Hangout of the Avatar Developer Roundtable ~ PvP

Prepare to enter the arena Avatars!  Join us for the next Hangout of the Avatar if you DARE…

We’re gearing up for Release 8 with a PvP Developer Roundtable hosted by our very own Chris Spears!  On Thursday, July 10th at 3pm CDT, FireLotus will be taking your questions about PvP and combat in the chat-room, and in advance right here in the comments.  So be sure to mark your calenders and join us for what should prove to be an exciting and high energy hangout!



  1. Baron Drocis FondorlatosBaron Drocis Fondorlatos

    Question: Do mages have to have wands or staves to cast spells? If a mage can cast spells without a wand or a staff, what’s the difference? How do weapons impact spell casting, is it similar to wearing armor?

  2. Baron Drocis FondorlatosBaron Drocis Fondorlatos

    Question: Is it a goal of the PVP team to make playing a warrior that uses ZERO magic capable of competing against other players in PVP that are hybrids or use a lot of magic?

  3. MyrcelloMyrcello

    Will it matter what position you have to your enemy in regards of chance to hit him.
    Will the chances to hit a enemy increase if you are outnumbering him.

    What is the reason you decide to go the “Target” enemy direction.
    Have you ever considered “Non-Target” combat.

    Non-Target Combat:

    The player would have to swing in the right direction or you would be slashing nothing but air. The player would have to attack when the opponent’s guard is down in order to make a hit connect. Conversely the player would also have to block at the right time and in the right direction to protect themselves and also move around agilely to dodge blows and frustrate the efforts of the attacker. In this combat system, the reflexes and skill as a player play quite a major role in the outcome of fights.

  4. Sir GuniSir Guni

    Question: Will we get an automatic camera (similar to in games like Rift, Lotro etc) so that a) we have a free hand to trigger spells and powers during PvP and b) so that the more sensitive of us won’t die of motion sickness?


    Question: Will any damage “break free” a target that is rooted or stunned?

    Question: Will a player be able to have any equipment or use an action that will allow them to “break free” of any root or stun? Specifically meaning as a reaction to being stunned/rooted,

  6. Blitz101Blitz101

    Question: Do you guys plan on allowing guilds\players to contest crucial areas on the map? (ex. resources, locations, spawns)

    Question: When you engage in a guild war will you allow those players to siege certain areas?

    Question: What are you plans for rewards in defeating guilds\players in combat?

    1. Blitz101Blitz101

      Question: When a player “flags himself” for pvp does it effect all the characters on his account or only the single character?

  7. Scolari79

    Question: As a crafter who rarely does any type of combat, will I be able to avoid PvP (ganking) and still be able to collect resources without any disadvantage? For example, a PvPer who is also collecting resources… It was hinted earlier that there could be more resources in PvP areas but that seems to not be that great for some of us.

    1. GodspeedGodspeed

      I am also afraid that, as is common these days, the non-PvP community is lured into PvP by higher rewards to feed the PvP crowd. It is interesting if this is true for SotA as well.

  8. BayridgeBayridge

    Question: What are the viewpoints related to “getting out” of PVP instance. Lets say I want or need to leave for whatever reason. Are you locked in PVP instance for certain amount of time? How does logging off in middle of battle affect PVP game play instance.

  9. BayridgeBayridge

    Question: What is your viewpoint/definition on ganking and will there be systems in place to address?

  10. BayridgeBayridge

    Question: PVP basics: Will PVP be similar to AI fighting where multiple AI can attack you from all sides. So if I am in battle with someone can their friend/guild come behind me and start attacking me or can only the initial player I am fighting cause damage at time of battle.

  11. SamleeSamlee

    I am really enjoying the process of discovery in game. I tend to wander around, talk to NPC characters, and experiment with all the “toys” in crafting and combat.

    I have never, ever participated in PvP in any past game I’ve played. It looks like SotA is going to shatter that record, as it appears to be developed with “reality” at it’s foundation. Great work!

    *Cheers and claps!*

    -Sam – The Order of the Dragon’s Flame

  12. MyrcelloMyrcello

    Question: Incase i decide not to do any combat skill will you ad the basic punck , kick, dodge fighting options.
    It is somehow natural that you always are able to at leat fight wiht your bear hands.

    UO had always if you had nothing wrestling at least.

  13. Lady AdnorLady Adnor

    Question: I usually play a “squishy Mage” or as my running mates would call me “bait” :) which in the past meant cloth armor. Will I be able to wear the same armor as a Pally without loosing casting power?
    A full metal mage?

  14. fantaliofantalio

    What type of disable spells/abilities are being considered? Will there be any mind control or paralysis spells?

  15. fantaliofantalio

    How will poisoning work in PvP? Will any skills have poison attacks or will it be a consumable like UO?

  16. FireLotusFireLotus Post author

    From Korvash:
    For combat, is there going to be “tanking skills” for aggro control? If so, is there any plan to try and make them different then your typical taunts found in other MMO’s? If not, how is NPC targeting going to be handled?

  17. Baron Drocis FondorlatosBaron Drocis Fondorlatos

    If I get attacked and killed by someone carrying a huge axe, it won’t feel very balanced to me if someone says “well it’s ok that they did a lot of damage to you because their axe is really damaged now”. :)

    Durability and Reagents only really balance the macro economy between fighters and mages, correct? When we talk about durability and reagents helping to balance weapons, we’re not talking about damage and competition, right?

  18. Baron Drocis FondorlatosBaron Drocis Fondorlatos

    How can you hide in the darkness if there’s a floating name plate over your head?

  19. kajiwhtkajiwht

    Suggestion for u guys….
    when u make a great but time consuming discussion like this…
    I suggest making afterwards a bullet points summary of the discussed topics and conclusions… if possible, even with timestamp of when they are discussed.
    The reason why I ask this is eventhough the topic is VERY interesting and I love both sota and the discussions. Not everyone has time and patience to go through 1h of video.

  20. Lord Lonn BimmerLord Lonn Bimmer

    Just got to watch the Hang out
    was great news thanks for doing it…
    Look forward to some PVP, and some post R’s Hang out’s monthly
    thanks again

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