. What is it, so I can get rid of my -old- fault ...'
    'Heard about what happened in Ardoris?'
    'Yeah, so much dead. What can I do - seeking revenge?'
    'Later. For now I need your abilities to share with others.'
    'How shall I understand this? Satyrs won't share anything with others.'
    Fiona rolled her eyes. 'Well, Xenos is telling other things to pilgers. And aren't you sharing a life connection with that poor Fauns?'
    Eris chuckled ...

    Jude continued: 'Eris, have you heard about that parchment of the Obsidians, which tells to build a new body for a dead person?'
    'Noone on the path of chaos magic would not know that! Yes, that's what we all seeking. Unfortunately it is lost.'
    'So, you don't know where this parchment can be found?'
    'Not exactly.'
    Fiona suddenly was very awake! And Jude said: 'Every information helps further!'
    'Ah - it's easy! Which place would an Obsidian Mage use to hide such a powerful parchment? Trying to hide it from the mighty Oracle ...'
    'One of the old ruins! Where the Oracle has no power! Yeah, seems logical. It's not exactly what we were looking for, but it reduces the target to a few - of course very dangerous - places ...'
    'So I am free now?', Eris asked.
    Jude smiled. 'Not that fast, friend! You know, this information wasn't worth what you owe me. If we find that parchment, would you help us to resurrect two persons?'

    'You don't know, what saying! It is said, you need'
    'Death and Life Master mages, we know that', Fiona told Eris.
    Eris laughed in a horrible manner.
    'You know nothing! Okay, you know something, but not enough!'
    'So tell us, Eris, what is it we don't know?'
    'One is pulling, another is pushing, chaos awakes, so chaos must kept in from a chaos mage, but ...
    ... what is it we are pulling and pushing and ending in chaos?'
    'Of course the bodies, we try to resurrect and connect with their former mind and soul!'
    'Right! Those bodies must be rebuildt from the original bodies. Know, what ingredients are needed?'
    Jude looked at Fiona and Fiona at Jude.
    They shrugged.
    'The power of the four elements is needed! All creatures in the universe are materialized energy from the 4 main elements!'
    Jude nodded: 'Fire, Water, Earth and Air!'
    'So we also need the Masters of the 4 elements?', Fiona asked.
    Eris nodded. 'That's how it works. If you want to build up the impossible - you need all element power.'
    Jude smiled. 'Eris, this helps very much. So can we count on you?'

    Eris smiled evil. 'No, I told you all that stuff - that's enough! I am free! Accept it!'
    Jude closed his eyes, and very sad he opened them again: 'You are free - thank you Eris. If you will change your mind, you're welcome!'

    'Come on, Fiona, we have to do more invitations for the great Master of magic party. Eris, it would be a shame, if you would miss - you! a chaos mage! - this epic event. However, I will ask Darkstarr, the one and only!'
    'What? YOU want me to tell, you know him?'
    'Not at all, Eris! He knows ME ... and I think HE will follow my invitation!'

    They walked away and a minute later Fiona asked Jude: 'Is it true? THE Darkstarr knows you?'
    Jude smiled: 'How should I know? In fact I am a nobody, right? And everybody knows a nobody! So, from a different view, he knows me!'
    Fiona laughed. 'Oh, Jude! You are great!'

    'If he knows me or not. Inviting Eris will grant he will come, and if it was only to see, if Darkstarr appears! And big-headed, as he is, do you think, he would go, giving that chance away to be a part of this absolulte special moment?'
    'You're right - his ego wouldn't do that. He will participate. So he can tell everybody, HE was the guy who prevented chaos through chaos!'

    'Let's go back to Ardoris. We will send mail to Desolis and Jaanaford, and I think, Kardan would like to talk with Griselda. There is no time to visit them ourselves. We have to find this parchment as soon as possible!'
    Fiona nodded: 'In Ardoris we will ask Samael, how long the ghosts of Siranto and Khasi will be around. If they leave soon, we have no chance to help anyway... Samael should find out for us ...'

    So knowing how and a bit of 'where', Fiona and Jude went back to Ardoris, carrying more hope in their backpack than before!

    ... to be continued ...
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    Disclaimer: Sorry for the long text. If you are interested in the full story: See the Spoiler. If you just want to skip to the next Ingame event: Scroll to the video below.


    As the days passed, more and more darkness seemed to poison the hearts of the Avatars. It almost seemed that with the death of the representatives of love, the love inside the Avatar's hearts was fading too. Little by little.

    Hate was in the air. There was rumor that some Avatars even planned to start a war between each other while the real enemy could proceed with his dire practices. In a last attempt to reunify the Avatars, a big gathering was organized. Many Avatars appeared. Some with the hope that all would find the way back to the virtues, some to express their anger, and others... out of curiousity.

    Of course your Avatar also heard of this gathering but it is up to you if your Avatar decided to attend it or not. If yes, feel free to speak up in this gathering (or not)

    But instead of a constructive talk, there was shouting, name-calling and bigotry. Accusations instead of forgiveness. Separation instead of unification. Some of the Avatars, those who wore their sacred shroud of ascension, remained firm, for their hearts were not that easy to poison. But the anger and grief of the crowd was overwhelming and despite all efforts to bring peace into this gathering, the rage went on.

    And in that very moment, when some were about to draw their weapons, a young lady rushed to the middle of the crowd:

    "Stop!", she shouted. "Stop this madness! Don't you see who the real enemy is?"

    "It will be you if you don't get out of my way!", an angry Avatar shouted fetching his bow.

    "Please, listen to what I have to tell you!", she continued. Avatars with a sacred Shroud now made a circle around her to shield her from the angry mob. "Let her speak!", they said. "Tell us, who are you?"

    And so she began:

    "My name is Zaleena. I was recently rescued by the hand of an unknown man", and her eyes wandered through the crowd to see if that man was present, but she quickly continued:
    "I am looking for my sister, Maeva. Does anyone know her? I admit, alas, we both were working for the Ebon Cult for many years. One day we decided to leave the Cult. But the Cult's Arch Mage Aeddon did not accept our decision. He said we knew too much and so he trapped us in this terrifying dungeon in Blood Bay. One day, my sister Maeva begged for mercy and swore she would stay true to the Cult, so she was freed again. But I stayed firm and hoped for an Avatar to appear and free me one day. Since then I have not seen her again".

    "And why should all of this be my concern?!", an angry voice arose from somewhere.

    "Please, listen to me", Zaleena continued, "My sister and I have worked for a long time for the Ebons. We know everything about their wicked plans and their relation to the Obsidians. You must understand:

    This Arch Mage receives great power from the Obsidians in exchange for his services. This power combined with his knowledge of occultism allows him to open portals and unleash terror upon Novia".

    And suddenly, one of the Avatars listened up carefully. It was, as if he remembered something that was almost forgotten: "Wait, did you just say he summons portals?!"

    And Zaleena nodded.

    "But I've been in the Dysborg Ruins! And even though we are certain that the vile magic comes from there, I didn't find any mage there", someone objected.

    And Zaleena replied: "Those rituals can be performed only during specific stellar constellations. I am certain, Aeddon will be back at his usual place to perform his ritual and once again unleash nightmares and death upon many Novians. And the next day for this to happen... will be May 4th, 551PC."

    "Finally!" someone's voice arose. "Finally we have a day, a place and the name of the one who is to be slain! And by the gods I swear, he will be slain!"

    Zaleena shook her head nervously: "You can't just go and kill Aeddon... Not only is he a master in camouflage, but he is always protected by the Descended Avatar. There is rumor that he can crush 5 men with one strike."

    And when Zaleena said these words, some Avatars laughed out loud. But some others became quite and began to whisper: "Is this true? If so, imagine the powers we could achieve if we join his side..."

    "Who is this Descended one?! Tell us all you know!"

    Zaleena took a long breath, and began:

    Video made by Engineer aka @Datendrache

    And with this tale, the second Chapter has concluded. Will the Avatars find back to the virtues and defeat the threat that becomes bigger every day? Or will more Avatars fall into the darkness and leave Novia to its fate? We may find out in Chapter III

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