As Promised! Exclusive Video Interview with Iolo and Lord British!

We promised that when we hit the halfway point of our Kickstarter goal, we would post an exclusive Video Interview with Iolo, the beloved Bard, and Companion of the Avatar from the Ultima Series.  Here it is!



  1. MontaigneMontaigne

    The person asking for dried flowers was perhaps alluding to the dried flowers which were a daily rare in UO. I really hope there are going to be rare items in this game that we can put in our homes to show off!

  2. UrganiteUrganite

    Iolo is quite the character…there’s a joke there, but I can’t quite work out the semantics. I can’t wait to see his crossbows on sale, so I can be disappointed that I can’t afford one. ;) Excellent video, I even watched it twice so my fiance could hear the master bard performing.

  3. Akalabeth

    Uffff… i have many encountered emotions, because never played a game how a Garriott’s masterpiece (Ultima) and i’m a waiting 10 or more years for play again. Iolo was part of this epoch.
    Only say thank you.

    PD: i from Chile and may english not is the better, but i’m learning for be far better.

    1. SinclairSinclair

      I am so glad hearing the news from Lord British. I`ve played so many Ultima games (i started with Ultima V on C64) and i finished also the unfortunatly buggy Ultima IX Ascension and played a long time Ultima Online (still have an UO account).
      Dear Richard Gariott, please bring back the soul of RPG i`ve waited so long.

  4. LuposDavalte

    I had no idea that Iolo or any of the Avatar’s companions were based on real people! Truly mesmerizing to see Iolo in the flesh!

    I would absolutely buy one of his Crossbows! (Don’t think he would of made a working model of the triple crossbow!)

  5. SiwarSiwar

    This is awesome! The mere thought of having some of the Avatar’s companions in this new world is beyond exciting. I can’t wait to learn about the new world, what it is, how it relates to Britannia, and how we all end up there. The more lore that can be preserved given the unfortunate IP rights limitations the better!

    Down with Elizabeth & Abraham… Long live Portalarium!!!

  6. LordSunrise

    Do you want a duck? Loved the bit about the crossbow, the lute and of course the game too. Pretty cool to hear the stones song too. Brings me back to when we had to play stones on some pipe things to help find the rune of sacrifice. There definately should be included somewhere in the game Ho eyo he hum, Muh eh oye oh and Oh and keep your socks dry quotes.

  7. LancerVILancerVI

    I am a long time Ultima fan. I have every game, a serious collector and all the cloth maps hang from my walls!!

    RPG’s are DEAD and Lo, Lord British returns and rekindles faith in a sea of young and foolish pretenders to the throne; there is only one Greatest RPG series ever, ULTIMA!

    Oh thank the gods. I have prayed for this day!!

    1. LancerVILancerVI

      Oh….and how can I forget to mention Iolo. seeing him play his lute was just awesome!!!

      Thank the eight virtues of the either cities of Sosaria!!

  8. Lord ZacLord Zac

    Hearing him play that “oh-so-familiar” progression on the lute brings back such fond memories of my childhood. Long live Iolo, my favorite bard! :-D

  9. Lady AdonaiLady Adonai

    The lute playing of Stones actually made me misty eyed and flooded my brain with exquisite childhood memories. I would love a full rendition by the master! I’d totally buy a CD/Digital of various Ultima musical classics cut in a stripped live format version such as “Iolo’s” impromptu performance here in the future store that will be going up after the Kickstarter phase. I even think a rich gameplay soundtrack using actual live instruments would be mega awesome in SofA. For example, the beauty of Halo’s solo piano break in their song “Never Forget” is particularly beautiful and soul touching. I’d love to see the same emotional evocations arise in players from the musical score for SofA. At least for me, music is just important as quality of game play and the richness of environment. In these virtual worlds, you spend a lot of time in complete immersion and a rich musical score I feel can only help deepen the connection and realities of Avatar life. The more realistic, the better!

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