Gold Crowns Purchasable Items

Gold Crowns of the Obsidians (COTOs) are one of the types of rare COTOs that can drop in-game from almost any activity, with higher occurrences on higher level creatures and resource nodes. Gold Crowns can be used to pay for various things including paying taxes (versus in-game gold), buying rare Obsidian Potions that boost things like carry capacity or gathering speed, and they can even be used to repair maximum durability on items. In addition to dropping in-game, Gold Crowns are also available in the Add-On Store.SotA_GoldCOTO_orig

Obsidian Crown Merchants:

  • Locations:Ardoris Sequanna
    • Ardoris <see map>, Coordinates: 32.6, 53.2, -119.8, Near Sequanna Square in the Reagent & Potions Shop.
    • Central Brittany <see map>, Coordinates: 429.3, 26.1, 256.6, inside the Alchemist Shop near the Town Crier and Bank along the South Dock.
    • Aerie <see map>, Coordinates: 124.4, 28.6, 9.8, Inside the Elixerium North of the Merchant Plaza.
    • Resolute <see map>, Coordinates: 34.3, 77.6, -208.6, Inside the Alchemist Shop NE of Courage Plaza.SotA_Brittany_u167_1
  • Potion Dealers: These Alchemists specialize in powerful potions that give bonuses that last a full week.
  • Potions for Sale: 1 Obsidian Crown Each
    • Potion of Capacity: +25% carrying capacity for 7 Earth days.
    • Potion of Conservation: -25% Reagent use for 7 Earth days.
    • Potion of Preservation: -25% armor, weapon, shield damage for 7 Earth days.
    • Potion of Stamina: -50% Focus drain on double tap sprinting for 7 Earth days.
    • Potion of Precision: +15% Meticulous Collection to all gathering skills for 7 Earth days.SotA_Fireworks_48Assort4_thumb
    • Potion of Expedience: +40% Swift Gathering to all gathering skills for 7 Earth days.
    • Potion of Reclamation: +25 Salvage and Repair to all Production skills for 7 Earth days.
  • Fireworks
    • 45-Piece Assortment 1
    • 45-Piece Assortment 2
    • 45-Piece Assortment 3
    • 48-Piece Assortment 4SotA_Dye_Black_Pure_thumb
  • Dyes
    • Pure Black
    • Pure White
    • Color Cycling Dye
    • Sparkling Dye (8 Colors)
    • Glowing Dye (8 Colors)
    • Pulsing Glowing Dye (8 Colors)
    • Dye Remover

Weapon and Armor Repair:

Combat wears down weapons and armor, represented by an item’s durability ratings. Resurrecting without the benefit of an Ankh or a Resurrection spell also inflicts durability damage on all equipped items. When an item’s current durability is exhausted it confers no benefits. Broken weapons inflict no damage and broken armor does not protect you. The monetary value of equipment also decreases as it wears out.durability

Durability has two discrete ratings: current durability and maximum durability. For example, an item with a durability of 63/78 has 63 points of current durability and 78 points of maximum durability. Current durability may not exceed max durability. The (Max 90) after the durability ratings shows the highest possible rating the item can have for maximum durability. In this case the max durability cannot be increased over 90.

Current durability wears out much more quickly than maximum durability. Current Durability can be restored with Repair Kits either in the field (less effective) or at Crafting Stations (more effective).

Maximum durability drops very slowly, representing long-term systemic wear and stress to an item. Metal can only be beaten back into shape so many times before it starts to degrade. Maximum durability can only be recovered through the use of one of the rare and powerful Gold Crowns of the Obsidians.

Property Taxes:

When you claim a lot you are responsible for paying taxes for that lot (unless you claim the lot with a deed with Tax Free status). You will be informed of the daily taxes for a lot during the process of claiming it. The exception is lots claimed via Tax Free Deeds, which obviously do not owe any taxes.SotA_Row_Lot_Property_Deed_small

Taxes can be paid from the Lot Deeds panel (U hotkey). The Lot Deeds panel displays how much tax is past due for a specific lot, and how many days remain before ownership of that lot expires due to non-payment. You may pre-pay up to 90 days in advance worth of taxes on a Lot. Pre-paid taxes are refunded if you are evicted or unclaim the lot, and can be collected from the bank.

Taxes are owed based off of lot size, not the deed used to claim the lot. (Except for Tax Free Deeds) If you claim a Village Lot with a Castle Deed you will only pay Village Lot taxes for that specific lot. Choice of house or other decorations on a lot do not affect taxes.

Tax Debt is accumulated when you lose ownership of a lot while owing any taxes on it. This can occur if you unclaim a lot, if you are evicted, or if taxes on a lot become past due for too long. Owing any amount of Tax Debt prevents claiming additional lots until you pay off the debt. Tax Debt is account wide, and can be monitored and paid from the Lot Deeds panel.

Gold Crowns of the Obsidians can be used to pay or pre-pay lot deed taxes. Do this via the Deed List UI by spending gold crowns to add credit to your account. You can then use the credit to pay taxes for an individual lot. One Gold Crown covers an equivalent amount of gold in taxes. Note that if you pre-pay taxes with Gold Crowns and are then evicted, you will be refunded your tax credit in normal gold credit, not in Gold Crowns credit. taxes

Oracle ConfirmatoryCaravaggio’s Wolf, the Art Dealer

Location: Ardoris <see map>, Coordinates: 74.4, 53.2, -71.9, directly Southwest of the Oracle Confirmatory

Art Dealer: Sells paintings and tapestries based on the concept art done by concept artist Stephen “Caravaggio’s Wolf” Daniele

Norgrast, the Elven Obsidian Merchant

Location: Vertas <see map>, Coordinates: -128.0, 47.7, 2.0, Up the hill, West of the Heart of Vertas

Home Merchant: Sells all the Elven homes and all the Add-On Store items that appear in the Elven Bundles (except Bundle exclusives like the Elven Wardrobes and the pets) as well as a few exclusive items including the Elven Globe Home, Medium Elven Tent, and the recipe for the Small Elven Tent (this is for gold).

Aldoric, Scholar of Norgard (Viking Crown Merchant)

Location: Harvest <see map>, Coordinates: 130.4, 38.1, 155.4, Inside the Bank, North of the central Town Crier, and SW of Torden Bridge.

Home Merchant:  Sells all the Viking homes and all the Add-On Store items that appear in the Viking Bundles (except Bundle exclusives like the Viking Chests and the pets).

Kobold Crown Merchant:

Location: Skrekk <see map>, Coordinates: 27,65,138

Home Merchant: Sells all the Kobold homes and all the Add-On Store items that appear in the Kobold Bundles (except Bundle exclusives like the Kobold Masks and Blackened Metal Pets).

Shogun Crown Merchant:

Location: Ardoris <see map>, on the second floor of the bank, Coordinates: 27.0, 57.1,-108.4

Home Merchant: Sells all the Shogun homes and all the Add-On Store items that appear in the Shogun Bundles (except Bundle exclusives like the Tansu Chests and the Ornate Katana).

Obsidian Home Merchants:

Locations: Spite and Desolis<see map>, Coordinates: 122,38,101 (Spite Tavern) and -340, 118, -100 (Desolis)

Home Merchant: Sells all the Obsidian homes and all the Add-On Store items that appear in the Obsidian Bundles (except Bundle exclusives like the Obsidian Weapons, Obsidian Cloak, Zombie Pets, and the Obsidian Sarcophagi).

Water Home Crown Merchant:

Location: Brittany Wharfs <see map>, in the Real Estate shop, Coordinates: 351, 31, 108

Home Merchant: Sells all the water based and water themed homes and decorations.

Caretakers (Spooky Crown Merchants):

Location: Aerie, Brittany Graveyard, Owlshead, & Spite  <see map>, Coordinates: 109, 30, 143 (Aerie in the Cemetary), -87, 36, 92 (Brittany Graveyard), 47, 77, 102 (Owlshead in the Graveyard), 95, 38, 122 (Spite at the Mortuarium)

Home Merchant: Sells an assortment of spooky and graveyard themed items including some exclusive gravestones.