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    Hello Everyone,

    As we have described previously we want Shroud of the Avatar to be a classless system that allows players to define and play any role they choose. We also want a clear path for growth and specialization while also maintaining opportunities for competition and cooperation. This is our current thinking on how to accomplish those goals. Remember this is just current thinking and we will probably change many of these details. Note that we use the term “skill” to cover all player abilities including spells, combat moves, etc.

    NOTE: This post is not going to delve into our combat system but we will be posting more information about that soon.

    There are 3 Base Stats: Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence that work as you would expect. There are 3 Calculated Stats: Health, Defense, and Focus (aka Mana).

    Players gain two kinds of experience (Crafting and Adventuring) based on the kind of activities they are doing. Players level up in either Crafting or Adventuring at certain experience point totals. When players level up they get skill points and increases to their stats. The players can use those skill points to learn skills from a trainer. There are no classes so players can spend skill points on any kind of skill as long as they meet the prerequisites (almost always a preceding skill in a tree).

    Skills System:
    There are Active Skills (yellow) and Innate Skills (white). Active skills are used by the player during combat to produce a desired effect (fireball, heal, parry, etc.). Innate Skills are on all the time and increase the effects (power, range, etc.) of all skills in the school. Adding skill points to an Innate Skill increases the effect of that innate skill. This has the knock off effect of eliminating the need to pump Active Skills. Adding skill points to Active Skills increases the number of copies of that skill the player has therefore increasing the frequency that skill will appear during combat. There are “hidden” Active Skills that can only be used by doing combos with skills during combat.

    Damage Types:
    There are 6 damage types (with corresponding resistances)
    • Physical: Armor provides most protection against. Weapons, Poison, etc.
    • Magical: Tends to ignore armor. Encompasses magical damage not covered by an elemental type
    • Electrical: Stuns targets. Lightning, static charges, etc.
    • Cold: Slows targets. Ice, Snow, etc.
    • Heat: Does damage over time. Fire, Radiant energy (like the sun), etc.
    • Chaotic: Impossible to resist
    Here is the current lists of magic schools and skills. We want each school of magic to have a theme and some interactions with other magic schools (either cooperative or versus). All Active magic spells require reagents. All names are placeholder.


    Life Magic: Healing, curing, fighting death

    • Healing Touch: Base healing spell, super short range
    • Healing Ray: Ranged Healing Spell
    • Banish Undead: Direct damage to undead
    • Purify: Clear some negative effects
    • Healing Burst: AoE healing spell
    • Healing grace: Heal over time
    • Purify Burst: AoE purify
    • Resurrection: Bring a fallen ally back to life
    • Life Power: Increases power life spells
    • Life Reach: Increases range & radius of life spells

    Death Magic: Transferring life to caster from enemies, summoning Undead

    • Death Touch: Very short range hit point transfer
    • Death Ray: Ranged hit point transfer
    • Death Field: AoE hit point transfer
    • Death Shield: Some % of damage from attacks against Death Shield become hit point transfers
    • Corpse Explosion: Make a corpse explode
    • Animate Dead: Creates a zombie from a corpse, skeleton if no corpse is targeted
    • Summon Undead: Summons an Undead to fight for summoner
    • Death Mastery: Life transfers give more hit points
    • Undead Mastery: Summoned Undead are stronger
    • Mummified Undead: Summoned Undead decay slower

    Sun Magic: Removing/reducing stealth

    • Light: Summons a bright light. If cast out of combat it summons a bright light over the caster that travels with them. If cast on an enemy, it puts a light directly over their head that gives players attack bonuses and lights the scene
    • Blind: Curse that reduces the attacks of targeted creature
    • Blinding Armor: Attackers have % chance to have their attacks reduced by blinding flashes
    • Searing Ray: Direct damage spell
    • Destroy Shadows: Direct Damage, extra damage to "Shadow/Night" creatures
    • Enlightenment: Intelligence buff
    • Reveal Hidden: Dispel concealment spells
    • Summon Phoenix: Summons a Phoenix
    • Sun Worship: Buffs base stats while in sunlight
    • Sun Eater: extra % HP per sec while in sunlight

    Moon Magic: Stealth

    • Night Vision: Ups the Ambient light level
    • Vanish: Makes the player difficult to see as long as he stands still
    • Shadow form: Makes the player appear only as a shadow
    • Fascinate: A mesmerizing type spell
    • Summon Wil-o-wisp: A light source pet that fights for you
    • Celestial blessing: Increases resistance towards magic
    • Moon Glow: Glow that produces a damage buff but has % to do defense debuff
    • Moonlight Trance: Buffs focus regen rate on allies. Debuffs focus regen on hostiles
    • Moon Worship: Buffs base stats while in moonlight
    • Moon Eater: extra % HP per sec while in moonlight

    Earth Magic: Physical attacks with stun effects, crowd control

    • Stone Fist: Melee Physical direct damage spell
    • Root: Lock someone in place
    • Stone Wall: Creates stone wall that blocks movement (can be attacked and destroyed)
    • Strength of Earth: Strength buff
    • Earth's Embrace: Reduces damage taken but incurs movement penalty
    • Obsidian Arrow: Penetrating ranged attack
    • Earthquake: AoE stun + damage
    • Summon Earth Elemental: Summons Earth elemental
    • Attunement with Earth: Increases Str and defense bonuses
    • Sympathy of Stone: Increases damage resistance and damage absorption

    Air Magic: Electric attacks, speed, and dexterity

    • Gust: Push target back with stun chance (can also flip switches at range)
    • Dash: Move speed buff
    • Air's Embrace: Dexterity buff
    • Blink: Instantly move to nearby spot that you could walk to
    • Discharge: Short range AoE from caster of electric damage with Stun Chance
    • Lightning: Ranged lightning attack with Stun Chance
    • Chain Lightning: Ranged lightning attack that chains with Stun Chance
    • Air Elemental: Summons Air elemental
    • Rapid discharge: Increase stun effects
    • Well Grounded: Increase electrical resistance

    Water Magic: Icy attacks that slow targets, minor healing, fight fire

    • Ice Fist: Touch ice attack
    • Ice Arrow: Ranged ice attack
    • Shield of Ice: Damage absorption + fire resistance
    • Ice field: AoE move speed debuff
    • Summon Ice elemental: Summons an ice elemental (does ice attacks)
    • Douse: Removes fire dots
    • Soothing rain: AoE Heal over time
    • Summon Water Elemental: summon Water Elemental (support pet with heals & buffs)
    • Icy Breath: Increases slowing effects of ice attacks
    • Blue Blooded: Increases Cold Resistance

    Fire Magic: Damage over time

    • Flame Fist: Short Range Direct Damage with DOT
    • Fire Arrow: Ranged Direct Damage with DOT
    • Fire Ball: Ranged Direct Damage with DOT and AoE
    • Immolation: Surrounds player with flames, attackers have % chance to be hit fire
    • Ring of Fire: Targeted AoE with duration of X time
    • Ignite Weapon: Adds fire damage to target’s currently equipped weapon for X time
    • Summon Fire Elemental: Summons Fire Elemental who attacks enemy targets
    • Highly Flammable: Fire DOTs last longer and Fire Damage increased
    • Fire Reach: Increase Range and Radius of Fire Spells
    • Fire Proof: Increases fire resistance

    Chaos: Disruption, High chance of fizzle and backfire (unpredictable effects)

    • Tabula Rasa: Instantly discard all skills and replace with new skills
    • Chaos Bolt: Very random effect bolt
    • Chaotic Confusion: Randomly rearranges target's skills
    • Chaos Storm: Storm that fires Chaos bolts
    • Chaos Shield: Increases defense but has % chance to also amplify damage
    • Chaotic Clone: Creates a copy of spells cast by owner that hit random targets.
    • Shapeshift: Caster becomes a random creature / animal
    • Summon Demon: Summons a powerful Demon that attacks everyone (including caster)
    • Control Demon: Controls a summoned demon to keep it from killing caster and allies
    • Chaos Control: Reduce backfire chance
    • Empower Chaos: Reduce Chaos spell fizzle chance

    Combo Ideas: Some very early concepts of combos.
    • Flame Jet = Flame Fist + Flame Arrow: Cone of flame that lasts X seconds, hits multiple targets
    • Fire Tornado = Gust + Ring of Fire: large AoE fire tornado that moves and pulls targets into it
    • Mudslide = Douse + Earthquake: Slowly expanding AoE that stuns and slows and damages
    • Vinewall = Root + Stone Wall: Stone wall that roots nearby targets
    • Exploding Dead = Animate Dead + Corpse Explosion: Creates Zombie from corpse that explodes when hit or when expires

    Here is the current lists of Combat schools and skills. We want each school of combat to have a theme. There are 4 Offensive Schools and 4 Defensive Schools. All Combat Skills (active & innate) require the corresponding gear to be equipped (i.e. to use a Blades skill you must have a sword in your hand). Note that all weapons and armor can be used by characters, increasing skills makes them more effective. All names are placeholder.


    Blades School: Swords, Daggers. Fast direct damage. Weaker against heavy armor.

    • Thrust: Powerful basic attack
    • Double Thrust: Two attacks in one
    • Rend: Attack that also adds a DOT
    • Parry: Increases defense values for next hit on caster
    • Riposte: Attack that also increases defense value for next hit on caster
    • Whirling Blades: Whirling attack that hits multiple targets around caster
    • Coup de Grace: Attack that does double damage if target is below 20% health
    • Vital Points: Increases Damage with bladed weapons
    • Speed: Increases speed with bladed weapons
    • Dual Wield: Decreases dual wield penalty

    Polearms: Halberds and Spears. Crowd Control with roots, knockdowns and knockbacks. Good against most armor

    • Push: Attack that also has chance to push target back
    • Block: Increases defense values for next hit on caster
    • Disarm: Attack that has chance to unequip target's weapon
    • Puncture: Attack that tends to ignore Armor
    • Spinning Attack: Spinning attack that hits multiple targets around caster
    • Leg Sweep: Attack that has chance to knockdown
    • Skewer: Attack that roots the target
    • Reach: Increases range of Polearms
    • Armor Weak Points: Increases damage to armor with Polearms
    • Defensive Stances: Increases Defense while Polearm equipped

    Bludgeons: Clubs, Maces, Axes, and Hammers. Lowest direct damage but offset with crowd control (stun, knockback, knockdown) and high damage to armor and weapons.

    • Crushing Blow: Stunning Attack
    • Knockback: Stunning Attack that also has chance to knockback
    • Knockdown: Stunning Attack that also has chance to knockdown
    • Break Weapon: Attack that has chance to damage targets equipped weapon(s)
    • Break Armor: Attack that has chance to damage targets equipped armor pieces
    • Berserk: Caster gets damage increase but accuracy decrease for X seconds
    • Ground Pound: Caster strikes the ground sending out ripples of force that damage all enemies within radius around caster
    • Stunner: Increases Stun effects with Bludgeons
    • Breaker: Increases Damage to Armor & Weapons with Bludgeons
    • Crusher: Increases Damage with Bludgeons

    Ranged: Bows and Crossbows. Hitting targets at distance but requires ammo

    • Aimed Shot: Attack that if used as first move in combat gets large accuracy and damage increase
    • Disabling Shot: Attack that has chance to slow target for X seconds
    • Blinding Shot: Attack that has chance to lower target's accuracy values for X seconds
    • Piercing Shot: Attack that tends to ignore Armor
    • Multi Shot: Attack that can hit multiple targets (up to 3) in front of caster
    • Rapid Fire: Stream of arrows for X seconds or until ammo runs out. Can hit multiple targets
    • Range: Increases range with Ranged
    • Eagle Eye: Increases Accuracy with Ranged
    • Draw Strength: Increases Damage with Ranged

    Defensive Schools: Note that innate skills in defensive schools have a primary and sometimes secondary effect.

    Light Armor: Has least focus or movement penalties. Best for stealth and magic. Also is least expensive armor to maintain.

    • Dodge: Increases defense values for next hit on caster
    • Tumble: Increases defense values for next hit on caster and moves caster X meters
    • Flurry: Increases attack speed
    • Sprint: Increases Movement speed
    • Detaunt: Decreases Agro on caster
    • Speed: Movement & Attack Speed Increased + Decrease Light Armor penalty
    • Acrobatics: Light Armor Moves Effects Increased + Increase Defense
    • Armor Preservation: Armor Damage Reduced
    • Camouflage: Increased stealth when not moving
    • Silent Movement: Increased stealth while moving

    Medium Armor: Best balanced armor between protection and minimal penalties.

    • Glancing Blow: Causes next attack to glance off armor
    • Trip: Next attack on caster has chance to do a knockdown attack on target
    • Step Through: Caster is able to ignore any defensive moves of target
    • Brawl: Next weapon swing also gets a punch, pommel hit, etc.
    • Grapple: Next hit on caster has chance to either root the attacker or render equipped weapon ineffective for one attack
    • Deflection: % chance to deflect% of damage + Increase Defense
    • Agility: Increases Glancing Blow, Trip & Step Through + Decrease Medium Armor Penalty
    • Aggression: Increases Brawl and Grapple effects
    • Focus: Focus regenerates % faster + Decrease Med Armor casting penalty
    • Field Repair: Armor damage regenerates% of max X min after last combat

    Heavy Armor: Best protection but biggest penalties for movement, encumbrance, and focus.
    • Defensive Stance: Increases defense values for next X seconds on caster
    • Inner Strength: Increases strength at cost of Focus
    • Absorb Impacts: Decreases damage received at cost of increasing damage to armor
    • Knight's Grace: Removes stun, knockdown effects
    • Body Slam: Stunning attack that comes at cost of increasing damage to armor
    • Taunt: Increases agro on caster
    • Heavy Lifter: Increase base carry capacity:
    • Hard Headed: Increases resist stun, knockback & knockdown effects
    • Endurance: Increases Strength + Decreases Heavy Armor penalties
    • Healthy: Increases Health + Increases Health Regen Rate

    Shields: Defensive school with most cooperative skills
    • Deflect: Increases defense values vs melee attacks for next X seconds on caster
    • Overhead Hold: Increases defense values vs ranged attacks for next X seconds on caster
    • Shield Bash: small damage instant attack intended to possibly disrupt caster with small stun chance
    • Charge: Small damage attack with medium stun chance that also moves caster forward 3 meters
    • Dig In: Roots Caster in exchange for huge increase in AC in radius around caster, radius increased 50% for each ally equipped with shield. Radius tripled if ally also casts Dig In
    • Testudo: Slows Caster movement but grants increase in AC in radius around caster, radius increased 50% for each ally equipped with shield. Radius tripled if ally also casts Testudo
    • Angles: Increased Defense with shield
    • Balance: Increase Shield Move effects
    • Shield Preservation: Reduces shield damage
    • Stand Your Ground: Increase resist stun, knockback & knockdown effects

    There are three rings of Crafting: Gathering, Refining and Production. Each ring contains five different skills. The rings represent the paths required to make items. All crafting activities require tools. Refining and Production also require crafting tables and recipes in addition to tools.

    All refining and production requires recipes. Recipes can be purchased, traded, or discovered through experimentation.

    Crafting Skills:
    Crafting skill trees have two skill types: Generalized (darker) and Specialized (lighter). Generalized skills affect things like quality, quantity, tool use, etc and they modify all the results of that particular crafting school. Specialized skills improve success chances for types of items. For ultra-high quality items the chances may be so low that specialized skills are required. Gathering and Refining skills are lumped into two schools that cover all the types of gathering and refining in those two schools. Production skills are divided out into individual schools of each Production type.

    Gathering is getting raw resources that can be refined or in some cases (reagents) used directly. This is the innermost ring on the Crafting Sigil and includes: Mining, Forestry, Agriculture, Field Dressing, and Foraging.
    • Generalized Skills:
      • Surveying: Increases range that resource nodes are visible
      • Speed: Increases the speed that resources are gathered
      • Quantity: Increases the quantity of resources gathered from each resource node
      • Quality: Increases chance to get higher quality resources from each resource node
    • Specialized Skills:
      • Mining:
        • Resources Gathered: metallic ore, salts, gems, minerals, and chemicals
        • Tools: Pickaxe, Facemask (for toxic fumes)
        • Resources For: Smelting, Cooking, and Alchemy
      • Forage:
        • Resources Gathered: Herbs, wild fruit & berries, grasses, mosses, etc.
        • Tool: Gathering Knives (sickle)
        • Resources For: Alchemy, Cooking, Textiles
      • Forestry:
        • Resources Gathered: Wood, Tamed Animals, Fish
        • Tools: Axes, Saws, Fishing Poles, Taming Collars
        • Resources For: Milling, Butchery, Cooking
        • NOTE: Not just chopping wood. This skill includes Taming and Fishing.
      • Agriculture:
        • Resources Gathered: Food Crops and Textile Crops
        • Tools: Hoes, Scythes, Plows
        • Resources For: Cooking, Alchemy, Textiles
      • Field Dressing:
        • Resources Gathered: Meat and Hides
        • Tools: Skinning Knife
        • Resources For: Butchery, Tanning, Textiles

    Refining is taking raw resources and turning them into refined elements that can be used to make complete items. This is the middle ring of the Crafting Sigil and includes: Smelting, Milling, Textiles, Tanning, and Butchery.
    • Generalized Skills:
      • Quality: Increases chance to get higher quality elements from raw resources
      • Quantity: Increases the quantity of elements created from raw resources
    • Specialized Skills:
      • Smelting:
        • Elements Created: Ingots, Wire, Sword Blanks, Sheet Metal
        • Tools: Smelting Table, Crucible & Tongs
        • Elements For: Blacksmithing, Alchemy
      • Milling:
        • Elements Created: Timber, Boards, Poles
        • Tools: Milling Table, Saw
        • Elements For: Carpentry, Blacksmithing
      • Butchery:
        • Elements Created: Chops, Ribs, Roasts, Steaks, Organs
        • Tools: Butcher’s Table, Cleaver
        • Elements For: Cooking
      • Tanning:
        • Elements Created: Leathers, Skins
        • Tools: Tanning Table, Punch
        • Elements For: Tailoring
      • Textiles:
        • Elements Created: Thread, Cloth, Yarn
        • Tools: Textile Table, Loom Needle
        • Elements For: Tailoring

    Production is taking refined elements or raw resources and turning them into finished goods like weapons, furniture, potions, etc. This is the outermost ring of the Crafting Sigil and includes Blacksmithing, Carpentry, Tailoring, Cooking, and Alchemy. Each Production school starts by learning to make and use the tools of that trade. Each point spent on a specialized Production skill increases the chance for success when making that item type.

    Smithing: NOTE: This is the only tree we took down to a fourth tier. We will likely not go this deep for Episode 1.
    • Tools Used: Smithing Table, Hammer
    • Items Created: Metal Tools, Weapons, Armor, Construction Materials (nails)
    • Generalized Skills:
      • Tools: Improves chances when making metal tools like hammers, punches, etc. Also lowers wear when using Smithing Tools
      • Quality: Increases chances for success when making higher quality items
      • Repair: Increases the amount of damage repaired
      • Enhance: Improves chances when enhancing items to make them higher quality
    • Specialized Skills:
      • Tinker: mechanical objects like clocks, lanterns, lamps, etc.
      • Weaponsmith:
        • Blades / Tangs (Swords, Daggers)
        • Shafted Weapons (Bludgeons, Axes, Polearms)
        • Ranged (Crossbows, Arrows, Bolts)
      • Armorsmith:
        • Forged: Splint & Plate
        • Shields
        • Riveted: Chain & Scale

    • Tools Used: Carpentry Table, Claw Hammer
    • Items Created: Wooden Tools, Weapons, Furniture, Musical Instruments
    • Generalized Skills:
      • Tools: Improves chances when making wooden tools. Also lowers wear when using Carpentry Tools
      • Quality: Increases chances for success when making higher quality items
      • Repair: Increases the amount of damage repaired
      • Enhance: Improves chances when enhancing items to make them higher quality
    • Specialized Skills:
      • Furniture:
        • Chairs
        • Tables
        • Storage
      • Musical Instruments:
        • Drums
        • Strings
      • Weapons:
        • Blade Handles (Swords, Axes, Daggers)
        • Shafted Weapons (Bludgeons, Polearms)
        • Ranged (Bows, Arrows, Bolts)

    • Tools Used: Tailoring Table, Needle, Punch
    • Items Created: Armor, Bandages, Clothing, Textiles, Taming Collars
    • Generalized Skills:
      • Tools: Lowers wear when using Tailoring Tools
      • Quality: Increases chances for success when making higher quality items
      • Repair: Increases the amount of damage repaired
      • Enhance: Improves chances when enhancing items to make them higher quality
    • Specialized Skills:
      • Armory:
        • Cloth Armor
        • Leather Armor
        • Taming Collars
      • Clothing
        • Common
        • Finery
      • Textiles:
        • Rugs & Tapestries
        • Linens
        • Bandages

    • Tools Used: Alchemy Table, Bottles, Mortar & Pestle
    • Items Created: Consumable Items including Potions, Enchanted Items, Poisons
    • Generalized Skills:
      • Tools: Lowers wear when using Alchemy Tools
      • Quality: Increases chances for success when making higher quality items
    • Specialized Skills:.
      • Potions:
        • Buffs
        • Cures
        • Effects (Invisibility, Explosion, etc.)
      • Enchantments: Requires one scroll with the spell needed. Each charge requires the same reagents as casting the spell. Each item can only hold one spell at a time. Number of charges each item can hold based on quality and size of item.
        • Wands & Staves
        • Weapons
        • Armor
      • Poisons:
        • De-Buffs
        • Weapons
        • Ingestibles

    • Tools Used: Cooking Table, Pot, Spatula, Spoon
    • Items Created: Baked Goods, Alcohol, Cheese, Stews, Soups, etc.
    • Generalized Skills:
      • Tools: Lowers wear when using Cooking Tools
      • Quality: Increases chances for success when making higher quality items
    • Specialized Skills:
      • Baking:
        • Breads
        • Sweets (cakes, cookies, pies)
      • Fermenting:
        • Wine
        • Beer
        • Spirits
        • Cheese (“Blessed are the cheese makers”)
      • Cooking:
        • Preserving (jams, jellies, pickles, jerky, salted meats)
        • Frying
        • Grilling
        • Stewing
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    Wow! Impressive to see it all in one post.
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    Wow, okay, this is gonna take a few minutes to process.
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    Very nice--lots of info. :) Kudos.
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    Where is the subterfurge tree ? :)
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    Thanks Starr! Will break it down during some long conference calls this afternoon and have comments out tonight!

    Did you guys enclose RG in carbonite yet?
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    After first read, very exciting in general!

    Nice to see different combat skills for armor types, very interesting!
    Crafting skill trees are looking nice! It all seemed very meaningful. *Edit* I also like very much that you've distinguished the different weapons that smiths and carpenters can produce. Nice.
    I'm also liking the combination of active and passive skills in each category... Looking forward to seeing lots of different types of builds.
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    Coming Soon(tm)
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    Hi Starr,

    When you say:

    It isn't clear if earning the two different exp types result in different skill point types. Are they limited to their respective activity skills? Are they limited along Crafting/Adventuring lines?

    I believe your intention is that crafting exp leads to crafting skill points, which can be spent on crafting skills, and the respectively the same for adventuring, with no crossover. Is this correct?
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    We have also been asked about expansions to these systems.
    We of course plan for new skills to be added over time.
    Those that fit into these symbols and trees, great!
    If they don't, so be it! They have been built to be easily revised in an "expandable" way.
    But we think these will hold for a while!
    - LB
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    Amazing now I want to know if I can have crops and animals on my land to have my own farm/ranch.

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    The crafting looks especially deep and well thought out. Very impressive.
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    Thanks By-Tor, love your arms!
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    To much information in just one post ;)

    Will the Chaos tree get some advantages over the other skill trees for the known disadvantages (unpredictable effects)?
    Will there be a limit on summoned creatures per player?
    What about max cap for the skills?
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    Awesome ... #Bookmark quality material !!!

    *Edited for Content* ~ FireLotus
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    Spirits are not fermented, they are basically boiled out of ingredients in a still.
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    The vast number of trees involved in combat, magic, and crafting should lead to quite a bit of customization amongst the community. It also highlights the importance of having a strong support system in game (i.e. your guild/village) in order to acomplish all of your in game needs. Should be interesting to see how this all plays out once the game launches.
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    My understanding is that distilled liquors start with a carbohydrate based fruit or grain that is made into a watery mash, then the carbohydrates are fermented such that they turn to alcohol, then finally the alcohol is evaprated and distilled off in a still.
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    Has anything been determined about the ultimate limits of how much one character can learn. Can a long term character learn it all, or is there a point maximum for the crafting and adventure skill sets?
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