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Hangout of the Avatar ~ 8.5.13

From Richard Garriott:

For Shroud of the Avatar, I have musical goals which include inspiration from Ken Arnolds work in Early Ultima’s, historical style pieces akin to Iolo’s Stones and other work.

I still have a strong affinity for the early Ultima music scored by Ken Arnold, that even with only 3 voices, had great memorable melodies. Don’t listen to the simplicity nor the instrumentation, just the fact that they have memorable simple melodies.

My favorites for inspiration are:
Ultima 3
· Campfire
· Wanderer
Ultima 5
· Captain John’s Hornpipe
· Worlds Below
Ultima VI
· Bootup

Other Music that inspires me while working on SotA
· AWOL Nation – Sail: Love the power, instrumentation and melody, lyrics unrelated.
· Beats Antique – Beauty Beats : Love the instrumentation and melodies
· Beats Antique – Mission: Ditto
· Synthetic Dream Foundation – The One Eyed Maiden: Ditto
· Steam Powered Giraffe – Automatonic Electronic Harmonics: Ditto
· Metallica – Enter Sandman: Metallica Power Ballads fit the melodic, powerful style I would like to achieve for some parts and the “intro” theme song.
· Metallica – Unforgiven
· Metallica – Nothing Else Matters

We would like YOUR feedback!  Get in on the discussion on our forums.

Hangouts of the Avatar ~ 7.27.13

This week, we are bringing the Hangouts to YOU, our community! Instead of hosting our own Hangout of the Avatar, this Saturday, our some of our Devs made special guest appearances on two different Community Hangouts.

Markee Dragon chatted with Shroud of the Avatar’s executive producer Starr Long during his Shroud of the Avatar Roundtable.  If you missed the broadcast, you can catch it right here:

And later that evening, Scott Jennings, Lum the Mad, made an appearance on Rustic Dragon’s popular Dragonsmeet. You can catch the replay right here as well.

Hangout of the Avatar ~ 7.8.13

The SotA team have a SPECIAL Hangout of the Avatar planned! Richard and team will be taking your questions LIVE from the SotA chat room as we do a LIVE Demo of the game so far, so mark your calenders and join us on Monday, July 8, 2013 at 6 pm CST. And as always, we will also be taking questions via Google Hangout at ‎#LBSotA_Hangout. I’ll have the link where you can watch 15 minutes before the broadcast.



Hangout of the Avatar ~ 6.14.13

Join Lord British as he leads a conversation about conversations and help us shape the Conversation System in Shroud of the Avatar.

Dev chat with Richard and Tracy!

Questions will be taken in the chat room for this one. Richard Garriot, Tracy Hickman, Chris Spears, and Mojito Spears will be on camera!

Shroud of the Avatar Dev Hangout ~ 4.30.13

Listen in as Richard “Lord British” Garriott and renowned author and SotA Lead Story Designer Tracy Hickman discuss the story behind Shroud of the the Avatar.

You can find a full written summary and discussion of the Hangout on the Shroud of the Avatar forums following the broadcast.