pledgeUpgrade Add-On Store

***Please note that there are many more items in the game than there are listed in our Stores. There are hundreds of weapons, armor, artifacts, furniture, etc. that can be found and/or crafted in-game (and more are added each month). No purchases beyond the base game access is required to have a full game experience. Additionally in Offline mode all game content will be available in-game for in-game gold including ALL the Add On Store content.***

In addition to items available in the store listed below, Gold Crowns of the Obsidians (COTOs) can be acquired to obtain items, services, and rares in-game. Also, thousands of items are available for crafting by fellow players! Ask around the Player Owned Towns in-game for community vendor locations.

NOTE FOR FREE TRIAL VISITORS: Items purchased in the Add On Store cannot be accessed after a Free Trial Period is over unless you purchase Game Access.