Art, Unity and Emotes!

New Concept Art from Stephen Daniele

Wickedness, danger and adventure. A hero faces these challenges and overcomes! However, a world filled with darkness and malevolence needs contrast, a place worth fighting for. A sanctuary from the darkness where a hero finds peace.

SotA Enchanted Forest

You can download the full sized image over at the Shroud of the Avatar Media Gallery!

Two Ways YOU Can Leave YOUR Mark in Shroud of the Avatar!

With Shroud of the Avatar, our team is breaking new ground in crowdsourcing art through the Unity Asset store AND the crowd sharing of assets to help build a powerful community! During the prototyping phases of SotA we found the Unity asset store immensely valuable. After seeing how the use of informal crowd sourced art and code from the Unity store enhanced our team’s velocity during prototyping, we decided it was time to take the next step and formalize the process.

We want our players to have a hand in creating content for the game. Our plan is to put out calls for art on a bi-weekly basis and then take submissions over the two weeks following the call for art. To help artists better understand how to create their pieces for SotA, a full art style guide will be published on our website, a SotA asset starter pack will be added to the Unity store before the first calls for art, and a detailed description or concept art for the piece we’re in need of will also be included for each new call.

If any submission is selected for use in Shroud of the Avatar, we will not only pay the artist four times the Unity store price for it, but you will also be rewarded in-game with appropriate trophies, or in some cases, a statue version of your art for display.We will also announce the winning art on our website and include it in our art blog with full credits to the maker and include them in the credits of the final game. And you continue to own the rights to your work, allowing for you to sell your piece in the Unity store, where it will include a “Shroud of the Avatar Approved” art banner.

For quality pieces that are not accepted, we will provide constructive feedback from our veteran art staff to help with future submissions.

Our next goal is targeted at our Developer Level Backers ($400) or higher, and is the addition of monthly Unity asset packs that include a variety of SotA in-game art assets! While the SotA Unity art packs won’t include 100% of our assets, it will include the majority of our non-quest related elements as well as some code systems. This will only include assets created within Portalarium, and not user submitted assets.

The assets will be useable and royalty free in any project the backer is directly involved in and will only carry the requirement that Portalarium is listed in the credits! Our goal is to get professional game assets in the hands of our most ravenous fans and indie game developers.

For indie game developers or small game teams, this gives them access to a stream of top quality fantasy content for their own creations. For the super fans out there, they can use the assets with the free or paid versions of Unity to make their own fan applications! Fans who are developers can also submit their own scenes created with the assets for use in the final game! Look for more details on the scene submission process and rewards after our Kickstarter ends!

We look forward to even more collaborative initiatives from Portalarium and “Developer” level benefits in the coming months!

Developer Vblog on the Emote System in Shroud of the Avatar

Chris Spears, Technical Director of Shroud of the Avatar, talks a bit about the Emote Mastery System in Shroud of the Avatar.




  1. lanicalanica

    BIRD! Very awesome news for dev tier on update 21! Can you guys provide some Unity pointers and/or some good tutorial links for those to get started with Unity. Unity is a sea of tools it seems…


  2. LoneStrangerLoneStranger

    I love the concept art like the one above. I would consider buying real life copies of a few to display in my office.

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