0 Day Countdown for Pledge Splits and Merges

As many of you know, we have a very complicated pledge reward structure where backers with the same pledge tier get different rewards based on when they backed (i.e. the eras of Royal Founder, Founder, and Benefactor). With our July 10th announcement of certain pledge and pledge reward expirations occurring on August 31, 2015, that complication just increased by an order of magnitude (or maybe several orders of magnitude). And over the rest of this year, there will be even more pledge and reward expirations, adding more and more orders of magnitude complexity to our ability to track which backer gets which rewards at which tiers.

Because of this growing complexity and the labor costs to manage it, we no longer believe it is a good use of our backers funds to continue offering pledge splits or merges after the End of Summer Reward Expirations. Therefore, we announced a 1-month countdown on July 17th to get all pledge split and merger requests processed. Backers will have thru August 17, 2015 to request a pledge split or merger, after which we will no longer be able to do them.

We will continue to transfer whole pledges from one account to another. The only exception will be pledges that were purchased on Steam, or those where the Steam key has been claimed. In those cases the Steam access is permanently attached to your personal Steam account and you will no longer be able to transfer or sell $45 of your pledge value.