Elven, Obsidian & Shogun Bundles (+ more) on Sale & Expire Dec 21

To celebrate our first holiday season since launching the Elven, Obsidian and Shogun Bundles are expiring at 11:59 PM CT on December 21, 2018! As a limited time bonus we have added Episode 2 access to these bundles! We will also be expiring several of the items that are included in those bundles including pets, weapons, decorations and homes. We are also discounting these items, some as much as 30%! For City level bundles this means a $1000 discount!

NOTE: This is a final expiration. Upgrades will not be allowed after these bundles expire.


  1. twofoldsilencetwofoldsilence

    This is very frustrating, as I’ve been saving COTOs every month for a while now to finally purchase a Village sized Bundle for the Tax Free Lot, and I still had a ways to go, and now I won’t be able to purchase one by the time they expire, so I have hundreds of COTOs that are worthless. Furthermore, this is even more frustrating, because they were never put on in-game COTO Merchants, even though I asked several times about it, and I was told they would be, and the only reason I wanted to buy them with COTOs was, because you guys forced me to convert my Store Credit to COTOs, so I can’t just use store credit which I was originally collecting to just buy one on a credit card or something. Please tell me these aren’t going away for good, because if they are I’m not going to bother buying COTOs anymore, because buying a bundle was the only reason I buy them. I’m not interested in any other store items. Just a tax free village lot.

  2. kaeshivakaeshiva

    These expirations are causing a bit of concern amongst those who have been saving converted COTO for bundle purchase as well as general concern about the provenance of tax free deeds and prosperity tools which are bundle exclusive. Some clarity about whether these items too will be ‘no longer available’ or whether they will be being added as direct purchases would go a long way to assuage panic?

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