Patch Notes

This page is for patch notes for the live server. Patch notes for the QA server can be found here.

Release 114 — May 2023

Build Number 1660 – May 28th, 3:00 PM

  • Corrected available dates for R114 Subscriber Rewards in the Crown Store.
  • Crafting Shop: Added a lantern outside the front door both in NPC towns and on the POT-placeable version. SOTA-70929
  • The Epitaph, Grannus Colossus, and Oracle Colossus: Updated the logic that allows the Avatar to collect the Shards of the Vermillion Lens. SOTA-71371
  • Celestis and Tenebris Harbor: Fixed an issue with the platform elevator switches not working properly. Slightly spruced up the visuals for these elevators. SOTA-71428
  • Tundra Encounter: Aether dragons should now be a possible spawn at the correct time of year.
  • Ardoris: Fixed a typo in the “Find 4 Books of Courage” journal/task. SOTA-71424
  • Brookside: The wishing wells are no longer protected by anti-theft protection. SOTA-71422, SOTA-71420
  • Eastmarch: Moved a lantern from atop a destructible crate to an indestructible one. SOTA-71421
  • Elad’s Lighthouse: Added a teleporter boat to Novia. Added a “Return to Previous Location” boat and balloon. SOTA-71427
  • Midras Ruins: Regenerated the path grid with tighter parameters to stop NPCs from “bouncing” in certain locations. SOTA-71423
  • Necropolis Barrens: Fixed the functionality of a lamp on a table in Envy Angel’s house. SOTA-71435
  • Port Harmony: Fixed a typo in Cyprian’s “Which Tavern?” response. SOTA-71353
  • Port Harmony: Fixed a distracted visitor so that she is able to advance the daily version of the quest associated with her. SOTA-71383
  • Port Harmony: Moved several floating planters to the ground.
  • Spectral Mines: The well-gnawed skeleton wave battle should now activate. SOTA-71432
  • Spite: The fountain, wishing wells, and stables are no longer protected by anti-theft protection.
  • Created in-game maps for the dev scenes.
  • Created Isle of Storms in-game map.
  • POT Dragonvale: Changed biome to Island 01a. Moved to Mistrendur near Port Harmony. Upgraded to Municipality. SOTA-71416, SOTA-71426
  • POT Haven Ridge: Changed owner. SOTA-71434, SOTA-71404
  • POT Sleepy Hollow: Upgraded to Village from Hamlet. SOTA-71431, SOTA-71417

Build Number 1659 – May 25th, 10:30 AM

Release 114 Notes


Previous Releases

Release 113 — April 2023

Build Number 1657 – May 11th, 2:00 AM

  • The unmount button will no longer show up when the option to remount on scene change is disabled and one changes scenes by going to the edge of a scene instead of using a teleporter. SOTA-71272
  • The flowerwand emote in the vault store should no longer have question marks around the item name. SOTA-71346
  • The reward box label headers in offline mode should now show correctly. SOTA-68102
  • The fish tank UI will now close upon pressing escape. SOTA-71280
  • Highvale Outskirts: Added a safety to the monastery elevators which will teleport any player under a dropping elevator that gets pushed underground to a location next to the elevator base. SOTA-71388
  • Port Harmony: Fixed typos in Zouch’s responses, including correctly mentioning the bakery stall instead of the produce stall. SOTA-71395
  • Port Harmony: Added collision to a wall in the town hall. Fixed small (non-blocking) issues with Zouch’s quest. SOTA-71387, SOTA-71381
  • Port Harmony: Added a horse in front of the tavern and updated responses for some of the NPCs at the tavern. SOTA-71392
  • Ravensmoor: Moved a bubbling fishing hotspot to deeper water. SOTA-71386
  • Spectral Mines: Fixed an issue where the lepus zombies were spawning in the wrong location and an issue with the Archlapin’s timed event settings.

Build Number 1656 – May 9th, 4:30 AM

  • Repaired the broken and unidentified quest items.
  • Fixed the color of the red velvet ottoman to look more like the rest of the set. SOTA-71348
  • The hot air balloon’s fire will now extinguish when set to off. SOTA-71262
  • Fixed the collider on the viking palisade wall stairs. SOTA-71285
  • Fixed stacking of holiday lights. SOTA-71349
  • Added a shadow to the alchemical jar. SOTA-71283
  • Fixed recipe name mismatch for bedroll. SOTA-71229
  • Made new icons for the lava fish trophies. SOTA-71287
  • Fixed incorrect icon on Replenishing Confetti Eggs Basket 2017. SOTA-71345
  • Adjusted Crown Store listing name of the Norgard Crossbow to display correctly (from Viking). SOTA-71288
  • Added an icon for Northwood to the map. SOTA-69192
  • Ardoris Arena: Avatars will now be asked to take off their PvP flag upon entrance. This should prevent players from unsheathing weapons in the observation area of the arena.
  • Blood River Outskirts: Fixed elf scalp quest. SOTA-71376
  • Grannus Colossus, Oracle Colossus, and the Epitaph: Fixed availability of Shards of the Vermillion Lens. SOTA-71382
  • Grusk: Fixed holes under the lighthouse stairs. SOTA-71154
  • Port Harmony: Fixed typo in “Avowal of the Hearth” display name.
  • Port Harmony: Added randomization to the “virtue gift” weekly award.
  • Port Harmony: The potions given as “virtue gifts” are now no-trade (aka “Bound”).
  • Port Harmony: Improved the logic used by Distracted Visitors for their quest. SOTA-71383
  • Port Harmony: Madalena in the hospital is now able to process ecology surveys. SOTA-71321
  • Port Harmony: Added NPC Zouch and his “dare to emote” quest assets, including compass markers, emote detectors, and a new ranger NPC. Updated some responses shared by children, guards, and visitors. SOTA-71381

Build Number 1655 – May 5th, 1:34 PM

  • Grannus Colossus and Oracle Colossus: Fixed availability of Shards of the Vermillion Lens. SOTA-71382
  • Blood River Outskirts: Fixed elf scalp quest. Fixed typos in Phineas Drumplemouth’s conversation. SOTA-71376

Build Number 1654 – May 2nd, 2:40 AM

  • Crown Store sale prices have been restored to the normal 20%.
  • Added mote VFX to help visibility of coconut, garlic, mandrake, nightshade, and serpent scale resource nodes. SOTA-71352
  • The talking mirrors are talking again and would appreciate being moved closer to a window. SOTA-71328
  • Fixed a typo in the R113 Subscriber Reward Bundle Description. SOTA-71358
  • Fixed some pets that were not keeping their stay-here/patrol settings.
  • Mistrendur: Fixed issues with missing shoreline and mountain collision. SOTA-71367
  • Novia: The Obsidian Trials Trader should now appear in the information window for the Obsidian Trials in Novia. SOTA-71373
  • Blood River Outskirts: No NPCs in this scene will have the Solace Bridge Outskirts Heirloom in their loot anymore. SOTA-71350
  • Central Brittany: Dredged much of the river to better allow for fishing opportunities. SOTA-71351
  • Eastmarch: Improved collision on large statue. Adjusted the awning next to the combat merchant building so the shutters don’t clip through it. The bank vault door no longer clips through nearby objects. SOTA-71362, SOTA-71364, SOTA-71363
  • The Epitaph: Improved quest logic to stop players from getting the Shard of the Vermillion Lens even after its purpose has been fulfilled. SOTA-71371
  • Jotungrund: Fixed an issue where Hisa was trying to trade for Wymond’s Token when asked to trade for Wymond’s Marker. SOTA-71356
  • Jotungrund: Fixed a typo in one of Wymond’s “rumors” responses. SOTA-71361
  • Necropolis Barrens: Turned off Envy Angel and her wisps. SOTA-71357
  • Port Harmony: Fixed the sign label on the Lovers Bridge. Updated responses for the Minister of the Hearth and other NPCs. Removed duplicate objects from the tailor shop. The produce seller now has a unique name. Fixed a shield clipping through a table in the blacksmith shop.
  • Port Harmony: Fixed typos in the Guild Registrar’s responses. The tailoring shop now has a tailor in it and no longer has grass poking through the floor.
  • Port Harmony: Fixed typos in Cyprian’s responses. Blacksmith Sherwin now properly responds to the “buy” keyword. SOTA-71353, SOTA-71354
  • Port Harmony: Improved the responses for the Adventuring Trainer, Crafting Trainer, and Tavernkeeper.
  • Port Harmony: Fixed typo in “tavern” keyword response for several NPCs. SOTA-71372
  • Port Harmony: Hawker Garrulus no longer blocks the news hawker quest.
  • Port Harmony: Fixed a typo in Kenley’s responses. SOTA-71355
  • South Broken Road: Fixed a typo in the Orator’s “others” response. SOTA-71369
  • Vikland: Fixed a typo in the buried treasure directions for the faun statue. SOTA-71368

Build Number 1650 – April 27th, 10:30 AM

Release 113 Notes

Release 112 — March 2023

Build Number 1648 – April 2nd, 1:40 AM

  • Fixed baby dragons’ walk animation. Adult dragon and troll conversationalists can also now patrol.
  • Fixed renamed POT NPC names not showing correctly.
  • Fixed typo in the rewards window.
  • Stone basement 2-story village stairway will be able to be decorated again.
  • Fixed naming for the jester scepter and enabled the pattern.
  • Fixed the jester scepter’s placement collision for walls.

Build Number 1647 – March 30th, 10:30 AM

Release 112 Notes

Release 111 — February 2023

Build Number 1643 – March 22nd, 12:00 AM

  • The March sales have been turned off.
  • Double XP has been turned off.
  • The contaminated waters of New Britannia have been cleansed.

Build Number 1642 – March 16th, 12:00 AM

  • These sales and bonuses will be in place March 16th through the 21st:
    • Double XP
    • Crown Store Sales 30% off
    • Deed Upgrades 20% off
    • Crowns of the Obsidians 20% off
    • POT Upgrades via COTOs 20% off
      (Contact support to initiate a POT upgrade and pay with COTOs)
  • The water in much of New Britannia has mysteriously been contaminated with ground shamrocks. Surely it can’t be that hard to catch this befouling villain; he’s done the same thing for several years now!
  • Deep Ravenswood: Aether monsters should no longer spawn outside of the two-tailed comet’s timeframe. SOTA-71170
  • Final cleanup of new bug brigade rewards’ rotations and textures.

Build Number 1639 – February 25th, 7:30 PM

  • Fixed fish and fish tank accessories being equipable. Those that were equipped on characters will be back in inventory once they log in. Comparison tooltips with current equipment will no longer appear on the exotic fish and accessories.
  • Random Encounters: Fixed an issue that was sending players exiting the Mistrendur wandering merchant scene to Novia instead of Mistrendur. Also, the mounts of all three wandering merchants can no longer be killed.
  • Verdantis Shardfall: Fixed max skill level cap at 110. Only adventurer level had been previously applied.
  • Added a merchant buy value to fish bowls and reduced their weight.

Build Number 1636 – February 23rd, 8:45 PM

  • Fix for dungeon deco placement issues.
  • Hills Road Encounter: Fixed an issue that was sending exiting players to Mistrendur instead of Hidden Vale. On the wandering merchant’s cart, moved the contents to properly sit on the cart’s bed. Corrected a bad shader assigned to a certain rock that was causing visual sorting problems.
  • Vikland: Fixed typos in Hagen’s responses regarding Erica. SOTA-71144
  • Added fish bowl to blacksmith recipe decoration subcategory.
  • Updated large rectangle fish tank images for store.
  • Adjusted display name for the large rectangle fish tank store entry.

Build Number 1635 – February 23rd, 10:30 AM

Release 111 Notes

Release 110 — January 2023

Build Number 1633 – February 21st, 7:30 AM

  • The Valentine’s Crown store sale has been turned off.

Build Number 1631 – February 10th, 9:45 AM

  • The Valentine’s 30%-off Crown Store sale has been turned on.

Build Number 1630 – February 1st, 11:45 AM

  • Delivered the February Login Reward.
  • Fixed an issue where Devotional Caretakers would sometimes not offer a “hello” reply.
  • A few fish tank fish woke a bit early, but we sent them back to sleep for a few more weeks. No one wants cranky fish!

Build Number 1629 – January 29th, 5:30 PM

  • Blood River Outskirts: Removed invisible collision that was blocking access to a spider cave.

Build Number 1626 – January 27th, 1:15 PM

  • Fixes for new lava trophies’ missing textures.
  • Added new icons for the new crafted chests.
  • Added White Roses to the crown store.
  • Changed Magic School sign set name in the crown store.

Build Number 1625 – January 27th, 12:10 AM

  • Fixed a typo and a quantity issue in the R110 subscription reward bundle.
    There was a glitch with the delivery of the Subscriber rewards for R110. The title of the reward bundle indicated that a Hearts cloak would be included. There was an issue with the cloak that required us to pull it from the reward bundle and replace it with a second end table, however one of the end tables was missing for anyone who received AND OPENED it on Thursday (I think the UPS driver stole it).

    This patch will correct the delivery moving forward. Anyone who was shorted the end table will receive the second automatically through in-game mail; there’s no need to reach out to Support.

  • Added the new chest recipes to carpentry merchants.
  • Fixed the new chest recipes’ subclassification within the recipe book.
  • Attempted to fix the name of the Snowy Owl deco pet (again).
  • Updated the crown store’s seasonal categories for 2023.
  • Added a picture in the crown store for the Mini Air Elemental.
  • Fixed LOD and z-fighting issues at the base of a balcony door in the Stone Five-Story Wizard’s Tower (Village Home).

Build Number 1624 – January 26th, 10:30 AM

Release 110 Notes

Release 109 — December 2022

Build Number 1622 – January 3rd, 3:00 AM

  • Seperated healthbars of party members more, as it was previously.
  • All holiday sales and XP bonuses have ended. Happy New Year!

Build Number 1621 – December 19th, 10:00 PM

  • Fixed party members’ nameplates overlapping in groups of more than two people.
  • Fixed the planter box unwatered indicator smoke showing on first load of the planting spot, SOTA-68994
  • Added emote played from emote bar and hot bar to chat log
  • NPC Guard Appearances: Updated a wounded Mistrendur guard. Added a ‘warlord’ for the Norgard guards. Improved color application for variant uniform colors.
  • Aerie: Fixed an issue where a roof was poking through a wall.
  • Aerie: Fixed a logic issue with the “hello” and “goodbye” responses from Stanley Adams.
  • Blood River Forest: Removed a big invisible wall near the middle of the scene.
  • Broochash: Fixed a logic error when Umberjack checks to see if you have Albreda’s package.
  • Castle Atos: When a player does the /ringbell emote near the Yule tree in Castle Atos it will light up the tree! You can get the emote in Estgard.
  • Castle Atos: Fixed collision for a window opening that had no window.
  • Oracle Colossus: Updated the logic which restricts the Avatar from collecting a Shard of a Vermillion Lens at the wrong quest stage. SOTA-71003
  • The Outlaws’ Run: Updated the new Mistrendur guard variants and swapped the caravan guard appearances for these new ones.
  • The Outlaws’ Run: All the outlaws now have a green wrap around their necks. Also, created green barrel variants.
  • Soltown: Updated Jeanne’s references to her daughter. Added a grave for her daughter in the graveyard.
  • Vikland: No one should be able to get more than one of Erica’s Amulet anymore. Any Avatar that has an extra one after completing the related quest should say “hello” to Hagen or Erling to remove it from their inventory.
  • Vikland: Replaced a problematic tower in the village.
  • Vikland: Updated the village chief’s appearance.

Build Number 1616 – December 15th, 10:30 AM

Release 109 Notes

Release 108 — November 2022

Build Number 1610 – December 1st, 4:30 AM

Build Number 1609 – November 23rd, 4:30 PM

  • Corrected the scale and height of the candles on the Giant Yule Tree 2022.
  • Updated the automated timer that makes Krampus appear to activate almost two weeks before the end of November. SOTA-69911
  • Changed the interconnection teleporter from Ordinis Mortis to Argent Aspis to a wagon.

Build Number 1606 – November 17th, 6:30 PM

  • Fix for RPC errors causing problems for many game systems in the Windows build.

Build Number 1605 – November 17th, 10:30 AM

Release 108 Notes

Release 107 — October 2022

Build Number 1595 – November 8th, 3:30 AM

  • Fixed the no-trade obsidian potion of precision’s effects stacking with the free-to-trade one’s effects.
  • Removed XP from the lich spawned by Lich Fighter Spawner Statue T15.

Build Number 1591 – November 1st, 4:30 AM

  • Turned off double XP.
  • Turned off deed upgrade sale.
  • Fixed name issue for Extra Life community cloak and corrected issue with pattern.
  • Fixed a decoration placement issue with the Red Vikland Crystal.
  • Mistrendur: Fixed the teleporter rowboats to/from the Vikland area. SOTA-70867
  • Vikland, Spindelskog, and Ulfheim: Runic Monoliths now correctly consume runestones, have additional visuals on the monoliths to indicate positive or negative versions, and have short-range compass markers. SOTA-70874, SOTA-70875
  • Spindelskog and Ulfheim: Fixed an issue where avatars weren’t able to trade runestones to local collectors. SOTA-70868
  • Vikland: Fixed a bad ladder target, a typo in the ‘Erica’ response for the village residents, and a typo in the ‘daemon’ treasure instructions. SOTA-70872, SOTA-70871, SOTA-70870
  • Vikland: Added a Public Vendor next to the groceries merchant.
  • Isle of Light: Fixed blurry loading screen.

Build Number 1590 – October 28th, 10:30 AM

Release 107 Notes

Release 106 — September 2022

Build Number 1588 – October 15th, 6:45 AM

  • Deed upgrades are now 30% off through Release 106.

Build Number 1587 – October 10th, 7:45 PM

  • Bowls of stew will now stack with identical items in the avatar’s inventory. SOTA-70796
  • Pale Scarecrow Mask will now return the proper pattern on salvage.
  • Fix for error spam from bat flap animation.
  • Vikland: Added missing sand texture for edge of scene and underwater.
  • Assigned owners to two recreated POTs that need the eviction process re-run.
  • Slow build to fix missing textures.

Build Number 1585 – October 9th, 3:45 PM

  • Recreated two old POTs to re-do the eviction process for both.
  • Turned off hair for females wearing the rotten pumpkin mask.
  • Vikland: Added prototypes for a buried treasure quest.

Build Number 1584 – October 7th, 10:10 PM

  • Updated R106 Subscription Rewards: now includes R105 rewards as well.
  • Augmented Login Rewards for October’s ‘Age of Darkness’ and included September’s rewards as well.
  • Fixed issue with female versions of recent pumpkin and scarecrow reward masks.
  • Bowls of Stew: Updated deco objects that are based on a bowl of stew so they can’t stack on one another.
  • Disable fix for plot, basement, and dungeon decoration area limit for now for sanity testing.
  • Resetting deck order is now saved locally if deck count doesn’t match server.
  • Added a small alert radius on all sarcophagi to alert nearby NPCs that one has been opened. SOTA-15411
  • Aldwater: This coastal PRT how has salt water instead of fresh water.
  • Ardoris: Fixed a typo in the “Accuse Rolf” chat hint.
  • Ardoris: Fixed a chair that was sticking through the floor in the alchemist shop. SOTA-65343
  • Blood River Outskirts: Fixed a stuck spot found using the heatmap. SOTA-60001
  • Brittany Fields: Fixed an issue where the crafting pavillions would disappear when moving away from them.
  • Castle Atos: Fixed a corner near the castle where the avatar was pushed out of the scene too quickly. SOTA-69954
  • Castle Atos: Fixed a shogun lamp to produce light and be interactable. SOTA-70173
  • Castle Atos: There should be much less rain leaking through the roofing of the buildings herein. SOTA-70158
  • Central Brittany: Fixed a stuck spot and a hole in a wall. SOTA-65330, SOTA-65339
  • Elysium Mines: Invisible torches in these buildings are now visible. SOTA-65369
  • Jaanaford: Rain no longer falls through the roof of the Reliquarium. SOTA-64546
  • Halls of Artifice: Added collision to the iron maidens. SOTA-65149
  • I think this line’s mostly filler.
  • Jotungrund: Added an ankh at the start of the barbarian’s crevasse. SOTA-69664
  • Jotungrund: Fixed collision bugs on the mountains. SOTA-69436
  • Kingsport: Smoothed down some rough spots on lots that were disallowing deco placement. SOTA-70782
  • Malice: Corrected misspellings of Avatar in Sequanna’s conversation. SOTA-70783
  • Moors of Northshore: Added mountains and trees beyond the playspace. SOTA-64022
  • Naryad Moors: Added one pool of deep water to allow fishing. SOTA-62736
  • Norgard Fens: Added one pool of deep water to allow fishing. SOTA-62736
  • Northwood: Updated the blacksmith shop to stop rain from coming through the roof. SOTA-61966
  • Owl’s Head Sewers: Added ankh by the exit to Owl’s Nest. SOTA-65345
  • Paladis Shardfall: Added a rock in the river. SOTA-66239
  • Shadowmist, Highiron, Lochfield, and Greyacre: Added cherry blossom trees. SOTA-41798
  • Shaminian Hills: Updated a prop.
  • Solace Bridge Outskirts: Fixed a bad seam between two similar rock materials in the terrain. SOTA-62495
  • Solace Bridge Outskirts: “Deliver Bloody Bones” tasks now reads “Deliver Bloody Bones Book” instead. SOTA-70789
  • South Hinterlands: Removed water sound effects from the south exit area. SOTA-65342
  • South Ravenswood: Fixed a bad material on a monument. SOTA-64573
  • Spindelskog: Added collision components to trees that were missing them. SOTA-69343
  • Vikland: Now available for early exploring!
  • POT Template Swamp Island 01: Removed floating lilypads. SOTA-65341
  • POT Gobi Rose: Updated to Town. SOTA-70785

Build Number 1577 – September 29th, 10:30AM

Release 106 Notes

Release 105 — August 2022

Build Number 1575 – September 6th, 10:40AM

  • Added new items to store.
  • Fixed all the Legacy Boots of the Energetic Tamer so they reflect the same movement speed stats as the modern versions.
  • Fixed all the Legacy Helms of the Stag Spirit so they reflect the same movement speed stats as the modern versions.
  • Fixed an incorrect modifier value on the Legendary Belt of Control. SOTA-70688
  • Fixed Arapaima spelling in a final few places. SOTA-70648
  • Fixed Lava fishing rod appearance when in use. SOTA-70728
  • Fixed typo in description of Large Altar Store Entry. SOTA-70729
  • Fixed Corinthian Column Set Store Entry icons.
  • Removed Expiration note from reward Greater Item of Unlearning name and description. SOTA-70247
  • Novia: Slightly widened some bridges’ access and removed or simplified collision for some city buildings in the Brittany area.
  • Outskirts: Added “guild” response to all friendly guards in all three outskirts scenes, briefly explaining what a guild is and that one can be joined or formed. SOTA-70723
  • Battle of Solace Bridge: Added a platform for player handbook and blue flames along the main path. Quincy’s body now has a yellow shield and blood spots leading to it. Hints at the automaton’s gate and the flaming archway exit now suggest where to go instead.
  • Blood River Massacre: Improved how the “Speak with the Gatekeeper” task is resolved.
  • Blood River Outskirts: Gave Alberic and Phineas a “sage” keyword to help older characters collect the “Sage” title after they have finished the main questline for this scene. SOTA-70710
  • Brittany Alleys: Renamed a “Fishing Supplies Merchant” to “Fishmonger.” SOTA-70720
  • Brittany Estates: Made some props and terrain adjustments outside a general store to help NPCs walk past the entrance more smoothly. SOTA-70713
  • Celestis: Extended the platform behind the bank to help with NPC pathing. SOTA-70721
  • Estgard: Fixed issues with overblown lighting in the Yellow Sow tavern. The affected chandeliers will be improved in all scenes in which they appear. SOTA-70714
  • Hallowed Plains: In the construction site wave battle, updated the door sounds and gave them UI alerts. SOTA-70712
  • POT CICI’s Trading Post: Added new POT south of Brittany area in Novia. Also, removed Crafters Town.
  • POT Isle of Light: New swamp island POT north of Soltown in Novia.

Build Number 1571 – August 25th, 10:30AM

Release 105 Notes

Release 104 — July 2022

Build Number 1567 – August 1st, 1:35PM

  • Time will now reset when leaving a scene with a kobold time machine. SOTA-69779
  • The Chaos Magic Glowing Mug should now show the entire chaos icon instead of just the top of it. SOTA-70517
  • Updated the collision and LODs for multiple minor prefabs (stacks of wood, gate frame, etc.
  • Fixed issue with deco red grape vines. SOTA-70646
  • Splinter strike damage should now work as stated in release note.
  • PRT Forest 01 Template: Moved the “Return to Previous Location” boat to accomodate overlapping assets within its scenarios, such as Taenby Landing.
  • Troll’s Bridge: Ice elementals and bears in this scene will no longer fight each other. SOTA-70693
  • Lua: Added two new lua functions: ShroudWorldToScreenPosition and LuaVector3.
  • The Outlaws’ Run: Moved a deer that was stuck on a rock to the nearby path.
  • Store recurring sale changed to every eight hours instead of two.

Build Number 1565 – July 29th, 5:50AM

  • Corrected an error that appeared when equipping any of the glowing mugs and processing certain visual effects on the character like stealth.
  • When picking up the dunk tank (or any future decoration that can be swum in) while a player is in it, the player will now stop the swimming animation.
  • Solania: Adjusted the crafting pavilion to help reduce an overlapping compass marker issue. SOTA-70682
  • POT Pumpkinville: Fixed an issue so this POT is correctly upgraded to a Hamlet.

Build Number 1564 – July 28th, 10:30AM

Release 104 Notes

Release 103 — June 2022

Build Number 1558 – July 12, 3:30PM

  • Disabled July 2022 Weekend #2 Specials to in-game store.
  • Enabled July 2022 Weekend #3 Special to in-game store, to last for rest of month.
    (There will a fourth Weekend Special coming, but weekend builds to turn sales OFF will be on pause due to Unity upgrade testing.)

Build Number 1557 – July 8, 4:50PM

  • Added July 2022 Weekend #2 specials to in-game store.
  • Sheet music title length increased from 32 to 64.
  • Fixed incorrect name on Spotted Catfish Trophy Recipe. SOTA-70587
  • Fixed description for Green Marble Straight Hallway. SOTA-70586
  • NPC Towns: Fixed a visual issue with a certain lamp used in front of many NPC shops that wasn’t illuminated when in ‘on’ mode. SOTA-70631
  • Aerie: Fixed the invisible collision that was blocking access to Bunker T. SOTA-70605
  • Battle of Solace Bridge: Re-added a missing flag which Avatars must receive when they agree to escort Charlotte. SOTA-70641
  • Grusk: Fixed an issue with one banner in the Governor’s mansion not displaying the kobold symbol.
  • Grusk Factory: Fixed an issue with z-fighting on the ceiling of the rooms with gears under the grate flooring. SOTA-70640
  • K’rul: Added a ‘don’t walk here’ gimmick for NPCs to help keep them from approaching too closely to the lava. SOTA-70633
  • Lord British’s Castle: Updated occlusion settings to help ensure a secret room was properly visible.
  • Solace Bridge Outskirts: Fixed a typo in the mouseover hint for the “Meet Captain Kinsey” task. SOTA-70642
    Updated the circumstances which cause Lieutenant Corliss’ waves with blue sparkles. SOTA-70643
  • Tenebris Harbor: Removed the staff from Tarian the drunken ritualist because it was blocking players from talking to him while he had it in his hand. SOTA-70644
  • POT Crafters Town: Upgraded to Metropolis from Town. SOTA-70636

Build Number 1556 – July 5, 12:30AM

  • Turn off 2XP and Weekend Row Lot bonus item.
  • Jack of Diamonds: Slightly updated text related to the quest for inoperable kobold weapons.
  • When playing a sound in Lua the volume should now work correctly.
  • Fixed errors when playing sounds with the wrong ID or channel that were blocking the rest of the Lua script function.

Build Number 1555 – July 4, 10:00AM

  • Changed name of Indestructible Lava Fishing Rod (third attempt to fix store.)
  • Removed the timed event script and set the Aether monsters to spawn ‘manually.’
  • Set up a situation for testing Timed Scripts that manage the Aether monsters.

Build Number 1551 – July 2, 3:40PM

  • Ice elemental should now attack properly at range (second attempt.)
  • Water elemental can be summoned again.
  • Renamed one of the duplicate Gothic Dining Chairs. SOTA-70451
  • Changed name of Indestructible Lava Fishing Rod (second attempt.)
  • Changed name of 2014 LB Birthday Cake store entry to fix sorting issue.
  • Updated description for the POT Tree Removers in the store.
  • Modified the timed event script which was causing some Aether monsters to not spawn.
  • Castle Atos: Removed the glass cover over the Lord British cake and added a volume to block players and NPCs from standing on its table.
  • Northwood: Re-enabled housing lots.
  • Soltown Catacombs: The skeleton prince now has unique barks. SOTA-70628
  • POT Regnum: Siege decorations should now appear on Novia when this POT is under siege.

Build Number 1550 – July 1, 7:30AM

  • Previously, Tame Movement Speed was not making your pet move faster but giving it dexterity. This has been fixed. Tame Movement Speed will now make your pet move faster. Dexterity has been seperated from that stat and is now named Tame Creature Dexterity. Skills and gems/jewel that previously had Tame Movement Speed now have Tame Creature Dexterity added to them along with the movement speed. Tame Movement Speed was previously showing a decimal number; it’s now showing a percentage to reflect the pet sheet. The Pet Speed Training innate skill will now give movement speed properly and dexterity as a second stat.
  • Tame Attack Precision was changed to Tame Critical Damage Multiplier. This is for Helm of the Stag Spirit and the Belt of Control artifacts and the Tamed Precision Imbued Gem (which now give a percentage as shown on the pet sheet instead of a decimal.) The value has not changed.
  • Now that wyverns have a higher base damage, their bonus critical damage multiplier while in combat mode has been reduced from 200% to 100% for PvE and from 100% to 50% for PvP.
  • Fixed Train Summoned Pet Resistance not being added to summons’ resistances. Each summon will also resist their own school of magic more than other summons do.
  • Added dexterity debuff to the newly-added blind skill for the summoned phoenix to reflect the same stats as the player skill Blind.
  • Increased the range of attack of ice elementals: the previous fix didn’t work.
  • Earth elementals should now reach targets with their basic attack.
  • Imbued Jewel of the Wolf giving taming strength has been increased.
  • Correcting spelling of Indestructible Lava Fishing Rod in store.
  • Added Grass and Tree Remover bundle to Crown Store.
  • Added container functionality to Redwood Display Table.
  • Corrected duplicate Recipe: Baked Barramundi showing on merchant.
  • Added Recipe: Seared Araipama Steak to merchant listing.
  • Updated the link for Discord in the New Player Handbook. SOTA-70625
  • Grusk: The sign above the entrance to Grusk Factory now simple says “Grusk Factory.” SOTA-70624
  • Grusk Factory: Set display to mark it as Tier 8+.
  • Solace Bridge: Fixed typos in Edvard’s responses. SOTA-70626

Build Number 1543 – June 30th, 10:30AM

Release 103 Notes

Release 102 — May 2022

Build Number 1540 – June 2, 1:00AM

  • Full build to fix missing/broken textures
  • Aerie: Raised the magic mirror so it doesn’t float through the floor.
  • Hilt Fortress: Moved the position of an ore node in the quest scenario of this scene. SOTA-70483
  • Kobold Expeditionary Camp: Fixed an issue where players would prematurely get a task by killing Mongo when not in the proper quest stage. SOTA-70545

Build Number 1539 – June 1st, 1:50AM

  • Memorial Day weekend sales and bonuses have ended.
  • When selecting Lua as a channel (while Lua option is active for that channel tab) it will now show Lua instead of Local. Text will also now appear in the chat as a Lua message.
  • After using a quest reset, Arabella now has a “Speak with Arabella” compass marker in Soltown, Aerie, and Resolute. SOTA-70531
  • Novia: Reduced the maximum opacity of the ‘swamp fog’ throughout the scene.
  • Aerie: Adding a New You salon and a beautician named Cicilia Griffiths. SOTA-70542
  • Blood River: Added additional measures to archive the “Use a Skill in Your Hotbar” task, including talking to Robert Villines more than once in the ‘after’ version. SOTA-70360
  • Crypt of the Avatar: Unblocked two side rooms that were incorrectly blocked. Fixed z-fighting on a certain floor section. Added a compass marker for the exit to Midmaer Passage. Sealed an open gap in a wall area. SOTA-70539, 70538, 70535, and 70534
  • Desert Encounter: Updated a test situation for a timed event.
  • Hilt Fortress: Dirtied the scene to ensure a resource node change is added. SOTA-70483
  • Jotungrund: Fixed a stuck spot involving a ‘sticky’ barbarian tent.
  • K’rawl: Added a compass marker for the exit to South Boundless Forest. SOTA-70536
  • Midras Ruins: Removed an archway with a one-sided texture that was clipping through the ground. SOTA-70537
  • The Rise: Fixed an ankh target that was sending avatars into the void. The Aether Corpions are now the same faction as the Bark Corpions. SOTA-70533 and 70540

Build Number 1538 – May 30th, 2:00AM

  • Added recipe for Altar Lockbox and added to deco merchants in North Paladis
  • Add Process Fish recipes for the five new fetid fish types
  • Added tattoo and hair colors to character creation
  • Fixed tattoos duplicating among multiple player and randomly disapearing
  • Blood River: Reorganized some of the scene hierarchy. Renamed “Cave” discovery to “Waterfall Cave.”
  • Blood River: Updated data for multiple tasks to help ensure their journal entries archive when these tasks are completed.
  • Lamech’s Bazaar and South Midmaer Way: Removed several stuck spots in a puzzle “tomb” and added two ankhs in the vicinity.

Build Number 1537 – May 27th, 7:20AM

  • POT Lained: Corrected this POT’s template data to ensure it’s using the Island 01a template.
  • Blood River: There are several “Travel to Blood River” tasks. The one from Sequanna at the end of the Path of Love is now “Talk to Robert Villines.” This task has received several text changes to make the task more clear and to help ensure the task clears. Avatars who haven’t been able to clear this task should speak to Robert Villines in Blood River to clear it. SOTA-70360
  • Desert Encounter: Added a test to help diagnose a timed event bug
  • Necropolis Barrens: Adjusted some of the rewards obtained from ‘harvesting’ love letters
  • Solace Bridge Outskirts: Fixed typos in Ackerley’s responses
  • Price correction on Altar Pew and Altar Bench
  • Added a 2-pack of Altar Pews to the store
  • Tall Candle Stand store description typo fix
  • Added a lock on each tab of character appearance that will block randomization when clicking Random for fields in that tab
  • Character appearance will now be saved to file correctly when clicking finish from New You
  • Fixed skin markings showing incorrectly while other players are in the same scene

Build Number 1536 – May 26th, 10:30AM

Release 102 Notes

Release 101 — April 2022

Build Number 1531 – May 3rd, 2:00AM

  • Crypt of the Avatar: Fixed issues including replacing a missing section of hallway, correcting hallway materials, and removing mysterious black effect throughout the scene. SOTA-70461
  • Adjusting names for Snow Leopard, Panther, and Jaguar mounts to remove “female” from the name in the store. The mounts have no gender displayed to the player in game. SOTA-70447

Build Number 1530 – May 2nd, 3:00PM

  • Fix for Lua manager on/off getting broke with multiple scripts
  • Stripped “Double-click to consume” from consumable items linked to chat and removed empty space at the end of some tooltips.
  • Blackblade Foothills: Flattened several terrain “spikes.” SOTA-70443
  • Grusk: Modified a pipe that was too short. Blocked a world object that was sticking through a ceiling. SOTA-70442
  • Hilt Fortress: Fixed a hallway that had an invisible object blocking passage. SOTA-70445
  • Wynton’s Folly: Flattened several terrain “spikes.” SOTA-70444
  • POT Regnum: Fixed an issue to make this POT a valid teleport scroll destination.

Build Number 1529 – April 29th, 4:00PM

  • Changed Female Lion Mount to Lioness Mount. (Other mount store entry edits coming soon)
  • Updated the Recently Added Store Category to reflect R100 and R101. SOTA-70440
  • Fix for NPC merchants not having tooltips.
  • Fixed an issue where Linux and Mac players would not see the correct output from /time command. SOTA-70439
  • Fixed Lua manager title typo and the window will now close when escape is pressed.
  • Fix for Lua manager not reloading some scripts on scene change.
  • Brightbone Pass: Moved a floating rock near one of the exit archways to the ground. SOTA-70438
  • Shaminian Hills: Added a “Reset Platform” button near a crystal receiver that sometimes is out-of-sync, to force it back in sync when you have a crystal that operates the platform. SOTA-70435
  • Soltown: Fixed a typo in one of Jeanne’s “hello” responses. SOTA-70434
  • POT Rampage Island: Upgraded to Crossroads Village from Holdfast. SOTA-70441

Build Number 1528 – April 28th, 10:30AM

Release 101 Notes

Release 100 — March 2022

Build Number 1525 – April 9th, 12:00AM

  • Fixed an issue that stopped the Bonesteel Crown, Scepter of Dread, Heart of Sorrows, and Shroud of the Avatar from automatically being deleted from an avatar’s inventory when a Quest Reset is used, blocking that character’s quest progression. These items are once again flagged as quest items and will be auto-deleted with a Quest Reset. Also, avatars with lingering artifacts now will have them cleared through NPC conversations just prior to their reacquiring them. SOTA-70344
  • Temporarily disabled big cat roars, pending skill fixes. SOTA-70345
  • Updated the recently added items crown store category. SOTA-70334
  • Castle Atos: Added a fletcher merchant at the training grounds and fishing merchants at the moat. SOTA-70337
  • Etecter: Added extra logic when completing Amanda’s quest to help ensure her task properly archives itself. SOTA-70335
  • Grusk: Fixed floating shrubbery, tabletop props, and a crate. Added some props near the dockmaster. SOTA-70340
  • Grusk: Moved several floating bushes to the ground. Moved a floating lamppost to the ground. Add “rumple” to some flat paths. SOTA-70347
  • North Celestial Wetlands: Adjusted collision that was blocking access of a letter on a broken wooden walkway. SOTA-70339
  • North Grunvald Barrens: Removed floating boulders from the sky. SOTA-70338
  • The Rise: Fixed the puzzle room for the stack buffs.
  • Fixing a null exception for the lua function ShroudGetBuffDescription.
  • Teleport scroll window height will now be saved when closing the window.
  • Added a way to /copy chat text by entering a number so you only copy the last few lines, e.g. /copy 3

Build Number 1523 – April 1st, 3:30PM

  • Castle Atos: Updated the huntmaster children to allow players to speak with them again.
  • Etceter: Added extra response options for Amanda to help conclude her “Talk to Amanda” task.
  • Grusk: Some kobolds will now include coughs in their ambient ‘barks.’
  • Fixed an issue with fish trophies referencing incorrect prefabs.
  • Fixed an issue with some fish deco and trophy sizes being out of sync.
  • Fixed fishing data bug – Tigerfish carcass size was set incorrectly.
  • Fixed not being able to copy or create new decks past 24.
  • Zone scroll UI: Added a color legend
  • Zone scroll UI: Made the window a bit larger and resizable vertically from the bottom.
  • Zone scroll UI: Added a count of the scenes discovered.
  • Zone scroll UI: Removed closed scenes from the list like Southmarsh Village.

Build Number 1519 – March 31st, 10:30AM

Release 100 Notes

Release 99 — February 2022

Build Number 1517 – March 28th, 3PM


  • The contaminated waters of New Britannia have been cleansed.

Build Number 1516 – March 17th, 3PM


  • Water for island POTs will now be above the surface.
  • The Huntmasters in Castle Atos will now respond to Outlanders.

Build Number 1514 – March 17th, 9AM


  • The water in much of New Britannia has mysteriously been contaminated with ground shamrocks.
  • Tamed Sabertooth Tigers will now show the correct name in whistles and when summoned.
  • The Fox-and-Rabbit game in Castle Atos will no longer glitch if you fail to complete it within the set time period the first time you play.

Build Number 1512 – February 28th, 7PM


  • Added ability to place bottom-mounted young fish on other decoration surfaces than the floor. SOTA-70226
  • Journal UI Fixes: The scrollbar for entries should scroll back to zero upon first-time switching. When selecting a filter, typing letters and pressing backspace or deleting it should now clear it correctly. The X will no longer be visible in the filter box if it’s empty. Mousewheel scrolling in the item lists of active or completed tasks should now scroll in between items too.
  • Random Encounters: The display name of the roving snow leopard that appears on Novia has been corrected to read “Snow Leopard” (instead of “Wolf”). Fixed fixed incorrect sound controller for big cat overworld prefabs. SOTA-70221
  • Multiple Scenes with Puzzles: Puzzle-reward treasure chests with special loot in Brittany Sewers, East Longfall Wetlands, Eastmarch, Elysium Mines, Penmawr Island, and Tenebris Harbor will now be interactable even after the avatar obtains that special loot (although they can still collect each puzzle’s special loot bundle only once). SOTA-69806, SOTA-69764
  • Blood River: Attached a floating hanged body to a wooden post. SOTA-70228
  • Castle Atos: Using the wishing well will no longer be considered stealing.
  • Northern Grunvald Barrens: Moved floating stones to the ground at one of the exit archways. SOTA-70223
  • Resolute: Fixed an issue where only the main gate guard would open their respective gate when asked. SOTA-70224
  • Tenebris Harbor: Dekker’s Room Chest will now have a minimum loot offering.
  • West Veiled Swamp: Corrected the scale of many incorrectly sized resource nodes. SOTA-70222
  • Attempt at Player Dungeon Spider Rooms Loot Table fixes. SOTA-70229

Build Number 1511 – February 24th, 7PM


  • Emergency patch to fix issues with the windows client

Build Number 1510 – February 24th, 10:30AM

Release 99 Notes

Release 98 — January 2022

Build Number 1508 – February 16th, 2PM


  • Turning off deed upgrades on client/server

Build Number 1507 – February 11th, 11AM


  • Enabled holiday deed upgrade sale!
  • Sunless Barrens: Geyser sound effects throughout the scene have been lowered and their drop-off ranges reduced. SOTA-70187
  • New overhead map for Demig’s Battlecamp Scene
  • New overhead map for Artifice Entrance Scene
  • New overhead map for Boreas Colossus Scene
  • Fixed visuals for young snow tiger
  • Ore Nodes: Corrected the scale on numerous Tier 5 ore nodes in a large number of scenes.
  • Tanglemire: Corrected the size of oversized ore nodes.SOTA-70157
  • Solace Bridge Outskirts: Improved the logic to remove the “Mention Ebon Dawn to Scout” compass marker. SOTA-70153
  • Fix: Some fix for lua that prevent user from playing after unloading scripts

Build Number 1501 – January 14th, 10AM


  • Fix for critical issue that blocked all NPC spawns in some high traffic areas
  • Turning on holiday sales for MLK day weekend

Build Number 1500 – January 6th, 1PM


  • Tiny emergency patch to back out change for HDR rendering as it had the unexpected side effect of making ground targeting circles difficult to see

Build Number 1499 – January 6th, 7AM


  • The winter storm has moved on from New Brittania
  • Deed upgrades have been disabled
  • Sale items have returned to 20% vs 25%
  • Additional logging has been added to attempt to identify several lingering bugs and performance issues
  • The “Bloom” option in graphics settings will now also disable HDR rendering. This is an attempt to fix the massive frame rate drop several players with Nvidia 20×0 and 30×0 cards have seen but we have been unable to reproduce. If you have severe frame rate drops in combat, please disable bloom and see if it helps!

Build Number 1498 – December 20th, 11AM


  • Obsidian lions have now joined the pride of lions in Spectral peak
  • Lightning Storm has had its flashes of lights greatly diminished to reduce shock to sensitive eyes
  • Previously added renaming of the house that would create an exception when clicking the stone and not being an owner already.
  • Lua function ShroudOnSceneLoaded will trigger once player data has been loaded.
  • Teralopolis’ will now have 12 juke box slots.
  • Soltown: Stanley’s quest that points avatars to Arabella will now successfully conclude when saying “help” to her. Players who already completed the quest but it hasn’t concluded should say “help” to her for it to conclude. SOTA-70027
  • Soltown: Fixed a typo in Stanley’s response about Castle Atos.
  • Castle Atos: Baozhai now shares their name with avatars. Also, the quest from Stanley pointing players to Baozhai will properly conclude. SOTA-70026
  • Battle of Solace Bridge: Fixed text in barks, responses, and journals. SOTA-70025
  • An error caused by trying to move your health bar when not in a party has been fixed.
  • Righ Inis and other ForestVillage02 PRTs: Moved the adventurer trainer to the ground near the tavern stall.

Build Number 1497 – December 17th, 1PM


  • Winter is coming…
  • The Wyvern Egg Salad recipe is now set as “Not Teachable” as intended.
  • Episode 2 creature difficulty for scaling zones will see a small increase. Most high levels will see a small increase in health but casters and ranged may see additional skill usage as well.
  • All NPC casters are receiving a small amount of attunement! This will make them more effective with spells but magic resistance was dropped accordingly so they should not be more resistant. (Approximately their level/2 attunement for most caster types)
  • Player dungeon Trolls were dramatically low on health. This has been corrected.
  • More tiger variations have been seen spawning in the Mysterious Swamp!
  • Fix for party health bars stacking on each other.
  • Fix for the vertical position of the party member being offset when clicking it.
  • Some lion cub issues have been fixed but he is still misbehaving when not used on a lot.
  • Several big cats were giving the wrong result when tamed. We believe all of these to be fixed now.
  • Big cats received a small animation polish pass to make their feet slide less
  • Fix for Spider Spawn Room (totem will not place)

Release 97 — December 2021

Build Number 1495 – December 16th, 10:00AM


  • The rare Spawn of Sobek, T15 crocodile is now tameable!
  • Big cats have finally made their appearance in Novia. Lions, Lionesses, and Tigers. All big cats with the exception of one very rare, very powerful Lion, should be tameable!
  • Players who are flagged as PVP or not flagged but playing in a PVP scene should now have only a 5 second ressurection debuff after dying vs the normal 15.
  • An issue was causing lightning storm to almost always stun and ignore the stun resistance effect from getting stunned
  • Lighning Storm was previously not adding any aggro for the caster. This has now been fixed.
  • Most non-unique, non-story based NPC towns should now be able to use POT flagged deed vs requiring Place Anywhere deeds.
  • Cone of Cold will now use fewer reagents.
  • The player dungeon UI has received a usability update. If you select dungeon pieces from your inventory while the UI is open, it will set that as the chosen piece. (Additional change to reset to none via button coming)
  • Celestian Sofa is now dyeable in primary slot
  • Tamed Mimics and Mimic Pets can now sit and dance!
  • R97 Reward: Caduceus Staff, January 2022 Login Reward: Caduceus Wand
  • Lua function ShroudOnSceneLoaded() will now execute only once all the game objects are fully loaded. This will prevent some confusion and errors while using his functions coupled with others too earlier like the player name while the character is not fully loaded.
  • Fix: Fix for Lua object ID being changed when destroying a previously created object.
  • New option in settings to decide if mount will be automatically mounted on next scene. Placed it off by default to match current behavior.
  • Player health bars are now MOVEABLE! This is an option in the UI options to enable this and it is off by default.
  • Inventory search bar filter improvement – compare against original item name in a adition to user-inputted name [SOTA-69973]
  • “Spite: Fixed the icons for several compass marker discoveries, including the Moratorium. SOTA-70001”
  • “Graff Gem Mines: Adjusted the location for a skeleton that was spawning halfway into a wall. SOTA-69989”
  • “Ardoris: Improved the logic which archives the “”Speak with Khasi”” task. SOTA-69872″
  • “Ardoris: Merchant Guildmaster Cai Lau now always has the “”Sheng Lau”” keyword available to ensure all localized versions have access to that keyword. SOTA-70018″
  • “Random Encounters: Fixed an issue that cause the “”great threat”” message to appear prematurely. SOTA-70015″
  • “Hills Encounter: Updated the path grid to help stop a certain wolf from leashing sometimes. SOTA-70014”
  • “The Outlaws’ Run: Moved floating roots to the ground. SOTA-69985”
  • “Desert Encounter: The sculptor merchants that sometimes spawn in these scenes will now be humanoid. SOTA-70017”
  • “POT Forest 01b template: Removed anomalous world objects. SOTA-70016”
  • “Spectral Peaks: Replaced some wolves with lions. In two locations, it’s possible for a tier 12 or a tier 15 lion to spawn. SOTA-70007”
  • “Tigers: Added tigers to East Veiled Swamp, Far Hinterlands, East Longfall Wetland, Kas Ruins, and Twins Foothills. SOTA-70007”
  • Lions: Added lions to Crag Foothills, Midras Ruins, Sequanna Colossus, Oracle Colossus, and Elysian Ruins. SOTA-70007
  • Serpent’s Spine Foothills: Squirrels can now spawn instead of rabbits.
  • “Random Encounters: Added Lions to Desert and Plains Encounters. Added Tigers to Forest and Swamp Encounters. Corrected scheme for display names for both lions and tigers. SOTA-70007”
  • Caverns of Skrekk: Added/upated props of some buildings near palace.
  • “Manor of Mystery: Moved floating mandrake roots to the ground, removed candles on the floor near a building entrance, and shifted the pink-purple cloth on the return teleporter disc to purple. SOTA-69981, SOTA-69979”
  • “Nightshade Pass: Moved a small floating rock to the ground. SOTA-69982”
  • Player Villages: Marked all player village scenes as “Player Run Town” to enable ability to place certain POT deeds.
  • “Central Brittany: Reactivated the Krampus quest given by Kinga and Ronin. SOTA-67332”
  • “POT Norstead: Moved from Mistrendur to Novia, southwest of Estgard. Also, moved “”Boat to Distant Towns”” south along the same docks. SOTA-69978″
  • Skrekk and K’rul: Added/updated decorations within some buildings.
  • Estgard: Improved “safety” logic that archives the “Convince Knight in Estgard” tasks when players complete the Path of Courage.
  • Manor of Mystery: Some mages of mystery refered to the old price of 500 gold for passage. They now know to only ask for 50 gold.
  • Central Brittany: Updated some parts of Arabella’s trivial responses.
  • “The Outlaws’ Run: Fixed a typo in Miloslava’s “”stone”” response. SOTA-69975″
  • “Aerie: Improved the logic for “”help”” responses by both Devotional Caretakers. SOTA-69913″
  • Vertas: Improved the response and journal from Kiakis regarding his suggestion of going through Vertas Pass to Jaanaford. SOTA-69873
  • “Blood Bay: Removed the chances that the ebb and flow of lava will block lava fishing at both volcanoes. SOTA-69665”
  • “K’rul: Moved large automatons out of small rooms. Added props to an empty shed. SOTA-68564”
  • “Soltown: Stanley now has small quests that point players to Arabella in Soltown and Baozhai the guard in Castle Atos. SOTA-69766”
  • “Oracle Temple: Improved the logic that dismisses the “”Find the Cerulean Lens”” compass marker. SOTA-69920″
  • “Blood River Outskirts: The “”Ask Phineas for Poison”” compass marker should never appear after the Phineas Drumplemouth questline is complete. SOTA-9919″
  • Jade Valley: Upgraded to Megalopolis from Municipality. SOTA-69971
  • “Shaminian Hills: Adjusted the mechanics of the magical elevator to help ensure the crystal receptacle stays in the proper state. Added a “”Reset Platform”” button near the top of the elevator for situations where the receptacle might still go out of sync. SOTA-69014″
  • “Jaanaford: Updated the logic which displays the compass markers related to the Broken Echoes Silver Mine’s foreman. SOTA-69921”
  • “Skrekk: Updated the compass marker for “”Caverns of Skrekk”” to read as such. SOTA-69666″
  • Ardoris: Improved the logic for archiving the “Meet with Khasi” and “Meet with Siranto” tasks for avatars if Min is defeated before these tasks are completed.
    “Owl’s Wash, Ravensend, Northshire, Westhollow, Valemark, Holtrot, Kingswood, Righ Inis, Aldhaven, Redmill, Greyacre, Highiron, Lochfield, and Shadowmist: Added a mimimal complement of NPCs and crafting stations near the default entrance. SOTA-69934”
  • “Valhold: New avatars who don’t meet the requirements cannot access the interior of Valhold Palace. SOTA-69958”
  • “Jotungrund: Avatars that were told by Wymond about his bone chips quest but didn’t accept it should now be able to do so. SOTA-69949”
  • Solace Bridge Outskirts: Avatars cannot use the “skip conversation with merchants” option for Ackerley’s until after they finish his quests. SOTA-69948
  • Hilt Fortress: Fixed a stuck spot in the Obsidian Forge area. SOTA-69957
  • K’rul: Fixed a stuck spot in a gazebo. SOTA-69955
  • “Halls of Artifice: The “”spike cage”” room mechanics have been updated to include a trigger warning and two very visible locks. One of these locks replaces the hidden pressure plate and it’s disastrous results. The avatar can now make a mildly-informed choice as to which lock to use. Also, two children in a cage in a different room have been replaced by two adults. SOTA-69946″
  • Spider Deco Pristine – Deco surface fixes .. Dais and 2nd to 3rd floor passage
  • Player Spider Room – Spawn Pedistal Added
  • Bug, Fixed typos in the Acaran Gauntlet upgrade recipe display names.
  • Store, The Ornate Wooden Semicircle Display Table has been added to the store to appear on December 31st.
  • Store, Winter item availability now only includes Vault and Recurring items, not Year Round items. The new house now is tagged as heritage. Wyvern & Dragon Eggs on the store now indicate 3-Pack in their name. Dragon Eggs on store now come in 3 packs.
  • Store, Added the new house, the lion cub, the new wand, and the new staff to the store to appear at various times depending upon the item.
  • Bug, Fixed validation error for Wvyvern Egg Salad rune that didn’t have the food item as the reagent.
  • Crafting, Deco, Loot, Wyverns now have a small chance to drop wyvern eggs, with higher tier wyverns having greater chances. Elves in Savrenoc Stronghold now have a small chance to drop a Wyvern Egg Salad recipe, which increases a character’s Song Duration by an additional 25% for 2 hours. Mustard seeds are now available on various cooking merchants throughout New Britannia, which is one of the ingredients for Wyvern Egg Salad.
  • Store, Added 8 enchanted wyvern eggs to the store. Also cleaned up materials for better visuals on a handful, and adjusted LODs on all 16 varieties.
    Wyvern Eggs now have a small chance to drop for the chef daily quest at Castle Atos.
  • Icons for Wyvern Eggs, Loot for Wyvern Eggs, Fixes for Collision on 1/2 of the Wyvern Eggs. Still need to do recipe for food item with rune (will put up for sale at Castle Atos), still need store entries.
  • Store, Magical Black Glowing Dye and Magical Black Glowing Pulse Dye has been removed from the store.
  • Deco, The Bottle of Wine and Elven Bottle of Wine can be rotated on an additional axis.
  • Decorations/Crafting/Loot, Initial load of wyvern egg assets.
  • Bug, Lightning Storm now features a fizzle chance as intended.
  • Fishing, Castle Atos now features unique freshwater fishing loot tables. The first unique item, which is a rare drop, is a Floating Barrel (Flotsam). Use this barrel as decoration on water in your Player-Owned Towns or on your water lot properties. Players can also open the barrel (which destroys it) to receive a considerable amount of Elven Brandy, Satyr Spirits, or Kobold Spirits.
  • Fishing, The moat surrounding Castle Atos now features unique fishing loot tables.
  • Quest, The chef daily quest at Castle Atos now provides more varied and increased rewards.
  • Store, The Saddle and Bags with Stand decoration item is now called Saddlebags with Stand since there is no saddle present on the item.
    Jotungrund: assigned lower LOD mesh to rock mesh colliders to allow access to resource nodes
  • The Rise: fixed room full of misplaced deco
  • Jotungrund: Several “stuck” spots have been fixed and several floating boulders fixed.
  • The Lord of the Isle dungeon room has now received significant polish including a koi fish pond.
  • Castle Atos has recived a number of new decorations including a piano in the tavern, toilets, and benches.
  • Despair has received a lighting pass and had several visual glitches fixed due to early culling of some columns.
  • Castle Atos now has an interactive well (can get water) and now has a seasonal christmas tree in the plaza
  • Removed the automatic change of target name when doing a private message and the player decide to log off. That would previously set the target to either the latest player you messaged or local.

Release 96 — November 2021

Build Number 1492 – December 4th, 11:00AM


  • Castle Atos: Mage of Mystery Quang has replaced Divum. Blocked off an underside of a specific staircase.
  • Player’s should no longer appear to fall when exiting Castle Atos to Novia
  • Several POTs have grown in size!
  • Shaminian Hills: Adjusted the mechanics of the magical elevator to help ensure the crystal receptacle stays in the proper state. Added a “Reset Platform” button near the top of the elevator for situations where the receptacle might still go out of sync.
  • Updates to clean up the Streamer bundles
  • The Antique Shop should now be fully decoable
  • Ravensmoor teleporter steps have better collision, no longer requiring a jump up
  • Halls of Artifice: The “spike cage” room mechanics have been updated to include a trigger warning and two very visible locks. One of these locks replaces the hidden pressure plate and it’s disastrous results. The avatar can now make a mildly-informed choice as to which lock to use. Also, two children in a cage in a different room have been replaced by two adults.
  • Control Points: “Mages of Mystery” are now in all control points. In addition to a small fee to teleport a player to the far side, they now also can teleport players to any other control point. SOTA-62329
  • Manor of Mystery: Removed redundant mages. Moved floating mandrake to the ground. Avatars with the “incorrect reputation” in the manor may find the mages will notice this and teleport them away.
  • Lord British’s Castle: Fixed an issue where a secret door wasn’t opening.
  • Several “stuck” spots in Castle Atos have been fixed
  • Port Mirren, The Brave Coast, Estercove: Added a mimimal complement of NPCs and crafting stations near the default entrance.
  • Jotungrund: Avatars that were told by Wymond about his bone chips quest but didn’t accept it should now be able to do so.

Build Number 1489 – November 24th, 10:00AM


  • 20% off all deed upgrade prices for the first time in over 8 months!
  • Sale items are now 25% off!
  • Streamer bundles are now purple as decorations

Build Number 1489 – November 22nd, 1:00PM


  • A critical issue that was causing a number of large issues has been fixed. (Small patch)

Build Number 1488 – November 21st, 2:00PM


  • As part of our further testing for PVP balance, Ardoris arena now has skill caps, level caps, and a 75% reduction in stats provided by gear
  • Lightning storm will now correctly use the reagents is lists
  • The 2021 Extra Live cloak will now correctly salvage to the 2021 pattern vs the 2017 pattern
  • Castle Atos Buff will now work correctly when 1-3 players are in scene
  • The Labrys Axe pattern now has the proper display name
  • The Delicate Feather of the Phoenix now drops for players without the phoenix feather quest.

Build Number 1487 – November 20th, 10:00AM


  • Fix for an issue that in rare cases could could cause the scene to reload repeatedly plus more logging to see why this occurred
  • Castle Atos buffs should now work as expected EXCEPT for when there are between 1-3 people in scene and then it will give the old buff for the health/focus one.*Sad Trombone sound here* (fixed in next patch)
  • A number of potions were set to expire if the player died. These have now been fixed
  • South Majestic Forest: Fixed typos in CBY-60053’s responses about the virtues.
  • The rate at which many mobs parry has been dramatically reduced
  • Lightning Storm will no longer be parryable or lockable. Combined with the above bug, this led to players believing lightning storm had been nerfed

Build Number 1486 – November 19th, 1:00PM


  • Mounts that are locked in inventory can once again be used
  • Numerous Lua changes, fixes, and additions. Documentation with updates can be found here:
  • Default for new players for overworld will be to show names in non-runic letters
  • Removed a misplaced exit volume in Castle Atos
  • Shrine in Castle Atos will re-grant the blessing if cancelled and reentered (Buff still scales based on current scene, that will be fixed Monday)
  • Castle Atos had several stuck spots fixed
  • Training dummies will now withstand far more abuse before dying
  • Animal Tamers: Renamed the conversation prefabs for these NPCs to be more uniform and filter-friendly.
  • Castle Atos: Updated spawn-in target, discoveries, exit volumes, ambient sounds. Removed stuck locations. Added access from Novia.
  • Summoned pets will once again be the correct power and level
  • Lava decos will no longer damage players when in placement mode
  • Spider room recipes and spawned version now in game
  • The Outlaws’ Run: Fixed typos in “Tell Guard About Miloslava” journal entries.
  • Bundles for Streamers to give away as prizes now in game and available on request for highly active streamers
  • Summoning spells should now level more quickly