Hangout of the Avatar ~ 1.30.14 ~ SotA Multiplayer

Please join us for our next Dev Hangout on Thursday, January 30th at 3pm CST. We’ll be chatting about the Multiplayer aspects of Shroud of the Avatar, led by Lord British himself. As always, I’ll have the exact link where you can watch 15 minutes prior to broadcast, and we will be featuring questions taken from our Dev+ backers, so if you are a Dev+ member, please head over to the Developer Digest to submit your questions for consideration.

For those of you who prefer written transcripts, Dame Lori has been kind enough to post a recap on the forums.  Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Hangout of the Avatar ~ 1.30.14 ~ SotA Multiplayer

  1. RhiannonRhiannon

    AWESOME information, guys! I am so excited to see this on my screen! Chris, all is forgiven for how your upcoming life-changing event will pull you away from us for awhile (and rightly so!. Your world is about to be completely different and advanced congratulations to you and Mrs. Chris (assuming you are married).

    You’ll have to excuse my ignorance here as my time on the forums is extremely limited with major life changing events of my own the past year (no new kids but just other stuff). So is it correct that we will NOT see any other players in the towns, villages and cities unless they are on our friends list? So it will basically be desolate if I have no friends?

    Previously, I kinda thought you could turn on a setting that would let me see everyone (like in UO) if I wanted that.

    1. smacksmack

      Your friends list will be one of many criteria as to how the server ranks and sorts players into our game. Friends Play Online (FPO) mode will exclusively use your friends list so you only see them in your game. But Open Play Online (OPO) mode will include your friends, your guild mates, people you’ve adventured with, transacted with, etc. OPO mode is the desired (and likely default) mode for online gameplay.

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