Art Time with Stephen Daniele 4.16.13

In today’s Art hour, Stephen Daniele breathes life into a brand new player gathering place and safe haven for all weary travelers, FireLotus Tavern! I’ll be relaying your feedback and suggestions during the broadcast straight from the SotA Chatroom and may even raise a glass to commemorate our new Tavern, so be sure to join us right here!



  1. Knight ThommyGunnKnight ThommyGunn

    Stephen I do have one question, once you finish with a concept or art piece, what steps need to be taken in order to get your paper copy to a fully realized 3D model for in game appearance? I’ve always wondered how that played out…I will be watching, thanks again.

    1. Tassilo (Dev)Tassilo (Dev)

      Please write to – unfortunately, pulling in the Kickstarter data is more tedious than expected… sorry about that. Anyways, we’ll take care of it ASAP after getting your mail. Thanks!

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