Patch Notes

Release 84

Welcome to Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues Release 84!

Build Number 1316 – November 26th, 11:00AM


    • All houses base prices are 25% off during the sale. These may also go on sale for an additional discount!
    • Crowns 20% off
    • All in game deed upgrades 25% off, the highest discount ever!
  • Fix for many but not all instances of “Centaur” mount bug

Build Number 1313 – November 20th, 10:00AM


  • Durability issues with crafted items fixed and data has been migrated to repair items
  • Perennial Coast Peasant Slippers are now properly attached to male ankles
  • Fancy Bathroom Sinks and Fancy Kitchen Sink can now be re-sized
  • Elven Village Home – Chandeliers can now be hung from ceiling beams
  • Mistrendur: Moved the access point for The Breach to be exactly at its overworld decorations.
  • Owl’s Head: Morton’s quest to recover his ledger has been updated to include updated dialog and journal text, compass markers, and better quest-tracking logic. Players in the middle of the quest should be unaffected, but if they feel stuck they can talk with Morton to help back on track.
  • Stucco 3 Story Row Homes now have deco surfaces on ceiling of first floor
  • Texture of crafted Small Cabinet now better matches crafted Large Cabinet; Texture of Small Dark Cabinet now better matches Large Dark Cabinet
  • Aerie: Both blacksmiths will never automatically open their merchant window if the character is on a specific stage of the Bonesteel Dagger quest.
  • Corrected typo in all mount store entries. Replaced “in” with “on”.
  • Created Framed Map of Ardoris. Created Recipe: Framed Map of Ardoris. Recipe has 5% chance to drop from Fauns.
  • Corpion Chair is now dyeable