Patch Notes

Release 90

Build Number 1391 – June 10th, 1:00PM


  • Pets will now respect the “Teleport” and “Stop attacking” even in combat
  • Owl’s Head: The “Kill Myron or Return to Myra” and “Kill or Leave Myron” tasks should auto-complete if Myra refuses to interact with the avatar. SOTA-69205
  • Fix: Fixed loading background top and bottom that was showing skybox
  • Numerous POT updates

Build Number 1390 – June 6th, 6:00AM


  • Polish work to Wynton’s Folly to address some issues with creature AI
  • M’hul Island: Added new holdfast island on northwest shore of Norgard.
  • Moonrest has been moved to a Hamlet
  • Ironhall Castle have been renamed to Ironhall Highlands
  • Numerous LOD fixes for reported objects
  • Updates to barks and dialog for NPCs in Point West
  • Owl’s Head: Added an update to Todd’s conversation to improve the “Myra the farmer will no longer buy from or sell to you!” message players can sometimes receive.
  • Crafting Tutorial: Updated Edwin in Soltown, Gilda Metcalfe in Aerie, and Bledig deCani in Resolute to with improved logic for completing their crafting tutorial.
  • Ardoris: Fixed a typo in the responses from Caravaggios Wolf
  • The Treasure Chest, Treasure Piles (all sizes), Gold Piles (all sizes), and the Chest of Gold can now all be placed as a POT decoration.
  • Collision on the Haystack deco has been fixed to allow proper placement
  • Added Recipe for Imbued Theurgy gem to an additioinal Well of Aldur loot table for air elementals, and significantly increased chances for it to drop from Suutak.
  • Store, Removed text from a store entry that was a bad copy paste from a charity item.
  • Minor UI polish for the deeds list
  • Fixed pink materials showing with certain LODs for the Plaid Shawl Peasant Dress when placed as a decoration.
  • Well of Aldur: Added collision to a block near the start of the scene. Fixed a stuck spot.
  • Solace Bridge Outskirts: Adjusted stones by exit archways that appears to be floating, setting them properly into the ground.
  • Necropolis Barrens: Moved a floating maple tree to the ground.
  • Etceter Crag Mines: Fixed a stuck spot behind a mine wall brace.
  • Brittany Fields: The horses at Oakley’s stables should no longer be able to climb nearby ladders.
  • North Midmaer Way: Moved a nightshade resource so it can be harvested.
  • K’rul: Adjusted the collision and path grid in the clockwork dragon room to try keeping it inside the room.
  • East Sanctus Forest: Removed a floating cabinet.
  • Hills Encounter: Removed a mysterious ladder that could only be seen from far away.
  • Extended the number of maximum characters for house name from 30 to 50.
  • Solace Bridge Outskirts: Those who are first to loot the “sack” object in this scene (and others) will now always find at least one object in the sack.
  • Multiple LOD and shadow fixes in world deco objects

Build Number 1388 – May 28th, 7:00AM


  • Multiple POT updates for transfers, biome changes, etc
  • Fix for explosive barrel trap
  • Fixed some small journal entries not displaying
  • Dungeon entrances can now be placed on floors and exterior floors rather than just ground and bottom floors.
  • Added function for lua ShroudIsUIActive() to know if the current game hud is on or not, by player request.
  • Added 3 new lua function ShroudOnSceneLoaded(sceneName) ShroudOnSceneUnloaded() and ShroudOnSceneLogout() at player request.