Patch Notes

Release 85

Welcome to Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues Release 85!

Build Number 1333 – January 10th, 3:00PM


  • New Interface option (very bottom) to re-enable the double click instead of single click targeting. It is off by default
  • Ignite weapon duration will now respect charging/stacking
  • Enchantment skills will apply more XPs per use
  • Merchant prices of 2 year whiskey were dropped 30%
  • Several POT upgrades
  • Cool down timer for several consumables in dynamic deck mode were increased from 0 to an appropriate number

Build Number 1332 – January 7th, 2:30PM


  • POT upgrades for Sionann, Salem, and Traveller’s Rests
  • Deed sale turned off
  • New option in graphics to disable weather on low performance (Option on by default)
  • NPC Merchants for crafting supplies should have dramatically more of each item per sale
  • Douse duration will now increase on charging

Build Number 1331 – January 2nd, 1:00PM


  • Additional homes now on sale.

Build Number 1329 – December 31st, 11:00PM


  • Changes to make houses more snow proof (still not quite perfect but better and no additional performance cost)
  • Deep Ravenswood, Graff Gem Mines, Greymark Forest, Moors of Northshore, Necropolis Barrens, Plains Encounter, Tanglemire: Fixed oversized ore nodes. SOTA-68487
  • Changing fall damage so it doesn’t break stealth unless it does more than 5 points of damage.
  • POT Duanor: Upgraded to Crossroads Village from Hamlet. SOTA-68491

Build Number 1328 – December 20th, 4:30PM


  • Deed prices now on sale 25% off (not just upgrades but deeds)
  • Undead will be significantly less resistant to Death magic
  • Elysium Mines: Added better edging to the roof holes on the perimeter of the scene. SOTA-68478
  • Tenebris Harbor, Plains Encounter, Plains Road Encounter, Graymark Forest: Resized giant ore nodes. SOTA-68477
  • Aerie: Marlin now always has a response when you give him the “Drumplemouth” keyword. SOTA-68476
  • Sanctus Spine: Cristiano should now properly teleport players across the scene when they request it. SOTA-68448
  • Small Stone Ruins now allow decorations on some surfaces SOTA-65070
  • Bell Tower – vertical flat walls can now be decorated SOTA-65070
  • POT Skalabrekka: Moved this POT to lot 83 in Mistrendur. SOTA-68429
  • Elven Guard Tower – flat vertical and horizontal surfaces can now be decorated SOTA-65070
  • Added “ore” to the display names of Zinc (Zinc Ore), Tin (Tin Ore), Nickel (Nickel Ore), and Tungsten (Tungsten Ore) so they can be found with other ores while filtering in inventory. Prepped Zinc for future use in this regard (an unused metal). Player request.
  • Increased the amount of wood assets dropped by Reapers.
  • Immolation was persisting but losing its attunement buff.
  • Ornate Gazebo can now have decorations hung from its ceiling, and placed on its railings  SOTA-65070
  • Ornate Clock Tower walls can now be decorated  SOTA-65070
  • Small Fancy Pavilion now allows deco to be hung from its center ceiling  SOTA-65070
  • Large Fancy Pavilion can now be decorated on most vertical and horizontal flat surfaces  SOTA-65070
  • /partyblowhorn can now be performed while sitting  SOTA-68474
  • Fog around Bogman is no longer way too purple. Now a more acceptable greenish color  SOTA-68472
  • Elysium Mines: Fixed oversized copper nodes. SOTA-68473
  • Well of Aldur: Fixed faction issue with slimes on the “eye of the moon” terrace. Updated new statues to have prefabs with proper set-ups including good collision. Updated discoveries and NavMesh. SOTA-68403