Patch Notes

Release 76

Welcome to Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues Release 76!


Build Number 1159 – April 3 4:30AM


  • Numerous exception and error fixes that could have been increasing client instability fixed
  • Bard songs will no longer be affected by effects that shorten cast time
  • Concussive canticle now does the proper amount of damage and use the proper amount of focus
  • Female NPCs that were missing their faces should now work correctly
  • VFX work for Bard songs
  • Aether orb now has proper light and vfx and can be placed as a deco.
  • More than a dozen POTs added to or updated on the new continent
  • Several quests that were infinitely repeatable have now been turned into one a day quests
  • All producer skills set to return 100% of XPs on unlearn for those who wish to shift XPS between characters. The shared pool xps will go away in approximately 1 week.
  • Exit volumes to towns are now invisible again. This only impacted a handful of towns including Soltown.

Build Number 1148 – Mar 29 3:30PM


  • Pillars of smoke by every house fixed
  • Bard trainer added to Utheim
  • Max message size doubled
  • Experience granted for doing all quest increased by 10x