Patch Notes

Release 73

Welcome to Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues Release 73! “How to Play” instructions and game update notes on Release 73 are available here.

Build Number 1100 – January 3 3:00AM


  • Deed upgrade sale disabled
  • Pink geometry in Tartarus fixed
  • Aether Amplifiers added to The Fall bar area

Build Number 1098 – December 25 3:00AM


  • Fixed: Weather not feeling very seasonally appropriate
  • Prop and deco work to Tartarus
  • Discoveries added to Tartarus
  • Numerous bug fixes for Tartarus

Build Number 1097 – December 20 7:00PM


  • Bug fix for “Elven Herbal Tea Leaves” item for quest
  • NPC conversations: Fixed minor issues with Edvard, Hamtooh, and the guards outside the Palace of the Mountain in Ardoris.
  • Bug fixes and updates for store items.
  • Snow paver updates and improvements
  • Removed Heritage flag from a number of items in the store (will be applied retroactively at a later date to existing items)
  • Collision shape adjustments for alcohol still and several crates
  • Prop and deco work to Tartarus (Missed integration… Next build)
  • Discoveries added to Tartarus
  • Numerous bug fixes for Tartarus
  • Added January login items (won’t appear until January 1)
  • Crooked Shank tutorial step fix

Build Number 1096 – December 15 7:00AM


  • Asset optimization on dozens of frequently used decorations
  • Potential fix for deco pets despawning! (Let me know, this one is tough to test internally)

Build Number 1094 – December 13 7:00AM


  • Fix for AOE effects not working on most spells, skills, and devotionals