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***Please note that there are many more items in the game than there are listed in our Stores. There are hundreds of weapons, armor, artifacts, furniture, etc. that can be found and/or crafted in-game (and more are added each month). No purchases beyond the base game access is required to have a full game experience. Additionally in Offline mode all game content will be available in-game for in-game gold including ALL the Add On Store content.***

We offer a variety of value-packed bundles along various themes. Each bundle includes Early Access to Shroud of the Avatar, along with a variety of additional rewards that could include pets, emotes, increased inventory size, wearables, tools, potions, tax-free property, houses, decorations, special VIP forum access, and more!

Upgrading Your Bundle

Additionally, if you buy one of the smaller bundles and later wish you had bought a larger bundle, you can easily upgrade to the larger bundle at any time without having to pay the full price of the larger bundle. To upgrade your existing bundle to a larger bundle, go to your Account page, select the “Bundles” tab, and click the “Upgrade” button next to the bundle you wish to upgrade (NOTE: You can only upgrade to bundles of the same theme, and you can only keep the original or upgraded house deeds, not both.)

Game Access Only Option

You also have the option to purchase game access only in the Add-On Store. The game access only option can be upgraded at any time to one of these bundles.

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