Community Spotlight: Saint Haley – Player Owned Town

This latest Player Owned Town spotlight has Berek exploring the seaside port of Saint Haley! Neighboring Aerie, entrance to the town is as convenient as using the provided transport.

When I stepped out of the boat that brought me here, the first thing I noticed was the breeze coming from the sea. The lack of other noises besides the soft crashing of waves along the shoreline, and the sound of the seagulls high in the air, instantly calmed myself from the rough boat ride. I also noticed the glow of the obsidian lights and the towering Oracle statutes off to my right.

I walked up the slope and found myself at a massive walled fortress. It was clearly an ancient Obsidian outpost with its dark walls and pointed spires.

As I approached the iron gatehouse, I was greeted by the captain of the guard. He shared his tale of Saint Haley, and then provided access to the town. The Captain of the Guard did warn me to be cautious where I walked. The flight line, including the walkway they were now on, is still actively patrolled and guarded by the iron hounds of the 42nd sqd.

While browsing the shops along the main walkway, Governor / Duke Richard VonHaley spotted me:

Hello and welcome to Saint Haley, Master Berek! May I show you around?

Yes, please do! What can you tell me about the area?

The ‘Island of Saint Haley’ has always been connected with the sea and shrouded by fog that allowed this outpost to stay untouched. Originally a home for the Obsidian Order, it developed into an military air base when the outlanders arrived. The outlanders came on a night of the rare solar solace.

Since the squadron’s arrival, most of the previous danger’s creeping onto the land and from the sea all came to an halt. Because of the quietness that has settled over the town, more crafters come here from surrounding areas, and an active guild has made the outer beaches their home.

At this time we have some new spots for settlers, but the town is growing fast!

There is a core set of buildings left of the old village, where you see row home, well tended homes of families living here since the first days. The current administration has strict laws in place. Those who break these ancient edicts will feel the hand of justice, as you can see with the town’s wheels of pain. The gallows and iron cages nearby allow reflection on oneself while under judgment.

Aside form the occasional lawbreaker, the Grand Duchy acts as the local vendor to the Governor / Duke Richard VonHaley. The Grand Duchy displays a great selection of some of the most fine wares produced in our town.

If you look north, you see the newer flight line and another set of vendors. Many of these row homes are currently unoccupied, ready for people wanting to join the community. By the way, please forgive “Maximus Aurelius” the Captain of Guard being a bit grumpy lately, he misses the days of old filled with adventure and glory :).

Down the hill to the docks, where you came from, we see the more posh area. Judgements Path is its name. You can see the lights lighting the path to the Oracle temple marked by the old ruins that occurred at the time when the “Thunder Ships” arrival.

Who are the residents of Saint Haley?

We support our local businesses with a public crafting house with expect founder tables run, and provide the public town vendor as a central service. We offer a Gustball field as well and a worship location for the oracle.

Saint Haley is is primarily full of dedicated crafters, farmers and adventurers in a blended community, especially unique given the history of the town. We also host the Grandmasters in BOTH Adventuring (Ranged and Blade) and Crafting (Armor, Leather, Cloth, and Mining).

What makes Saint Haley unique?

We are gifted with a convenient location along Longfall Coast, directly north of our large neighbor Aerie. The lovely sea climate alone that surrounds the town just takes your breath away. What makes a town truly special and a place to call home though, is the people. Residents take great pride in our history and lore. Saint Haley’s governor is a member of the Britannia Mining Company (BMC), and many other residents represent various guilds.

In addition, we have our living history of the Obsidian life and an active military flight line with the two 42nd airships. There is even a public viewing spot with the balloon on the flight line, ready to show off our town to any guests visiting! You should check it out after our little tour here.

The only by-laws is that the integrity of the Obsidian Order housing must be maintained. This means only Obsidian homes are allowed with the exception of the airships. However, outside the town walls any home can be established. We also have a The Tower of Judgement – which has a PVP basement for those that wish to settle business the old fashioned way…

What is the future of Saint Haley?

Given its convenient location and the pleasant atmosphere at sea, we hope to encounter many new travelers wishing to settle here. A current project in the works is to develop some fun and competitive crafting events like a local merchant’s faire, or regional folk and shanty music festivals. These events will surely draw more visitors from towns like Aerie!

If you are interested in becoming part of the Saint Haley community, contact Richard VonHaley (Search for Saint Haley in the game, or Richard VonHaley in the forums)!