Pen of the Avatar ~ 6.18.13

Please join us for our next episode of Pen of the Avatar on Tuesday, June 18th at a special time of 4 pm CST. I’ll be taking your questions live from the SotA chatroom while Stephen dabbles in some more digital painting, so be sure to tune in! As always, I’ll have the links for you 15 minutes prior to the broadcast.

Hangout of the Avatar ~ 6.14.13

Join Lord British as he leads a conversation about conversations and help us shape the Conversation System in Shroud of the Avatar.

Pen of the Avatar ~ 6.4.13


Bob Cooksey is back for Pen of the Avatar Tuesday June 4th! Please join us 3:00PM CST at https://www.shroudoftheavatar.com/ We will be discussing process and sharing concepts and production art… and a wildlife story or two!

Pen of the Avatar ~ 5.28.13

In today’s Pen of the Avatar, SotA Concept Lead Stephen Daniele created the first concept piece for an alchemist shop nestled in a grand hollowed-out tree. Also revealed were some first looks at the way lot sizes and housing styles compare in Villages, Towns and Cities.

Remember to join us every Tuesday at 3 pm CST for another glimpse behind the scenes of Shroud of the Avatar.

Community Spotlight ~ Tales of the Underworld

For our final featured Tale of the Underworld, I will let Grandmaster Bard Holt Ironfell make his own introduction.

Follow Grandmaster Bard Holt Ironfell and his most trusted friends as they escape a world where the villains have already won, in order to protect a dangerous secret. Stepping through an ancient and hidden moongate, they end up lost in a vast and foreign Underworld, only to encounter a horrifying evil of the depths.

A Forgotten Secret in the Underworld
as told by Grandmaster Bard Holt Ironfell

Or for those weary of reading, just listen! – Narrated by the bard himself.

Perhaps you think all adventures end well, but travel with trusted friends long enough, and you witness death, and worse. That is the Underworld as I know it: death, and worse. I have been but once, and only great necessity would drive me back. I shall tell you my tale. Perhaps in doing so, I shall save your life, or make the wise amongst you forget the idea altogether.

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Dev chat with Richard and Tracy!

Questions will be taken in the chat room for this one. Richard Garriot, Tracy Hickman, Chris Spears, and Mojito Spears will be on camera!

Community Spotlight ~ Tales of the Underworld

Not all adventures turn out the way we plan, and not all partnerships are profitable.  But sometimes when things go wrong, the only person we have to blame is ourselves. In today’s tale of the Underworld, Vandigeth weaves a story of adventure and betrayal while illustrating the danger of losing sight of Virtue in “The Cavern”.

The Cavern

She stood on the rocky precipice looking out upon the dense rock that filled this cavern. The sound of water filled the air before her; its smell gave what little freshness there was to be had in this dank place. A humid mist permeated the air and diffused the light across the cavern.

Jumping down from her precipice, she rejoined her companions across a small wooden bridge over the sheltered river. The stalagmites and other cavernous formations spoke to the absolute timelessness of this place. To her left was a modest waterfall, an obvious inlet of moisture from the surface far above this place.

The tread of one’s shoe was important here unless great care were taken. Moisture put off by the river both beautified the cavern but acted as a deadly host to her earnest companions. A simple mistake with one’s footing could result in a fall into the river below, or gravity between the rock and one’s head. However, she had much more experience moving through these so-called ‘catacombs’ than any of her companions.

Finally, she caught up to the companions. Two of them, both male, were a wealthier sort from the cities. Flush with cash and equipment, they hired her to guide them across the continent on a pilgrimage to a famous shrine of Honor. Both were showing their inexperience now as they began to question her about the caves to which she had become so familiar.

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Community Spotlight ~ Tales of the Underworld

Shroud of the Avatar will be home to many adventurous souls; many of which will team up with others in their quest for glory and riches.  And in the end, they may discover something more precious than fame and fortune; they might instead find lasting friendship. Thus, it seemed fitting that our next featured Tale of the Underworld be one of both adventure and fellowship. Presenting, “The Expedition” by Archaaz.

The Expedition

Noor sat silent and still upon a high outcropping overlooking the town of Niverale, nestled in the distant valley below. The sun had not yet pierced the horizon, and the world was still bathed in the gray miasma of early morning. A sudden late autumn breeze whistled down from the mountains above, and she pulled her woolen cloak tighter against the chill.

Her perch afforded a splendid view of the town, spread out along both sides of the narrow valley, split by the gentle river Vuryn- a river that would slow to a frozen trickle with onset of the winter snows, and swell to a raging torrent with the spring thaw. Smoke from a hundred chimneys curled upward, dissipating wistfully into the pale, predawn sky.

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