Patch Notes

Release 89

Build Number 1382 – May 1st, 9:30AM


  • Fix for performance issues in The Rise
  • Fix for players zoning to Solace Bridge Outskirts when logging in to an Episode 2 scene
  • Fix (for the previous fix) for cloth/leather belt masterwork
  • Fix for some performance issues being caused by NPC casters throughout the game for some players
  • Obsidian Panopticon: Created daily quest to deliver packages to prisoners on behalf of the middleman near the scene entrance. SOTA-68901
  • The cold damage on the upper edge of the scene now only affects players. Corrected the facing of the blacksmith station.  SOTA-69012
  • Fix for explosive barrels repeated exploding visually
  • Ghosts and episode 2 Ghost Corpions should now correctly get more resistant to non-life/sun trees as they get higher level instead of LESS resistant
  • All casks can now be placed as POT decorations, and they now have more flexibility in placement which allows for staggered stacking.
  • Small, Medium, and Large Stone Ruins can now be placed in basements in dungeons.
  • Obsidian Panopticon: Players can no longer relock the elevator switches. SOTA-69015
  • Braemar: Removed a invisible blocker that prevented players from approaching an exit archway. SOTA-69013
  • Maps no longer drop excessively in certain loot tables. (Most of these were fixed in patch 1 but a few snuck by. Should all be fixed now)
  • Ghosts will now drain focus rather than add focus on special attacks.

Build Number 1381 – April 30th, 3:00PM


  • Quick pass on The Rise new area visuals
  • Shield of Air will now cost 70% less focus
  • High level enemy mages will now cast Torpid Torment less
  • Removed filter for quest item UI with multiple turn ins
  • More salvage loot adjustments
  • Global fix for effects with negative duration never expiring. This was causing many low level roots/slows on players to last until you logged out.
  • New shield skill is nowon the trainer
  • Ghost debuff strength skill will now last 30 seconds instead of 1030 seconds(!)
  • Belt Master working should now be working


Build Number 1379 – April 29th, 4:00PM


  • Lua should be working again!
  • Fixed french translation of Any glyph for combat bar to make it shorter so it fit the window
  • Added Lot Listing in the window selector icon
  • The bird population of Soltown is now more manageable. SQUAWK!
  • Several loot drop fixes

Build Number 1378 – April 29th, 1:00PM


  • Fix for salvage issue with artifacts
  • Obsidian Panopticon: Avatars without lockpicks may take a lockpick from a friendly prisoner no more than once a day. SOTA-68901
  • Fix: Pattern and heraldry not showing correctly on tooltip
  • POT Rampage Island: Added new Holdfast to Spindrift Island in Novia. Removed POT Silverdale Estates from Mistrendur. SOTA-69006