storeEpisode 2 Stretch Goal Store

As revealed in the Release 55 Livestream we have launched the Stretch Goal store for Episode 2! These are stretch goals with rewards that can be used in the game now (or at least very soon)!

When you purchase a stretch goal item you will get it as an in-game reward immediately (or very soon if the item is still a work-in-progress), even if the stretch goal is not met. These rewards are completely unique. They will not be sold in the add-on store, in-game, or as bundle items. Once the stretch goal is met we will begin work on the functionality for Episode 2 and all of the items purchased will gain some function related to the goal when Episode 2 launches. For instance: the foal from the Mounts stretch goal would grow into a horse that you could then ride.

Each stretch goal has a progress bar underneath tracking the progress. General philosophy is that these items cost slightly more than equivalent items because they are linked to stretch goals. 

We are starting with the Mounts Stretch-goal and will add further stretch-goals over the next several months including Flexible Lot Placement, Pack Animals, and Elven Playable Race. NOTE: Many of these items are similar to the previous stretch-goal store items but these are different and unique.


Players will be able to ride horses around the game (including horses tamed in the game)! NOTES: There will be some kind of summon mount emote / key. When mount appears you automatically vault into the saddle. Cannot fight while mounted. If you are hit / enter combat while on horseback you are knocked from your horse. Mounts cannot be ridden indoors or underground.

Current Mounts Stretch Goal Funding Progress


Black Horse Mask $8
Brown Horse Mask $8
White Horse Mask $8
Blanket Horse Mask $8
Buckskin Horse Mask $8
Barn Two-Story Village Home $49
Light Unicorn Mask $10
Dark Unicorn Mask $10
Ornate Hitching Post $10
Roan Foal $20
Dun Foal $20
Appaloosa Foal $20
Giant Horse Statue (digital) $50
Horse Statue (digital) $20
Fancy Riding Outfit (digital) $15
Fancy Riding Outfit Pattern Pack (digital) $18