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This week’s Community Spotlight shines on  This past weekend, many of you may have gotten familiar with this fantastic resource, as they have a growing library of crafting recipes, but I thought it would be fun to get to know SotaWiki founder Baron Violation a bit more as well!  Here is what he had to say during our interview. 


If you were an NPC in Shroud of the Avatar, how would describe yourself?

“The unnamed wondering guard! I would bring aid to those who go to adventure and become victims of thieves, murderers, and the like. I would be the one who protects the weak for the sake of doing what’s right. As any just player should I would take no credit for the work as it was the right thing to do not what I wanted to do. After a day’s work I would grumble from the exhaustion and be frustrated but my desire to help would overcome the feeling and each day and I would continue the work to protect and serve the next day.”  :)

What do you think sets your Fansite apart from the rest?

“My site is unique because I’m building the framework for the fans to make their own resource. Currently sotawiki has been visited by 31 countries and had contributions from over 15 players and we’re just at R2! We have wiki designers from three countries. My goal is to provide the most extensive library of SotA information and keep it free, without ads, and updated. Many people have a hard time facilitating the content but wiki sites in general have made this possible due to the contributions of the users.”

What are YOU most looking forward to in Shroud of the Avatar?

“Wow, what a hard question. There are many things that I am looking forward to and it’s hard to narrow it down to just one. If I had to pick the thing I felt was lacking from almost every other decent RPG that I’ve played over the last 10 years, I would say the ability to share my experience with my family. My wife, daughter, brother, and even my mother have all backed this game.  I look forward to being able to take my passion for my family and my passion for games and allowing them to mingle in a way that has never been possible due to the online content not being controllable. With the ability to filter online chat I am comfortable having my daughter play with me where I wouldn’t have been if there was simply “online only and everyone is mixed!”


  1. monkeysmackmonkeysmack

    Great Job Baron_Violation! Your hard work and time put into the sotawiki shows your passion and dedication to SotA.

  2. d20d20

    Baron_Violation, the success of your website is testament of your hard work. Not only are you helping others through, your involvement in SotA’s Chat has helped many and is nothing short of spectacular. Bravo!

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