About Shroud of the Avatar

Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues is a multiplayer fantasy Role Playing Game calling upon you to return as a fabled Avatar and quest to fulfill the paths of Truth, Love and Courage across a deep single player story. Featuring a robust player housing and town system, Shroud of the Avatar is a perfect fit for players with a strong sense of community and teamwork. Embark on new adventures in the world of New Britannia and enjoy multiple MMO benefits by playing alongside your friends and becoming a permanent resident in a persistent shared universe.

Lord British Returns!

Discover a rich fantasy role-playing universe crafted by the maker of Ultima series, Richard Garriott. Explore and inhabit a persistent living world in which magic and technology coexist. Uncover and learn the intricate history and lore of a legendary realm, New Britannia.

Choose your path

It is whispered that the Avatars once taught the Virtues to all that would listen and that only the Avatars can return that knowledge to the land. With the help of the enigmatic and mysterious Oracle, will you be the one to do so?

The Oracle

A mysterious machine, its minions watching all that takes place throughout the land, its voice promising answers yet responding with questions. Which path will YOU choose, to discover your long-prophesied destiny?

Pick Your Gameplay Mode

Begin your quest to ultimately become a force for good as a fabled Avatar in a world beset by dangers and darkness. Choose to follow the path of Love, Truth or Courage, and uphold the everlasting principles of being an Avatar every step of the way.

Adventure solo or play co-op with your friends in a persistent world. Prove your mettle in PVP or play offline anytime. The choice is all yours.

  • Episodic DLC Content: Shroud of the Avatar will consist of five episodes that will tell a series of virtue based stories created by Richard Garriott and Tracy Hickman. All supported by a series of prequel novels starting with The Sword of Midras.
  • Single Player Offline Mode: Players adventure through over 40 hours of Episode 1’s story in an interactive world where their choices have consequences, ethical paradoxes give them pause, and they play a vital part in weaving their own story into the immersive world and lore surrounding them.
  • Selective Multiplayer Modes: If you want to go through the story online you can play with everyone in three different online modes (Single Player, Party Only, and Open).
  • Classless Character System: Vast customization options with hundreds of skills and spells in over 20 different skill trees.
  • Skillful Combat: A new way to prepare and fight in an RPG by building custom decks of skills and dynamically activating them in combat.
  • PvE and PvP: Consensual with Open PvP flags, zones, and Guild Warfare.
  • Player Housing: Non-instanced, finite, and embedded in the world with group living options.
  • Player Driven Economy: Deep crafting system where the best items are made by players and player items are the main source of loot found in the game.
  • Free to Play: No mandatory subscription. (Future Episodes are DLC for purchase)
  • Social: Full Guild System, Highly Active Community and Player Owned Towns.

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The Story So Far…

Few know the tales of the dark times, much less what happened before them. Since the great Cataclysm 400 years ago the world has slowly recovered but much was lost. Now the Dirae Prophecies are beginning to come true as the world is flooded with Otherworlders.” – Arabella

Journey to the world of Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues, a computer role playing game created by Lord British (aka Richard Garriott), creator of the genre defining Ultima series of computer games, Starr Long, director of Ultima Online, and Tracy Hickman, author of the Dragonlance series. It combines rich story, like those of the single player Ultimas, with deep and varied multiplayer experiences, like Ultima Online.

Players will adventure in an interactive world where their choices have consequences, ethical paradoxes give them pause, and they play a vital part in weaving their own story into the immersive world and lore surrounding them. Play options will include solo, party only, or open multiplayer via the Selective Multiplayer system. Players can specialize in a wide range of combat and non-combat skills, provided by a robust, classless skill system, and full-featured crafting and housing mechanics.

Thanks to all who’ve contributed to Shroud of the Avatar!