Patch Notes

Release 72

Welcome to Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues Release 72! “How to Play” instructions and game update notes on Release 72 are available here.

Build Number 1083 – December 4 4:00PM

Updates – Emergency patch to fix one issue

  • Lights in player housing will no long turn pink

Build Number 1082 – November 28 5:00AM


  • All ransom disabled for a release as a test! Be thankful for your friends this holiday season… and then kill them.
  • Only the strongest turkeys survive this holiday season…
  • Improvements to Ulfheim to help players know when they have activated “Hard Mode”
  • New tech that allows for deed upgrades to go on sale!  (BTW, 20% off deed upgrades for a limited time!)
  • Added POT ONLY tool tip options for crown store
  • For R72 Fireballs time between ticks was doubled but it’s damage was accidentally doubled twice!  This has been fixed and DPS should be the same as it was in R71 again.
  • Aerie Crafting tutorial polish
  • Fixes for some floating flags in Central Brittany (these had been bothering Ravalox!)
  • Garden gnome recipe on decoration merchant
  • Typo fixes for Iron Blade of Geof quest
  • Dungeon Entrance from Blade of the Avatar rewards may be placed as a POT deco
  • Drop chance for Wyvern heads from lesser wyverns increased
  • Mosasaurus recipe will now yield 6 pieces instead of 2 and grant +20 fire attunement instead of +2
  • Wyvern recipe will now grant +15 dex instead of +5 dex
  • Lua updates:
    • ShroudDataPath() – returns the root data folder vs the Lua folder
    • ShroudMouseX, ShroudMouseY – variables showing mouse position relative to upper left
    • ShroudButton() ShroudButtonRepeat() – see API documents (updated soon)
    • ShroudSetTextureClamp() – see API documents (updated soon)
    • ShroudIsCharacterSheetActive(), ShroudGetCharacterSheetPosition()
    • ShroudGetTextureSize()
    • ShroudDrawTexture()
    • ShroudLoadTexture()

Build Number 1080 – November 25 7:00AM


  • Fixed an issue where the console could break when loading a lua script with an error in the OnStart function
  • New Lua functions exposed but currently untested
    • int ShroudGetPartyMemberCountInScene()
      table ShroudGetPartyMemberNamesInScene()
      int ShroudGetPartyMemberCurrentHealthInScene(string)
      int ShroudGetPartyMemberCurrentFocusInScene(string)
      int ShroudGetPartyMemberMaxFocusInScene(string)
      int ShroudGetPartyMemberMaxHealthInScene(string)int ShroudGetPartyMemberCount()
      string ShroudGetPartyMemberName(int)
      string ShroudGetPartyMemberCurrentHealth(int)
      string ShroudGetPartyMemberMaxHealth(int)
      string ShroudGetPartyMemberCurrentFocus(int)
      string ShroudGetPartyMemberMaxFocus(int)
  • Small Old Keep village home should now have deco surfaces on the exterior and turret
  • Magic Warding updated to itemize the negative effects and set to return 100% experience on unlearn
  • Performance work on costly town decos including statues, dragons, and devotionals
  • Deco spawners fixed to not despawn and also wander further
  • Cannon Deco LOD adjusted
  • Bell Ropes in Central Brittany Teleporters visuals improved
  • Optimization to Icefield (experimental)

Build Number 1078 – November 22 6:00AM


  • New Lua command line option “/lua unload” that will completely unload all Lua code
  • New Lua command line option “/lua path” will show the path to your lua script folder
  • Lua will now created your Lua folder if it does not exist.
  • POT deco pets can meow be used in dungeons or basements as well
  • Bludgeoning weapons have all had a 1m increase to their base range to help improve their hit rate in high latency situations
  • Reward bundle updated to correctly show it is the R72 reward bundle
  • Base durability for hands/feet armor increased
  • Spite:Conversation improvements for NPCs Thetis and Samael
  • Northwood: Fix for Clara’s favorite chess piece icon
  • Unicorn food has now been properly categorized as food
  • Store cleanup to remove duplicate items
  • New Tomb added to Brittany Graveyard to honor a fallen friend and hero