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Summer Telethon 2017 Missed Questions

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by DarkStarr, Jul 3, 2017.

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    Here are the questions that we did not have time to get to. I tried my best to answer these (with help from the rest of the team) but some we just don't have details yet to provide. I probably won't have time to do any follow ups to these. The community did a great job assisting us this telethon to make sure we didn’t miss a single question. However this resulted in a record 50+ pages of questions! So please forgive both the brevity of some of my answers and the fact that it has taken us weeks to answer (not to mention I was sick during the telethon!).

    Also please note I deleted a bunch of duplicated questions and also deleted any questions that we answered with the Q3 post or with the release of R43. I also deleted questions that were super open ended or were super vague.

    Grimbone: When will we see more 2-Handed Bludgeon weapons and patterns in game? More variety as other weapons have?
    We will definitely get more variety of weapons and patterns in the game over time. The plan is to make sure there is an equal representation across all weapon types.

    TeddyMIT: Can we approve more restricted beasts that are not tamable and higher level to be tamable such as Ghost Corpions?
    FXguy: Are there any new monsters in the works that we don't know about yet?
    We are definitely going to be adding more creatures to the game as well as expanding the number of creatures that can be tamed.

    Grave Dragon: When are we going to see more love for Plate Armor customizations? More Plate armor patterns, different colored armor enamels and Plate Armor Artifacts?
    Q3 priorities for Character Art team are Norgard clothing, which will be mostly light armor, then new creatures. This means any heavy armor work will likely be in Q4.

    Grave Dragon: Will you please allow us to go one container deep inside another container so we can store items like dressers and cabinets?
    Robert Brightstar: Can we have a "special container" than can hold empty containers like stockings, gift boxes, trunks, furniture containers, etc. so we can stop putting them in our banks, hiding them in our homes or deleting them altogether?
    SynSX: This has probably been answered a million times, if so please disregard... : When will nested containers be allowed? Will it be implemented for Vendors as welll (Armor bags, reg bags,etc)?
    Yes we want to support this but there is some architecture work that needs to change to support this and performance work is going to take higher priority for now.

    Mugly Wumple: What are the plans for dyes? Will the dyeing system get a revamp? Should I start bugging dyeing anomalies?
    Yes please bug any errors you see with dyes as we have no current plans for a revamp of the dye system.

    Arc: When will we have the “hold locked spell/skill at the locked deck” to use 5 stacks at once?
    We are hoping to try this in R44 but there are other higher priorities like loot balance

    Echondas: How about some mechanism of allowing people to buy experience scrolls w/ gold?
    We have considered adding an Obsidian potion that gives an Exp boost but rejected it out of concerns about PTW, gold exp boosts would get same concern.

    Rhiannon: I’ve seen many people ask during the telethons about being able to search and/or sort the recipe book and I think you’ve said more than once you will look at that. So what is the status of that request? Right now, our books are out of control!
    Yes we know we need to make this happen. Hopefully when we do the crafting work at the end of Q3 related to Agriculture/Fishing/etc we can make this happen at the same time too

    Monkeysmack: Can we have patterns for ‘standard’ armor such as the epic cloth hood or bucket helm? For example, I have the epic cloth chest but I really want it to look like the fortified cloth chest.

    Monkeysmack: Has there been any decision yet on how to balance gold and silver usage in enchanting and masterworking?
    Not yet

    Dereck Visaard: When will we see enhancements to the in-game commerce system, such as enhanced features around player-owned vendors to charge commission to renters, group items as a set, mark items on sale, etc?
    Probably Q4

    Jarikith: Can we get in game indications on what in game item drops can produce patterns? (before having to salvage them to find out)

    Jarikith: Has thought been given to making the process of leveling Masterwork subskills (like Masterwork Ranged Weapon or Masterwork Plate Armor) and Enchantment subskills (Armor Enchantment and Weapon Enchantment) less tedious and more rewarding to level? Currently they do nothing until you reach the threshold skill level where suddenly they begin to provide their actual benefit.
    Boedy Arc: I leveled up Masterwork Plate until level 140 (about 60 million xp), but only saw 0.2% additional avoidance than a GM with only 2.4 million xp to the skill. Will there be balance changes to make bonuses to MW more apparent?
    Scoffer Kada: Will there be further specialisations in crafting available? Example being blade masterwork being broken down into Shortsword, dagger, two handed sword and longsword?. If so, what kind of effects will it get
    Yes there will be further work done to increase specialization

    Lord Merlin: If crafting failures cause extra damage to tools, why can't an exceptional occurrence cause no damage to the tool, instead of the normal 1 point degradation?
    Interesting suggestion

    markgshark: Why are artifacts able to be salvaged? I accidentally salvaged my Sage's Sash, and support couldn’t return it.
    So you can get patterns out of them. In some cases artifacts represent completely unique visuals and salvaging them is economically more valuable to a crafter than the artifact itself (Cabalist weapons for example).

    Rafael: Why do silver ingots weigh more than the 4x ore it takes to make?
    Because different items got added at different times to the system. We can do a complete audit of this system to better balance this (and we plan to) but that means likely EVERYTHING would change and we know how much players like change...

    Lancell87: In the crafting stations can we have more detail when mousing over the recipe icon? example .. bark bread ... what properties does it have?
    Yes in the long term.

    Browncoat Jayson: Is it intentional that the new pattern item drops completely replaced the items with gold value in many scenes for R42? For example, the halberds worth 175g and dropped almost 100% of the time were replaced with studded clubs worth 50g and only drop about 25% of the time. This makes many of us who are not Tier-5 capable have a VERY hard time making gold.
    Not intended to effect economy that drastically. We will examine.

    Roth3n: Why is heavy armor is the only type of armor that have a negative factor (Fizzle); Should Leather/Cloth have other type of negative factor too?
    Because it offers much more protection than light armor.

    Damighty Ewok: Any chance of there being lesser summons? Like weak elementals that are higher up on the tree. Not needing reagents, but even at 100 skill, not being as strong as a normal elemental.
    Not in current plans.

    Jaan: How does Chaos Magic fit in with the new heat system? Can I use Torpid Torment to massively drain focus from a player using a locked deck? Is Tabula Rasa useless against a locked deck?
    Torpid Torment does damage based on how much focus they use so it would do more damage against high heat players. TR is useless against a locked deck

    Liz_the_wiz: Is it a bug that locked glyphs no longer combine with unlocked ones like they used to?
    Yes bug. Please write up

    Mia Sway: Can i please please get a second sun damaging spell?
    We will consider.

    Chatz: When will Archers get different arrows, like maybe armors that are better for certain enemy types, or poison, etc?
    Definitely in in our longterm plans along with multiple ranged weapon types (tesla rifles, gas launchers, etc.) however likely not to happen until early 2018.

    Link_of_Hyrule (Shugo Miyamoto):where is incognito and polymorph?
    Well it's hard to tell because you can’t see them...

    John Markus:Do you have plans on tying mail/package system with the world map situations?
    Great suggestion and perhaps long term we might do something like this.

    Liz_the_wiz: What is the point/difference between friends mode and solo? when you see the same stuff in both?
    Currently since friends mode is tied to your party and not yet working with your actual friends list there is not much difference but long term we hope to expand friends mode to work not just with party but also your friends list.

    OxNull: What is the ideal size of an adventure zones? With the size of zones we have now, are you happy with the size of zones?
    OxNull: Are you purposely keeping zones a small loop with boundaries for technical reasons? What is stopping you from making MOST adventure zones the size of blood bay?
    I think we answered this during the hangout but going to answer it again here. Some of the very first zones we built were quite small because of technical limitations with Unity and our concerns about performance overall. Additionally we were a smaller team when we started and had less world builders and therefore we needed to keep the scenes smaller to keep to our schedule. However since that time Unity has gotten better, our optimizations have gotten better, an our team has gotten bigger. All of those mean that we can make NEW scenes (or uncloned scenes) bigger but it does NOT mean we can go back and make every single scene we have ever built bigger. We would NEVER finish if we did that.

    Blaquerogue: Are you going to make the random encounters more enjoyable (side quest etc..)

    Dorkish: Which zones have higher level mobs tier 6 and above. Are you adding more mobs or levels above 6?
    We have been steadily adding higher level mobs to scenes across the game.

    Kigu Starfish (kor): How frequently do the moons in sky update? I will change scenes and moons will move really far or disappear from the sky, is this intended?
    These should be synched across scenes so if you are seeing them out of synch please report bugs. You may be seeing scenes that have old or bugged sky boxes.

    Metalocalypze: Are there any plans and themed ideas for NPC Town Northwood.
    No specific plans yet.

    Belladonna Rose: When will they do a pass and check and fix the Virtue quests. I am stuck on two quests and cannot finish them
    Wench: just wondering if we will be able to cancel quest in our journals, in a later release
    There is currently no way to fix a quest in progress if the data has changed around it hence the need for the quest reset flag mentioned in Q3. With that said there will eventually be a way to cancel a quest in progress.

    Kigu Starfish (Kor): When are we going to start seeing features around PvP sandbox? When will we see meaningful reasons to PvP? Kigu Starfish (Kor): What reason do guilds have to go to war? What does a guild get if it wins a guild war? Will forcing global PvP for all guild members in guild wars be changed ever?
    This is definitely part of our 2 year road map which we hope to provide details about in the coming month. We hope to get the first parts of this in place by the end of 2017, beginning of 2018.

    Kigu Starfish (Kor) Why aren't the rules for hitting something with a spell the same rules for casting a spell? Example: If I cast fire arrow on a player, and after I start casting the spell, the player uses blink to get out of range. I will still hit them. If I have a melee attack that has a long animation (e.g. quadruple slash), if a player or mob goes far away after I start casting it, I still hit them.
    Because of varying connection times for many of these spells/skills we separate the purely visual aspects from the success/failure calculations. This insures that we have fair playing field. With that said some spells (like Fireball) that do ground targeting, do act differently and can be dodged after the beginning of execution.

    Aesowondah: As my account value grows, I am getting more and more paranoid/nervous of getting hacked. Will we see some second and possibly third level of security for our account login/protection?
    We have had ZERO reports of hacked accounts so far but we do eventually plan on implementing 2 factor authentication.

    Ambrosius Aurelianus: Are you guys adding in bandage/mend?
    Eventually but just not a high priority

    Drew: When will we have NON Light Armor in the store such as Lammelar Plate Samurai Armor?

    Juvir: The Obsidian 4 story row home currently is the only row home that the roof counts toward the outdoor deco count of 5. Is there plans to fix this?
    Yes but it is also the only row home that has a roof deck so you are exchanging a benefit for a cost.

    Spoon: When will the /afk function be fixed again? It used to work before persistance.
    What exactly is broken? It appears to be working when we tested it.

    Baron Drocis Fondorlatos: Shadowform has a very low duration during R42, is this by design?
    It was not changed for R42. Duration has always been that length.

    Devourerofmemes: : Are there any future balance changes targeted at stealth gameplay, specifically skills like sneak attack (underpowered for the conditions) and night step (slow cast feels chunky), to make stealth a bit more viable.
    Yes we will continue to balance combat, including the Subterfuge School.

    Devourerofmemes : What are your thoughts on combos current state, do you have any changes planned outside of adding more? Imho it’s one of the most interesting features of your combat system, but they feel under-powered when considering they need to take up 2 slots to create and 3 slots if you want to make combo stacks. The bug fix to deck swap did help this since I now effectively have 20 slots instead of 10, but I think they still need some more love.
    Agreed they need more love beyond just making more. Overall combos need to result in a much greater net result than if you had just used the two skills separately.

    Devourerofmemes : What are your thoughts on the current state of Stacking, the focus reduction is nice, but myself and others often choose to run a 1 unlocked slot spam 9 locked deck with the minimum glyphs over a stacking deck, I think this would be less popular if stacking was more powerful. Obvious concerns would seem to be balancing it with stacking vs locked.
    It is a careful line to balance and right now we think that if we gave a benefit beyond just reduced focus it would quickly become unbalanced.

    Devourerofmemes : The heat system has done a lot to balance locked and unlocked, but combos are still the ugly stepsister in the system balance, what are your thoughts or plans for locked decks and combos?
    We currently do not plan to support combos for fully locked decks but after we see how the Heat system plays out we may reconsider.

    Devourerofmemes : I spend a lot of time standing idly between pulls, waiting for focus regen out of combat. I understand you want food and blessings to be important, but I feel like the slow out of combat regen rate hurts the combat pacing. Is this really necessary considering a lot of games make out of combat mana/focus regen extremely fast to avoid these concerns?
    Food and blessings make this regen super fast and getting either/both of these does not take much time so not sure what the issue is.

    PleaseDriveFast (Mattias): what impact has the new mob skills had in collecting commodities and has it affected the availability of commodities in the market? Specifically, it seems there's anecdotal evidence that more people are avoiding Spectral Mines because of the risk of multiple mobs being engaged due to these new skills?
    While we understand that increasing the challenge in some areas does temporarily lower the yield as players have to adjust their playstyle we believe that this is simply a temporary effect and in the long term will naturally correct.

    Silis: will we see improvements in knockdown animations and functionality as well as any improvements to knight's grace soon?

    Cream: "Why does ranged not get a small damage % from dex" "Is eagle eye still broken? What is eagle eyes function?"
    Eagle Eye is currently not working as intended. Hope to fix soon but performance has kept us from doing as much combat work as we hoped.

    Boedy Arc: have train on QA MW plate until level 140 so around 60 million xp....got only 0,2% avoid more than one that have with 2,4 million xp in that as GM....will be a changeover on all craftskills until Release?
    It is an exponential curve at the higher levels so you will see diminishing relative returns but while the relative returns are small the actual returns are large.

    Rada Torment: Can you guys consider to add a decent FoV slider (Field of View) option for those who enjoy playing in first person view? ESO FoV option is a good example.
    Sure, just higher priority issues right now.

    Falcon Rainfeather: Can we get the chat tabs to flash when someone talks in them?

    ThoreGundi: Will you guys edit the SotaMap in the game, to hide areas we have not explored yet? So that it doesn't show hidden areas in dungeons we havnt visited yet?
    Eventually but SotaMap is a 3rd Party application.

    Baron Drocis Fondorlatos: When do we think we'll see more spell and skill combos?
    Sometime in Q3

    Juvir: Can we expect some balancing where archers are concerned? Or at least some upbalancing for other specs? Archers can currently solo a ton of the game at lower levels PvE wise, while melee specs require a lot more leveling before they can even consider it.

    shipwrek: What's the story with the nameplate visibility issue between group members in scenes? Bug? Does it have very high priority?
    We fixed this in R43

    Minerva: Back in release 20 or 21 Lord British said to me that we would have a steam punk Coffee/ Expresso machine. Any chance it is coming soon? :grinning: Coffee Coffee Coffee Java Java Java Cappuccinooooo!
    Lord British says a lot of things….

    Vassflam: Could Factions be implemented yet?
    I’m assuming you mean Factions like UO had? Yes they could. Could they also introduce a lot of exploits, bugs, and edge conditions like UO had? Yes they could. In all seriousness though Episode 2 will involve some serious choices for the player...

    Kigu Starfish (Kor): Will we ever be able to import or export our decks for sharing with QA for reporting bugs or sharing with other players?

    Damighty Ewok: any updates on support play style? Like bardic play style?

    Fantalio: when can I defend my house from invaders?
    Live in an Open PVP POT or move into Blood Bay during Q3

    Vassflam: When will we be receiving our physical pledge rewards such as the signed map?
    When we do our commercial launch.

    Vallo Frostbane: Guild Warfare? When? How? Last time LB mentioned sth about getting guilds out of the comfort zone…
    Guilds can declare war on each other right now but this needs more features which we hope to expand in Q4/Q1

    Yordic Meyers: Any chance of getting a camp emote? Perhaps one that summons a little camp fire at your feet that you then sit down at? Would be nice for some fun in scenes while hunting

    Vassflam: Can we have more discussions concerning PVP, game balance, and stability?

    Fantalio: open world pvp, factions, guild warfare, player home defense, or any other type of engaging gameplay experience on the way?
    You can already flag open PVP, Guilds can already declare war, you can already live in an Open PVP POT and defend your house against invaders.

    Rudyard "Ratfinks": Will signs ever be able to be seen from far away?
    Depends on what your quality settings are at

    GQ_Grimbone: why can pot upgrade but upgrades on player accounts are halted cept for new bundles?
    Because we expired the pledges and all that content. And while we expired NEW POTs we did not expire increasing the size of existing POTs. Also the POTs do not include expired content (like the expired pledges do).

    Tiina Onir: Can we get player-vendors added to API? Browncoat Jayson: Can the API get player vendors added, and a AddedForSale flag?

    Vassflam: Are there any plans to populate Brittany Alleys with visible PC's to interact with?
    There are some already including some orphans

    Emmylou: Can we get armor for our pets?
    Maybe eventually

    Whatelse73: : For those of us who pledged higher than 400 on KS, when will we get to the point where we can provide our input to create an NPC?
    Over the last few years we have posted multiple times on our website and in newsletters about the opportunities to do that. As we have added NPCs to various towns we have sent out requests for NPC designs. The most recent was for the city of Harvest in March. Our apologies if you missed those opportunities but there may be more in the future.

    Whitestag: Can we get a (create a SOTA group) room in here so players can join and see others that wish to form a group until there is a in game way to form one with people you might have not met yet.. ?
    Maybe I’m misunderstanding but don’t we have a whole Discord channel where this question was posted that is all Shroud, all the time?

    Falcon Rainfeather: can we get light sources mounted on lot walls? Blaquerogue: I would like to be able to decorate my walls that i made or bought
    Up until R43 we did not have the tech to support vertical decos (like lights or paintings) on other vertical decos (like wall dividers) but with bulletin boards we now have that tech so we can consider this. With that said we want to control this and not just let players put just anything on the walls. For instance we don’t want to suddenly start letting interior objects, like paintings, go on exterior walls. For R44 we will at least evaluate letting lights be placed on walls and fences and room dividers.

    Vassflam: Could we get more moon dials?
    Rufus D'Asperdi: Could we get a "Row Lot" Sized Ornate Moondial?

    Browncoat Jayson: Asked LB about this before, but can we add Blue Ground Lights to the Autism Make-A-Difference store? The Light It Up Blue campaign would be a good way to sell, as well as provide nice lighting for houses.
    Thanks for reminder

    Umuri: I put forth an idea to Atos to allow a method to use the API to authenticate players via an in-game action to 3rd party sites (guild logins, auctions, etc). Was this idea well received/viable? :stuck_out_tongue: In testing it worked well by (ab)using the existing api path that taints data just slightly.
    While viable we have other priorities right now.

    Hawkwind: Can we have a sound to indicate when we receive chat messages?

    Time Lord: Is there any ETA on the agriculture skill and what will that thus far entail? + Will decay eventually affect crafting skills?
    Q3, and yes

    Falcon Rainfeather: Could we have mine carts to move and store our ore as we travel through the mines?
    Maybe eventually

    Psyche: This might be a stupid but once done with the first quest in game where it's telling you to leave further down SE and see the blacksmith, well if you happen to explore the world before doing that, it's kinda hard from where exactly you have to go south east, my apologise for this probably irrelevant
    Good point since text directions are not relative.

    Baron Drocis Fondorlatos: Why can't we keep all our buffs when we switch scenes?
    Because except for the Town Blessings and Obsidian Potions most of them are short enough that keeping them through a load would be irrelevant but we will evaluate.

    Echondas: Can the bugsprayer item be made visible when equipped, instead of your character appearing to have empty hands?
    That’s a bug. Please report

    Browncoat Jayson: Any progress on the Furcadia cross promo that LB and Dr Cat were going to collaborate on?
    None just yet

    Antrax Artek: Will there be a chance to have an open pvp system similar to Ultima Online but with current loot system? right now things like pickpocket are near impossible to do, too low pvp flagged player, cause this system advantage too much no flagged people cause they can attack flagged one, so near none is flagged.
    We have no plans to implement UO style PVP system

    Baron Drocis Fondorlatos: Can we please consider loading castle walls and fences sooner in towns and POTs since you have to see the fence or wall before you see the homes behind them?
    Yes. We have attempted to fix this a few times. It is also one of my personal pet peeves.

    Nomad: Is there/will there be a list of scenes that are upcoming for uncloning and when?
    See Q3 Update

    Kabalyero Kidd: Can you please bring back DX9 support for those who are crashing in DX11? Just until the crash gets fixed. Thank you.
    Supporting DX9 is a drain on dev resources unfortunately that we cannot afford.

    Jack Knyfe: What is causing the in-scene hitching in towns?
    It is several things but mostly it is related to asset loading

    Fiero: How many ornate moondials have been sold uptill now?

    PabloRSA: can we get xp summary on the main screen already. Been long asked and nothing done
    We have gone back and forth on this. When included players obsess on it too much and when we don’t include it players obsess on it too much. :)

    Browncoat Jayson: We've gotten two Valentines card variations, but no other special holiday cards. Can we get holiday cards this winter? A virtue day card for Richard's birthday/4th of July would be nice too.
    Good suggestion

    Schneider DragonFang: I have heard that possibly the AMD Vulkan api was going to be or is packaged into Shroud. Could you clarify this for me please and possibly tell us how to force its use for Shroud.
    The Vulkan API is being built into the project currently for Linux and Windows. You can force it by using a command line of   -force-vulkan. It is super buggy right now though and even Unity lists it as experimental

    Kigu Starfish (Kor): What percentage of players play on Linux?
    Less than 3%

    Rafael: Can you make pets that do unique tricks?
    The clockwork monkey already does

    Rada Torment: What we can expect to see this year about new sandbox tools? like player controlled respawns, more options for quests made by players using public chest, etc. The game needs more sandbox.
    Maybe some of these in Q4 or early Q1 at latest.

    Ambrosius Aurelianus: Will there be additional options to improve our virtues? There are more options to decrease our virtue to red; however, there doesn't seem to be many options to change back to blue.

    Zaggs: Could non-combat pets being able to carry loot and/or go back to town to sell your junk?
    Yes as a long term task

    Browncoat Jayson: Can we have horses and farm animals added as non-combat pets to the Add-On Store? (Obviously not the expired ones from the failed Riding goal.)
    Eventually but many of these are already tameable in the game (pigs for example)

    Mia Sway: Is there a pirate bundle coming?
    Maybe eventually

    Xee: Future Teleport Runes like UO? or teleporter between guild chapter houses?
    We already have recall scrolls

    Lockey Abernathy: If we are able to swim underwater does that mean we will need devices to allow us to breath underwater.
    We can’t swim underwater

    Magnus Zarwaddim: Can we get some Wand Patterns?

    Grimbone: Any plans for clocks and grandfather clocks that show in game time?
    Great idea

    Anomander: can we get a black lab dog?

    Baron Drocis Fondorlatos: Do you still plan to put in giant robots into guild pvp?
    Giant machines that have to be crafted/assembled that give access to areas/resources, not robots

    Lockey Abernathy: when will we see more/better hair styles?
    Hopefully in Q4 but higher priority to make more creatures

    Magnus Zarwaddim: @Echondas mentioned scaling Random Encounters to make things more fun. Possible?
    Yes, maybe eventually

    Warrior B'Patrick: I need a way to number the lots that does not cost me deco units. Something in the Manage Lot Claim cog or the Change lot Reservation that would allow you to add a name or lot number. This way a Governor could place lots restricted and players could request lots by number instead of description.
    Yes something like that eventually

    Brokemodel: Since you put bandwith limits on the server is it the reason why I am lagging when I am on 4k with everything on max... it is not my computer i am using 15% to run the game and barely 20% of my 2x 1080 cards
    There are no bandwidth limits on the server. Not sure why you are running into performance issues. Check R43 to see if you are still seeing issues.

    Zader: can we buy more decks with coto?
    No. It's a UI / systems issue, not a monetization issue.

    Zader: when will gold and silver scraps be put in game as loot drops so that we can use our Gold ingot and Silver ingot from scraps recipes that are already in game?
    No ETA

    Zader: any plans to let us eat on the overland map, it would be nice to buff prior to entering a zone.
    No ETA

    Zader: there is a large Grizzly bear in Ulfheim that would be wonderful to tame, it doesn't currently work. Any plans to let us tame this bear in game?
    No ETA

    Zader: When will we be able to masterwork rings and necklaces? Currently we can only enchant them.
    We do not plan to allow masterworking these, only enchanting

    keldon lighthand: will we get the snow covered roofs option for the snow biome
    Yes eventually via system automatically

    Yordic Meyers: any chance for some more pets to tame? An ostrich or a large beetle come to mind…
    Yes eventually

    Baron Drocis Fondorlatos: Starr already said that we sould NEVER do a "no show" helmet because there are pvp issues with it, as well as the fact that it makes no sense to not show the helmet you're physically wearing. Please do NOT do this. End .
    If we do it we would likely only allow it if you are in PVE, not PVP

    Alistair Creagin: Could we get a light spell that when cast on an enemy acts like Faerie Fire from Dungeons and Dragons. Would make it easier to call out which target to start attacking in group raids. Example, cast it on a monster and it is now surrounded by pink light. Call out in discord "Attack the pink one!"
    We have that spell and it's called Fireflies

    Whitestag: When will ingame grouping feature be created?
    There is a party system in the game (has been for years). Maybe you are talking about “Looking for Group”? Coming in Q3

    Wextel MoonShadow: What's the economical choice behind make harder make igg in game, i mean by farming them from mobs in many scenes etc.? Currently i tested many scenes max igg hours seem to be about 7-8k; Most resources for crafting are expensive, that will not just going to increase metaeconomy and not in game economy? Most of people can spend on the game a couple or three hours per day on game, and btw they will not spend them just hard farming igg. Currently you said loot table of bosses were adjusted for middle range loot, but don't seem so, i think aiming to something and have the possibilities of reach it involve more people in game and keep them on game, but if people see an objective just unreachable will just give up. So why the current choice about in game economy of don't have people several ways to farm igg?
    Game is still being balanced, hence “Early Access” tag. We are aiming to balance the overall loot balance to be a bit more favorable, especially in the midrange, in Q3 (see Q3 update).

    Goratas Barus | Boris: Is it possible to make a Set option for our vendors. So that a complete Life Gear is on buyable position. My Problem is I build Gear sets and someone is only buying one Item of the set... the set is broken. Or rare sets If someone only buy the Chest Item the rare set is broken. It would be very great to get this option
    Yes eventually

    CrazyPhil: Any updates on the possibility of opening pickpocket up for targeting NPCs? Any design ideas being tossed around that the team can share?
    Maybe eventually

    Windell Moon: how about being able to see weapons on characters back 2hands sword bow Also how about Quiver and regs pouch with enchant ones with less weight
    Would love to support this, long term goal though, not anytime soon.

    Twofoldsilence: Please extend the resurrection time-out for dead tamed pets, as the only time my pet gets killed is when fighting large difficult mobs, and by the time I run away and return and manage to kill them the resurrection time has expired, so I have to re-tame a pet. Also, I don't see why you can't do this from a balance standpoint, because mages can summon new elementals without first taming them, and tamed pets aren't nearly as strong as summoned elementals.
    We will consider

    Elfenw-ahn (Roterik Phileasson): When will the visual of "magic armor" be improved to a state similar to the new great new visuals of spells like healing magic?
    Not sure what you are referring to with “magic armor”

    Rudyard "Ratfinks": Can you make a single level row house please. So we could have a full ground plan to work with?

    Umuri: Can we PLEASE get a pass on the "fastest" settings, it's slowly gotten unplayable because so much extra fancy stuff is left on even on fastest. Sparkles, Moving grass, etc.
    Yes (but it should be much better in R43)

    Sentinel: Can we have ettins added to the game?
    Great idea

    Mal Hari: Will we be able to have another level of lock down for POTs above stewards so town owners can lock down items permanently and can we get a ornate mailbox on a post so they can be placed in a house and on POT property
    We have discussed a general “Lock Deco” system. Ornate mailboxes on posts are in R43.

    Belladonna Rose: Will the POT NPC buildings get a better upgrade. Not all of them are as nice as the Combat NPC building. Would be nice if all would be revamped
    No plans currently.

    Mishikal: It would be cool if we had decorative letters (wooden letters) in the runic alphabet we could place as a decor item. Although it could cause issues if people got creative in spelling stuff out... Numerals as well
    Will consider.

    Rosemourne: Will Player Owned Towns receive a seed vendor, or are they like skill trainers and NPC town only?
    Will consider

    Scoffer Kada: with the bulletin board just mentioned will that be tied to house permissions or could have someone come and put up a note on your house placed bulletin board? (i.e. crafting orders etc)
    Tied to permissions currently.

    Cthuugean: When is Aetheric Feedback skill description going to match how it works ingame?
    As soon as we fix the bug in JIRA

    Lord Andernut: Can we get some default town markers placed on dock areas of POTs until we get the tech to be able to place them ourselves?

    Kigu Starfish (Kor): Will we ever be able to set a Guild Message of the Day, like there is a Server Message of the Day? It would show in chat when you first log in.
    Yes there will be a Guild Message

    Fionwyn: Are island PoTs ever going to be fixed so they don't look like floating blobs on the overland map?
    Never. We love floating blobs.

    Whitestag: Can we get (To Novia) boats at all NPC towns??

    Jack Knyfe: Will we ever be able to remove the pre-existing light sources in houses?

    Wextel MoonShadow: about decoration and number of item to load, why don't make entire stack pile etc. of decorative books etc.?
    Yes eventually

    Baron Drocis Fondorlatos: Will we ever have better boats for POT connections? These little viking boats don't look right facing large bodies of water. People traveling into the ocean would need larger boats.

    Brazen Spirituality: Can water home cabanas get ability to place fences as railing on their deck?
    Maybe eventually

    Jarikith: Airship home ladder a square of ground beneath it that no paver can be placed upon. Why do you hate @Kvow Triumvir so much that you made this a thing? Can it be fixed? It's driving him cray-cray. He has lovely pavers all around the ship and then.. bam.. patch of grass that can't be covered.
    It’s a landing of the teleporter tech thing. Not easy to fix. Maybe we can fix eventually, just not soon.

    Baron Drocis Fondorlatos: Can POT owners please have the ability to opt out of "fast travel" for their POTs? It's ruining my town layout.
    We will consider

    Baron Drocis Fondorlatos: Can we please get skeletons that can sit in chairs?
    Not easy. At best we could make a “Skeleton in a chair” decoration

    Jerrik Jataan: Any work going to be done on In House Lighting? Even though I am not even close to my lighting limit, I am not able to place more lights in places I would like to add them.
    Yes but we have to do more performance optimizations first as lighting is one of the most expensive things.

    Rawkinn: Will we ever be able to outfit our vendors? All looking the same is quite booring!

    Balec Fares deCani: will there be any controls will there be to prevent griefing in Blood Bay house placement, for example a minimum distance between lots

    Darthan Haj: I have the Lord marshal home I placed a fireplace on the 1st floor and place a chimney on top but it doesn't reach the ceiling and the extensions are to tall. Is it just me or do we need an additional chimney created to fix it?
    We did the very best we could to make the system work with most number of houses. Its not going to work perfectly with every single house. Please report as a bug and we can see if there is a fix or solution with existing set.

    Time Lord: Will we always be able to place planters "under" the new Globe Homes? Currently we can place planters under those homes Will the new globe homes ever have solid walls?Will the bottom floor of the Globe Homes ever have the "greenhouse effect"?
    These all sound like bugs. Please report.

    Grimbone: Any chance on Fish Bowl or Aquarium deco items to place fish in?
    Sure, eventually

    Yordic Meyers: Why is the recipe for crafting caltrops so damn expensive?
    Because we think they are more powerful than they actually are (and we haven't balanced them properly yet)

    Acaelus Fireharp: could we get a fancy indoor planter maybe 1 x 5 plants long and wide, and made of carved stone like the carved decoration fountain?(edited)

    Baron Drocis Fondorlatos: Will POT owners ever be able to lock gates on fences and walls so that only players with permissions can open them? (this would be for fences and walls on POT property)
    Yes eventually

    PabloRSA: can we get some kind of auto self watering planter to water crops. obvs we have to gather water for the planet
    Maybe eventually

    CrazyPhil: Can we get a "gust ball" that pets will attack? Pet toy?
    Sure, eventually

    Obsidian Tempest: Can you make the weapons made at the Obsidian Forge placeable as Deco?
    They should be. Please report as bug

    Rudyard "Ratfinks" Do you need to own a lot in a POT to use the mailbox inside the bank?

    Baron Drocis Fondorlatos: Can we please get wall towers that do not have ladders that are accessible from the very bottom? There are many use cases where it's not good for players to be able to go up to the top of towers in a town.
    Yes, eventually

    Rawkinn: can you make Shutters removable on row houses?! they're so ugly!
    Maybe eventually

    Spoon: Can we get deco objects with emotes tied to them? Like a gravestone with a right-click to PayRespects(kneel) akin to the one in Solace Bridge Outskirts.
    Cool idea.

    Yordic Meyers: Any chance of making the chat tab options stay locked in case of a failed whisper? I hate when the chat I set up for whispers keeps changing to local when someone logs out and I didn't realize
    Maybe but low priority

    3devious (Caska): did anything that was created in the Unity Scene Jams ever get used in the game? (They might have stopped doing them when you came to Portalium so this might be a you have the others answer.)

    Michael DragonBreath: Can you add an option for "Interact" verification which would work within towns so you don't accidentally "Take All" from your chest or someone else's chest you have access to?

    Tiina Onir: between the Sledgehammer and the Shock Monkeys, are the Kobolds just a giant Peter Gabriel reference?
    Yes they are

    Kron Caledon: would the "story wipe" include special quests such as the Death Bunny quest? I would hope that the "story wipe" does NOT include one-off quests like the Death Bunny quest
    Would be main plot

    Yordic Meyers: Any update on the gator hats asked about last telethon?
    No update

    Wench: Will there ever be a water home bundles?

    Darthan Haj: when can we get companions for single players who want to play solo online?

    Anvar: on that note have some that are also pvp zone quests to encourage people in.
    Also rename them to unprotected zones rather than pvp, the wording scares too many people away Imo.
    Interesting suggestion.

    Rada Torment: Any possibility to add the tech to throw items (in bags for a limited time?) to the ground as some others games using for creating player content and helping to player quests?

    Antrax Artek: Why not fans pattern for wands and walking staff pattern for staff?
    There is already a walking staff pattern for a staff. Had not considered fan pattern for a wand but why not?

    RadioMan: any chance for saving custom user created emotes that are shareable between players? Obviously they would just be text only things
    Perhaps eventually

    Viper Venom: Is it true that black cutworms will be used for special fishing lures? If not, can you tell me if there is any planned special lures for fishing with items currently in the game, so I don't sell all the lures I collect now for when fishing is updated?
    Not now but eventually we hope to support that.

    Claywagner: Noob . Is there a waypoint system. I keep having to pull up map trying to find my town.
    There are lunar rifts and there are recall scrolls.

    Zypee: Will we be able to have dyes for leather armor and enameling (dyes) for metal armors?

    Jay Fire: can you make a higher chance for extra resources when salvaging weapons or armor with plus's? so that if I want to salvage an eternal pattern from an item that is plus 12 I have a higher chance to receive more back from the salvage in resources
    We can consider

    Kigu Starfish (Kor): Why can't we re-roll the list of enchant/masterwork effects? Like if we didn't like the options for masterworking, we could choose to re-roll it instead of forcing us to choose a bad property
    Because you would just keep rerolling until you got what you wanted which means we might as well just give you the ability to pick what you wanted which means there would be no chance and therefore no rarity in crafting.

    Liz_the_wiz: someone was in hospitalliers the other day and pointed out that many of the spell effects cause seizure issues for players - i noticed there is a) no warning, b) no way to turn them off, can we have that option ??
    We should look at this for sure.

    Rudyard "Ratfinks": can we get fanny packs!?!

    Rosemourne: Earlier we saw that cloth armour is green / red for the dye system. Are heavy armour textures the same, or will they need to be redone once enamel comes online?
    It’s mostly set up, needs some design and recipes mostly

    Michael DragonBreath: Would it be possible to add the ability to LOCK items in your inventory so you don't accidentally sell it or destroy it (like a quest item). You'd have to unlock it to move it out of your inventory

    Mariothegreat: can we have dummies to display armor and such

    Sir Grant: You have recently lessened some of the decay for those casual players who aren't on all the time. Can you do something similar for taxes for lots for those who only play one day a week?
    We can consider

    Tierra: Why is it necessary for me to purchase a recipe for different types of the same recipe. For example, I could already make copper and iron ingots, but not gold, silver, or tin.
    Different metals have different melting points

    Lao Tzu: Is there any chance of increasing the number of enchantment and masterwork options from three to four for GM crafters?
    Yes there is a chance

    Stromgrin: can we get virtue effects on bundle reward cloaks?!?!

    Robert Brightstar: will there ever be a crafting use for emerald ash borer, aortic thrumbus, and other rare resouces like these?

    majoria70: Can we make the tiara and circlet which are made of metal heavy armor and usable to pattern our helms?
    No. They are light armor

    Ravnos FelRidden: Why does the RED show on every icon regardless of random or locked?

    Zypee: Also, will there be a time when we can craft and stand around the work station, without being drawn into a window and on top of any other avatar already working?
    We have some ideas on how to polish this. No ETA

    Arlin: What is the current timeline for filling out the refining skill trees?
    Q4 most likely

    Arlin: Are there any plans to revamp how producer experience is gained?
    Balancing yes, revamp unlikely.

    Liz_the_wiz: can we get a spell that mez's things by turning them to sheep!??
    We will consider it.

    Liz_the_wiz: any chance we can have monk skills eg weaponless?
    Maybe eventually but low priority.

    Cristiano Kimberlin: Can Vendors and Pets be separate on a lot, so people will actually use their pets as deco too?
    Unfortunately they both use similar AI / pathfinding CPU cycles.

    Anastasia Fox: Is there a stat we need to increase to reduce how often our attacks are being dodged or a plan to add it if not? (magic attacks, i see its dex on physical attacks)

    Emmylou: Was there any plans for an opt in subscription?

    Infineon: Can we talk a bit of the dual wand mage and the use of the plate/chain armor.. with 70% or more of avoidance and the 1000 yard range with 360° cast range and the Aetheric Feedback buf and a few things more? " Tactics Skill should be only for Leather armor and Plate armor and some how give to melee a chance like UO that can use bandages, but if we depend on spells this will be the end of melee/tank in high lvl heroes*.

    Baron Drocis Fondorlatos: Can we please have staves that are great for magic and others that are good for fighting and good for magic but not great for magic? I don't to parry or fight with my staff, I just want to cast spells.

    Lord Andernut: Quick .... do COTOs stack with each bundle, or is that the Total COTOs you get from a bundle?
    Purchased COTOs stack with each other but found COTOs do NOT stack with purchased COTOs

    krusader: I wanted to know if we were going to have different types of resources for leathers. I know we get different colors from different ores, but are we going to get any artic leather or panther leather? Since we can't even dye those, and I would think could become very interesting even though it's just for the skin
    Maybe eventually

    Raven Moonlight: can we get it so furniture can be dyed

    fIreSpHere: Any water lot platform in planning? (thinking of doing some farming on it, maybe hydroponic version or something)
    We don’t currently have anything like this planned.

    Kron Caledon: what negative effects does Purify remove?
    It should remove all current debuffs. If it does not please report as bugs.

    Tahru: Can we get a device that we can place on our lot that provides access to the local banker? If so, can we call it "Remote Bank Access Device"? If so, can it be offered at a discount at a telethon like this one?
    Yes there is a device called that in our Add On Store.

    GreyMouser Skye: When will "Start on World Map" go away?
    By end of year.

    Liz_the_wiz: will we ever be able to just run from zone to zone.. and not use overworld?
    and not use sewers etc
    Perhaps but not anytime soon

    Kraye: is there any plan to add areas to harvest (wood, ore, etc) where you won't need to fight mobs so those who want to focus on just crafting can do so?
    No because that could too easily be botted and farmed by gold farmers.

    blaquerogue: can we have a choice body loot! Upon PVP kill

    blaquerogue: i would like to have my character do the sinsister laugh like the bandits etc... o
    Great idea

    Baron Drocis Fondorlatos: Why are there mobs in PVP areas? Why can't there just be easy to get resources and the risk is that you're going to be ganked by pvpers?
    If there was a guarantee that there would constantly be players in the scene that would work but of course that cannot be guaranteed.

    GreyMouser Skye: Can I ever actively block arrows with a shield?
    Not anytime soon

    Brokemodel: can you please make getting a phoenix talon an option for someone in the game because i have been searching for days and all i hear is it's too hard unless you have 100% fire proof
    “Too hard” is not impossible.

    Tahru: There are many PvP areas, could be negatively impacting PvP because like-minded people are harder to find?
    Worth considering.

    blaquerogue: i would like to see the npc you're fighting when you blink it takes him a moment to turn and face you, wolves are a good example if you blink behind them they are already turned and facing you and not confused

    Corp Por: Anything coming new glyph or glyph change wise to polearms?

    Corp Por: Are the Artifacts and Cabalist Weapons getting an overhaul?
    Some Artifacts and Cabalist Weapons will get balance passes and some will get reworked.

    Brokemodel: are you ever going to put Place anywhere lots on sale again. there are some NPC cities with a lot of empty spots now and it would be nice to place a town there
    We have to remain committed that for every deed sold there is a lot so while those lots are sitting empty currently we anticipate them to be claimed during the “second” land rush when we commercially launch and all the players waiting for us to “finish” come in the game. For Episode 2 we will sell more "Place Anywhere" Deeds when we double the land mass.

    Murphy: [Can we get] Coat of Arms stuff? Shields, Banners, Cloaks, other? Anytime soon/ever?

    Corp Por: Anyway to have a dismiss Chaotic / dismiss Shield of air bindable key?
    We don’t have dismissing specific buffs tied to a bindable key

    Liz_the_wiz: will we get to pick the prices in the rent system as actual home owner?

    Zyxe: I was wondering if we could get the option to have items from the public vendors that don't sell return to our banks instead of being sold for the NPC buying rate (while still losing the listing fee)? Getting hit with the loss of both a listing fee and loss of the item is rough and may be hurting the growth of regional economies, from my observations.
    We can consider but players will abuse the system by using vendors as storage.

    Baron drocis fondorlatos: Would it be able to use the Crystal Sword as a decoration ONLY if the owner of the sword and the property matched and force the permissions to not allow anyone to move the item?
    This would take a lot of special case code for this one single item. There are much higher priority items for us to work on.
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    Thanks, Starr! I thought you were just going to skip this since you were out.
  3. Waxillium (Kvow)

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    Rift's End
    lol. thanks!
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    oh dear. future plot point: here comes the flood.
  5. Baron Drocis Fondorlatos

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    I believe recent events have changed this.

    I now have many buffs that last over 30 minutes. The reason this is important to me is for pvp. If I enter a new scene without buffs and there's already someone there with buffs, this is a huge advantage for the other side. It allows players to camp spawn points with an advantage.

    On another note: Although I like longer buffs, I would prefer that they are all removed whenever someone switches decks. This would prevent players from using "buff decks" that allow them to 5 stack every buff in the game.
  6. Baron Drocis Fondorlatos

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    Please do!
  7. DarkStarr

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    Thank you everyone who reached out and convinced me to repost these.

    I edited a few of the answers based on feedback. Enjoy!
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    Wouldn't a possible solution be to have a checkbox in the Settings > Interface menu to turn this "on/off"? This way both sides are appeased. Oh, wait, except for those people that want to control how I experience my gameplay. :)
  9. curt

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    They can't make a "Row Lot" Sized Ornate Moondial?
    Due to how row lots works so that answer i consider wrong.
  10. DarkStarr

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    Well we would just use that as a size guide.
  11. redfish

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    More sizes and mirrored versions of titan statues would still be nice; ie something in between the POT deco size and add-on deco size, like the Boreus statues at artifice, plus also an indoor display size similar to other statues on add-on (ancient, nobles sets).
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    Q:Vassflam: Can we have more discussions concerning PVP, game balance, and stability?

    Q:Fantalio: open world pvp, factions, guild warfare, player home defense, or any other type of engaging gameplay experience on the way?
    A:You can already flag open PVP, Guilds can already declare war, you can already live in an Open PVP POT and defend your house against invaders.

    LOL And this is why the PVP group has left.

    Guilds can declare war, but all it does is open your whole guild to OPEN PVP, so its NO DIFFERENT THEN me having my WHOLE guild go open PVP. So no thats not a *WAR*. It's not even a dispute between 2 sides. Its literally just an agreement to all go to open PVP.
    And explain to me the *defend my house from invaders* aspect? Is this a role playing thing? Can people actually damage, or do ANYTHING to my house thats worth defending? Or is this another one of those *use your imagination things*.

    Im not even going to rip this apart because this just amplifies my belief you guys don't play other games, and your intent to use misleading terms to make things sound better.

    The GUILD WARS mechanic right now is weak, and shouldnt even be called that. Its more like your *guild leader has the ability to tag the whole guild with open PVP flag*.. thats it.

    So im curious.. How many guild wars have happened? How many even organized GW have happened? Because theres really no way to limit 1 side vs the other with the current mechanics. Unless i BUY A PVP POT, and ban anyone/everyone who isnt part of the 2 guilds * Warring * ...

    you guys should REALLY just remove the guild Vs guild *mechanic* you have in place now.. and take it out of the description untill you do something better. As its blatently insulting to your customer base.

    -Edit -
    Oh .. and the Craft able Table Top Catapult decoration, is not a valid enough item to be able to rightfully claim your game has craftable siege equipment for PVP.
    Thats another insult to the player base.

    And clearing out a PVE siege on a town.. that has 0 effect on the town whether you clear it or not, is not the same as *conquer ing a town* ..
    Please stop using deceiving descriptions for features, when your so close to .. well w.e degree launch your calling the game. Its more of a slap in the face to people who are TRYING so hard to support you guys.
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    You ought to point this out in the mini telethon questions.
  14. Lord Andernut

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    New Britannian Market
    You said you weren't going to rip it apart... but I don't think there is ever an intent to use misleading terms. I think you are also missing this question in your list of quotes:

    I think you are mistaking brevity and the inability to perceive tone in this large document with intent. I have never believed that "declaring war" = open pvp was the final plan. I think they are simply stating there is something in place. They could have gone further and said there is more planned in the questions/answers you quoted, but it is obvious from the above quote there is more planned.

    Since they have the technology for duel (not open-pvp) I have no doubt they can do something for larger numbers of players, it's just a matter of implementation and if they introduce something sooner it's awesome, but if they introduce it half-assed it may cause more problems than it solves.

    You also missed this quote:

    Signature-worthy ;)
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    Can we get Red Rain?
  16. Lord Andernut

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    New Britannian Market

    This concerns me, if what this means is that the best deals in-game are found through someone running a program that pings them when a lot deed or COTOs or rare goes up on a vendor in-game.

    Past sales history is different than unfolding game events.
  17. redfish

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    Yes, plus if this becomes the norm, then it gets rid of a lot of incentive to actually create interesting shops for players to visit that are attractive, well designed, and specialized to a trade -- or find ways in the game to advertise (though to be honest, we don't have the tools in the game yet for this last item, was hoping with bulletin boards). In all, it turns the game into more of a meta-game.
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    @DarkStarr @Chris @Undone - I agree with the above.
    If this change goes through, you will get the API hammered, especially if it goes through without a time delay and aggregation.

    In regards to @Lord Andernut and @redfish concerns, if this does come to pass I'll ensure SotaSTATS (launching soon i swear) will have such a feature, so that the playing field is more equal. But I feel this will VASTLY diminish the regional economies, as well as force more people to alt-tab out of game (immersion breaking), and it will hurt the lower players. People won't want to see "Ore is more expensive over here, because regional economy" they'll just see the main towns undercutting the regional economies to drive traffic to them, creating loss leaders on smaller goods (ore/etc) to drive the sales of larger goods.

    There's a known fallacy of people where people will spend 10 cents per gallon in time/gas to drive to a further gas station to "save" 5 cents per gallon.
    This will happen here. Newbies will be unable to compete, as their margins are MUCH lower than established players, and so people will flock to the established players (who can flood the API and undercut) until they are driven out.

    If player vendor data goes in, please find a way to delay it days or weeks. We should only have access to historical data for comparison, not live market data. If we do have access to live market data, I apologize to undone for the server load he's about to experience, because I know at least 5 data-heads who will be spamming the API with multiple servers(to avoid the limit) to ensure they have up to the second data to get that slight edge.
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    sure they can. the obsidian row homes have roof decks.
  20. redfish

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    Yes, I don't know if this is the right place to bring this up... but its worth mentioning that even as the devs are trying to make the game friendlier in certain respects, I know a lot of players personally who have just stopped playing entirely, are incredibly disappointed, some already sold out, and more are talking about selling their accounts. Its not just about one feature or a handful of features, but the fact that they backed to play a classic RPG and don't believe Shroud is shaping up to be a classic RPG.

    I'm not going to demand anything of the devs, but just say I hope they're sensitive to this, and I'll continue to be constructive and offer suggestions where I can where I think the game can improve in this area.
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