Unity Scene Jam #2 Winners!


Sorry for not getting these posted sooner but the machine we were using to build all the levels for viewing decided it was time to go to computer Heaven.  New machine built, levels all downloaded and tested. The Scene Jam #2 challenge was to help us create the catacombs!

Tons of great ideas and some awesome execution on the part of the participants.  There were a number of scenes that came in that were nearly to a quality bar that would let us just add creatures and drop them in the game which is truly amazing for a 48 hour jam. Next week we will do a hangout to go over some of the levels that weren’t in the top 3.

This was the first time we used the scoring system and it worked great.  The top three scoring maps were 93, 90, and 88…all so very close! And the winners are:

  • Third Place and winner of a $50 pledge:  Mechior Meijer
  • Second Place and winner of a $50 pledge: HasuKimchi
  • First Place and winner of a Knight’s pledge:  Kevin Eslinger

Congrats to all who participated and stay tuned for the next challenge announcement tomorrow at 6PM Austin, Texas time!

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