Hangout of the Avatar ~ 7.8.13

The SotA team have a SPECIAL Hangout of the Avatar planned! Richard and team will be taking your questions LIVE from the SotA chat room as we do a LIVE Demo of the game so far, so mark your calenders and join us on Monday, July 8, 2013 at 6 pm CST. And as always, we will also be taking questions via Google Hangout at ‎#LBSotA_Hangout. I’ll have the link where you can watch 15 minutes before the broadcast.




  1. Edreamer _MGT470Edreamer _MGT470

    Thankyou Team love the idea of doing this !
    Going to double check but that looks like 12 midnight UK time (GMT+1 Daylight saving hour) so late but not that late for me. Suprise something to look forward to before sleep (if I can afterwards ;) )

  2. Robert ReiseRobert Reise


    Those sketches were absolutely sic! The camo rock monster is something Conan should have dismembered.

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