Property Tax Rates

The following are the current Property Tax Rates for Taxable Lot Deeds. These are balanced to be based on about one hour of effort per week to maintain a Row Lot on one end and about one hour of effort per day to maintain a City Lot at the top end. We want the Tax Rates to be achievable for single players easily for the smaller lots and through determined play for the larger lots.

For reference, we based these values on observing players making about 3500 – 7500 gold per hour at median levels with decent crafted gear (some determined players were making as much as 20K per hour!). As players first establish themselves and level up their characters in the first few weeks these rates will be challenging, but we calculate that they are very achievable in the long run. With that said, we will carefully monitor these values and adjust them if average play times do not match these goals.

In-Game Gold Rates:

  • Row: 500 gold per day
  • Village: 1000 gold per day
  • Town: 2000 gold per day
  • City: 3500 gold per day

Gold Crowns of the Obsidians Rates:

  • Row: 1 Gold COTO per week
  • Village: 2 Gold COTOs per week
  • Town: 4 Gold COTOs per week
  • City: 7 Gold COTOs per week


  1. Roycestein KaelstromRoycestein Kaelstrom

    With the current rate of mob respawn and loot price, row lot is very doable for an individual casual player. The town and city will be a bit of a challenge the first few months until people figure out the system.

  2. Thexedor MarkhammThexedor Markhamm

    Not looking forward to paying 4k a day for 2 town lots – especially in the beginning. That’s a lot of rusty swords to sell at the going rate of 20gp per sword.

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