Pen of the Avatar: Character Armor Variations II


Join Concept Art Lead, Stephen Daniele and Community Manager/Writer, Gina Dionne Tuesday October 7th at 12:00PM CST for Pen of the Avatar: Character Armor Variations II! We will be sharing community input and focusing on the process of bringing one of last month’s suggestions to life!

Stephen shares his passion for creating art through insightful demonstration of tools and techniques in a fashion easily accessible for novices and professionals alike. Community involvement is a must as input and commentary are shared throughout the show. Pen of the Avatar is live and unscripted. Add your voice to the creative vision and join Shroud of the Avatar! Watch all the shows at and join us Tuesday for our next show!


  1. Ravenclaw [BEAR]Ravenclaw [BEAR]

    Will characters, down the road, be able to have different body types and if so, how will this affect the armour being created?

  2. Ravenclaw [BEAR]Ravenclaw [BEAR]

    In addition to the generalized leather, chain, plate etc.. type armours, will there be armours that are related to different class types, for example; assassins armour; knight defenders armour; hunters garb and so on.

    Also will all armour be craftable or will there be some sets that can only be found by adventuring?

    Other than that, just want to say, great job so far in the design and development of the armours that are already included and shown in concept. Keep up the great work.

  3. Golem DragonGolem Dragon

    Will there be any kind of scale armor, like scales from wyrms, dragons, lizards/reptiles, etc?

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