1. Eldrikt LurelacEldrikt Lurelac

    A word from France to share my joy to see such a project launch.
    Ultima saga has rocked my childhood and I had the chance to know his great games are by far the best RPG games that have existed.
    I never found the body of work, detail and quality in a game screenplay
    I expect a lot from this project to find (finally) a real RPG and not a MMORPG in the form of games coming out now.

    A great encouragement for the team Shroud of the Avatar!

  2. phaonisphaonis

    This is all very exciting, games of late have concentrated more on the MMO aspect rather then my beloved RPG part, it’s gotten to the point where it’s hard to find games to play. I really like the idea of a smaller multiplayer rpg rather then a giant mmorpg where you swarm around dependant on others. Please stay true to these beliefs and in the end it will be a wonderful game for true RPG’rs.

  3. Jeron MooreJeron Moore

    Ultima, Final Fantasy, and Zelda are the three franchises that got me into the role-playing genre. Ultima VII: The Black Gate was probably the perfect RPG, and definitely ahead of its time. Clearly an inspiration to Todd Howard for The Elder Scrolls series. Please stay faithful to what made Ultima great! Looking forward to Shroud of the Avatar with high anticipation.

  4. RedRed

    I’ve been waiting to long and I’ve wasted to much money on bad games. Give me what I want and give it to me now! Mwhaaaa

  5. Drealm2459Drealm2459

    If this is taking place over 5 games. which in game time could take hundreds of years. will we be able to marry have children to take our place as active characters? and will this effect to over all scope and story as a whole?
    and how do we as player characters fit into and effect this larger story.

  6. CadogantesCadogantes

    It’s really vague and rather directed to an old fans of RG games. Good thing the teaser came out, as every games has to somehow draw attention of gamers and advertise itself, but I hope that next trailers will be more informative and appealing to younger gamers

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