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I am happy to shine this month’s Community Spotlight on Avatars Radio!  Created by the Shroud of the Avatar community FOR the Shroud of the Avatar community, Avatars Radio is dedicated to serving the needs of our community while playing some of the best crowd-sourced music the community has to offer!  cheerAnd they not only play music from the game, but welcome player created submissions for clever station identifiers, sound bytes, and are looking for some DJ talent to fill out their ranks. You may even recognize one of their newest guest DJ’s, (that fiery lass over there ~>)  who will be making her On-Air debut this Friday, April 25th at 5 pm CDT, spinning tunes from Fire Lotus Tavern during R5.

In addition to featuring in game music and artists from the community, Avatar Radio is taking your requests straight from the SotA IRC channel.  Just type /j #AvatarsRadio to join the channel, then type “!REQUEST” to make a request.  How cool is that!?!

And during my training, I got a chance to sit down with the voice of Avatar Radio, Amber Raine, and get to know her a bit more. Here’s a look at what she had to say about herself, the radio, and what she’s looking forward to with Shroud of the Avatar!

FireLotus ~ If you were an NPC in Shroud of the Avatar, how would describe yourself?

Amber Raine ~ Chaotic! is that a clear enough description? okay seriously – I would be the one delivering the words of chaos and teachings of our Liege, even in a chaotic fold -someone- needs to raise the young ones up in a manner suited to serve our Liege, bringing justice to those who would turn against him via the chaos spoon. When all that was dealt with time spent sitting behind a scholars desk in a library filled with tomes, with a scroll and quill in hand writing.

FireLotus ~ What do you think sets Avatar Radio apart from the rest?

Amber Raine ~ Avatars Radio is unique because it is exactly that – A community radio station, for the community by the community. Our biggest enjoyment is helping those stuck at work or away from where they truly wish to be to feel closer to us all. We grew from 1 DJ looking to just bring fun to her friends, to having full community interest with 5 DJs and more on the way.  We air the communities talents from their music, submitted into releases or not, as well as anything each member of New Britannia may be doing outside of our world. We keep ourselves well informed and up to date on news, information, and updates in different areas around the community so we may share and keep our listeners informed. We also have a 24/7 request line and semi-sentient host in IRC for people to come talk to.

FireLotus ~ What are YOU most looking forward to in Shroud of the Avatar?

Amber Raine ~ I personally am looking most forward to once again being -home-. Ultima itself has been a part of my life since I was knee high to a grasshopper, I may have not lived by the 8 virtues Lord British wished upon the avatars. However, Chaos -is- a virtue, and is what laid the path to my real life from then to where I am now. I thank Ultima for the guidance it gave my life. Since I was first introduced to Ultima (in the underworlds) I have called it -home-. With Shroud of the Avatar, I can finally after several long years, have a place to call home again for many decades to come. Whether it be the “Church of the Dark Starr” I intend to open to fellow chaos followers under guidance of the chaos spoon, the public library branched from the church that I hope to have filled with all books obtainable in the world, or the many -many- hours I will spend crafting and keeping merchants well stocked to help support the war efforts and keep our soldiers covered and protected. New Britannia is home, and home is what I look forward to.

So head on over to Avatars Radio or their Facebook Page and give them a listen.  You’ll be glad you did!



  1. AmberraineAmberraine

    Avatars Radio would like to thank you for the SpotLight. We are thankful and humbled to be allowed to do what we do. Without the community we would not exist. Our thanks goes to you all.

    1. carlaisle

      Thank You AmberRaine for all your hard work with avatars radio and your dedication to the community. May we all be blessed by the high priestess of chaos.

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