Patch Notes

Release 87

Build Number 1354 – February 28th, 5:00PM


  • Fix for a bug that allowed an exploit with the cowbell and as we all know… WE NEED MORE COWBELL!
  • Atonal’s Aria should now work as expected
  • Salt Cured Obsidian Pork renamed to Salt Cured Obsidian Boar to match the name of the recipe
  • Corrected DarkstarrFried Oysters to use 3 flood slots instead of 1
  • Loading Tips: Updated and replaced several loading tips.
  • A number of artifacts added to MW enchant list including Suutak’s Bluster, Vexlyn’s Spark, and Anapas Favor
  • Jaanaford: Players can now fish almost anywhere in Jaanaford’s waters without regard to the depth of the water.
  • Obsidian Bacon Recipe is no longer teachable. Salt Cured Obsidian Boar recipe has been added to cooking recipe merchants

Build Number 1353 – February 26th, 2:00PM


  • Release rewards work completed so we can send these out soon. (They had been delayed due to weather!)
  • Soltown: Updated Jeanne’s method for delivering the reward for recovering her necklace. SOTA-67537
  • The Epitaph: Adjusted the size of several oversized ore nodes. SOTA-68756
  • Hills Encounter: Arctic wolves should no longer appear in this scene. SOTA-68757
  • Sequanna Colossus: Expanded the time during which the Shrine of Love can be accessed, to better match when the shadow of the statue falls across the shrine. SOTA-68742

Build Number 1352 – February 25th, 5:00PM


  • Penalties for using bard songs without an instrument temporarily suspended until more polish can be done on the system
  • Halberd of Sol, Mace of Unsummoning, Wand of Air, Staff of Death, Thunder Branch, Xen Bow, and other EPIC level items should now properly MW and enchantable
  • Splintering strike damage increased and now properly uses weapon bonuses
  • Upping lasting durations of song effects
  • Fixing math error in Psalm of Stagnation for dexterity penalty
  • POT Jagged Hold: Changed biome to Forest 01b and upgraded to Municipality. SOTA-68754
  • Added pet food recipes to recipe book
  • Well of Aldur: Added “piles of scales and refuse” on wyvern platform as additional but alternate means to collect wyvern loot instead of skinning. The piles restock in later waves of the wyvern battle and provide the same loot as wyverns. SOTA-68729

Build Number 1350 – February 25th, 10:00AM


  • Fixed an issue with fireplace recipes
  • Adjust drops  for T10 and T15 reagent resource nodes
  • Adjusted gathering chances and added GM bonus
  • Refined gems and jewels may now be fractured
  • Damage sources that do less than 1 point of damage will no longer break stealth
  • Sap will now require a melee weapon (not ranged)
  • Auto attacks will no longer target a stealthed player. Active attacks/spells will have a greatly reduced attack angle and distance
  • Scenes may now show custom backgrounds for the load screen
  • The Breach will now have more air elementals that spawn faster
  • Vrul will no longer be attacked by undead
  • POT Lightbringer Isle: Added new metropolis north of Brittany
  • Overworld Boats: Added better LODs to some boats used in the overworld scenes
  • POT Greymorn: Added new POT northwest of Brittany
  • Blood Bay: Players that can survive at the top of either volcano may find it possible to do some lava fishing
  • POT Haven Ridge: Upgraded to Crossroads Village from Village
  • Kobold Expeditionary Camp: Improved some kobold commander responses and improved how a related task archives itself
  • Well of Aldur: Updated the reset settings for a treasure chest
  • Well of Aldur: Added a minor jumping puzzle
  • Ardoris: Improved the logic for the Students of Virtue quest. Added compass markers
  • Grunvald Shardfall: Adjusted NavMesh data to improve how NPCs move through the scene
  • Northwest Blackblade Mountains: Jumping into the well that leads to Bunker C will auto-teleport the player to that location
  • Owl’s Head: Fixed issues with Morgan and Owl’s Head that were causing build errors
  • Hills Encounter: Created a new “dragon” scenario that can appear on all three overworlds
  • Owl’s Head: Updated some logic for the quest from Morgan to discredit Myra. Added compass markers
  • Shaminian Hills: Adjusted temple architecture to block players from squeezing through certain tight holes
  • South Majestic Forest: Updated stairs on Preben’s house to better accommodate NPC walking
  • Spectral Mines: Fixed an issue that prevented an ore node from being mined
  • Middle Downs: Fixed a stuck spot on a mound
  • Eastmarch: Fixed typos in responses from the devotional caretakers
  • South Hinterlands: Fixed a rug that was poking through a wall
  • Well of Aldur: Fixed an issue with missing collision on a wall
  • Tanglemire: Updated tiered resource nodes (cotton, garlic, trees, ore, and mandrake) to ensure they are all tier 10
  • Maple Trees and Pine Trees: Adjusted the LODs to stop a “split” from appearing at close distance
  • Ruined Keep: Adjusted a section of the terrain where trolls were having navigation issues
  • Wynton’s Folly: Players selecting the East Entrance option when entering from Hidden Vale will now arrive at the correct location
  • Obsidian Keep Tops: Updated the collision at the top of these custom prefabs
  • Snowy Tundra Encounter: Added a floating crystal node to the ground
  • Well of Aldur: Fixed several collision issues. Blocked off a “stuck spot”
  • Soltown: Improved the method of archiving the “Tell Abigail About Charlotte” task when talking with Abigail
  • Bunker C: Fixed a stuck spot in the lava pool
  • Solania Catacombs: In the daemon chamber, added teleporters that are active only when the wave battle is not ongoing
  • Highvale Outskirts: Updated some of the doors in the monastery. Updated some of Esmeralda’s responses
  • Jaanaford: Players will now “unlock” Thibodeaux’s name when she shares it with them
  • Novia: Added a compass marker at Kiln for the “Ask About Bonesteel in Kiln” task
  • Brookside: Players entering from the lunar rift will now unlock the town crier compass marker
  • The ONBE title will now include a Dame option
  • Fishy Nibblers no longer applies to the character when a tamed pet is not available
  • Adjusted Confections Platter to monthly
  • Slice of LB Birthday Cake no longer labelled as Premium nor No Trade since being introduced to loot at LB’s Castle, but will have a chance to drop in PvP
  • Improved tooltip descriptions for Shrines by adding mention of attunement bonuses provided
  • Fixed typo in Citrine (Unrefined Gemstone) display name.
  • Increased spider eye drop amount T8 through T15 spiders
  • Disabled Shrine size scaling. Enlarged buff fields for each Shrine and recentered so rotating Shrines does not affect availability of buff field
  • All 3 of the new off-hand artifacts (15 items Common to Epic) now properly display female characters
  • Significantly increased drop rates of taming artifacts on destroyer animals
  • Added an additional loot table for destroyer animals to have increased amounts of hides, suet, and entrails
  • Heart Heraldry Shield pattern should now properly apply to items
  • Improved loot drops for Envy Bow and Quiver
  • Reworked visuals for Ankh of Sacrifice, Ankh of Wala for related shrine visual effects
  • Added a small chance to get the Shrine of Gaiaism recipe to Sand Elementals
  • Aldur interior update and added splash screen to exterior load scene info
  • Aldur Interior and Jotungrund additions, navmesh and mats