And the Winner Is!

The Winner of the SotA Fan Video Contest has been announced and it’s … Space Bards! They’ll find themselves the proud owners of a City Housing Deed!

Our 4 amazing runner-ups are also now landowners, each winning a Village Housing Deed! And finally, everyone who submitted a video will receive the in-game title of Royal Crier!


  1. KernelPanicKernelPanic

    Congratulations winners! :D Bah, I wish I could make videos too. I’m a sucker for titles. :-P

  2. ☆Sir joebar☆ MTG470 Virtuous Lighthouse Stargazer☆Sir joebar☆ MTG470 Virtuous Lighthouse Stargazer

    Wow, and just in a few day done!

  3. SrefaniusSrefanius

    Well deserved, I can’t stop watching it and it really seems like a lot of work to make a video like this in that less time.

  4. PermaFrostPermaFrost

    Grrr…Space Bards that tune has been in my head for 3 days now! Well Done and Congrats!
    Also to the other 4 finalists Congrats! Such creative work was done in so short a time.

  5. thecranethecrane

    Congrats guys. The voice of the Guardian from Ultima 7 has always been memorable so its awesome that you used it in the song. Enjoy your prize when the game enters beta :D

  6. DevilhawkDevilhawk

    Awesome job on the tune Space Bards, I can already picture hearing this melody playing on a harpsichord and lute in the local taverns.

  7. Ellyandri

    Wow. :D Fantastic job Space Bards, hope we can see more SotA inspired work from you in the future. :)

  8. domjohndomjohn

    Aw thanks so much everyone!! We did it all for fun, but having an amazing community like you guys enjoying it too makes such a difference. And I promise many music parties at our very spacious house (thanks to LB!) Props to our fellow Royal Criers, it’s an honor to count ourselves among so much talent!! :D

    Aaaand here’s the mp3 link if any of you lords and ladies would like download “The Return of Lord British” :)

  9. KirthagKirthag

    EPIC! Dudes! That’s schweetness!
    Part of me is wondering when there was an announcement for a fan-vid submission – but no worries, i’m too busy for production right now.

    Good job guys!

  10. OlahorandOlahorand

    Great video – could never have been that creative myself *applaudes*

    Best greetings from Germany

  11. Techthys

    Hail and well met! This is my first post on the site, and I’m going to use it to say that, although I am jealous as hell The Stygian Abyss that these guys won a City house, I must say they totally deserve it! Excellent!

  12. BalmungBalmung

    Congratulation! Its normally not my Music, but this work is great, funny to look and good to hear. A very good Winner, but a hard one, because the other competitors was great too.

  13. Forric BlackheartForric Blackheart

    Congratulations, SpaceBards. I love this song, well done. Despite the great competition, the other entires were amazing too… you had my vote.

  14. D

    OK, looks like I’ll have to be the bad guy here and be the first to voice a concern regarding the final prizes and ongoing/upcoming competitions…

    First let me say that I am in agreement that all the entries were wonderful and the winning entry was well deserved; however, my “beef” is the value of the final prizes and if that continues, the impact this will have when SotA goes live.

    My personal belief is that the original stated prizes were fair and reasonable, whereas the end prizes were a bit much (1st prize equivalent to $1500 sounds good to you?).

    Here are my main arguments:

    1. it had been stated in multiple areas (e.g. kickstarter, forums, dev videos, etc.) that the kickstarter tiered bundles for each pledge amount would be the only place that such great deals would be offered; with weekly or bi-weekly prize giveaways that match those seems like that promise has been waived or at least bent for what seems like promotional purposes.

    2. if this does continue to be the norm for future competitions, then at the end of it, we will have possibly up to 80 more city houses and 320 more village houses.

    I am currently a Knight level pledger (and no, I’m not rich enough to have dropped $750 without a second thought; in fact it was a very trusting act that I am still debating with myself on whether it was sane move or not). I was even thinking that I may even periodically add to my pledge to reach lord level by the time SotA goes live, but this development has dampened my enthusiasm to do this.

    I know that many will see this as me being elitist and trying to protect my own situation, and I will agree that this is partly true – but don’t be a hater just because your own situation has not allowed you to be a high value pledger and to reap the rewards that come with that.

    Now that I have raised this concern, I hope that others that may have had the same thoughts but did not raise them earlier for fear of negative responses, will now be emboldened to join me and write their own feedback on this matter.

  15. wackyanne

    YAAAAAAAY! I’m so thrilled for you guys! And not surprised that you won, though I am pleased as possible that Lord British and the gang were so very generous in rewarding the other finalists as well. Ember, particularly, I found wonderful. All the entrants, and especially the finalists, brought something new and different to the table. Ember had a terrific song and vocals, Joshua a great LARP framework for the ingame peek, CaptainXJ showcased the process for a wonderful webcomic, redfish reimagined/reworked an Ultima classic. You SpaceBards (AvaBards now, perhaps????) just managed to get the song, visuals, and video all together in the short, challenging time allotted. I’m looking forward to more goodies from you all, and to seeing you in forum and in game in the months (and years!) to come… and as I mentioned on youtube, I’m still rooting for the gypsy’s cameo in SotA! ;D

  16. Lord MelvekLord Melvek

    Felicitation to the five winners! Space Bards, that was awesome and I hope that you all continue to provide some great vids for the community :) Cheers!

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