No purchase is required to have a full game experience for Episode one. In Offline mode, all Episode one game content is available in-game for in-game gold. Crowns of the Obsidian (COTOs) can be used in-game to acquire exclusive items and services. Future Episodes will be available for a small fee as DLC content.

Don’t forget! Hometown is an amazing resource for players. At Hometown, (located just east of Soltown) players can examine available houses, Player-Owned Town templates, and even new Crown Store items. Why not be certain you like it before you make a purchase? So head on over to Hometown and check things out! If you have questions about what’s on display in Hometown, please visit this forum thread and post a question.


The Shroud of the Avatar ‘Make a Difference’ Store has returned!  We have a curated inventory of in game items for sale in our Charity Store.  20% of the purchase price of those items will be donated to the charity designated in the listing.  Check out the Make a Difference Charity Store here