Hangout of the Avatar ~ Release 16 Postmortem

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Thou hast been invited to the Release 16 Postmortem!

Please join us Tuesday, April 7th at 3:00 PM Central (20:00 GMT) for our next Hangout of the Avatar! Richard, Starr, and Chris will be chatting about Release 16, recounting their favorite moments while also looking ahead to Release 17. And, of course, Fire Lotus will be taking your questions and feedback live in the chat-room and also in advance right here in the comments section.*

R16 Necropolis

*Please keep in mind that questions and feedback related to Release 16 specific topics will be given priority and really verbose questions may be skipped, as they can be a challenge to shorten and summarize live on the air.  In brief… please keep your questions… brief.  ;)

We will be giving some really awesome prizes during the 90 minute extended Hangout, and all you have to do to qualify for one is to come hang out with us in the IRC chatroom during the broadcast. As always, the link to the hangout will be posted here directly before the hangout begins.


  1. Jack KnyfeJack Knyfe

    Concerning dyes:

    Will there be an option to un-dye something if we want to revert the item to its original color?

  2. Jack KnyfeJack Knyfe

    Will the Cloth Merchant Skirt be receiving the same cloth physics treatment as the Wedding Dress and Red Dress?

  3. smacksmack


    Can we have the ability to turn off glyph decay so that glyphs are only dealt as you use them? Perhaps as a combat deck option or by putting even more points into Mind Lock or Concentration?

    This will solve your #1 usability problem with the hotbar / deck combat.

    1. Baron Drocis FondorlatosBaron Drocis Fondorlatos

      I love this idea but would prefer that any additional stoppage of glyph decay result in a drain on focus. This would have to be a serious enough drain to discourage always being in combat mode.


    Question: Currently, I have a hard time selling SotA to PvP fans. Can you share any new and big meta PvP ideas and how I can pitch the game to those care about epic PvP situations?

  5. Baron Drocis FondorlatosBaron Drocis Fondorlatos

    Can you expand on what the “Hooded Figure” blessing might be, or how this shrine (for POT’s) fits into the lore?

  6. ID

    What about mechanics change?
    1.Now the most important item for damage calculation is Chest. It gives amount of Damage Absorption and so difference between 0.3 for Cloth armor and 0.6 Leather is too high. Even if we wear all other parts (plate armor or chainmail) we will die faster and from much weaker attacks then if we wear Chainmail chest and others parts – cotton cloth.
    2. “V” key menu is not informative – What is Attack Skill e.g. We don’t see parameters as Magic Power bonus.

  7. ID

    What is planned for empty lands in Novia? Will we see new kind monsters (goblins if possible)? New dungeons?

  8. TeddyMITTeddyMIT

    Can you add auto upgrade at the random card system ?In battle, players need to spend too much time looking at the hot-key . SO , I think we need this design.

  9. Lord LonnLord Lonn

    Hello, Question:
    With the new Arena basements that we purchased in the Add on Store
    When can we expect to see all the arena’s to be PvP ready… and when with the lighting be improved all together?

  10. royalsexyroyalsexy

    For Chris: What happened to the community asset submission process? For PoT it would be pretty easy for us to submit a terrain. To cut down on your work we’d be happy to go through a community checking group (like the Poets Circle does for music). Is there any way we can make this work that will make your jobs easier?

    1. bwtdozerbwtdozer

      I was just going to ask the same thing. What’s going on with the crowd-sourced asset process? I’ve learned the basics of 3d Modelling over the years and decided to dabble on a couple things. Went looking for info on the forums about submitting assets if I think they turn out well. Most posts were months old and talked about a community asset submission process that hasn’t been implemented yet.

    2. Bodhbh DeargBodhbh Dearg

      This was proposed before, and would seem a great solution for the submission process… If you only train one or two people on how it needs to be done, they can train others, and we’d have a great system that would allow new submissions and a way more varied world!

  11. Godra71Godra71

    Will we see any additional Add-on house deed designs for City, Keep & Castle size lots in the near future for purchase?

    I know that everyone is very busy and hard at work, but requests for CS looks like a major backlog for account and pledge mergers. Will there soon be a light at the end of the dark tunnel?

    1. niteowl57niteowl57

      I am also interested in the schedule for crafting fixes (broken recipes). When will we be able to harvest Mandrake?

  12. majoria70majoria70

    In discussions on the current stretch goals that are not yet funded by any means some hopelessness is there, Is there any positive hope for those of us who consider many of the stretch goals really awesome features that the game should have and do we have any hope to see them in the game at some point?

    1. Bodhbh DeargBodhbh Dearg

      The stretch goals kinda work against themselves… People see the target and the current level, and are discouraged from supporting them…

      Heard that said many times in several media!

  13. Katrin Bekers [PeV]Katrin Bekers [PeV]

    The thing in R16 was the complete Novia map.

    Being rather emptish, it spawned endless (and constructive) discussion about fast travel, zoning, home hopping, gate/recall, summon, etc.

    What does Portalarium want for SotA in this department? What are design goals? Lean toward sociality and events and ease of reaching interesting points? Or into compartimentating the areas, diluting gameplay with long walks, enhancing local communities, etc.? Enlighten us, oh ye powers that be!


    1. XavierXavier

      Yes… how we will ever carry all the ore we mine back to our house or bank. Bag of Sending maybe…:)

  14. Lord ThomasLord Thomas

    Questions: Will Combat /skills ever effect the environment?
    (Like freezing the floor and change move ment on it or freezing a part of a river or water stream to cross it)

  15. ID

    How many rent lots are planned (from usual Cities/Town/Villages and from Player owned ones). Will be this amount enough for Avatars?

    Also – How will be land governed? What will be in top of it?
    May be it will be guild castles which are protecting nearby towns which are paying taxes for this guild?
    It will give good reasons for land wars.

  16. Raven SwiftbowRaven Swiftbow

    PoT Question: What will the “guild” NPC do?

    (We have wondered if it’s just for forming guilds, or if it will be for a guild bank or what?)


  17. BubonicBubonic

    Question regarding our Coat of Arms:

    It appears that there are some very restrictive rules regarding the submission of our CoA, causing designs to be rejected even when the CoA in question has been created entirely from pre-approved elements.

    (To be specific, the worst offender would be the rule that someone else needs to be able to recreate your CoA only from a verbal description. This seems completely unnecessary within the framework of SotA.)

    Would it be possible to review these rules, and possibly relax some of the requirements?

  18. Sara DreygonSara Dreygon

    Like a lot of people on here I played UO for years and one thing I enjoyed most was saving up rare ores for months to make something really rare. I love what you guys have put into place already with alloys but could we get more information about what the plan is for rare materials so we know what’s on the way (i.e. how many types, expected drop rates, etc.)?

  19. E n v yE n v y

    With progress now being made towards PoTs, is there still a view that ‘Underground’ scenes will be available and that PoTs can be connected?

  20. Baron Drocis FondorlatosBaron Drocis Fondorlatos

    When will all spells 3rd tier or above actually require reagents during testing per the design? I still wish all spells required reagents, period.

  21. Logain

    Question: The Dark Elven Kinsman Buckler was planned to appear in R 16. Now that the UA-Kickstarter survey has been sent, what is your plan on ‘linking’ the accounts to make the buckler glow, since the survey didn’t contain information/possibility to link to a SotA account?
    And any new ETA for the buckler to appear in-game?

  22. Ice QueenIce Queen

    From the Ancestor’s pledge
    Name on Tombstone
    Your (or your character’s) name permanently displayed on an in-game, centrally located, tombstone as an ancestor of the old world.

    Does the “old world” mean Alpha?
    How will this work? Say I want to name my character in game Ice Queen and use the same name for the Tombstone. Will this be before the game is live, and sort of guarantee someone isn’t able to take my name? Or will this be created upon our first log in during the lot selection process? Thanks much.

    1. Bodhbh DeargBodhbh Dearg

      Yes, I wondered that as well… Some of us have been playing since first pre-alpha, and have been using the same name for forever… Is there any mechanism in place to prevent others from “stealing” a name people have been using since the very start?

  23. niteowl57niteowl57

    I loved the skeletons in R15, but now, not so much. Can we reduce them getting back up a second time down to a percentage, for example, they might get back up 10 or 20 percent of the time rather than every time?

  24. niteowl57niteowl57

    Will a player-owned town in Episode 1 persist through future episodes as well, or would that be a separate purchase?

    1. RasmenarRasmenar

      I believe there was a Cannon for sale in the store during that time. Someone had a screenshot but I can’t seem to locate it.

  25. RasmenarRasmenar

    Question regarding Repair Kits.

    I’ve seen Chris state that Repair Kits were only meant for emergencies. Is the team currently happy with their function in that regards as of right now? Have you considered the possibility of making the repair kit into a tool with durability as opposed to one-time use?

  26. WodyWody

    April 7th was when the 1st year anniversary of SotA was last year. What will be done this year, if anything, for its 2nd birthday?

  27. BrentonBrenton

    R16 wandering brought about:

    What will be the incentive for exploring some of the nooks and crannies of the beautiful overworld map if these areas contain no scenes?

    Will there be hidden scenes you can be pulled in to, or maybe keeping the scene title hidden until you are directly on top of it?

  28. The Cult LeaderThe Cult Leader

    Concerning the killer rabbit of spectral mine. Will we be able to have him stuffed and mounted as a trophy next year or any other creatures in the future?

  29. MartinE

    When I cast an Earthquake spell the is no damage over time (only one damge numer), but when an Sand Elemental uses an Earthquake I receive damage over time (3 or 4 damage numbers). Why is this ?
    I think that Earthquake used to do more total damage in R15 than in R16 because of this !

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