Viking & Kobold Bundles (+ more) on Sale & Expire Nov 30

To celebrate our first holiday season since launching the Viking and Kobold Bundles are expiring at 11:59 PM CT on November 30! As a limited time bonus we have added Episode 2 access to these bundles! We will also be expiring several of the items that are included in those bundles including pets, weapons, decorations and homes. We are also discounting these items, some as much as 30%! For City level bundles this means a $1000 discount!

NOTE: This is a final expiration. Upgrades will not be allowed after these bundles expire.


  1. yobtaryobtar

    How can you expire bundles when we still can’t get bundles for COTOs. We were promised that we could get bundles for COTOs many months ago when we we force to convert any store credit to in game items(COTOS) and we would be able to buy Bundles for COTOs and just not be able to upgrade with COTOS. Are we going to be able to bundles for COTOS before you expire the bundles?

  2. twofoldsilencetwofoldsilence

    I agree with yobtar. I’ve beem saving COTOs ever since I was forced to convert my Store Credit to COTOs in order to buy a bundle, so I also find it discouraging that you are expiring 2 of them. Please, please don’t expire the rest of them, or, at the least, add those you are expiring to the in-game COTO Merchants ASAP, so those in the same situation as me can buy them in-game prior to their expiration.

  3. WenchWench

    Will I still be able to upgrade my current bundle after they have expired? I have been slowly upgrading as i can not afford to pay for the bundle I want out right.

  4. Titania XyliaTitania Xylia

    Removing SC really bothered a lot of players. Not being able to use COTOs on the online store or in-game to purchase bundles really compounded the issue. It’s funny how these seemingly small moves disrupted the income of the game, but it definitely did and you can see it in the telethon performance.

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