Patch Notes

Release 70

Welcome to Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues Release 70! “How to Play” instructions and game update notes on Release 70 are available here.

Build Number 1051 – October 12 4:00AM


  • Text localization updates
  • Pathfinding fix for Kobold Expeditionary Camp to fix some kobolds that were trapped!
  • Cotton seed and rose seed counts on merchants increased
  • Juggle skull emotes added to store
  • Moe polish work to The Rise teleporter
  • Fixed issues with Spider Cloak patters pointing to incorrect visuals
  • City sized dragon statue visuals fixed so they no longer go out when player is near them
  • Fixed floating Tartarus teleporter
  • Rapid Fire update: Previously each arrow hit for 45% damage. Now the first arrow hits for 70% and drops 5% per arrow down to 45%. This is to help mitigate the increased damage resistance changes that were more negatively impacting archers.

Build Number 1049 – October 9 8:00AM

Updates -Small patch to address just some store issues

  • Dungeon teleporter decorations can now all be placed. (Future patch will fix the slight floating of the Tartarus entrance)
  • The Rise dungeon teleporter changed to Heritage. (does not change existing versions)

Build Number 1048 – October 5 6:00AM


  • Splintering Strike will now hit 4 targets. Also, the debuff will stack up to 3 times
  • Gustball fields will now be decoable
  • Giant Gray Squirrel pet visuals improved
  • Tool tips for context menu’s for door, treasure chest, vendor.
  • Crown shop: POT sized (works on player lots but HUGE) dungeon teleporter entrances. Find them under Featured–>New Decorations

Build Number 1047 – October 2 9:00AM


  • October login rewards will now be delivered
  • The Shaft room for player dungeons will now correctly be craftable. (if you got a dog room, mail Atos in game)
  • The Shaft w/Encounters will now correctly show as a shaft room
  • ***Player chests are now Lockable***
  • Typo fixes for Esmeralda’s and Chen’s conversations
  • Increased culling range for cannons
  • Added eternal pattern to flaming skull mask

Build Number 1046 – October 1 6:00AM


  • Fix for Ulfheim’s broken exits
  • Fixing some delivery issues with R70 rewards

Build Number 1045 – September 29 6:00AM


  • Heraldry Polearms are now fully dyeable
  • Fixed incorrect quantity in “Landing Flies 3-Pack” store item
  • Ulfheim added hints by emergency exits/sturdy vines to help players spot them.
  • Novia: Added “Boat to…” to some discovery compass labels to clarify a boat is being marked and not the boat’s destination
  • Fixes for greenhouses to improve their behavior and fix some exploits with them
  • Added heritage versions of viking row homes
  • Cleaning rain will now use attunement
  • Glacial Glissade will now hit up to 4 targets instead of 1 and uses attunement in its damage calculations
  • Earthquake should now properly speed up with specialization
  • Crafting totem difficulty has been address so they properly get harder to craft vs easier
  • Added sound FX for several skills
  • Added an icon for the summoned phoenix DOT effect
  • Fixed some camera issues in player dungeons that caused some to clip to early and others to perform poorly
  • Solar Flare will now require reagents and have a 40 prereq to learn
  • Dungeon transition room blue print for Ancient Stone to merchant should now be available.

Build Number 1044- September 27 10:00AM


  • Fixed an issue where heraldry could appear washed out on certain items.
  • Adding fish over ride statues to the store
  • Fix an exception in the mail system that was blocking several players from reading mail
  • Ulfheim wave battle fixes
  • Fixed decoration problem on docks and several other water lot related items