Patch Notes

Release 79

Welcome to Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues Release 78!

Build Number 1251- July 7th, 7:00AM


  • Fix for a rare case where a pet with a corrupted name could cause a hang at 94%
  • Several POT updates/fixes

Build Number 1250- July 3rd, 3:00PM


  • PoT fixes and updates
  • Store updates (Had to get you guys some Lord British birthday cake!)

Build Number 1248- June 28th,2:00PM


  • Fix for corruption shadow creatures hitting for incredible amounts of damage
  • Purify will now clear corruption
  • Spawner and roadway paver store descriptions improved and fish statues moved to new POT only section
  • Deed sale 30% enabled
  • Fix pattern names for Stiletto Shoes and allow them to be masterworked/enchanted
  • Tower of Xee teleporter boat now correctly points to the target POT
  • Typo fixes in the balloon teleporter
  • Added over head banners to the locations for Spindelskog and Myrkur
  • Fix for not starting on the overworld in Mistrendur
  • Myrkur and Ruins of Utheim both now Episode 2 scenes
  • R79 rewards!
  • Glasses now available in crown shop
  • Updated visuals for BBQ smoker
  • Malice: Players can now only have 1 “Summon Samael” whistle in their inventory at one time