Time is Running Out!

 Fall 2015 Reward & Sale Expirations

As we approach the last quarter of 2015, and major milestones such as Alpha and Beta are looming ever closer on the horizon, we are announcing the Fall Reward Expiration Event that occurs at Midnight CST, November 2, 2015. This event includes the following reward expirations:

The expiration of the Waterfront homes and lots will work exactly the same as the cutoffs did in the End of Summer Expirations, meaning all pledges at or above Citizen level prior to November 2, 2015 will continue to receive the waterfront reward for their pledge as they upgrade. For example, if you are Citizen with a waterfront cabana and you upgrade to a Knight, you will receive the waterfront lighthouse reward.

Please know that these expirations DO NOT affect any backers that already have these pledge rewards. If you already got ’em, then you get to keep ’em! These expirations only affect new backers, or existing backers that have not upgraded to the specified pledge tiers before the expiration date.

[NOTE: Payment plans started toward a pledge tier with expiring rewards (or higher) prior to Midnight CST, November 2, 2015 will not be affected by these expirations]

Add-On Store Sale Expirations

In addition to the pledge reward expirations, the sale will end on November 2nd for the following Add-On Store items and they will revert to their regular prices (as displayed in the item description):