Patch Notes

Release 69

Welcome to Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues Release 69! “How to Play” instructions and game update notes on Release 69 are available here.

Build Number 1041 – September 13 9:00PM


  • Multiple players can view chest and mannequin contents simultaneously for view-only access while also allowing one player to open the container for take/modify access
  • New Gustball fields and patterns
  • Bug fixed that prevented equipping items from a mannequin via drag-n-drop
  • More Vault items
  • Store updates

Build Number 1037 – September 11 3:00PM


  • All artifacts are now enchantable (MW coming for appropriate items)
  • Crypt of the Avatar: Fixed an issue where Samael has basic responses for Necropolis instead of Crypt of the Avatar. 
  • Fixed issue with some 2h MW effect selection being underpowered
  • Fixed issue with Gem enchants being too rare
  • Clarify the no-trade rule for Heritage items
  • Fix charged attack issue that caused the charge result to different than what was indicated by the charge UI
  • Bonfire beauty pass
  • Allow various statues to be stacked on top of other decos
  • Allow new Obsidian decos to be placed on POTs
  • Fix bug that prevented changing a mannequin’s equipment after placing it on a lot (until scene reload)
  • Maps for middle downs, bloodriver forest, and tenebris harbor
  • Fixed issue with missing Masterwork Weapon effects

Build Number 1036 – September 6 12:15PM


  • Fix exception when placing an NPC building from a stack
  • Crown Shop – Added obsidian round dais ornate, obsidian megalith statue, obsidian dragon sentinel statue, obsidian Round Dais, Obsidian Plinth, bonfire
  • Apply CrowdControl resistance to Root effects
  • Fix bug that caused locked glyphs to get one extra charge when used
  • Fix bug that prevented exterior deco limit from being displayed
  • Fixed doors not visually opening in several scenes
  • Improving Aether dragon loot
  • Fixed damage absorption math for pets and NPCs

Build Number 1035 – September 4 2:15 PM


  • Fix for being able to “take all” from nested containers on a lot.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some deco lights to be missing a material when placed on a lot.
  • Fixed incorrect visuals on many tamed upper tiered wolves.
  • Crypt of the Avatar: Updated NPC conversations. Added compass markers for Miles’s Report quest.
  • Fix display name for “Wooden Female Mannequin Guard 5-Pack”, “Belt of Zombie Skin, Common”.
  • Fixed an issue with stacking items from loot rolls.
  • Map updates.
  • More fixes for tree removers.
  • Brookside: Improved the compass marker that points to Samael when you’re supposed to “Meet Samael in Brookside.”
  • Westend and South Fetid Swamp: Improved how the compass markers appear and disappear for Hammond’s spore quest.

Build Number 1034 – August 30 11:15 PM


  • Fix for new character creation errors showing only the character’s head.
  • A fix for a performance issue that was introduced in PoTs.
  • A fix for a dungeon point limit issue.
  • A fix for a bug that would sometimes cause strange grass and flora to be in PoTs where it shouldn’t be.

Build Number 1033 – August 30 1:00 PM


  • Fixed issue with Gem enchants being too rare.
  • Battle of Solace Bridge: Replaced Teleport to Friend scrolls with Teleport to Zone scrolls.
  • Fix errors when placing a mannequin.
  • Fix POT merchant name issue.
  • Map: Changed the avatar position marker to be a better looking arrow.
  • Despair – discovery and ambient audio pass, various spawn adjustments.
  • Fixed issue with Ancient Dragons having incorrect color.
  • Fixed issue with not being able to tame the Elder Artic Wolf.
  • Bug fix: Warlock chains were producing wayland’s loop when combined.
  • Fixed incorrect name when summoning Miniature Fire Elemental.
  • Fixed display name issue with Shogun Chair, Haunted Yule Tree, Standing fish net.

Build Number 1032 – August 29 5:30 PM


  • Several fixes for decoration bugs.
  • Disabled the incomplete Deco Palette feature as it is not yet finished.

Build Number 1031 – August 29 10:30 AM

Known Issues

  • R65 Green Growth potion box not yet rewarded, will be added later on.
  • Crashes may occur when running the game in MacOS Mojave. A workaround is to launch the game with -force-glcore (which can be added to the Launch Arguments box in the launcher options).  There are also reports that 10.14.2 fixes this issue.
  • Party/Companion nameplates can be visually obscured if enough buffs are added for icons to wrap to three rows.
  • Visual quest indicators may be missing from compass. Adding the data to support them is an ongoing design process.
  • Pets cannot follow players onto moving platforms.
  • If an item’s name is in Runic, its flag as “Private Property” will also appear in Runic.
  • Players with Tenant permissions on a Lot cannot place their own Player Vendors.
  • Some decorations placed in basements may shift through walls and end up in inaccessible locations.
  • Players may be unable to interact with objects via double-click if their framerate is poor. A workaround is to use the “E” interaction key.
  • Some pledge, add on, and stretch goal items have not yet been built and/or do not yet have tech support.
  • Some virus programs with outdated libraries may attempt to quarantine essential game files, mistakenly identifying them as threats. This can have significant effects, including the client not starting at all. We recommend keeping antivirus programs updated frequently as they address problems. Workarounds include reinstalling and launching the client with the aggressive antivirus software disabled, or whitelisting the game directory in the antivirus list of exceptions.