Patch Notes

Release 81

Welcome to Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues Release 81!

Build Number 1284- September 9th, 4:00AM


  • Ichtyosaurus recipe should now work correctly
  • Deed sale deactivated
  • Fixed issue with dye able Fishing Rod
  • Store updates
  • Fixes for large creatures getting stuck in several scenes
  • Fix for Verdantis Shardfall issues making entry difficult
  • Fixes for several Episode 2 scenes that would place the player in the wrong spot on exit
  • Epic Pax ring no longer equipable with other variations of Pax Rings
  • Sprint now usable on the overworld
  • Bonus on Epic Butcher’s belt fixed (had an extra zero!)
  • Several more Epic item fixes for enchantment/Masterwork

Build Number 1282- September 2nd, 10:00AM


  • Coelacanth trophy recipe (Ichtyosaurus in next patch)
  • Half dozen POT updates
  • Localization data updates
  • Enabling EXTRA sale amount on deed upgrades (sorry for the delay!)
  • Two new fishing spots in Tanglemire
  • Wallpaper fixes to Haunted Gothic Inn Village Playerhouse
  • Updated Damage Resistance on Rusty Armor
  • Icon fixes for paintings
  • Visual fixes for crafted elven
  • Tweaks for lava bait
  • Collision fixes for Central Brittany
  • Tavern counters can now receive decos
  • Bunny slippers will no longer discolor your feet!
  • Deco fixes for Elven Mage robe and sleeves
  • Gloves of the Cutpurse, Boots of Skulking, and Torch of Jerik can now be placed as deco
  • New titles added to the game for bug brigade members!

Build Number 1278- August 29th, 4:00AM


  • Ruins of Utheim: Oski now remembers players’ names. SOTA-67576
  • Tanglemire: UI now displays scene difficulty. SOTA-67569
  • Using the water well is no longer considered stealing. SOTA-67571
  • Fixed an unreachable ore node in Tanglemire. SOTA-67570
  • Tanglemire Guards and residents should not know your name if you haven’t told it to them. SOTA-67574
  • Added fetid water fishing locations by the waterfall  in Tanglemire
  • Crushing blow will once again CRUSH instead of tap. (Damage now proper amount instead of a few points)
  • POT Updates and upgrades
  • The duration of all stances has been doubled
  • The damage and focus cost for shooting star has been increased by 25%
  • The names for Epic item recipes have been fixed to properly show the right names in the recipe book
  • The Ring of Wisdom now has an epic version.
  • Icons for a number of skills have been updated to be unique
  • The emote /breathehearts now animates correctly when seated
  • Thunderbranch is now has a placeable deco appearance
  • Stairs in Shingle Roof 2 story w/Balcony Village home arenow easy to get up and down
  • Shooting Star has received VFX improvements

Build Number 1274-1276- August 27th, 4:45PM


  • Emergency patch to fix batch plant watering
  • Fix for armor set bonus so proper amount is giving
  • Fix for basements missing collision