Shroud of the Avatar Signed Boxed Edition on Sale!

For those of you who missed the opportunity to purchase the Collector’s Boxed Edition of Shroud of the Avatar during the Kickstarter (expired on January 4, 2016) we are excited to announce that for a limited time we are also offering a signed version of the retail Boxed Edition for purchase directly from our website! For videogame collector’s Lord British boxes are “must haves” and were the first games to even come in boxes (and first to include cloth maps, trinkets, etc.)!

In celebration of SotaCon, the annual convention of all things Shroud, this rare signed version of the box is on sale for only $89 (a $50 discount!) until Monday October 15!

This edition includes:

Physical Goods:

  • Game Box signed by Lord British*
  • Game Manual
  • DVD in case
  • Runic Translation Card
  • Ankh Trinket
  • Cloth Map
  • Our Epic Origins

Digital Items:

  • Digital Download of Shroud of the Avatar, Episode 1 (Full Game Access)
  • 30 Bank Slots to store your gear
  • 1 Gold Crown
  • Pick 1 Obsidian Potion
  • Digital Download of Shroud of the Avatar, Episode 2 (Full Game Access when released)
  • Exclusive Title: Visionary
  • Exclusive Emote (exact emote to be created at a future date)
  • NEW: Unique Item (to be created at a future date)


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