Patch Notes

Release 80

Welcome to Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues Release 80!

Build Number 1263- August 6th, 4:00PM


  • Possible fix for AMD video cards on latest drivers and cycling dyes.
  • Reagent use improvement, prefer using the item that was clicked
  • Store updates
  • Elixir extension should now work correctly
  • Fix for small exploit with elixir skill training
  • Elixir skills set to 100% return of experience on unlearn (only for next 2 weeks)
  • Numerous POT updates and fixes for Caesaromagus, Goober’s Gas Station, Dragon’s Reach, others.
  • Pet foals can now be placed in the upscale stable
  • Roughly 4x increase in drop rate of shadow essences from shadow creatures

Build Number 1261- August 4th, 2:00PM


  • Fixes for a few more multi drag issues involving stacks of items
  • POT updates
  • Two new skills on trainers for the expansion of potion duration or power. Only one can actively be trained. Training one sets the other to untrain.
  • Mistrendur: The banner for Spindelskog now indicates “Normal” difficulty to match the Enter button.
  • Fixes for leaderboard issues caused players receiving name changes
  • POT Island templates: Fixed an issue for all island POTs with signposts teleporters that weren’t adding all secondary docks to the selection list.
  • Brittany Graveyard: Fixed an issue where Helen and Owen misremembered players’ names when they first asked for those names.
  • Ardoris: Added fixes to Timothy the Enchanter’s conversation for a typo, logic, and name-remembering.
  • Plains Road Encounter: The Pumpkin Head encounter will once again appear in Drachvald.
  • Novia: Fixed an issue with the new rowboat list teleporter that connects Noreach with Mud and Dysborg.
  • Mistrendur: The banner for Spindelskog now indicates “Normal” difficulty to match the Enter button.
  • Spectral Mines: The hint that the archlapin is hibernating now only appears when on a related quest, not if the “bones” quest is ended, and only once a day (thanks to a new “hint” daily flag).
  • Ransom has been disabled for Opalis Ruins
  • Owl’s Head: Added return to POT Knightmare Falls on balloon teleporter.
  • POT Rajazel: Updated SceneInformation to have correct hex coordinates
  • Books of learning descriptions updated to match actual experience given.
  • Fixing missing images for Block Numbers Set
  • Myrkur and Despair: Added a resurrection Ankh in the central spider “cave” area.

Build Number 1259- August 2nd, 5:00AM


  • Fixes for multi-item dragging
  • Several POT updates
  • Adjustments to lava to make it less dangerous for pets
  • Several fixes for gear visuals sorting incorrectly