Community Spotlight ~ Shroud of the Avatar Google+ Community

One of the most active SotA Fan sites is also our Official Google+ page, Shroud of the Avatar Google + Community. They are a great place to get updates and meet other SotA fans, so if you haven’t checked them out yet, be sure to do so. :)

The site’s main moderator, Matthew Garbett, took some time out of his busy schedule to write up some information for those of you who have not yet visited the site:

The Shroud of the Avatar Google+ Community is always growing and there are now over 400 members. We believe “The more the merrier!”, so our next goal is to reach 500 members by the end of August! I post frequent updates, as does FireLotus, including news, videos, interviews, and links. In addition to being a great place to make new friends, the G+ Community is also an awesome place for all your Shroud of the Avatar needs.

The community is in a very easy to read format with a main stream that shows posts based on when they were posted and also sections for individual topics. Some of the topics are Latest News, Developer Questions, Creative Corner, Wishlist, and Videos.

You should post your questions during the Google+ Hangouts to the SotA Developer Questions section. This makes it easier for FireLotus to see your questions and allows us to keep a record of the previously asked questions.

There are tons of things to watch in the video section and we post new videos as they are released. These videos include Pen of the Avatar, Hangout of the Avatar, Kickstarter videos, and any other interviews or videos related to Shroud of the Avatar.

We also hold our own Google+ Hangouts for the community. On occasion some of the developers from the Portalarium team have joined us. Previously we’ve had Tracy Hickman and Lauren Hoffman in our hangouts. The hangouts aren’t recorded or live streamed so you’ll have to join it directly if you want in on the action. Microphones, headphones, and a webcam are recommended but not required.

Some of our members said the following about the community:

“The SotA Google+ page is an important asset to our community. It’s a hub of information where people can get updates on the progress of the game and have community discussions about the progress of the game. Its ever-growing community has been showing amazing support and we hope to see even more people becoming part of the group as we get closer to Alpha.” -Mystic

“It’s tough to develop anything solo. This community has helped me find others with SotA interest and collaborate!” – Charles Howell

“The #LBSotA_Hangout of the SOTA Google Plus Community is the main use for me personally. I use it to post questions for the livestream Hangouts of ‘Pen of the Avatar’ and the SOTA ‘Dev Chats’. FireLotus said that its a great format for her to see your questions easily. Fans can also have the confidence to know that even if they cannot attend the live streams, they can still ask their questions.” – Tina Swafford (Fireangel)

About Me:


My name is Matthew Garbett and I’m the main moderator on the community as well as an avid Google+ users. I have over 800 followers and if you enjoy technology as much as I do feel free to follow me. In addition to that I run my own tech news site. On the SotA IRC Chat and Forums I go by Link_of_Hyrule because I’ve always been a huge Zelda fan however, I’ve been thinking I may create a new persona for the world of SotA but, I haven’t decided on that yet. In real life I’m studying for a degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering and I hope to someday be a project/product manager. I started my Ultima journey with Ultima Online in middle school around the time Age of Shadows came out I really enjoyed my experience and hope that some of my most loved features make it over such as custom housing, animal taming, and a skill system that lets me have a lot of freedom. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to own a house that I can turn into a ranch with both animals and crops that I can sell when I’m not taming animals or taking out monsters in dungeon with my magery skills. I’ve been following Shroud of the Avatar since day one when I backed the game and look forward to seeing you all in game! One last thing, for all your enjoyment and for my own embarrassment here is a video I made for the community spotlight. You can also find a gif that was made during it’s filming right here.

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