Patch Notes

Release 82

Welcome to Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues Release 82!

Build Number 1295- October 4th, 6:00AM


  • Fix for POT island spawn point issue when entering from overworld
  • POT Jade Mountains: The overworld teleporter wagon now correctly will send players to Mistrendur.
  • POT Bodega of Blood: Updated interconnections
  • Lord British’s Castle: Fixed an issue where Captain Marisha would stop accepting some vault keys.
  • Fix for issues dealing with Lich Spawners
  • POT Arlia: Upgraded to Crossroads Village from Village.
  • Store updates

Build Number 1293- October 1st, 3:00AM


  • More in game minimaps
    • Kingsport
    • Southmarsh
    • NorthMarsh
    • Kingsroad
    • Plains of Righ Inis
    • Moors of Northshore
    • North Valeway
    • South Ravenswood
    • North Ravenswood
    • West Ravenswood
    • South Valeway
    • Wyrmsands
    • Greymark Forest
    • Wynton’s Folly
    • Alpine Road Encounter
    • Human Battle Camp
    • Graff Gem Mines Entrance
    • Owl’s Nest Entrance
    • Approach to Shuttered Eye
  • Lord British’s Castle: Updated the logic checked by Captain Marisha and the Encoded Safe for how they accept Encoded Cards. SOTA-67741
  • Updates to buffs for Daemon Tea and Dunkleosteus food buffs
  • New Feature: Allow rename for custom NPCs(!!)
  • Fixes for some broken creatures including cabalists
  • More fixes for mount testing
  • Multiple fixes for various error messages that were bloating log files for some people
  • Ardoris: Fixed the sign for the Tavern of the Wind to state the name of the establishment. SOTA-67730
  • Kas Ruins: Fixed a ladder that wasn’t functioning. SOTA-67729
  • Fixes for candle names that were causing some confusion with Jack-o-lanterns
  • Multiple fixes in Central Brittany for trees overlapping player lots
  • Lord British’s Castle: Fixed issues which allowed players to avoid combat with some NPCs in later rooms. SOTA-67719
  • Soltown: Updated the data used by Jeanne when she rewards players for giving her the silver necklace (to give reward “both or neither” of the addbundle and the end-of-quest flag). SOTA-67537
  • Far Hinterlands: This scene has been changed from Tier 5 to Tier 5+. SOTA-67718
  • Ardoris: Updated the responses for Caravaggios Wolf and Stephanie Broadmeadow to be more clear that 5 paintings are required for their related daily quest. Also, Caravaggios Wolf now names the paintings in his “painting” response (Stephanie Broadmeadow already did this). SOTA-67716
  • Upgrade for Wakoku POT!
  • Tanglemire: Added “renown” feedback to the conversations for some NPCs. SOTA-67710
  • Lord British’s Castle: Hedge shack now opens when completing wave 20, fixed an issue with some walls allowing camera passthrough, improved how Marisha accepts quest keys, rebaked navmesh. SOTA-67713, SOTA-67712
  • Updates to Inky PCs to give more instructions in inventory

Build Number 1290- September 26th, 4:30PM


  • Mount fixes for limited testing on Live/QA
  • Store updates
  • Podiums can now be placed on other objects
  • Added Satyr Fighter Covnersationalist
  • Beran’;s Reach becomes the first Gigalopolis!
  • Agriculture fixes
  • Many more ladders added to Ardoris docks area
  • Fixed rare exception in planting that would break some players agriculture
  • Localizaiton updates
  • Polish for Celestis collision to fix a number of frustrating spots
  • Troll’s Bridge: Converted Snowy Mountains Road Encounter that included the Troll Twins into a normal scene (that still follows some Random Encounter rules) in the same location as the encounter version.
  • Explosive barrel traps have been fixed!
  • Hanging torture cage now hangs again!